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Ahmadinejad Hopes to Speak at the UN

After Iranian nutjob president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stops off in Cuba to visit his favorite communist, he is planning a trip to NYC in hopes of giving a speech at the UN. Drudge has the newsflash:

Ahmadinejad said in Tehran Wednesday that his attendance of the UN General Assembly would be a "suitable opportunity" to challenge Bush in a television debate.

"My forthcoming visit to New York for the UN General Assembly would be a suitable opportunity to hold the debate and all world people, especially the Americans, could hear and watch it without censorship," the news agency ISNA quoted the Iranian president as saying in a cabinet session.


He wants to speak on September 19th, the same day as President Bush. Of course the UN will have no problem giving Ahmadinejad the opportunity to speak just to embarrass President Bush and the US.


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Comments (11)

I was thinking earlier toda... (Below threshold)

I was thinking earlier today that Ahmadinejad's calls for a debate with Bush is an attempt to try to equal himself to Bush and Iran to the US. That Bush is a horrible public speaker and worse debater and an easy situation for Ahmadinejad to try to embarass Bush. Anyway he was jonesing so bad to equal himself with Bush I wondered if he would try to finaggle a way to cross paths with Bush.

I guess he has.

What better time to nuke th... (Below threshold)

What better time to nuke the UN?

I wondered if he would ... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

I wondered if he would try to finaggle a way to cross paths with Bush.

Perhaps he can give Ahmed a good punch in the face. Didn't he get into a fist match down in South America or something?

Or if that fails, Cheney can smack him upside the head with his penis.

I can't recall - do we reco... (Below threshold)
Brett Buck:

I can't recall - do we recognize the government of Iran? If not, I see no reason why he couldn't be arrested the instant he touches US soil.


Why would the UN allow this... (Below threshold)

Why would the UN allow this nut to speak at the UN. Oh right this wouldnt be the first time a terrorist has spoken at the UN. Arafatso spoke in front of the General Assembly and even carried a gun while he spoke. I guess we can look forward one day in a number of years from now to consider this loony to be a "peace partner".

So, he's visiting with Chav... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

So, he's visiting with Chavez, eh?

Anyone got a few P-38 Lightnings handy?

Personally, a hunter's arro... (Below threshold)

Personally, a hunter's arrowhead through the left ventricle would suffice for the Persian madman, and be more fitting for their heritage.

Is it Bow season in NY yet?

Perhaps we should invite Ah... (Below threshold)

Perhaps we should invite Ahmadinejad for a state visit while he is here, and try and break down the barriers. As a token of good will, we could let him go bird hunting with Dick Cheney.

Seriously, if this nutjob is going to be at the UN the same day Bush is supposed to be, I would cancel. The fruitcake is liable to blow himself and half the General Assembly to kingdom come.

On a minor point, I doubt Castro is Ahmadinejad's favorite communist. That would be Kim Jong Il, who has been most helpful with nuclear and missile technology.

I heard after the UN meetin... (Below threshold)

I heard after the UN meeting, he is trying out for the Knicks....

After the meeting He will b... (Below threshold)

After the meeting He will be in prime position for Kofi's job!

The UN is a worthless, powe... (Below threshold)

The UN is a worthless, powerless body and I think letting this nut speak at their general assembly does nothing to tarnish their record because they could sink no lower, the only issue is that of the trip to the United States and if his plane enters our airspace we should consider it an act of war, shoot it down, and liberate Iran.






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