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Justice vs. Justice

In Boston, the local mob (under the leadership of fugitive James "Whitey" Bulger) was so powerful that it even controlled the local branch of the "Untouchable" FBI. One of their lead agents, John Connolly, was on Bulger's payroll as well as a childhood pal of the gangster (whose brother Wiliam Bulger dominated state politics, eventually rising to Senate President). While pretending to have Whitey as his informer, Connolly was instead Bulger's man inside the FBI, tipping him off to dangers to his regime.

Including the names of those who were planning on testifying against Bulger.

One of those men was a fisherman named John McIntyre, who was planning on informing on Bulger's involvement in smuggling weapons into Ireland for the IRA. Connolly found out about it and tipped off Bulger, who had McIntyre kidnapped and then personally tortured him to death.

McIntyre's mother never forgot her son. She filed suit against the FBI for their role in his murder, and now she's finally received some small measure of justice. A US District Court judge has ordered the Bureau to pay the woman 3.1 million dollars in damages.

Connolly and most of Bulger's gang (those still alive) are currently behind bars. But there won't be a final reckoning for the whole sordid affair until Whitey himself has been brought to justice for the (at conservative reckoning) two dozen murders he personally committed, the countless more he ordered or permitted, and all the lives he ruined while he ran the Boston underworld (and his brother, coincidentally, the state government).

But it's a damned good start.

(Update: yesterday was a rough day for me. I kept messing things up here. Here's the link to the Boston Herald story.)

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An interesting coincidence,... (Below threshold)

An interesting coincidence, my father, Christopher Byrne the thrid, was one of the people involved in the arms smuggling.

He was finally caught in 1982, and served 8 years in prison, getting out in '94. He ended up back in a few years later, and jsut got off parole a few weeks ago.

His opinion of whitey was theat he was always a scumbag; and that his brother Billy was an even bigger scumbag for pretending to be straight when he was no better than his openly criminal brother.

The bad thing about suing t... (Below threshold)

The bad thing about suing the government is that you're basically suing the American people. As sad as it was that her son died, suing American taxpayers is probably not justice.

You can email President Bus... (Below threshold)

You can email President Bush, VP Cheney, Congressional Leaders & Rush Limbaugh from my homepage. Check it out here...
(link deleted by editor)

Why would anyone want to us... (Below threshold)

Why would anyone want to use Steve's site to email a government official or a man that has his own site. Give us a break, we aren't as stupid as you.

Has there ever been an honest politician from Ma.? I'm 65 and have never heard of one. Is the entire state populated by criminals?

Is the entire state popu... (Below threshold)

Is the entire state populated by criminals?

I was going to say something like "gee, Massachusetts sure is an interesting state", but maybe what scrapiron said is better.

You can email President ... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

You can email President Bush, VP Cheney, Congressional Leaders & Rush Limbaugh from my homepage. Check it out here...

I don't know about the libs here, but I think most of the conservatives know a phishing expedition when we see one.

I've followed the Bulgers f... (Below threshold)

I've followed the Bulgers for years. I am from a town just outside of Boston, and I have many relatives living in Southie. Whitey terrorized the people of Southie, and he did it with the help of an FBI agent, which infuriates me.

And here is the silver lining: If Whitey isn't caught, there will be plenty of justice in hell.

Are you just reminiscing or... (Below threshold)
Malibu Stacy:

Are you just reminiscing or are we missing a link?

<a href="http://www.boston.... (Below threshold)
Alas, my version of Google ... (Below threshold)
Malibu Stacy:

Alas, my version of Google lacks the ability to read the minds of people who are thinking of a particular news story but neglect to mention which one it is. But, good for you, Candy.

For those interested in the... (Below threshold)

For those interested in the great Gardner Art Heist St Patricks Day 1990, Whitey Bulger, FBI collusion preventing Gardner art being recovered!!!!!!!!!

The Gardner Art Heist is rather more sad because the stolen art, Vermeer in particular were not insured. The $5 million reward offered is bogus as the Gardner does not have $5 million waiting to be collected.

