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President Bush To Speak On WOT At 1:20 ET

I am not sure who will be covering it live, but assume, from the repeated mentions on Fox News this morning, that they will be covering the speech at 1:20 ET.

Update: More here on the President's speech and on the updated counterterrorism strategy document released in advance of the speech.

Update II: Jay at Stop the ACLU thinks the President hit a home run.

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Thnank you Lorie for the in... (Below threshold)

Thnank you Lorie for the info.

Here is the wrap of the spe... (Below threshold)

Here is the wrap of the speech I heard from an inside source;

Pres Bush,

My fellow shee...p... eh er Americans. I come to today to tell you that you need to be affraid. You need to be VERY VERY affraid. Fear is good for busines.....er em because it keeps you vigilant. At any time now the terrorist could come and chop off your head. BOOO!!!! But we are fighting them over here, where there oil is, cause we used all our oil....er emm....so we won't have to fight them here. Yeah right that's it we're fighting them there so we don't have to fight them here. And besides there's not much money in good intel. Blowing stuff up makes my friends er em us richer ...I mean stronger....I mean safer.


Oh and if you're not with us you're against us and that means you are un-American and aiding the enemy or possibly you are the enemy.


Screamgurgle,... (Below threshold)


gurgle, gurgle

Sound of muirgeo's head rolling across the floor...

Then muirgeo's significant ... (Below threshold)

Then muirgeo's significant other complaining that the government should have done more to protect muirgeo's head.

And eventually buying land in Crawford Texas to protest and smoke dope with all the other hippies.

muirgeo, sorry to say this,... (Below threshold)

muirgeo, sorry to say this, but I have to conclude that you are a compleat idiot. Why don't you wait until Bush actually speaks before you start your infantile raving? And then do it on DailyKos or DU? They're much more easily amused, and have much lower standards. Nobody here is interested in your narcissistic, self-absorbed crap, and nobody here thinks you're even remotely amusing.

muirgeo's fantasy based rav... (Below threshold)

muirgeo's fantasy based ravings brought to you by the Reality Based Party.
Which is as much a misnomer as Religion of Peace, when I think about it...






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