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Shady flatfoot catches city flatfooted

In Boston, a police officer managed to juggle her schedule, vacation time, and sick time to allow her to cut her work week to a single day without losing her full-time status -- and full-time pay. In fact, she was so good at it that she was able to move to Atlanta and still keep up her work.

They think.

Officials are not pleased with now-retired officer Christine Meegan. They say that it looks like she followed the letter of the law in regards to department policy, they are not happy that she apparently moved out of the entire region without bothering to tell anyone. And they are looking very carefully into their own records to determine whether or not she actually did commute the 900-odd miles between Atlanta and Beantown, and did show up for her one day a week.

This could get very interesting...

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looks like somebody used th... (Below threshold)

looks like somebody used the poorly written system to their own advantage.
There probably is no difference that being allowed to 'cash out' all of those accrued days except that while being employed fulltime the city was paying for benefits that they otherwise could have pocketed the $$$

“I have ordered a full repo... (Below threshold)

“I have ordered a full report on why a person was able to get paid when they were not working, when we need more police on the streets,” Menino said yesterday. “I want a review from the Boston Police Department on how and why this was allowed to happen.”

I can spare you the expense of the investigation, Mumbles -- it is allowed to happen due to the collective bargaining agreements that YOU NEGOTIATED AND SIGNED. Read it and weep, you stooge.






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