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Where is Airforce Major Jill Metzger?

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Airforce Major Jill Metzger, stationed at Manas Air Base, was shopping in a Kyrgyzstan mall with friends when she disappeared.

From CNN:

(CNN) -- A U.S. Air Force officer is missing after a trip to a shopping mall in Kyrgyzstan, a U.S. military statement said Wednesday.

Maj. Jill Metzger, with the 376th Air Expeditionary Wing, was last seen shopping at the Zum Shopping Center with others from the Manas Air Base when she disappeared on Tuesday, the statement said.

"Major Metzger was last seen wearing a green sweater and blue jeans," the statement said.

"She has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is in excellent athletic condition."

Military Web sites describe Metzger as a top-flight marathoner.

Both the Kyrgyz police and the US military are searching for her:

BISHKEK, September 6, 2006 (RFE/RL) -- Kyrgyzstan's Interior Ministry and National Security Service say they have launched a joint operation to locate the U.S. air servicewoman who disappeared on September 5 in Bishkek.

The woman, who has been identified as Major Jill Metzger, is working at the U.S. Manas military air base, near Bishkek.

Manas air base public affairs officer Ann Carpenter told RFE/RL's Kyrgyz Service that Metzger disappeared while shopping at Bishkek's main department store (TsUM) with other U.S. base members.

"The [U.S.] 376th Air Expeditionary Wing base officials are working with the U.S. Embassy and local officials to locate the servicemember as soon as possible," Carpenter added.

The U.S. Embassy in Bishkek has issued pictures of a blonde woman as part of the search operation.

Let's hope she's found quickly.

Update: Maj. Metzger was supposed to return home on Thursday and went to the mall to buy souvenirs for her family.

Update II: We're thrilled that everyone here is having a great time commenting, but since we're approaching 1400 comments, we would love it if everyone could continue the thread here.

Update: The discussion on this post has been closed and moved to a new thread. Click here to visit the new discussion thread.


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Well, here we go! The enem... (Below threshold)

Well, here we go! The enemy has been emboldened by the Israeli/U.N./Hezboulah prisoner swap deal. If she has been kidnapped, I fear it will be the first of many attempts.

Here is one of the biggest ... (Below threshold)
She's an accomplished marat... (Below threshold)

She's an accomplished marathoner.

Just a footnote this countr... (Below threshold)

Just a footnote this country has a tradition called "Bride kidnapping" which means native men kidnap there brides, I am sure this may have happened to her.

I saw this show on Frontline some months back about it!

These guys go in cars hang out near markets and kidnap an unsuspecting women.

They then take them home where other women, who were kidnapped brainwash them
into submitting to the new husband!

Thousands of young Kyrgyz women are married through "ala kachuu," which translates roughly as "grab and run" .



Life on base at Manas is pr... (Below threshold)

Life on base at Manas is pretty grim, though at least there are some amenities there (last time I went through there was even legit therapeutic massage there). Kyr-Stan is real third-world. The commercial airport is a shell without even decent bathrooms. It seems highly unlikely she decided to stay in country of her own accord.

There are both common criminals as described above as well as a small cadre of Muslim terrorists in the area. I have no idea which would be worse for her.

Here's a sad example of why you are told to always have a partner and never go ANYWHERE alone.

I pray for her and her fami... (Below threshold)

I pray for her and her family.

Something isn't right here, though. Would an abduction take place at a shopping mall where there might be many witnesses? And wouldn't there be some witness statements, then, if it had? Yet - nothing.

The problem is that she went off alone, against typical procedure as epador notes above, and disappears without a trace a few days before she is scheduled to go home.

That's three unusual events happening at the same time. It could be "coincidence," but the reason coincidences are remarkable is that they are actually very rare. Whether we see it or not, there is usually another explanation for one or more of the events occurring when they did.

I'm not suggesting she necessarily disappeared voluntarily, but it is a possibility given the facts as known. It is also possible some colleague is involved, whether or not they met voluntarily at the mall. Or some would-be suitor from the base who knows she is leaving him unrequited . . . This would be rather more likely than a random abduction at a public shopping center with no witnesses.

Google her and you see she ... (Below threshold)

Google her and you see she is an accomplished marathon runner. So she is reasonably healthy and tough. She comes from an Air Force family, so she is reasonably stable and sane.

Two things: She was abducted or she fled.

If she fled, why? Was she committed to staying in Kyrgyzstan? Was she being harassed at the air base?

If she was abducted, why? Local criminal gangs? There are plenty of young Russian women around in Bishkek, so if in fact she was kidnapped, it means she was targetted.

If she was targetted, why? As an American military woman she is valuable to somebody with an agenda. Those people are either stupid or powerful. Stupid because such a highly-recognizable target is sure to prompt a massive search-and-rescue operation. Powerful because only a well-organized group would be able to nab her and keep things quiet.

There's a film called 'Spartan' a few years back, with Val Kilmer, about a sex-slave ring that accidentally kidnaps the president's daughter. A movie, so it's fiction, but an interesting idea for comparison.

Maybe Metzger was nabbed accidentally by a white-slavery ring in the country who normally take Russian girls. As an American, Metzger was maybe too naively friendly with somebody she met at the Kyrgyz shopping mall, sat down to tea with them, got slipped a mickey, passed out and was slipped away quietly.

We will soon find out, because this is going to get much, much bigger.

I will agree with something... (Below threshold)
Lynn M.:

I will agree with something does not sound correct, but I know her and she would not do anything stupid like disobey rules and regulations. If they have video of her leaving the shop in 10 minutes why did her collegues leave her at the Mall instead of leaving before they returned to the base, and they never said anything about the camera except they saw her coming out of the department store, also if her phone was used to make 2 local phone calls what were the numbers and why they have not tracked down the person that was called????? As far as the wife thing, even in the move the Spartan they are normally going after younger girls and teenagers, never anyone in their thirties, I'm just praying that she is found soon.

I personally think the whil... (Below threshold)
Donald Ruby:

I personally think the while thing is extremely fishy; I am willing to bet that there was no kidnapping and when the final details are announced it will be a totally different story.


Major Jill Metzger and I at... (Below threshold)
Bill Robertson:

Major Jill Metzger and I attended college together at East Carolina University. We were both Air Force ROTC cadets together before we entered the USAF as officers. I have since gotten out of the military, but as someone who actually knows her I can assure you there is NOTHING voluntary about her sudden disappearance. As a former anti-terrorism officer in the Air Force Security Forces I can tell you there are dozens of reasons for a relatively high-profile abduction like this. I just pray the US military finds her safe and sound very quickly! May God be with her and her family in Henderson, NC right now! If her family reads this, I hope they know we're all praying hard every day, several times a day, for Jill's safe return to them.

I too have know Jill for so... (Below threshold)
Eddy M.:

I too have know Jill for some time having been stationed with her in Europe. Not only is she an accomplished athlete and excellent military officer, she is also a caring individual.

No matter the situation, let her family know that her friends, cowworkers and many people who had never heard her name before are praying for her safe return.

While it is second nature to guess what has happened, let the facts come as they will .

I also knew Jill at ECU as ... (Below threshold)
Ben Macri:

I also knew Jill at ECU as we were ROTC cadets togther. I agree with Bill, that she would not just go walk off. She has to much to offer the military, and has to much going for her to do that.

I want to make clear I supp... (Below threshold)

I want to make clear I support all the friends and family of Jill.

Pooh on the folks fantasizing about her taking a walkabout.

Something bad has happened, we just don't know how bad.

I knew Jill when she was a ... (Below threshold)

I knew Jill when she was a girl. She was one of my first "I'll be your best friends." I think it's weird that this isn't on the news--it's a really alarming/unusual situation. What a nightmare. I'm still trying to put my mind around little Jill being in the military--not what I would've expected; I knew her family was.. but so was my dad... Jill was always tough though; she could hang with the boys even when they were mean. I shouldn't be surprised by anything I guess. I haven't seen or heard a word about her since eighth grade--that is until now.

I'm out of my mind with wor... (Below threshold)
Karen A. Davis:

I'm out of my mind with worry for my friend, Jill. I was deployed to Manas Air Base in 2003 and have been to the very same store where she was last seen.
She is a top notch officer and a wonderful human being. I knew her before we were commissioned and had the pleasure of serving with her at Ramstein. We played soccer together and she (along with her parents and boyfriend) met up with me in Sarajevo (they were touring, I was deployed there) last summer.
With all of Jill's accomplishments, she was also humble and very kind to everyone. I've looked up to her for a long time and I'm here to tell you if anything happens to her, the world will suffer a great loss as well as the USAF. Jill, I am praying so hard for your safe return.
There is no doubt in my mind--this is beyond her control.

I have known Jill for two y... (Below threshold)
Keara U.:

I have known Jill for two years and would say that she is one of the most humble and caring person out there. I too have been deployed to Kyrgyzstan and know where she was. She definitely did not do this in her own will. My family and I pray for her quick and safe return! I am running the AF Marathon next week and will be running with her as my inspiration if she can not make it!

God Bless and protect you, Jill!

Even though I have never me... (Below threshold)
Claudia Alvarez:

Even though I have never met Maj Metzger, her presence was definitely felt last year as she won the AF Marathon (military woman) for the second time in a row. Not only does this hit home because we wear the same uniform or because we are marathoners, but because she is HUMAN. Like Keara, I too have been deployed and shopped at the Tzum many times, and it is simply an indescribable feeling as to how this could have happen. As Keara said...we will run this one for you Major! Do not worry, even if you are late, you will still pass right by us:-)
GOD Bless You and Your family.

I am a friend of Jill Metzg... (Below threshold)

I am a friend of Jill Metzger and worked with her at Ramstein AB. I was also a fellow personnel officer. I have never met anyone so dedicated to the Air Force as Jill. She loves the Air Force. She is one of the hardest workers I have ever met. This is definitely not foul play on Maj Metzger's part and it pains me to read people writing disaparaging comments about someone's character who they do not even know. She deserves better!

Just to let the family know... (Below threshold)

Just to let the family know that we are praying for a safe return. Our small group bible study in Queen Creek, AZ is praying. Keep faith that the Lord will work a miracle.

SRuth Queen Creek, AZ

I have never met Jill, but ... (Below threshold)

I have never met Jill, but have a unique connection to her. Just please pray that she will show up. Her family will be on Good Morning America tomorrow (9/8)to talk about her.

For whatever this is worth,... (Below threshold)
Been There:

For whatever this is worth, I have been following this story since it broke.

1. I find it very difficult to believe that someone would have been 'abducted' from that store without calling any attention to themselves.

2. Tsum (Zum), in right in the middle of the city. It is packed with people from the time it opens until it closes. Especially at this time of year. Russians, Americans, Germans, Brits, Kyrgyz, Canadians, you name it, they are there. How do I know? I lived in an apartment right across from the store and frequently went shopping there.

3. There are only 3 entrances, each empty out to the main streets (Tsum is on a corner). There are people everywhere especially around the entrances. People would have had to notice something if she had been abducted.

4. This store is littered with security. Why? because of the petty crime that is committed in that part of the world. (pick pockets, shoplifting)

5. The Major knew not to separate from the group she was with, yet she did. Under no circumstances are they to do this.

6. And now... The latest report now indicates that a video camera (security) has what appears to be the Major, leaving the store and getting into a car.

That, unfortunately, does not sound like an abuction to me.

We know her. There is abso... (Below threshold)
Kristen and Jim:

We know her. There is absolutely NO WAY that she would go AWOL. End of story!

Please pray for her!

I met Jill when I was visit... (Below threshold)

I met Jill when I was visiting one of my sorority sisters in Germany 2 years ago. The three of us hung out most of the weekend (her mom and sister were in town, too) and she was absolutely wonderful to get to know. Very friendly , interested in finding out about you, humble about her marathon accomplishments. Very poised and has a totally good head on her shoulders. She is not the type to go AWOL or 'be stupid' in a situation like this.

I'm not much of the praying kind, but I will pray for her this weekend.

Read about the FRONTLINE st... (Below threshold)
Beth Smith:

Read about the FRONTLINE story about bride- kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan at: PBS Frontline

I spent last winter in Kyrgyzstan. I had made friends in one village, which used to be called Marx and which has been renamed to Muddy Field since the post-Communist transition. A family there told me I should come back during "the kidnapping season," which occurs mainly after the harvest in the fall, when people have money and time to start thinking about marriage before the onset of winter. We followed one kidnapping preparation with the help of this family, but, unfortunately, we weren't able to get the kidnapping on film. We then started stopping at bus stations and taxi stands, where we asked around about prospective kidnappings. And that worked. Because most people don't have a car, when they plan to kidnap a girl, they hire a taxi. So taxi drivers are quite informed about when kidnappings will occur.