Anne Hawley, director of Gardner museum is adamant and not one dime will ever be paid for the return of said art. Relayed to ex-Scotland Yard Art Chief Dick Ellis and Fine art loss adjuster Mark Dalrymple.

However, there was an opportunity to recover the Vermeer in 2002, when it was shown to FBI Agent Mike Wilson and a senior Irish official in a Dublin hotel room. After being totally satisfied they were looking at the real deal, they checked certain things to verify its authenticity.

No deal could be reached,(Whitey Bulger,'s spectre lurking in the background) (Irish govt refused to sanction Vermeer being recovered on Irish soil) Then, to add insult to injury, the criminals were allowed to leave , WITH, the Vermeer, which remains outstanding.

FBI Agent Michael Wilson was castigated by FBI bosses upon his return to the U.S. late summer 2002 and was moved off the Gardner case before retiring!!!! (Check with Feds, they will not deny this, also Charlie Hill, who facilitated Colin the informer to arrange the meeting in the Dublin hotel room.)

Gardner art was sent to Ireland by Whitey Bulger and Joseph Murray before Whitey Bulger fled murder charges in Dec 1994. Whitey Bulger then gave the Vermeer to a lifelong friend (Whitey's host in Ireland) and leader of the INLA, who has since died. Monies were lent against the Vermeer from a West of Ireland gangster group, or Clan as they like to be called.

Currently the Vermeer is in the control of Thomas Slab Murphy, IRA Chief of Staff, (confirmed by ex-senior Brit Intelligence Officer) who is willing to facilitate the return of the Vermeer in exchange for Sinn Fein being allowed to fund raise in America again, as well as Tom Murphy being allowed to pay some back-taxes, tax demand 5.4 million euros, and retire. I have always advocated favours other than money will be the way to recover the stolen Gardner art and will prevent the Gardner museum from being held liable for $5 million, although a "Subject to" clause in the reward offer does give Anne Hawley a get out. This will also prevent Whitey Bulger from collecting on the stolen Gardner Art!!!!

So, if FBI Agent Robert Wittman, Mitchell Reiss and Ted Kennedy are sincere about recovering the Vermeer and also sincere in prompting Sinn Fein towards supporting Policing, then they should contact Thomas Slab Murphy at Home Place, Larkin's Road, Ballybinaby, Hackballscross, South Armagh/County Louth, Republic of Ireland. Until then the American people are denied one of Vermeer's best pictures, "The Concert", "The art of painting" being his best!!!!! For back-story see: www.stolenthefilm.com for details.

Another important dividend of the Vermeer being returned courtesy of the Irish Republican Movement, as a thankyou for all the support given by Irish America during the struggle, is Malachy McAllister is allowed to remain in the United States with his family. Hope the delay in reaching a decision about Malachy is due to his co-operation in helping facilitate the return of the Vermeer to Boston.

Whitey Bulger meeting his brother William in Ireland, which military intelligence have photo's of is yet another example of duplicitous actions of the Feds.

However, the Brits may not have shared this info with the Feds, to be fair.

The lack of impetus in arresting Whitey Bulger comes from the percieved fear that Whitey Bulger will implicate Robert Muller as knowing of murders before the happened in the 1980's when he was a D.A. in Boston.

Everytime the FBI Bulger Squad are set to leave Boston for Ireland in pursuit of Whitey Bulger, Whitey is tipped off so he can leave Ireland only to return when the coast is clear. Whitey spends time in France as they will not extradite him because of the death penalty if he is ever captured in France.

With regards FBI Agent Mike Wilson, Dick Ellis and I met with him at the London American embassy during summer 2002.

Perhaps the Gardner Museum may be interested to know of the chance missed by Feds to recover the Vermeer Summer 2002?????

Makes one wonder "Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys"

You all can email President... (Below threshold)

You all can email President Bush, VP Cheney and Congressional Leaders from my homepage. Check it out here....






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