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Ahmadinejad Threatens President Bush

Drudge has the story of Ahmadinejad's veiled threat:

Iran's official news agency reported Wednesday what appeared to be a veiled threat from hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to President Bush.

During the same speech Wednesday, Ahmadinejad reiterated a proposal from last month to debate Bush, suggesting on Wednesday that the United Nations would be the ideal venue, his official web site reported.

The official Islamic Republic News Agency said Ahmadinejad had warned in a speech that anyone who refused to accept an invitation would suffer a bad fate. It said the statement was a reference to Bush's rejection of an invitation by Ahmadinejad for a televised debate.

The official news agency did not provide any exact quote from Ahmadinejad containing those words, but reported that he said them. It quoted Ahmadinejad directly as saying: "This is not a threat by me. This is a threat by the entire universe. The universal trend is against suppression."

These radical Islamists are a bunch of spoiled children. If they don't get their way, they make threats. Al Qaeda to Americans: convert or die; Taliban to journalists: report pro-Taliban propaganda or die; Ahmadinejad to Bush: debate me in the UN or meet a bad fate.

I've got two words for these people: grow up!

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It's a threat by the 'entir... (Below threshold)

It's a threat by the 'entire universe'?

If I were this guy, I'd think before claiming to speak for the Vulcans.

Short Man Syndrome.... (Below threshold)
Florence Schmieg:

Short Man Syndrome.

Ahmadinejad's 'threats' rea... (Below threshold)

Ahmadinejad's 'threats' reached the point of diminishment some time ago. Does Aug. 22 still ring?

Right now, he has nothing to truly back them up. He's a poser for his extreme right. Russia's involvement has historically proved to be inadequate, especially technologically.

He's similar to a Nazi 'intellectual gangster', but without the bells and whistles or pop.

"These radical Islamists ar... (Below threshold)

"These radical Islamists are a bunch of spoiled children. If they don't get their way, they make threats."

How dare them steal Karl Rove's technique! This is an outrage!

I know its off-topic, but I... (Below threshold)

I know its off-topic, but I can't believe the Maine police won't come right out with the B&B murderers religious background.

You don't have to wonder why we're losing a war to a bunch of street thugs in Iraq.
It's because American authorities are afraid of upsetting the terrorists.

(I couldn't resist!!!)

3 Words: Bring it on!... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

3 Words: Bring it on!

I've got four words for the... (Below threshold)

I've got four words for them, but one's a bit too salty for this comment forum. The initials of the words, however, are FOAD.

Actually..I support an inva... (Below threshold)

Actually..I support an invasion of Iran..as unlike Iraq their threat is real...however..any build up must include the draft that is already in place..with no problem..within 8 months we could have a military of several million males between 18-26..
Really we cannot nuke them...but with a trained force of several million..we would not have to...
We could be in Tehran by July 4 2008...and have boots in Iraq...

If I were this guy, I'd ... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

If I were this guy, I'd think before claiming to speak for the Vulcans.

Or worse, Klingons.

I know its off-topic, bu... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

I know its off-topic, but I can't believe the Maine police won't come right out with the B&B murderers religious background.

Yes, it is off-topic, and pointlessly so...which of course is a troll's modus operandi around here. Perhaps if the B&B murders were, oh, based upon some sort of religious doctrine--Besides, his first name (the cook) is "Christian", so what more do you want?--then you might have a case. You don't here.

Do I care what Jeffrey Dahlmer's religion was? No, because he wasn't killing runaways to keep kosher.

So, until you have a coherent and on-topic remark, please STFU and STFD. Thanks.

You know what I call Ahmed-... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

You know what I call Ahmed-dinnerjacket at the UN?


A target-rich environment.

Oh, well, perhaps a pissed-off cabbie will "accidently" run him over on the way to Turtle Bay--and the cabbie will be a recent gay immigrant from Iraq or Iran.

Poetic Justice, baby.

Whats Ahmedinejad going to ... (Below threshold)

Whats Ahmedinejad going to debate about? Voting to nuke the west before He did'nt vote against it.

Dee Snider to Ahmedinejad: convert to sanity or Your gonna burn in hell.

James C,So, the corr... (Below threshold)

James C,
So, the correct response would be: "Pres. Ahmadinejad, what is the word from the Klingons hovering off Uranus?"

Got two words for 'em: Fuc... (Below threshold)

Got two words for 'em: Fuck Off.

The man smells like he hasn't washed in weeks, and wears a wind breaker type jacket, looks like "London Fog." He looks more like a homeless person than a head of state.

So...Sonny Bono-dinejad wan... (Below threshold)

So...Sonny Bono-dinejad wants to come over to the US? We can have fat Clemenza pick him up at Laguardia.






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