I hope this has not happened to Major Metzger, but it is an unfortunate possibility. Pray for her and her family.

There are a few other detai... (Below threshold)

There are a few other details that haven't been widely reported. The Major made two phone calls while inside the store, the first lasting for ~3 minutes, and the second call about 90 minutes later lasting for 15 seconds. It has been reported that she had acquaintances in Bishkek and was most likely in communication with them. After the video of her at a station in the city around 430, there were 2 INCOMING calls made to her cell phone. The first was around 515, and the second around 7p. The phone company has reported that her phone traveled around the city after leaving the store, and that after the second call to her cell phone at 7p, the phone was turned off.

Perhaps she was attempting to say goodbye to her friends in the local area, and perhaps there were other people there when she met her "friends". I just hope we don't see her face on an al-Jazeera videotape in a few weeks.

In times of worry, fear and... (Below threshold)

In times of worry, fear and confusion it is only normal for a missing person to become un-tainted and described as an “outstanding officer” who holds the highest values and morals. However, it is important to face all aspects of a person in order to seek the truth. Because of the posts I have read previously of people ignoring the facts and stating AWOL is not an possibility, I feel like I need to share the side of Jill I know…one with no redeeming qualities or morals and no remorse for her actions. Here is my story.
I was stationed with Jill in Germany but I did not work with her, so I can not attest to her work ethic. I can, however, attest to her morals. I knew Jill and she knew me - in fact, prior to being stationed in Germany we had dated the same person(at different times). We were never friendly, in fact, she did not like me. I don’t think she liked many females that she might view as competitors.
In 2002, shortly before the Iraq war, Jill and my (now ex) husband worked together. She knew he was engaged yet made advances to him anyway. On their first “date”, Jill took my ex to a pool hall where she bet him her “panties” that she would beat him at pool. She ended up getting half naked in a German pub…conduct becoming of an officer? I think not. Permiscuity and unprofessional relationships is a crime in which Jill herself as a personnel officer had punished subordinates. However, that is not where I fault Jill. I do not even fault her for my husbands unfaithfulness - that was his decision. I never knew of the relationship between Jill and my ex until six months after my wedding, when my ex and I had already moved back to the states. I received an “anonymous” email with specific details of their relationship – which only she would know. I ended up emailing her directly for the story and I will never forget her lack of remorse, spiteful and hurtful way in which she told me of my husband’s infidelity. This is where I find fault with Jill. Her abrasive comments to me were disgusting and vindictive; intended to hurt. Long story short, I ended up filing for divorce and went on with my life. I actually thought about sending Jill a thank-you note a few months ago because she saved me from a horrible marriage and I am happier now than I have ever been. However, when this story came out I felt ill that she was missing. I truly feel deeply sorry for her family. The more evidence I read about her stopping a private car, getting a ride to a bus station and using a public phone has made me suspicious. You see, not everyone is the way they seem. Everyone has a yin and a yang.

Richie (above) talks about ... (Below threshold)

Richie (above) talks about ala kachuu, and describes it well. I worked for seven years in rural Kyrgyzstan and saw dozens of cases of it, including several of my students.

I'd just like to comment that it's not likely that Major Metzger would be a victim of ala kachuu. She cannot provide what the abductors want: Kyrgyz housekeeping, Kyrgyz food and Kyrgyz babies.

Others have rightly described the environment round Tsum as bustling and well policed. It would be a stupid place to go to try nd kidnap an American military officer. But terrorists are stupid (wily, but stupid).

Anyway, I'm praying for a happy conclusion to this issue.

Jakshi natija ertereek bolsun.

HappyCivilian,Your... (Below threshold)


Your immature comments are really pathetic. What anything you have to say in "your story" has to do with Jill's disappearance is absoutely beyond me. Why you would try to hurt someone when they are down just illustrates YOUR character. Grow up and get over your cheating ex-husband!

wow...how funny to hear fro... (Below threshold)

wow...how funny to hear from the ex-wife! I love the internet!

I'm sure her comments are fully of angst, but I think this woman hasn't been kidnapped, but rather is AWOL.

The ministry, which oversees the police, is also trying to establish the holder of a phone she called about 45 minutes before she was last seen,"

Dear HappyCivilian,<p... (Below threshold)

Dear HappyCivilian,

All I can say is wow. What kind of person are you that you would post such a thing before the whereabouts of Jill are known? Whether your story is true or not is irrelevant. A father and mother are missing their daughter. A husband is missing his wife. A brother is missing his sister. You are perhaps one of the most selfish, sad, and pathetic creatures I've ever had the displeasure of acknowledging. Jill's disappearance isn't about you or your failed marriage. With whatever small amount of decency you may have in your soul, out of respect for her family, please refrain from such poisonous rancor and keep your Jerry Springer life to yourself. When Jill comes home... then say whatever you want. Until then... STFU.

Say what you will...... (Below threshold)

Say what you will...

Marine's disappearance staged, police say

DENVER, Colorado (AP) -- Authorities who spent five days searching for a Marine after a friend reported him lost in a hiking accident have arrested the friend and said Thursday they believe the disappearance was staged, so the serviceman could avoid returning to duty.


I'm glad to see that people... (Below threshold)
BH in Germany:

I'm glad to see that people who knew Jill are getting on this blog in support, though the POSITIVE comments from others that have become aware of this story are encouraging.

I've known Jill for a long time and, though she isn't perfect, remember that none of us are and now is not the time for character defamation.

Prayer is the best think anyone can do for her, save those that are actually on the ground and in the area exploring the clues and actively searching for her.

What she is saying is that ... (Below threshold)

What she is saying is that everyone has two sides, and not everyone knows both sides of a person.

That being said, I hope she is alive, well, and that it is all resolved soon. The hardest part is the not knowing.

Well, then how about just s... (Below threshold)

Well, then how about just saying that? And then, as the previous poster so very well put it...save the rest for Jerry Springer where it truly belongs.

I think Happy simply stated... (Below threshold)

I think Happy simply stated another view of a person that is being glorified. She even wanted to write this girl a thank you. People have spoken up when the word AWOL is used as if this girl was a saint. True, because she was part of a cheating relationship doesn't make her AWOL , as being a runner doesn't make her innocent. Why aren't people speaking up for the marine that is missing?

LS,I'm not sure yo... (Below threshold)


I'm not sure you read the same post I read from "happy civilian", but if you read what I read, you read about someone who gave some info about the Jill's character and about her take on the kidnapping thing. What is the difference from her post to those that have said that she is a great officer? Those posts were talking about this person’s character also and it didn't seem to bother you.
I know Jill, I met her in Germany. I'm not her best friend or her enemy; she is just another AF officer like me. However, I did hear stories of her dating people she shouldn't have dated, and saw her really drunk in bars. As an officer I condemn this conduct, because Officers should lead by example even in their private/personal time they (we) are still Officers.
No, LS, this is not what her disappearance is about, you are right, but if some people choose to talk about her character in a good way, then I see nothing wrong about people who point out the other side of her. By the way, just in case you are wondering, I have no idea who happy civilian is.
Now, going to the topic in hand; from what I see in the news, this whole story seems really odd. I wonder why she would leave the store by herself just 3 minutes after she got there with her friend. I wonder why she was seen in a bus station by herself and making a phone call from a pay phone when she had a cell phone. There are a lot of unanswered questions here that make you think. I really hope there is some other side of the story that we don't know about, and I hope that Jill is found soon and that she is doing well, but we can't deny that something about this story sounds fishy. I don't want to think that she went AWOL, but the evidence is almost pointing that way, that is unless the Air Force knows something that we don't. However if that is the case (and she went AWOL), then something should be done about that when she is found, but I really hope I’m wrong.
I have no idea what happened here, and it is all to surreal and weird, but I do hope that Jill is found soon, because time in a case like this is precious.

I don't think anyone is try... (Below threshold)

I don't think anyone is trying to say that because she is a runner that she is innocent. I think most are just hoping that because she is in excellent athletic condition then maybe she has a chance of surviving. To be honest, I don't think the news is at all glorifying her...to the very contrary they are very much implying that she hopped a bus on her own free well.

Supposedly the marine isn't missing...?

And the news ALWAYS reports... (Below threshold)

And the news ALWAYS reports the facts....ha! C'mon, you are an AF officer...you must know that the news gives half the story highlighting parts that will get you to keep reading. Some news reports say that the calls were incoming and some report they were outgoing. Who knows? Certainly not us. I just think it is hateful to publicly slander someone when they are not around to defend themselves. Happy could have certainly done this when Jill was available to tell her side of the story, but she chose to do it now. Things that make you go, hmmmm

JL,Did you read the ... (Below threshold)

Did you read the part were I said something about the Air Force knowing more? Of course I know that the news aren't always right, but I can't comment on what they are not saying or the AF is not saying...I'm not psychic. There is probably something more, and that is why the AF is not ruling out anything yet, but I was simply talking about what I know from what I have read in the news....just as simple as that.

Oh My God, a thirty-somethi... (Below threshold)

Oh My God, a thirty-something female officer actually had sex and drank? For shame. Maybe she ran away in Krygastan to escape her horrid past. The ying and yang of it all.

Give me a freaking break! Listen to yourselves.

I don't know what the stori... (Below threshold)

I don't know what the stories about Jill dating and drinking has anything to do with her disappearance. These stories are plain spiteful. If you really care about finding her and think that story will have an impact on finding Jill then talk to the investigators instead of defaming someone who can't defend herself on a blog, but I sincerely doubt you hae done this. You are a bitter and selfish person for posting something like this. Shame on you. Your purpose is not to help, but rather hurt people she cares about at the worst possible moment. Jill does everything to extremes...that is her personality. She would work until 2am then come back at 7am. In Germany everyone is partying hard and working very hard. Unless you are married to a guy then no adultery was committed and I'd say your ex-husband is just as much at fault and is in no way a UCMJ violation. But please don't say you care about Jill's disappearance when it's all about you and your hurt feelings.

I know Jill and her family ... (Below threshold)

I know Jill and her family personally. I can say for a fact that they are what anyone would consider "good people." As for Jill's social life, she is an adult. I will say that she is an extremely driven individual - she gives 110% to everything and she puts a lot of pressure of herself. Not many women achieve what she has achieved. I am hopeful that nothing bad has happened to her but I keep thinking about the "run away" bride from a couple years back. Could Jill had experienced some sort of break down or trauma that has led to this situation? As for AWOL - she had essentially completed her time and was getting ready to go home. Was there something at home that was a stressor? It is unlikely many of us will ever know. I do know all involved need our prayers and open minds at a time like this.

If people really care about... (Below threshold)

If people really care about Jill Metzger, please for heaven's sake STOP giving away her personal information on this public website. We don't want the enemy having more information about her. I know everyone here has great intentions, but for Jill's benefit, please stop giving the enemy information about her and her family.

This whole thread, although... (Below threshold)

This whole thread, although started with good intentions, should be locked. It shouldn't be a place for cowards to slander or people to pass their biased judgment. This is a sad and scary situation, regardless of the events that have taken place, for whatever reasons. Let's pray for Jill's safe return so we can all hear the details from the only real source, I think we all owe her that.

I can't say much, but there... (Below threshold)

I can't say much, but there is good news.

I was also in Air Force ROT... (Below threshold)
Jason Miller:

I was also in Air Force ROTC with Jill at East Carolina University. She's an amazing person: Always happy, positive, and motivating to the people around her. Everyone knew she would be successful at anything she wanted to take on. I don't care what happened...Just pray for her to get back to her family safely. She deserves that.

Great advice, Cindy. If Jil... (Below threshold)

Great advice, Cindy. If Jill Metzger was taken by some sort of hostile entity, personal information about her (family, friends, duty stations, habits, interests, etc) can be used for a variety of purposes by that entity--none of them good. It's time we all stop posting information about her, let those in charge of finding her do their job, and pray for her and her family that they may all find strength in this time of need.

Anon is not only correct, b... (Below threshold)

Anon is not only correct, but speedy, and beat me to the punch.
It's true good news travels fast.
Rest of story should be interesting.

The news is reporting she h... (Below threshold)

The news is reporting she has been found in good condition.

