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The Blog Of War

I agree with Michelle Malkin that " the rise of the milblogger is one of the most important, and revolutionary, information innovations of our time."

If you want a firsthand account of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, visit Matt at Blackfive and buy the book, The Blog of War.

The Blog of War is being stocked in stores (at Borders and Barnes & Noble) near you and available on Amazon right now. It is the work of over 50 Americans who tell their stories about the experiences around the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In it you will meet:

The Warriors. Snipers, tankers, grunts. Readers who have never heard a shot fired in anger will come closer to knowing what it's like to enter a known terrorist safe house or patrol the streets of Baghdad.

The Leaders. Combat leadership can be the toughest and loneliest job in the world. "Seldom is the average American subjected to decisions of right and wrong where consequences result in death," says one soldier. Watch a Corporal become a diplomat, a lieutenant a mayor, and a sergeant first class fight the quietest firefight in history.

The Healers. Doctors, nurses, medics and corpsmen, and chaplains. You will meet the medics who staunch the blood and patch the wounds of their fellow soldiers working feverishly to keep their buddies alive, the chaplains who wage Spiritual Warfare, and the doctors and nurses fighting battles in the operating rooms.

Heroes from the Homefront. Spouses, parents, and loved ones. Having a family member in harm's way is a very stressful and trying experience. Read how spouses and parents survive, not only the separation, but of learning that a loved one has been wounded.

The Fallen. Not everyone makes it back home: bloggers pay tribute to those who have fallen in defense of their country - spouses mourn their husbands, soldiers mourn not only their comrades but their Iraqi friends as well, and heartbreaking last letters home are shared.

Homecoming. Soldiers share their poignant accounts of homecoming. Some soldiers have been injured and others have wounds that can't be seen. Words can't really describe what it is for them to come back in one piece and be reunited with their loved ones, but The Blog of War conveys these emotionally charged moments as few books ever have.

The Epilogue - We wrap up the experience by discovering where each person is today (some have left the service, four are back in Iraq, and others still are recovering from wounds).

Show Matt and the other great milbloggers some love and let them know how much we appreciate all they do.


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I agree. Ordered mine from ... (Below threshold)

I agree. Ordered mine from Amazon yesterday.






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