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Quote of the Day

I found this quote in Yeas and Nays in the Examiner and posted it earlier at Confirm Them.com:

"Let me explain the government to you. There's God, then there's the president and then there's my father."

-- Jack Roberts, 6-year-old son of Chief Justice John Roberts, overheard speaking to one of his young peers on the last day of summer camp


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Comments (6)

Priceless!:-D... (Below threshold)



Well, I guess it goes from ... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Well, I guess it goes from God to Jerry to you to the cleaners. Right, Kent?

Witness a six year old, who... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

Witness a six year old, whose future as a man is secure.

Has this shown up on Snopes... (Below threshold)
jack oneil:

Has this shown up on Snopes yet because I do not believe a word of it?

Sounds like young Jack has ... (Below threshold)
T.G. Scott:

Sounds like young Jack has his information correct and his priorities in order. His parents are teaching him right.

Not exactly little Jack. Th... (Below threshold)

Not exactly little Jack. There is VP Cheyney, Karl Rove,Big Business,God,and then the President.
I really don't think your father and the supremes are relevant right now.

Who needs a supreme court when you don't follow the law to begin with.






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