I have a gut feeling that J... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

I have a gut feeling that Jill is AWOL. Given her past history of cheating - which I have heard before and her going to be leaving the area in 3 days. It is possible, she left with a man she was having an affair with while stationed there and then mysteriously appears 3 days later. STay tuned...

Deb, I couldn't have said t... (Below threshold)

Deb, I couldn't have said t better myself. Something was really weird, so thats a good possibility.

It is highly unlikely that ... (Below threshold)

It is highly unlikely that "the enemy" is trawling these message boards in the hopes of gleaning information about people. First of all, whoever the enemy is, they're probably not terribly sophisticated when it comes to internet searches, no matter how simple it seems, and secondly, based on my own experience with internet connectivity in at least three of the Central Asian countries, it just takes too damned long to surf the web with any sort of expeciency in that part of the world.

But paranoia is what makes us different from the monkeys, so if it floats yer boat, then by all means.....

Something is just not right... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Something is just not right. Based on intel and facts. Phone call made from mall to a farm near Beshkek. Two more calls tracing her near a bus station and then the other end of the city. Found on the side of the road with her head shaved and she seems to have been beaten. Perhaps whomever she was with (or having an affair with) beat her and shaved her head so she would NEVER talk about him to anyone knowing he would be killed....who knows....just very strange. SOMEONE WOULD HAVE SEEN SOMETHING AT THE MALL. She is in excellent athletic condition, as they say, she would have fought somehow at some point BEFORE LEAVING THE MALL.
She is intelligent and trained enough to KNOW not to leave the area, even with a gun in her side or knife......something is wrong with this picture...

Jill has been found!!! She... (Below threshold)

Jill has been found!!! She was beaten and they shaved her head, but she is alive and meeting with medical officials right now. Hallelujah!!

My thoughts and prayers are... (Below threshold)

My thoughts and prayers are with the greater Metzger family but I must take exception to Epador's comment. Life at manas is not grim - in fact it was the R&R location we went to when I was in theater. It had the best facilities of anywhere over there in 2003.

I would hope that everyone ... (Below threshold)

I would hope that everyone is praying for Jill's safe return to her family. It is definitely not the time to try to assassinate her character.

Praise the LORD, she's has ... (Below threshold)

Praise the LORD, she's has been found alive!

link,<a href="http... (Below threshold)
AH Love among the borscht</... (Below threshold)

AH Love among the borscht

And your source is????... (Below threshold)

And your source is????

check provided link:<... (Below threshold)
What great news!! Glad to h... (Below threshold)

What great news!! Glad to hear she's alive and well. I am not the type who goes to church or prays constantly but I did say a prayer in this case.


But I am sure Deb G will fi... (Below threshold)

But I am sure Deb G will find some way to conclude that she was having an affair with these 3 men and 1 woman. You are really sick Deb G...where you come up with your theories are beyond me. People get kidnapped from public places ALL the time...despite who or whom they did or did not have a relationship with FOUR freaking years ago. And I am so sure it is easy to carry on an affair with a Kyrgastan man while stationed in Manas. Are you nuts??????????

I'm so with JL on this. I ... (Below threshold)

I'm so with JL on this. I know Jill and I am so beyone relieved right now. The important thing is that she's alive. As for the conditions, I was there 2002-2003 and I can assure you that it is no picnic. In fact, Kygyzstan is on my short list of places I could care less about ever returning to. For those of you who bad mouthed Jill while she was missing--you disgust me to the core.

Fellows,Let's just... (Below threshold)


Let's just be thankful that she was found alive. Whether as result of our prayers or not, it really doesn't matter now. She is alive, that is the most important thing.

Also, for all of you who felt the need to gratuitously 'illuminate' us with the 'other side' of Jill, you be your own judge. I'm convinced that most of us think Jill's private life is no one else business.

Let's just hope Jill will soon be able to meet her family and close friends, and put all this nightmare behind.

I was in the military. I s... (Below threshold)
Ex Mil:

I was in the military. I saw much of what is being said here concerning the intoxication, cheating, etc. My own wife, a military member was messing around with her boss and others (cheating!). Don't give us this saint Jill crap please. She was capable of this because she is human. I'm glad she's back safe, but I will wait for the real story to come out. Not the one the military plans on spinning for the media. PS The OSI are a bunch of clowns. They couldn't investigation a pile of dog poop and figure out where it came from.

Sooooo... beaten, head shav... (Below threshold)
Been There:

Sooooo... beaten, head shaved,...

I remember when the "Runaway Bride" thing hit the news.. a nationwide 'bridehunt' took place costing the taxpayers thousands of dollars.

What will unravel in the coming days, weeks, and maybe months remains to be seen. But, first we have to prepare for the TODAY show, GoodMorning America, etc...

Listen... I don't know "Jill" from the Jack in the Box... BUT, what has happened here is no joke and I sincerely believe, given the information I have gathered from the international sources, that this little puppy should fry when all is done.

There was no ABDUCTION!!!

Furthermore, behavior of this type should not be encouraged by putting them before national television and allowing them to tell of their "ordeal".

What a farce!!! And, an international one, at that!!

I think I'll go back to Bishkek.

Did anyone see Jill's husba... (Below threshold)

Did anyone see Jill's husband and father-in-law on Greta tonight? They were talking about how happy they are that Jill has been found, and I'm sure they mean it, but they both looked mighty grim...not even a hint of a smile from either one of them. There's more to this story than meets the eye.

Many of you here are pathet... (Below threshold)

Many of you here are pathetic insensitive jerks. This is a brave military OFFICER you are talking about here. And YES - I found this site by just doing a simple google search, and so can anyone, anywhere. Idiots. You can only hope you never need anyone to give you the benefit of the doubt or defend your honor. You disgust me and I would spit on you if I saw you.

JL: I have to laugh. Real... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

JL: I have to laugh. Really I do. Nuts no. Are you Naive or just plain stupid??? Who said an affair with a Kyrg man? She could have been having an affair with a man on base. Who knows. Look, thankfully, she is back. I happen to know Jill, the other side. EXACTLY like the runaway bridge. Does not matter about being a military officer. NOONE gets kidnapped in a mall full of people without a witness or some commotion. NOONE. Military intel speaks volumes on this one. When the truth comes out - all you folks who think you know the facts about kidnapping and psychology are going to feel pretty poorly about putting down those who have their own opinions. Your comments about theories make me laugh. Wake up folks and stop being so well, ignorant. Reality is sometimes hard to accept. Fantasies of constant kidnappings are much easier to justify...

JL: Also, do you believe e... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

JL: Also, do you believe everything the media tells you???? How do you REALLY know she was even with 3 men and 1 woman. Oh yes, why would they bring her back? In a country such as Russia and surrounding areas, they DO NOT bring you back. They are more ruthless and murderous than terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq. They DO NOT bring you back. I think you are pretty sick for believing all the media says....funny actually. You have NO IDEA how complex intelligence and situations are and they are NOT always what you seem to think they might be....

To the poster that said lif... (Below threshold)
John S:

To the poster that said life at Manas is grim. You're a buffoon. Manas is 1000x better than any FOB I have been on in Afghanistan and Iraq. As a matter of fact Manas is luxurious compared to anywhere I've been on a deployment. Pogue.

Hi! Local police reports t... (Below threshold)
Gogi from KG:

Hi! Local police reports that JM was neither beaten nor raped.
And yes, kidnapping someone from TsUM is an incredibly stupid idea as the place is full of cops in uniform in plain clothes. In fact, I've never heard of a single person kidnapped from TsUM in my entire life in Bishkek.
Gogi from Bishkek.

Simply put the Dumb Ass wen... (Below threshold)

Simply put the Dumb Ass went AWOL end of story! I'll hate to say I told ya sooo but get ready because a greater majority of us, sound individuals already know....Just a feeling. A huge mistake on her part......

It gets deeper, a polygraph... (Below threshold)

It gets deeper, a polygraph may be in order.

From the AP:
A Kyrgyz police official, Kemilbek Kiyazov, said Metzger told police that while she was in a popular department store someone placed an unspecified object in the rear pocket of her trousers. Writing on the object said it was a bomb.

The message also gave detailed instructions telling her where to go in Bishkek, which she followed, Kiyazov quoted Metzger as saying.

"Metzger stated that it was as if she were in a trance," he said. She was then met by three men and a woman who put her into a vehicle, took her to a residence, and placed her in a dark room.

According to Kiyazov, Metzger managed to escape after an abductor brought her food and she struck him."

Those of you who continue t... (Below threshold)
Big Mac:

Those of you who continue to cry AWOL or other nonsense have no idea what you're talking about. I personally know Jill and I know for a fact that she would not run as some of you idiots would say. Jill is an outstanding officer and a person many use as an example.

Big Mac

To those who say they know ... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

To those who say they know Jill - REMEMBER THE RUNAWAY BRIDE, who all her friends said they knew and she would NEVER runaway and that she had to have been kidnapped, etc...oh yes, and her hair was found, which ended up being cut by herself in the end!! bomb in pocket, trance, crowded mall where someone would have surely seen 3 men and 1 woman taking her! oh yes, striking a man bringing her food - I am sure she would have had her hands tied, she IS a military officer and would know combat tactics, so they would have certainly tied her hands after planning an elaborate bomb tracing agent in her back pocket - that is heavy stuff so they would have tied her hands!! then, running from captivity where 3 men and at least 1 woman were watching her. Where did she run to? She was 30 miles away (according to her cell phone stats)......give me a break here.....to those of you calling those of us idiots - wake up......

and oh yes, walking to the ... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

and oh yes, walking to the exact spot to meet 3 men and 1 woman while in a trance. Can't say they took her from a mall - she KNOWS noone would believe that one....someone would have seen her in a trance state walking.....kidnappers DO NOT use someone's cell phone to make calls (a call was made from her cell phone from the mall), if she was kidnapped, this would have been a highly intelligently planned operation - they would NOT have used her own cell phone knowing it could have been traced and the possibility of the military tracking it and kidnappers would not have allowed it to stay anywhere near her let alone ring twice within hours of each other. God Bless her if this is a legitimate kidnapping, but facts show this is a nice story where details will start to unravel soon enough...Then again, if this was an AWOL situation for reasons I will not even write here, she will NEVER tell the truth about what really happened for fear of her life and the life of her family....

And some more conflicting/n... (Below threshold)

And some more conflicting/new "news"

A spokesperson for the Kyrgyz interior ministry said that she reappeared late Friday in Kant, about 35 miles north-east of Bishkek, saying that she had been kidnapped.

"According to Jill Metzger, two women approached her at the shopping centre and asked for help. They spoke English. She went with them. After that she remembers nothing - she woke up in a house she didn't recognise," the interior ministry spokesperson, who asked not to be identified, told AFP.

Interior ministry sources said that the circumstances of Metzger's disappearance and reappearance were mysterious.

She was found by police in Kant after asking for help from a local person late at night. Her hair, the interior ministry spokesperson said, had been dyed black and shaved. "No harm was done to her other than colouring her hair," he said. "There were no signs of violence on her."

A high-ranking interior ministry officer, who also asked to remain anonymous, said that Metzger had not been kidnapped. "She disappeared from the shopping centre on her own initiative. She did not answer calls on her mobile phone," he said.

I live in Colorado Springs ... (Below threshold)

I live in Colorado Springs CO where Jill's husband and in-laws are currently. One of our local news stations got an exclusive interview with him right after she was reported found. They had been talking with him even prior to her release.
I've placed a link to that video interview on my Colorado Springs news blog if anyone cares to watch it. (They change links periodically for new stories so I didn't include their link here. I'll make sure to post their latest link on my blog.)

I just wanted to be one of ... (Below threshold)

I just wanted to be one of the first to post that this story is CROCK!! Now when the truth comes out , I can be one of the first to say "I told you so."

Oh yeah, It's really funny how much this resembles the Ga. runaway bride who claimed to have been abducted by a Hispanic man and a Caucasion woman. Her hair had been cut when she was found. hhmmmm.... lol this is too funny even though I know that this is a very serious thing that she has done. The lady needs help.

I cannot believe that some people are actually buying into this story but I guess there's a gullable born every minute.

I'm not normally one to rea... (Below threshold)

I'm not normally one to read stuff like this on the internet, but as a retired AF officer the story of Major Metger's disappearance caught my attention as it did many others. After reading all of the foregoing, I think I'll refrain from visiting sites like this again. You folks must have better things to do with your time.

There is a video interview ... (Below threshold)

There is a video interview with her husband in Colorado Springs at this site.

