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The Ugly American Interview

The Ugly American recently interviewed blogger Mary Katharine Ham, so when he asked me for an interview I agreed, but warned him that it would be boring. (He has also interviewed Mort Kondracke and others). He was very nice and easy to talk to, so I talked and talked and talked, and bless his heart, he transcribed it all.

I have a few clarifications on the interview. My husband was stationed at "New" River, not Blue River and the "SLIC" is supposed to read "FSLIC" (but those may have been corrected by now). Considering my southern hick accent, it is understandable that a few words would not come through clearly. There is one place where I say Hugh Hewitt was huge. Obviously Hugh is still huge (more huge than ever), but what I was referring to is how huge Hugh's influence was promoting blogs, and helping me personally as a blogger, in the runup to the 2004 election when I was just getting started. There are many more places where it is hard to figure out what is going on because I just stopped in mid sentence and changed course, or got distracted by something going on in the house. I guess that is just the way I talk. I jump around a lot and ramble quite a bit. I also found that I say "I guess" a lot and in places where it makes no sense whatsoever. I mention a few bloggers in the piece, but hated to do that without mentioning them all. There have been so many bloggers who have been so good to me and I appreciate them all.

To get a closer look at the Ugly American, check out the interview he did with Basil's Blog. (The pictures are particularly funny.)

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Good interview, Lorie. ... (Below threshold)

Good interview, Lorie.






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