In respect of Jill's family... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

In respect of Jill's family, we should wait until the details of this unfold. Although it does not make sense, the media may not have all the facts either. Story sounds just plain "wrong", but the story we are reading on the media might not even be right.......I am sure her family is glad to have her back and alive....

Folks,Some of your... (Below threshold)
Get Real:


Some of your posts are hilarious! "I know Jill"....."Excellent Air Force Officer"....Riddle me this, how can you 'really' know a person? There is only one person that 'really' knows me and I 'really' know that same person. That would be my peer, lover, best friend, and partner for life - some of you in the military call that person that very impersonal word 'spouse' or 'wife'. But it took me nearly 9 years for her and I to know each other.

That said, people do weird, inexplicable things and that INCLUDES Air Force Officers. Get over yourselves, they aren't perfect and never will be, I know quite a few in my 8 years in the Air Force. Some excellent, most good, and some I wouldn't trust to take out my trash and do it correctly and ethically.

Anyhow, this story stinks. I read last night that she's found "on a roadside beaten with a shaved head" and then I read this morning "that she walks aimlessly to a random house with dyed hair and dye stained hands".

All I'm saying is that it stinks and reminds me of many frauds John Mark Karr, The Runaway Bride, Lance Hering ('missing' Marine in Colorado), and
many other similar frauds.

I'm out.....

From everything I have read... (Below threshold)

From everything I have read, Major Metzger was a superior officer and athlete. The kind of self-discipline it takes to become a three-time marathon CHAMPION does not indicate to me a silly woman lost on a shoe-shopping trip or off on a sexual lark with some male. Believe it or not, to some women with productive lives and a myriad of responsibilities, SEX is not the only thing on their minds. Nor is SEX something to make one throw away a stellar career, a marriage, and reputation. For some fat-ass former Presidents, yes - but not a woman and officer of Metzger's caliber. Grow up and quit thinking like teenage boys - or worse, a Slick Willie.

By all accounts, Metzger was savvy, smart, and totally committed to her career in the AF. She is an example of American military achievement, and was a public figure due to her marathon championships.

She deserves much better than the juvenile speculation from never-has-beens, and everyone else ought to show a little more respect.

BTW, Deb G., you are a pathetic female and clearly have an axe to grind. Stick to the PTA or Junior League where your malicious gossip would likely be more welcome.

Redhead Infidel: I am laug... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Redhead Infidel: I am laughing at your comments. BTW, do you see me putting ANYONE down on this board, other than voicing my opinions (which, of course, I am entitled to)? Nope, didn't think so. Yet, you, immature and having that axe to grind - is doing so. PTA or Junior League - are you kidding? LOL - you're funny. I am a military officer myself, have won and fought battles against the VA for my father's Agent Orange related death, entitling my mother and any Veteran in my path and family members to benefits, have assisted the military in ways I am sure you would never even understand. I deal with intelligence daily and live a VERY good life which involves reading the news daily (which I am doing and happened to run across this site which I continue to monitor). So, I will stop ranting about things I have done positively, and there are many. I have no axe to grind - live a good life with good people. However, I am well aware of BAD people in this world. I have to ask: Why would you call someone pathetic for voicing their opinion??? I think you are pathetic for striking out with name calling - real immature. Also, you obviously seem to be reading the media and believing all you here - dangerous thing to do. If someone told you the sky was green, you would probably believe that too.....

Redgead Infidel: Lastly, I... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Redgead Infidel: Lastly, I noticed you picked out myself, THE FEMALE on the board, yet you did NOT pick out anyone else here making similar or worse comments. I would say YOU, my friend have an axe to grind against females. I feel sorry for you, stick to chat rooms, where your strikes against character are more welcome. Giving an opinion or scenario of a recent news happening if an entitlement.....

Deb G.: Shut the fuck up yo... (Below threshold)
Arros G.:

Deb G.: Shut the fuck up you lazy, fat-assed, ignorant cunt. I hope you get abducted, raped, tortured and murdered. Of course, not even a sicko would want to touch your ugly ass, or even get close enough to smell the foul stench emanating from you, so do us all a favor and shoot yourself in the head, bitch!

Well Arros G, I can see tha... (Below threshold)
Get Real:

Well Arros G, I can see that you are well educated, extremely articulate, and a rational, reasonable human being.

Tell me, what political party and religious group are you associated with? Hmmmmm, lemme guess.

Deb G, keep up the rational, educated, thought provoking and thought forcing posts.

I'm out....

Happy Civilian, no one is i... (Below threshold)

Happy Civilian, no one is interested in your D-grade melodrama starring your sad-sack husband - except maybe Deb and her ilk. Female officers are talked about by wives like you ALLLLL the time - it goes with the job. We ignore sillies like you.

And Deb, if indeed you aren't a sock puppet for Happy Civilian, I find it hard to belive you wear the uniform. Really, I do. Where's your sense of fidelity for a fellow officer - and fellow servicewoman? Non-existent, obviously. I directed my comments at you because you are on a campaign, as evidenced by the frequency of your comments and how you are watching this board like a hawk - and all for no apparent reason.

I, myself, do not trust the media to get it right - they never do - therefore I don't believe the media. Nor do I trust the local politicians and police chief, reveling in the international spotlight - to get it right either. I will wait for the official account after the investigation is complete - something you and others would be prudnet to do. And in the meantime, I offer my loyalty and support to Major Metzger - because she DESRVES IT.

There is no reason not to give Metzger the benefit of the doubt - none whatsoever. She has earned AT LEAST that much. You should only hope the same for yourself should something terrible happen to you. Your idle speculations - as you sit fat and happy behind your keyboard - are malicious and tawdry. In order to believe them, one would have to believe the very worst of Metzger - something you are obviously eager to do. I have to wonder at your investment in this situation. If that's the low point at which you start in your "analysis" of this news item, then you are sorrier than I gave you credit for.

Redhead Infidel: I feel so... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Redhead Infidel: I feel sorry for you. Really, I do. You need to re-read my posts. I don't see any character bashing. Fat and Happy? Hardly, I am a tri-athlete so hardly fat and happy. Military Uniform, wear it with pride and honor, however, don't stand behind fellow officers who prove wrong in some actions - sorry, just the way the military and my military upbringing has trained me. I am on no drive to destroy any character of Maj. Metzger - again, re-read the posts. I do find it funny that you are striking against military wives in general and name calling - real immature and classy on your part. I do have reason to monitor this board, of which you would never comprehend. I also offer Maj. Metzger the utmost respect for her accomplishments in life and hope this situation is, in fact, fact based on her testimony alone. However, I am SURE I stated that given all going on, it sounds strange and off key given the circumstances......I am done defending myself to you - there is no reason to - YOU need to take your rude comments and opinions somewhere else. Everyone here is posting their comments as they are allowed to do to the situation, YOU are posting against others here - I have to ask you - is there a reason you are here axing everyone?? and what could that be?? Take yourself and go find something better to do.......

Arros G: I have to laugh a... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Arros G: I have to laugh at you. Amazing at the comments coming from folks here. I have been abducted, when I was 13, by Russian Soldiers while in East Berlin - my whole family. A learning experience.....

Not sure why these posts have lingered to name calling. Everyone is entitled to give opinions and comments on the situation at hand, not against posters here. Oh well, I get a kick out of the anger you hold within yourself...I am pretty comfortable with myself and with who I am so keep attacking at the keyboard....

People...People... What's w... (Below threshold)
Been There:

People...People... What's with you?

I don't know Jill, I've never met the woman. But, ONE thing is sure...

I know the place from whence she was 'abducted'.
I've been in the store.. every floor..many, many times.
I know the layout of the store
I know the entrances/exits
I know how much security there is
I know the policy on the tours
I know that there were more than 2 people on the tour(probably more like a dozen... plus)
I know that the store is ALWAYS crowded
I know that SHE knew the 'don't separate yourself' from the group policy.
I know that an abduction doesn't "just happen" if it's a targeted person
I know (according to the reports by AP) Jills hair was dyed and that she had dye stains on her hands
I know that she suffered no harm 'scratches or otherwise'
I know that THIS STORY STINKS into the STELLAR regions of the universe... AND, I don't care if she's been with all of tent city at Ganci...

My calculator just keeps shutting down everytime I try to add all this together...IT DOESN'T ADD UP! We may never know the facts...

But, given what I DO know... She smells and so does her story!!! This whole deal smells.

Arros G: Hoping someone ge... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Arros G: Hoping someone gets abducted raped tortured and murdered is completely out of line. I am currently working on obtaining your IP address so we can see the evil mind coming from behind your keyboard....Thank You for assisting us here....I will pray for your evil thought process though.

Well said Deb G.Go... (Below threshold)

Well said Deb G.

Go away Redhead Infidel, your a disease.

Been There: I agree with y... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Been There: I agree with you. However, Arros G is going to hope you get raped abuducted and murdered now that you have given your freedom of opinion on this. Talk about sick stuff....

Oh... One other thing I kno... (Below threshold)
Been There:

Oh... One other thing I know..

In the end... we really won't know.. the whole story, it will die just as the "Runaway Bride" story died... We kinda like to put it behind us after a while to get it out of our sight... you know ... to keep it from reminding us how gullible we are.

BUT... if you really want to keep your bookmarks on this.. do a locator on Jill, say in a couple of months.. If she's still in and 'going up the ladder', then maybe it was valid..

HOWEVER... if she's vanished from the radar screen, guess what!!? So, let's say we meet back here in a couple of months and compare notes... If I am wrong, I will be the FIRST to admit it... but if I'M RIGHT.... you will certainly hear about it. And that includes, parents, husband, brother, uncles, whatever...

IF she has done this on her own.. and I have a very strong suspicion.. then she has not only embarrassed herself...

She has brought discredit to the USAF
She has embarrassed the USA in an international spotlight
She has jepordized the political affairs in Central Asia
She has brought disgrace and shame on herself and her family
She has further jepordized the lives of her fellow soldiers and airmen in that region.

SHOULD I GO ON???..............

I'm 100% with Redhead on th... (Below threshold)

I'm 100% with Redhead on this and that said, this will be the last time I contribute to what has become beyond ridiculous. This blog was helpful to me when she was missing in keeping me updated on anything new. All I care about is that she has been found because she's a friend of mine and she's a wonderful person. I never claimed she was a saint but in the Air Force, she's the best of the best. Those of you who have never served couldn't possibly know what I'm talking about. Those of you who have never met her couldn't possibly know what I'm talking about. Those of you who are assuming the worst about her--what's wrong with you? You sit on your butt (probably not contributing much at all to the world) in such harsh judgement of her. It's alarming to me. One fact still stands--no one here knows what really happened and it will take some time to get to that truth. Everyone has made mistakes and no one is perfect. I'm no psychology major but it seems to me that those of you who are the harshest of critics (Deb, Happy C) perhaps there is something within you that you are not so proud of and it is manifesting itself in your harsh, unfair, and unbelievable opinions about Jill.

Redhead, do what I'm doing and sign off of this and don't look back. I'd give you my email address but I don't know how to do that without getting some unwanted emails from a bunch of riff-raff

As for the rest of you, go do something productive with the freedom you are privileged to be experiencing, the freedom those of us serving in the military work so hard to preserve. Or don't...whatever...you are free to chose!

I was reading the enytimes ... (Below threshold)

I was reading the enytimes a little while ago. read the story on ms. metzger, googled her, and wound up here reading the thread. I just found the story a little far fetched initially and wanted to see some background, and I am amazed at the background you all put in here, good and bad. Its deep in here, opinionated, hot under the collar, personal, angry and mean and definitely passionate. All the things that make good reading. I just wanted to let you all know that, and entertaining in a voyeuristic way, kinda like you cant look away, know what I mean?
As for Ms. Metzer, I wouldnt jump to conclusions and being that its a military matter, I wouldn't expect to hear any, ultimately. You all shut off your computers now and go outside and play, its a beautiful day.

While the details are yet t... (Below threshold)

While the details are yet to be revealed, the Idea that this Air Force Officer had something to do with her own disappearance is stupid.

Credible reports indicate she was beaten and her head was shaved. Anyone familier with Kyrgyzstan and that part of the world might be aware of bride abduction... anyone?

Beatings and head shaving is uaually the punishment for refusing to accept the husband. Now, am I saying thats what happened to her... no. But look at the remarks of the Kyrgyzstan police and how they differ from the US officials and a picture will begin to become clear... the Kyrgyzstan officials seem to be trying to prevent an "incident".

She was dressed as a civilian when she went missing, in all likelyhood those who took her had no idea who she was. This lady is in shape, and smart... the exact profile of the type of woman who survives this type of encounter.

I think this woman has been through hell over the last several days and survived. Shame on you people... this is not a runaway bride situation!

Karen and Red, If yo... (Below threshold)

Karen and Red,
If you have read the whole thread you will see that I too, wrote about the other side of Jill and that I'm also a proud AF Officer. You should not get upset about the bad stuff being said as she kind of brought it upon herself. I have a friend that was a victim of Jill's affair, and I had to help her get through her crisis, when Jill started e-mailing her pictures and shit. No, Jill didn't deserve to get kidnapped (though I think that is not what happened), but she could've avoid all this crap (the comments) if she would have kept her affairs to herself, instead of going to the victims and gloat about her actions. That was plain rude, and from reading here I see my friend wasn't her only victim, as Happy Civilian was one too. They didn't do this, Jill did. As an officer this actions are unbecoming, and if you are a good officer (if you are one) you would know that to.
I'm glad Jill has been found safe, I'm really happy for her family, but for some reason I don't believe the story...I'm sorry if this offends you, but I do think she may have had something to do with the whole thing...sorry, just my opinion and yes, I'm entitle to it.

Posted by: Captcorajus"..<b... (Below threshold)
Been There:

Posted by: Captcorajus"..
"While the details are yet to be revealed, the Idea that this Air Force Officer had something to do with her own disappearance is stupid.
Credible reports indicate she was beaten and her head was shaved. Anyone familier with Kyrgyzstan and that part of the world might be aware of bride abduction... anyone?

Beatings and head shaving is uaually the punishment for refusing to accept the husband. Now, am I saying thats what happened to her... no. But look at the remarks of the Kyrgyzstan police and how they differ from the US officials and a picture will begin to become clear... the Kyrgyzstan officials seem to be trying to prevent an "incident".

Uhhh... excuse me Captcorajus... but just how long have you lived in Bishkek?.. or Kyrgyzstan. Before this happened... I doubt that you even knew that it existed...

I lived there. Kyrgyz don't "bridenap" nonKyrgyz women..

There are plenty of enthnic Russians living in the area.. THEY don't get "bridenapped"..

I can imagine the conversation now..."Hey Igor.. let's take that one.. she looks like she's in shape.
Bolot, are you stupid or something.. what will my family say when I bring home a white woman? And, who is her family? Do we even know them? Shut up!, and drink your mare's milk, will ya!! Igor, all we have to do is put this package in her pocket and say it's a bomb.. give her instructions on where to meet us, and then take her home from there..."

WAAA....hahahaha.. Only in America!!!

So here's to you CaptCorajus... For exemplifying the knowledge, wisdom, and literacy of western culture - for the rest of the world to witness!

I have an idea, lets all le... (Below threshold)

I have an idea, lets all let this settle a little bit. Before anyone else goes and bashes her or her family, or anyone else that has posted to this board. Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts, feelings, and opinions. We all know that not all of the facts have been released, they never are. I'm not going to side either way with what has been presented thus far. I personally know her family, and they are grateful that she has been found. So before anymore conspiracy theories start, lets wait a while and see what other facts are released. Please be mature adults about all of this, there is no need for name calling and threats.

Hey Deb G... what's your at... (Below threshold)
Red Shift:

Hey Deb G... what's your attitude on holding "enemy combatants" without trial for indefinite periods, or waterboarding them, or inducing hypothermia, or depriving them of sleep? Or what about arresting a mentally ill Iraqi and frightening him with police dogs until he's out of his mind with terror? I'll be you and every neo-facist like you has cheered all those things. And then you threaten freako (or whatever his name is) with "revealing his IP address" as some sort of punishment when he insults you online. You're a real tool, you know that?

Nope, sorry RS. Don't buy ... (Below threshold)

Nope, sorry RS. Don't buy it. Officers don't gossip about others who aren't there to defend themselves - unless they are total pieces of shit. It's called honor - you have none.

Red, you can jump in my foxhole anytime - you're the kind of soldier I'd want at my back.

Deb, you said that you "don't stand behind fellow officers who prove wrong in some actions." In your tiny mind, what exactly has been "proven" to you? There's no proof of anything yet! Rush to judgment much?!

With each post you are becoming more and more unbelievably grandiose. And ironically, your "accomplishments" are tracking very similarly to Major Metzger's - except with a litte one-up-manship thrown in. Metzger is a personnel officer? Well, Deb here is an INTEL officer. Metzger is a marathon champion? Well, Deb here is a TRIATHLETE. Get it?

Shit, with REMFs like you and RS, who needs enemies?

I really like the "bomb in ... (Below threshold)

I really like the "bomb in the pocket" story. That's a good one.

My guess: affair with co-worker. Elaborate plan to escape together. He backed out. She made up a whopper to evade punishment, not realizing it would capture the imagination of bloggers everywhere. Career over, and all she got out of it was a really bad haircut.

Well... My bet is that she ... (Below threshold)
Been There:

Well... My bet is that she is on her way to Landstuhl Medical Center in Germany right about now, where she will be given a complete physical. She will probably have a couple of days of rest, followed by a number of Question and Answer sessions.. Following that, she will probably be back in the USA.

Again... check the radar screen in a couple of months, regardless of which slant you wish to believe.. IF she is still in the Air Force, then you can assume that all was on the up and up. However, if she is gone from radar... then my assumption will coincide with my suspicion that she concocted this little private party all on her own.

As Pooh Bear would say.... Ohhhh My.

Wow! I go away to a weddin... (Below threshold)
Happy Civilian:

Wow! I go away to a wedding and come back to this. The ONLY reason I told my story was NOT from hurt feelings, but to demonstrate that Jill is unstable, insecure, unbecoming of an officer and has severe mental issues. Yes, being in her 30's (yet looking like she is 50) is no sin to drink and have sex. However, when you are in the military you are held to different standards and the point that Jill herself would punish people for doing exactly as she does is my POINT tht her charactor is extremely flawed. I always knew her private life would come to the surface...and it looks like the point I was trying to make previously was correct. What concerns me is when people say "shame on you" for saying anything negative about this girl. I really hope the military takes a more open minded view during the investigation. Perhaps all your glorified saint stories is why we are now in Iraq...you need to take off your rose colored glasses.
Jill's mental issues are now international; now she has taken her narcistic attention-seeking personality disorder to a new level. How DARE she say she was kidnapped in a foreign country...is she trying to start a war? Perhaps miss Jill found weapons of mass destruction in the little hut during her trance? Did they also make her dye her hair as her own hands were stained? Fairly ironic, too bad she didn't use red hair dye..she would have been caught red-handed! My boyfriend has read the emails Jill sent me and as soon as this story broke he said "wow, you need to go forward with your story - that girl is truely insane." Had you read the emails she sent me, you would know I am not using this opportunity to mend any wounds - those have been mended well over a year now. I just wanted (as others here have done as well...Deb, ROS, RF) to show her proven MENTAL ILLNESS and stop all the terrorism theories...we have had enough of that in our country. Maybe all you military that know Jill so well should stop jumping to conclusions that all foreign countries are out to kidnap Americans. SHAME ON YOU and I can't WAIT until this is all exposed.
And btw, I got out of the Jerry Springer life that Jill tried to get me wrapped up in...maybe your friend should go on Jerry.

FWD - "Nope, sorry R... (Below threshold)
happy civilian:

"Nope, sorry RS. Don't buy it. Officers don't gossip about others who aren't there to defend themselves - unless they are total pieces of shit. It's called honor - you have none." Are you seriously that much of a hypocrite? So, it is okay for an officer to lie about a kidnapping but RS can not give their opinion? Hmmm...nice military. Are you perhaps in the Third Reich? Is that really what our military has come to...believing any story about WMDs or "bombs in pockets" and calling someone that blows a whistle a "piece of shit". With that language of maturity you think you have honor? Please do not ever join the civilian community. Our corporations actually operate on values.

FwdObsvr, Honor is t... (Below threshold)

Honor is to tell the truth which I'm saying now, and I've said it before to the ones that know me. Officers that keep their mouth shut about things that are wrong have a lack of integrity...one of our chore values, or simply decide to be a part of the "men's club" if you know what I mean...where they cover each others shit. I'm thinking you are part of that one and are pissed that one of "yours" got disccovered....sorry for you!

Redheaded- just have to com... (Below threshold)
happy civilian:

Redheaded- just have to comment on your post about "Female officers laugh at sillies like you".
First of all, I was active duty and NEVER "laughed" at a civilian spouse because they are as much patriots as their active duty spouse. Shame on you. Now I AM civilian and much more successful in my own right and do NOT sit on my butt. Your posts are ignorant and an shame to the country you serve.

FwdObsvr: Wow, you amaze m... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

FwdObsvr: Wow, you amaze me. I never claimed to be an Intel Officer. Does this mean that all people in athletic shape or tri-athletes are trying to be like Ms. Metzger??? Military Officers, the one who carry honor, DO NOT allow other officers to carry on with conduct unbecoming. THEY DO NOT ALLOW THIS. I have extensive military family, Uncle was a Merrills Marauder and so on and so on in my family - including women. My mother was a military spouse and honored for her efforts. My husband is a LTC. I am amazed at all the bashing here, and hopes that I get raped tortured beaten and murdered are simply unacceptable. I have found the person behind this IP address, however, will maintain my integrity and not reveal the name. I am sure the media would be interested to know who you are and I am shocked to find your name behind those words.....I wished no ill will on Maj. Metzger - simply stated opinions.

Updated photos of Jill's hu... (Below threshold)

Updated photos of Jill's husband Josh from this morning.

Awwww, c'mon Deb G., spill ... (Below threshold)

Awwww, c'mon Deb G., spill the "name behind the IP address". He/she said the words, where's the integrity in hiding his/her identity? It's awfully naive in this day and age to assume one can post on a public forum anonymously, and I didn't see any posting on this blog guaranteeing it.

Deb G:--------------... (Below threshold)
Been There:

Deb G:
Meeting the storm because it caught you unawares is not found in the hall of courage, however standing in the storm in spite of it, with conviction, therein lies courage and integrity.
For all those who are riding on the tail of how great and honorable this Major Jill Metzger is, you will soon enough be tasting the putrid feathers and flesh of fresh killed crow. Of course, you may want to jump ship first.

The story of Jill, will go down in the annals of history as one of the most bizarre acts of an Air Force officer to date. She has taken all Americans down the road of humiliation and disgrace with her. Whatever the reason, whatever the motivation, I will never understand it.

Furthermore, to be attacking the people of Kyrgyzstan, as the ones who are seeking the glory of the media is just as irresponsible as her actions.

One would have to be teetering on the brink of insanity, and the edge of gross stupidity, to believe what she is already revealing. If we are fortunate enough, to see the movie...

The Major who was Abducted by
Aliens in Kyrgyzstan.

Driven as in a trance, she followed the path on the note, to the bus station at the edge of town, whereupon she sat on a lightbeam and was transported to the alien ship.

How much deeper into the Bizarre world of Jill do you want to enter? You do so at your own risk!!!

Been there: I'm with you. ... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Been there: I'm with you. All these comments are meant for opinions of what might have happened, could have happened, has been heard, but NEVER to say anything back to posters about wishing they would be abducted, tortured, raped and murdered nor name calling.....

I stand my ground here: This story is bizarre and out of context with norm. I thought about the alien theory. If, indeed, she was kidnapped then God bless her for staying alive and escaping, however, the facts clearly state the story is fishy.

Now, to those of you name calling. Do you name call any military agency, law enforcement agency and so on when they are trying to piece together facts to fit the puzzle? Do you wish all people were dead because they give views and opinions which do not fits yours? Ok, I am going to stop here....Point blank: the "story" is by all means - strange....

Deb G:Hang on for ... (Below threshold)
Been There:

Deb G:

Hang on for just a moment gal... THE PLOT is about to be revealed...

Start cooking up the crow,in big helpings...

How's everybody like theirs... With feathers.. Rare, medium, well done...

Takin' orders right here!!!!

Deb G:Nice to see ... (Below threshold)

Deb G:

Nice to see you on here. I was lurking for info. on the kidnapping of Metzger and came upon this site.

I would like to say, I happen to know Deb G and was at her pinning ceremony at USASOC at Ft. Bragg to Major while her Uncle was being honored by General Jones as a Merrills Merrauder. She is an exemplary Army Officer and I have the utmost respect for her. She is, by all means, entitled to her opinions of this situation as the rest of the world is. I have read the posts and see NO ill will toward Ms. Metzger at any time. I find it appalling that Arros would wish death upon anyone never mind someone simply giving an opinion. For those of you bashing on here - the problems lie within your own psyche for the name calling and evil will unto others. Deb has accomplished more than most could have experienced in a lifetime and she stands modest in regards to it all. I too, am a tri-athlete, which does not make me grandiose and wishing to be like Jill Metzger. Perhaps Ms. Metzger could only wish to be Like Deb G. and Deb certainly would never sacrifice the honor of her country to carry on an affair with someone else's fiance or husband.

So, with this said, let's focus on the positive of any of this. I too believe this story is bogus and aliens have abducted her and brought her back. Whatever the real story is, I am anxious to hear it. For the record: Military officers who are honorable to their country and military careers DO INDEED turn in other officers and relay actions unbecoming. It is the right thing to do. If anyone reading this would harbor the bad conduct of an officer or anyone in the military then YOU are just as guilty of those actions as well. Shame on you, it is not what you took an oath to do....

Jill Metzger has gotten her... (Below threshold)

Jill Metzger has gotten herself into a hell of a mess but that's her problem. Some people on this board are behaving as if this one stupid incident is going to be the end of civilization as we know it. In the whole scheme of things, who really cares whether Jill Metzger is a nutcase or not? (And she is.) You people need to lighten up a bit. Stop taking yourselves so seriously. And what's with all the "You should be ashamed of yourself!!" comments? LOL!

Dear Dorothy...I d... (Below threshold)
Been There:

Dear Dorothy...

I don't know if you have missed something here??... I think you have, but I'll let others chime in if they wish.

Jill Metzger is a MAJOR, in the USAF. She has done things which REFLECT on the USAF, the Officers of the USAF, and more importantly, her country. (That by the way, is you and I)

If Joe Shmoe, or even Dorothy, goes out and does the same thing, we probably wouldn't be going through this right now. We'd be sitting back reading about it in some obscure third world newspaper on the next to the last page, along with the article about the farmer's pig who died while crossing the road.

BUT, that's not the case... so, while I appreciate your personal desire to go on with life as if nothing had happened, I personally will continue with this. WHY?... Because, Next time I land in Moscow, or Frankfurt, or Mexico City, or any other international airport, I would like to be informed so that I can intelligently address the questions people ask about life in these here United States. Especially, when they ask questions regarding senior officers in our Military.

Some of these people knew Jill. And some knew what Jill was doing on her "free time". IF, and I stress the IF, these people had used the moral code that USAF Officers are bound to, then we probably wouldn't be discussing this...WHY? Because Jill Metzger would be a civilian... maybe living right next door to you, and not out creating a national embarrassment to us who care about what happens in the military.

Thank You..

Well, guys. I'm from Kyrgyz... (Below threshold)
Kuba Kyrgyz:

Well, guys. I'm from Kyrgyzstan. And I actually heard, that Jill Metzger was not kidnapped at all.
Rumors are that she got pregnant from local jigolo. Her contract was coming to the end, and she was going to return soon to USA to join her family and loving husband.
Abortions have been made illegal in USA recently(is this so? Or just abortion surgery is way too expensive over there?), and according to rumors, she decided to udergo abortion surgery in Kyrgyzstan.
She deserted airbase, underwent surgery, and after a couple of days, came up with the story about kidnapping.
Brilliant move, huh?

But she's putting my country in wrong light, and I am not happy with this.

I can't help it. I'm intri... (Below threshold)

I can't help it. I'm intrigued. I'm also a female Air Force officer who has been deployed a few times to various locations. The part I'm stuck on is the "friends in Bishkek"...who has friends in Bishkek? There are usually only a few types living out in town like that: expats, embassy personnel, maybe contractors like KBR, and a few other miliary and/or civilian groups we don't talk about. Only a small subset of that list has access to the base (e.g. the gym, etc) . I'm really happy Jill is ok, and I don't even know her and have never heard of her. I'll wait for the story to unfold. If it is embarassing to the AF, I hope it never goes public. I will say this though...if she had a special friend, her cell phone records over the past few months will point the investigators in the right direction. If I were a betting woman, I'd say the investigators probably have a good idea what happened already. And once they hook her up, they'll know if they are right or not. It is a great tool and very intimidating. I'm just glad she is alive and unharmed.

And to all those white chic... (Below threshold)
Kuba Kyrgyz:

And to all those white chick slavery theorists:
Do you believe in all that kind of shit?

Richie (above) talks about ala kachuu, and describes it well. I worked for seven years in rural Kyrgyzstan and saw dozens of cases of it, including several of my students.

"I'd just like to comment that it's not likely that Major Metzger would be a victim of ala kachuu. She cannot provide what the abductors want: Kyrgyz housekeeping, Kyrgyz food and Kyrgyz babies."

She (Jill Metzger) is just way too ugly to become a victim of ala kachuu, IMHO.

Kuba Kyrgyz:I thin... (Below threshold)

Kuba Kyrgyz:

I think the abortion theory is false. It sounds like a local rumor. If a woman is pregnant in the US, abortions are relatively inexpensive (considering a Major's pay) and with a little ingenuity, a woman could do it privately without anyone knowing. Not to mention, Americans are led to believe our healthcare is superior to other countries. (No insult intended, I have no idea about healthcare in your country.)

Accordingly to testaments o... (Below threshold)
Kuba Kyrgyz:

Accordingly to testaments of local taxi driver to local police here in Bishkek, she asked taxi driver to drive her from central shopping mall (where she's allegedly been kidnapped) in Bishkek to the junction of Togolok Moldo - Kievskaja streets. And local residents know, that this a location of Special Surgery Clinic, which used to serve in Soviet times local Comunist Party Head Ponchos. So abortion theory does not sound absurd in this light, especially taking into account that she's been cheating on her husband and was going to join him soon.

And as an local resident I'd say, being kidnapped in Bishkek Central shopping mall sounds as absurd as stories of kids, skiving off from the schools.
Does not sound right. Sounds like absurd UFO kidnapping stories.

Kuba Kyrgyz:Most o... (Below threshold)

Kuba Kyrgyz:

Most of us agree the kidnapping story is hard to believe, but I personally am trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. I think it sounds like she went to meet someone and thought she could get back in time to rejoin her group. I think something may have gone wrong...maybe an abduction, maybe a flat tire, whatever...and we are where we are today...she could be telling the whole truth or partial truth or no truth...

How do you know she was cheating on her husband?

What else are the local papers reporting? What else is in that area she asked the taxi to take her?

It is neat that you are there. Different perspective.

Kuba, the abortion theory i... (Below threshold)
Gogi from Bishkek:

Kuba, the abortion theory is horseshit. Why would she do abortion in Kyrgyz roddom, when you can have access to much better facilities in the US?
I too share your unhappiness that this story reflects negatively on our country's image but so do your very insulting comments regarding her physical appearance.

As one of the comments on yahoo news goes: my calculator can't add all the facts up. Something is missing or should not be taken at face value. 1. It would take a complete dubf**k to nap a person from TsUM.
2. As Andy very well put it, we can pretty much exclude the bridenapping theory as she cannot produce what Kyrgyz men want - Kyrgyz babies, Kyrgyz housekeeping and Kyrgyz food.
3. Kidnapping by terrorists is also unlikely as they would not have simply let her go alive and unhurt. Had this been true, President Bakiev would've jumped on this opportunity to tighten screws and suppress the opposition even further.

I doubt that we will ever learn the truth. Our Interior Ministry adopted a "no comment" policy on this. The only news on this will be available from the Embassy and the AF media relations sources :(

Best wishes to JM's family and friends.

"Uhhh... excuse me Captcora... (Below threshold)
Kuba Kyrgyz:

"Uhhh... excuse me Captcorajus... but just how long have you lived in Bishkek?.. or Kyrgyzstan. Before this happened... I doubt that you even knew that it existed...
I lived there. Kyrgyz don't "bridenap" nonKyrgyz women..
There are plenty of enthnic Russians living in the area.. THEY don't get "bridenapped".."

That's right. You seem to have first hand knowledge about situation in here.
In most cases, "bridenapping" is not a "bridenapping" as such. Usually, according to local traditions, parents of husband-to-be have to pay pretty lump sum of money to the parents of wife-to-be as a gift. Some families cannot pay that sum.
In this case, some couples in love, before getting married, decide to go "bridenapping" route, because this way parents of husband-to-be do not have to pay at all, according to tradition.
The woman is only happy to be "bridenapped" in this case. But she has to emulate whole thing, like tears in eyes, refusal to go into car, and blah-blah-blah.

Geniune "bridenappings" do happen although, but very likely to end up in prison term for the misfortunate "fiance".

Gogi:"but so do your... (Below threshold)
Kuba Kyrgyz:

"but so do your very insulting comments regarding her physical appearance."

I do not consider my comments about her appearance insulting. It just reflects reality, she is unlikely target for "bridenapping" for kyrgyz guys. She would look very unattractive for them by Kyrgyz standards. Being a Kyrgyz lad of Asian stock, I would not personnaly pick her out to get married.

But by European standards, she could be a pretty woman. And quite might be. So what? Things a relative in this world, kid, so are the standards of human beauty.

Most of us don't have first... (Below threshold)

Most of us don't have first hand knowledge about bride-napping, even if we may have heard of it. However, the military (AF atleast) has been mandating awareness training on human trafficking. The training we are receiving talks more about forced prostitution and slavery though. That was my first fear that she had been targeted because she was an attractive American woman...who got into a cab alone in a foreign country...for whatever reason.

Kuba,Andy gave a muc... (Below threshold)
Gogi from KG:

Andy gave a much better explanation of why bridenapping was unlikely. Your explnation was an insult.
How about if you post your picture? Then I, referring to a difference in standards of beauty, will declare you ugly? :) After all, what you offer cannot compete with what women offer, right? So you must be ugly as hell. According to my relative standards.

"Most of us agree the kidna... (Below threshold)
Kuba Kyrgyz:

"Most of us agree the kidnapping story is hard to believe.
How do you know she was cheating on her husband?

Well, I might have been a little bit too harsh on Jill Metzger, but given the circumstances, it is probably justified to consider all the possibilities.

This incongruent kidnapping story, just spawning around rumors in Kyrgyzstan. Some pieces in this jig-saw are missing. So, it natural thing, that people speading rumors, inventing guess-work stories, etc.

Local papers are keeping to abduction theory line.
This might be beneficiary case to our Government to crack down hard on the opposition.

One of the opposition leaders, Omurbek Tekebaev, was recently caught in Poland trafficking drugs (4 pounds of heroin to be precise). Allegedly, this was a setup.
The whole thing could be provocation from Kyrgyz Secret services.

Intrigued"The trai... (Below threshold)
Kuba Kyrgyz:


"The training we are receiving talks more about forced prostitution and slavery though. That was my first fear that she had been targeted because she was an attractive American woman...who got into a cab alone in a foreign country...for whatever reason."

Dear Ms. Intrugued,

It does not work like that in here, in Kyrgyzstan.
Usually, human traffickers put an ad in local papers like

"Job vacancies for waitresses are open in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Hurry up. Number of vacancies are limited. Attractive salary packages. Housing and food provided by employer. Blah-blah-blah."

Some naive women belive in this kind of stuff. They voluntarily fly to their slavery, believing that the glorious future is awaiting for them.

Upon the arrival, their passports are taken away.
They are forced into prostitution. Thay are terribly beaten first into complete submission.

Usually police of country, where they enslaved, is corrupted too. They are bribed by human traffickers. No chance of escape without passport, no chance of flying back without money, documents.

It does not work like "kidnapping, forcing into car"... No. In contrary, they are led to their slavery by lies about their prospects. No sticks used, just carrots.

"Posted by: Gogi from KG at... (Below threshold)
Kuba Kyrgyz:

"Posted by: Gogi from KG at September 10, 2006 03:45 AM
How about if you post your picture? Then I, referring to a difference in standards of beauty, will declare you ugly? :) After all, what you offer cannot compete with what women offer, right?"

Gogi, you've probaly been smoking too much of horseshit recently to make a such a statement.

I'm saying that Jill is attractive by Caucasean standards, but might not be good looking gal from the point of view of Central Asian lads.

And yes, I might be an ugly bloke, with hair tufting fron my nose, Thanks to God, and I won't be sexnapped by women with my repulsive appearance, Thanks to Lord. Are you satisfied, Gogi? Did we get even?

1) Ok, I'll drop the aborti... (Below threshold)
Kuba Kyrgyz:

1) Ok, I'll drop the abortion theory. Contraception makes wonders nowadays.

2) "Bridenapping" is just laughable. Follow previous posts, to see my point.

3) Islamic militants kidnapped her. Absurd.
Very unlikely event in Bishkek.

4) She went to say good by to her sweatheart before flying back to US.

That looks like very likely reason for me. Many things done in this world in the name of Love. Let me guess that she was having an affair with some local man. That's not me, by the way, but I digress. Her duty in Manas airbase in Kyrgyzstan was ending. She was to fly to back home to US.
She felt an urge to see last time her lover.
We are all human, and humans are fallible, aren't they? That's what happened. No one came up with this guess.

I think that I am the only on to strike a nail right on the head here. Ta-dah, I deserved a pay rise.

I guess, that officials will stick to kidnapping. Convenient.

Pls. Check out following web site.


U.S. Air Force Major Missing in Kyrgyzstan

Members of the military stationed at Manas are allowed to travel off the base only with permission and in groups. Major Metzger, who is assigned to the 376th Air Expeditionary Wing, was on an approved trip with co-workers, said Capt. Anna Carpenter, a spokeswoman for the air base.

Mr. Jangarayev said the group had separated in the store but agreed to meet later. When the rest of the group gathered, the major did not appear.

Mr. Jangarayev said that Major Metzger had friends in the city and that she was scheduled to leave Bishkek this week.

Kyrgyzstan, a small Central Asian republic, has allowed the United States to operate an air base at Bishkek’s civilian airport since late 2001. There has been little anti-American sentiment in the population, and the country, once a remote part of the Soviet Union, is largely peaceful and open to outsiders.

Mr. Jangarayev said the pattern of her calls suggested that she might have been someone’s guest in Bishkek or had left with an acquaintance. But such a move would be highly unusual for a career American military officer, and the embassy declined to comment on such theories.
“I think at this point we just can’t speculate,” Ambassador Yovanovitch said.

RS while you may think it i... (Below threshold)

RS while you may think it is very "noble" of you to "come forward" with irrelevant personal details about Metzger; and while Deb thinks it is her moral duty to maliciously speculate about an officer she knows NOTHING about; and while LTC Tom thinks that's all fine and dandy...let's put this into perspective: YOU ARE GOSSIPING ON A BLOG. You are not nobly upholding the "core values" of your oath.

RS said, "Officers that keep their mouth shut about things that are wrong have a lack of integrity..." Shut up. You cannot honestly believe that your gossiping on a blog is in any way a mark of integrity!! If you've got important info that is crucial to the investigation, go render it to the proper authorities. But do NOT sit here in sanctimonious piety as if you're doing your patriotic duty. You are a joke.

LTC Tom, you are one guy who has come forward to say that Deb is all that and a bag of chips, as if that's relevant. You may be a sock puppet for all we know. Do you know how many other officers have come on this board and others to say that they KNOW Metzger and vouch for what a stellar officer she is? Do you know how much credence Deb G puts into all those testimonials? Zero. Deb is on this blog (and possibly others, considering her commitment to the subject at hand), supposedly with no agenda (according to her), and openly impugning the honor, integrity, and credibility of a fellow officer. All of that when there is no proof yet of anything, there is only speculation. Did you get that, Tom? No proof. And last I heard, one is innocent until proven guilty, not that that matters to Deb and RS. They are happy to wallow in gossip, and it reflects poorly on officers who should know better. FwdObsrvr called 'em REMFs. Ouch.

Happy Civilian said, "So, it is okay for an officer to lie about a kidnapping but RS can not give their opinion?" You have jumped to a conclusion based upon your own private angst. There has been no statement, nor proof that Metzger has lied. You have jumped to a conclusion that suits your agenda of "getting back" at Metzger and then somehow tried to tie that whole sordid mess into "this is why we're in Iraq". What kind psychosis is that? Please keep your soap opera off these blogs and tell your "boyfriend" that if you've got info that is important to the investigation, you will contact the authorities like an adult; instead of gossiping on a blog like a 5th grader.

My hunch is that if Kevin or JayTea ran a quick check on these comments, they will find that there has been a proliferation of sock puppets.

AF closely holding abductio... (Below threshold)

AF closely holding abduction story


US Military publication rep... (Below threshold)

US Military publication reports, Major Jill Metzger's husband and father-in-law are both special agents working for the Office of Special Investigations (OSI).

Kuba Kyrgyz is not t... (Below threshold)

Kuba Kyrgyz is not telling the truth about bride-stealing. As I said earlier, I lived seven years in Naryn and knew of dozens of cases, several involving young women that I knew personally. These were forced abductions with no prior concent by the girl. Usually she "sat down" (thereby signalling concent) after she had been sexually tainted, or else simply out of fear.

I know of a single case in which the form of ala kachuu was played between a guy and girl who had arranged their marriage. (I knew them both well, and had argued with the young man for hours on several occasions that he should not follow the tradition.)

Now, none of this pertains to the case of Major Metzger because, as we all agree, ala kachuu occurs within the Kyrgyz culture. The only exception I know of was the Chinese/American woman who got nabbed off the street because she looked very Kyrgyz. She was turned loose a few blocks down the street when the 'nappers realized they had a foreigner.

But I will not allow Kuba Kyrgyz to claim that ala kachuu is rare, or that it is usually concentual, or that the compensation paid afterwards in the form of livestock or money makes ala kachuu anything less than or other than kidnapping, rape and enslavement.

Redhead Infidel: Get over ... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Redhead Infidel: Get over yourself. Not sure why you constantly pick me out of this entire board giving ONLY opinions and thoughts about this "story". Everyone on this board, INCLUDING YOURSELF, is offering thoughts and opinions. YOU, however, are giving comments about posters on this board, rather than sticking to the topic at hand. You are so clueless and so angered - most likely at women...

One more thing:... (Below threshold)

One more thing:

Kuba Kyrgyz says: "Geniune "bridenappings" do happen although, but very likely to end up in prison term for the misfortunate "fiance"."

I never heard of a single case of this happening. I know of several people who appealed to the police for help after a bridenapping, and not one single case where the law took action to defend the girl.

Redhead Infidel: I have be... (Below threshold)
Mark is Amazed:

Redhead Infidel: I have been watching some of these posts and have read several and I assume you have an axe to grind in regards to Deb G. as you are, in fact, picking her out constantly for whatever reasons, even though others on this board have obviously spoken much worse of Jill Metzger and her character. You write why would someone write about her, its irrelevant, then WHY WOULD YOU WRITE ABOUT HER AND CONTINUE TO NEGATE HER, its irrelevant. You have some serious issues going on. Allow others to post what they feel is going on. I wonder why you are siding with Metzger as YOU DON'T KNOW HER EITHER or the real story......not sure what the hell a sock puppet is, but you seem to be one to this board and all involved in their free speach entitlements....go away, you're a fungus...

p.s. Not that it matters, but I recall reading about Deb Gs Uncle at USASOC, it made some big news at Fort Bragg and the historical value of the fact he is one of the last surviving members of the Burma Road situation and what was the beginning of the Special Forces...quite the honor...

Because Deb's behavior is u... (Below threshold)

Because Deb's behavior is unbecoming an officer. She ought to be held to a higher standard than the gossip-mongering rabble.

She can dish it out all she wants, but she shouldn't have to take it? Is that what you're saying, Mark?

At least Deb is here to "de... (Below threshold)

At least Deb is here to "defend" herself from big old meanie me, but Metzger is not. How is that cool with you?

Redhead:I am not jum... (Below threshold)
Happy civilian:

I am not jumping to conclusions based upon anger, I am forming a conclusion based upon facts. Perhaps you should do the same because you are representing yourself as an ill-informed officer.
Further, I have taken the emails to "authorities" when I was questioned for my ex-husbands top-secret clearance 1.5 years ago. My ex did not get his clearance, and surely if Miss Metzgers personal life is motivation for her "abduction" those emails will surface via the investigation - I was told they will remain on file for 11 years. After I was interviewed, I went about my life with a successful civilian career and didn't think twice about Jill - only with relief that she saved me. I could have done many vindictive things such as involve her Commander when it was all happening, yet I did not. In retrospect, taking the high road as I saw it at the time was probably a mistake. I was a civilian and wanted nothing but to get on with my life, and I did. We are simply sharing our knowledge of Miss Metzgers charactor (which IS important since she is claiming an abduction in a friendly country which we are lucky to have as our allies).
At first I was hesitant to share my story as it leaves me a bit sick even having known this girl. As I read all the postings saying what a great person/officer Jill was I gave my side...simply saying a person isn't always what they seem and look at ALL SIDES before forming a conclusion that she was kidnapped.
I wish that you would use some of your energy reading the news and the reports that Jills story doesn't add up, and spend less of it attacking accomplished people like Deb G on this board for sharing their opinion.

Redhead Infidel: Great nam... (Below threshold)
Kurt in GA:

Redhead Infidel: Great name by the way. Get the hell off this board you piece of shit. I happen to know the story about Deb G.s Uncle from getting his autograph while at USASOC. I am part of a Ranger Unit and this man was part of the 475th Rangers which originated the 75th Ranger group. Who the hell do you think you are openly putting down fellow officers who have done nothing, not made the news in regards to bombs being put in back pockets and so on. Maj. G has more integrity in her pinky than Metzger has making the news regarding being abducted by aliens!

You disgust me and are a complete hypocrit as you sit hidden behind your keyboard attacking anyone and everyone who posts opinions here. You are a stupid ass jungle shit who knows nothing...
hahahahahah you are making a fool out of yourself.....

Deb G, supposedly an office... (Below threshold)

Deb G, supposedly an officer, claims she knows Metzger, and emphatically states she is exactly like the Runaway Bride. And she says this, "I have a gut feeling that Jill is AWOL. Given her past history of cheating - which I have heard before and her going to be leaving the area in 3 days. It is possible, she left with a man she was having an affair with while stationed there and then mysteriously appears 3 days later. STay tuned...

And this is OK with you? Gossiping and maliciously speculating about Metzger when she's not here to defend herself, before ANY of the facts are known, and then trying to cower behind the supposed reputation of her medaled relatives, as if that boosts her credibility. That's just pathetic.

Deb, don't try to pose as if you were just rendering an opinion on a news story - you blatantly aired personal dirty laundry in order to make Metzger look bad. I wonder what your illustrious relatives would think about that? Well, no really, I couldn't care less.

Redhead: You have some ser... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Redhead: You have some serious mental issues going on in your head. I have not dished out in a long time about my opinions regarding Jill Metzger's situation. I offered my opinions yesterday and not since. You, on the other hand, keeping bringing my name up. I truly am beginning to think you might know me at Fort Bragg and are actually quite jealous of my own accomplisments. Again, my conduct is not unbecoming, however, yours is. You do not know me, do not know Jill and do not know the folks on the board. Jill's situation has made national media attention and yes, she is an example of the USAF. Anyone and everyone is entitled to throw out theories and thoughts and opinions. There is no reason to post against someone on this board who offers an opinion. What is up with you??? You have no idea what conduct unbecoming is....

I think you like me - you sure offer me a lot of attention even though I have posted NOTHING about Jill Metzger since yesterday and others have gone on with stories and opinions, however, you don't post back to them....I am glad I have become a fan of yours!

Redhead: LOLOLOL. I am so... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Redhead: LOLOLOL. I am so happy I have become a fan of yours! A high percentage of people on this board have posted nearly the same info.

You are a clown......do you have any other causes to go and take care of which you know nothing about??

I stand strong with my conduct and your false interpretation of my thoughts are laughable...

Redhead: I guess all the t... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Redhead: I guess all the terrible things you are saying about others, and myself, are OK though???

It's like you have a fly swatter and are trying to swat at all the comments and opinions you don't like - geesh, you are going to have a heart attack....

Kurt: Who the fuck cares a... (Below threshold)

Kurt: Who the fuck cares about Deb's relatives? It has nothing to do with Deb's own behavior, except that she's made it so.

Piece of shit, eh? LOL Go ahead and check me out with the President of the 75th Ranger Regiment association. You'll sing a different tune...

Tom and Kurt:I am ... (Below threshold)
Deb G:

Tom and Kurt:

I am not sure I know you two, however, thanks for the defense against someone I feel is noone. I am proud of my Uncle's history, as well as my entire family. Thank you for honoring his efforts...

This board is not about me though. Redhead is making me a celebrity and ignoring all the other posts.....I guess she point blank did not see the posts I posted in respect for Jill's family and for the possibility Jill might be sincerely telling the truth.....

ok, why am I responding to an obviously angry, jealous nobody female???

Readhead,You said: "... (Below threshold)

You said: "You cannot honestly believe that your gossiping on a blog is in any way a mark of integrity!!" I'm not gossiping, I'm telling the truth about Jill and giving my two cents in her current situation. Sorry if you cant handle it, I won't try to explaining it to you as I REFUSE TO GO DOWN TO YOUR LEVEL.

Redhead: You are a worthle... (Below threshold)

Redhead: You are a worthless piece of work. Deb's relatives obviously have some high honors which have been acknowledged at the United States Army Special Operations Command. Who the hell cares about you or Jill for that matter? and why do you care about Jill so much????????

You have no idea what you are talking about - speaking in circles. It is clear you have something against Deb G for whatever reasons - which are senseless and humiliating you in the process. You speak of dishonor blah blah blah, however, you are dishonoring Deb and her family and many others on this board. You are an angry soul........

1. Unless Jill has a histo... (Below threshold)

1. Unless Jill has a history of faked kidnapping then her history (good or bad) is irrelevant to this discussion.

2. As a general observation "faking" a kidnapping is not done out of love, but out of fear. Pervasive, overwhelming, uncontrollable fear.

3. If she was kidnapped she is deserving of support and compassion.

4. If she "faked" her kidnapping she would likely have done so as a consequence of a fear which effectively hijacked her reason. As such, she is deserving of support and compassion.

5. If she has purposely or inadvertently harmed you in the past then feel free to see this "incident" as cosmic payback - if that gives you solace.

6. If she has purposely or indavertently harmed you in the past and you have no need for cosmic payback then feel free to see this "incident" as an opportunity for her to learn and grow - if that gives you solace.

7. For all concerned. For all amused. For all saddened. For all angered. Reflect upon the power of emotion. Perhaps then you will all see Jill for who she is, not who you want her to be.

Peace and happiness to you all.

Redhead: Lastly, for all t... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Redhead: Lastly, for all the reporters, investigators and so on who give opinions and thoughts and theories, on the news, in the papers, on the internet, etc...do you also call, email or write letters to them completely trying to defame their characters for offering insight into media situations?

I feel badly for you - you have problems.

Redhead Infidel: You have ... (Below threshold)
Kurt in GA:

Redhead Infidel: You have serious mental problems. "Supposed medaled relatives". I, as well as others are obviously well aware of the day Deb's Uncle was honored. You have now completely dishonored a man whose very unit was responsible for the beginning of special forces and the 75th Ranger Unit. You claim to be aware of the 75th Ranger Regiment Unit. If you were aware of this, then you would certainly be aware of Charles L. Ward who was the very man honored. You, my dear, are the fraud here with nothing to offer anyone but negative words and doubt about someone's highly honored relatives. You are nothing.....and a complete shame to this country

Redhead Infidelis: I do ha... (Below threshold)

Redhead Infidelis: I do have to point out:

You doubt Deb G's credibility, which I for one do not and which others on this board have vouched for - shame on you. Yet, you stand by Jill Metzger, whom you do not even know and you believe her story.

You are a hypocrit and seriously disturbed. What is wrong with you?

Kurt, Deb is anonymous to ... (Below threshold)

Kurt, Deb is anonymous to me - I have no idea who she is, so how on g-d's green earth could I know who her relatives are? And what does her uncle have to do with anything? Get a grip, man.

Karen, many others have vou... (Below threshold)

Karen, many others have vouched for Metzger - does that count for nothing? One guy, LTC Tom, says he knows who Deb is and vouched for her. Fine, that doesn't mean that I can't think her behavior is shoddy.

Is there an echo in here? Because Karen sounds exactly like Carrie who sounds exactly like Deb - same words and all...

Redhead Infidel: You are d... (Below threshold)

Redhead Infidel: You are deeply disturbed and need help......same words? You speak English don't you? Same words in the English language. I use the word DISTURBED just as you would.

Everyone on here uses the same words - you need some mental help....as the other posts have stated - you pick out the WOMEN in this room to attack - ugly person you are, sick really....

Redhead: What is it with y... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Redhead: What is it with you? Shoddy behavior? Because I voiced my opinion and thoughts as everyone on here has???? I have not voiced my opinion about this situation in some time now - as I have already stated.

Why do you insist on solely picking my name out? As I have said: I am glad I am a fan of yours....you don't like women do you??????

Karen and Carry: I am assuming Redhead thinks we know each other! this is getting funny...

Redhead I: youre a sick fu... (Below threshold)

Redhead I: youre a sick fuck lesbian, in love with Jill Metzgar! I don't know Deb g but I do know you have focused on her name, not even posts because MANY OTHERS have posted some pretty bad stuff about Metgar and you have said nothing.
lmao rotflmao!! i guess you think i am an echo too! you have gotten the attention you have looked for.....clearly, you hate women - go get a cucumber

I'm off this board. Too ma... (Below threshold)
alias Kevin:

I'm off this board. Too many crazy posts from Redhead Infidel which are completely insane.

Good luck to you Deb G. and your Uncle is an honorable man. Ignore RI, she is nuts! I would hope anyone here sees her for what she really is....

Can we get back to the Majo... (Below threshold)

Can we get back to the Major people. My sis was a Major in the army best sex in her life now she's a sorry mom saddled with kids-- what's the fun workin your way up the ranks if you can't get internationally laid all around the world? Really what is the draw for women in the military if you cant bang hot guys all of the time? She got her spotlight and you all are lettin her keep it--if she's manipulative and needs attention she is 1 for 1 on this site.

Ft Bragg crew:Don'... (Below threshold)

Ft Bragg crew:

Don't get mad at me and I won't get anymore specific than this. For those of you who know Jill, has she ever had assignments or associations with some of your friends in the area? I just can't think of anyone else who would be living off post that she could be friends with... those guys do have access to the base though... and Jill is an attractive girl who works out at the gym... Who has friends in Bishkek?

I'm probably going to get yelled at now. I'm not suggesting any one of them hurt her. I think she went to see friends and just didn't make it back in time. Friends like that could help her come up with a good story though. And friends like that stick together.

This was the first thing that popped into my mind...based on my own personal experiences...

I'm still open to the fact that she could be telling the truth.

Ok...something is fishy...l... (Below threshold)

Ok...something is fishy...last article says she still wants to run the Air Force marathon when she gets back to the states???

I'm gonna have to stand wit... (Below threshold)

I'm gonna have to stand with the Redhead infidel on this one. No matter what we "think" we know, the truth is anything and everything we have to offer right now is at best a WAG (wild ass guess.

Like RI said in her first post, why don't we just wait and see what the deal is before slamming this individual?

And yes, even if the Major did all the things you say, it's still pretty goddamn lowdown to throw them out now, when we don't know anything about her situation.

Missing major's family reac... (Below threshold)

Missing major's family react to her recovery


I sit here, amazed, to have... (Below threshold)

I sit here, amazed, to have watched this thread turn from a discussion about the disappearance of a person into something similar to a 5th grade playground squabble. No one fully knows what happened (other than that Jill Metzger went missing), but many are using their own positions in life to add credibility to what they say--"I'm an officer, so..."; "I know Jill, so..."; "I'm an officer who knows that officer, so…"; and on, and on, and on. After many years of dealing with similar situations, in a professional capacity (uh oh... there I go with that "position in life" thing), I've learned that most of the facts will eventually come out, but maybe not fully be disclosed to the public. I say "most of the facts", because "facts" depend upon the perspective, outlook, past of the experiences (which color perspective), etc. of the person providing the information. If a group of five people witness the same event, each person will provide a somewhat different accounting of that event. The stories will generally point to the same general conclusion, but there will be differences. Again, this depends upon their past experiences and personal perspectives. This is so very apparent in the discussions on this thread (even though no one knows what "really" happened).

All that we know is that Jill Metzger went missing and that there are at least two explanations: 1) She was taken against her will, or 2) She made a decision to leave. When investigating something, one has to look at all possibilities (some of which are positive for those involved and others that are negative for them). Opinions relating to character, provided by those who "know" the person, can help formulate investigative plans, but they really don't add to what really happened. They may, however, help to later answer the "why" factor of what an investigation tries to determine--who did what; what did they do; when, where, and how did they do it; and why did they do it (the toughest to show). Also, absolute statements about someone's character (good or bad) and why that person would or would not do something have the potential to come back and reflect negatively on the person making those statements. No one knows anybody well enough (not even themselves) to make an absolute judgment on what they would or would not do in a particularly stressful situation. We all know what we would like to do, or what we would do most of the time, but sometimes even "good" people make bad decisions and "bad" people make good decisions.

None of the arguments on this thread deal with the substance of what happened. All they have shown is that people have formulated in their minds, based on their own perceptions of past experiences with Ms Metzger or others who may know her, what they think happened. They have also, apparently, touched on the sensitivities of some folks and started a defensive mud-slinging session. With each post, people bring the other side down to a new level of ill-will that is unbecoming of the traditional standards of the US Armed Forces (for those who are military) and, more importantly, unbecoming of adult human beings.

I'm glad she's back from her ordeal. Regardless of whether or not she was knowingly involved with her disappearance, she, her family, and her friends are going to have to endure some unpleasantness. If she happened to have been a willing participant, she and those associated with her are going to have to live with the consequences; however, we all make mistakes and are in no position to pass judgment on what someone deserves. Let's quit focusing on "poor little me"--there is always someone worse off. Be thankful for what you have and start showing some compassion for people.

Tom=Kurt=Deb G=Carrie=Karen... (Below threshold)

Tom=Kurt=Deb G=Carrie=Karen=behindthescenes. Who else does she hide behind? Happy civilian? The AF global shows only 2 Maj Deb G's. Interesting. That might even be her real name.

Ok. I'm going back to my li... (Below threshold)

Ok. I'm going back to my life now and preparing for my own deployment. Good luck to everyone, and my best wishes to Jill and her family. Out.

Wow...the hateful sock-pupp... (Below threshold)

Wow...the hateful sock-puppetry against Jill is amazing....

Sock Puppet Alert! ... (Below threshold)

Sock Puppet Alert!

Deb G., CarrielaughingatRed, Kurt in GA, KarenKMA, behindthescenes, alias Kevin, Mark is Amazed, and LTC BC Tom all come from the same IP address - That's a cable modem address, so they're all coming from the same residence.

Arguing you point is fine, inventing other identities to help make your point - or trash others - is not...

LOL...how many posting name... (Below threshold)

LOL...how many posting names does Deb G have??? Talk about a nutcase.

Yes, this board has gotten ... (Below threshold)
Deb G:

Yes, this board has gotten "crazy" and "insane". gr: you are on the same level as Redheaded.

For your record: I am not in the AF nor did I ever say I was and do you really think I would use my real name on this board?? My real name is Deb, last name is not G - however, the others who know my Uncle are in tune with the USASOC honoring him, thus, figured who I was pretty quickly - it was no secret....

good grief: you folks constantly putting my name up - get a life....

Kevin: You're insane. I d... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Kevin: You're insane. I don't even have cable. I am sure the rest of the folks you have listed are all here with me. Crazy stuff....

[Bullshit - See this lookup of the address. Road Runner doesn't do dialup... I *suppose* it could be DSL as opposed to a cable modem, but that's irrelavant. It's the address you (and they) post from, and the address you continue to post from.]

You folks need a life. I made opinions and comments about a situation as the rest of the folks here. Others know my Uncle being honored at USASOC....nice scenarios you make up - now, perhaps you can solve the Jill Metgzer abduction case.....

Geesh, I leave and come bac... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Geesh, I leave and come back to find some on here have gone a bit overboard. I'm Out - obviously will not be able to share opinions or comments about a situation at hand....

Redhead was right all along... (Below threshold)

Redhead was right all along. Amazing.

My instincts about you were right, Red - I'll take your six anytime, soldier.

Nice work, Kevin A.

I'm glad that Jill Metzger ... (Below threshold)

I'm glad that Jill Metzger is alive and well, although I do not believe her story. Nor do I believe the way Deb G has been replying to herself over and over again on this board...LOL! There are so many great exchanges between Deb G and herself, but if I had to pick my most favorite one, it would be this: "Deb G: Nice to see you on here. I was lurking for info. on the kidnapping of Metzger and came upon this site." I'm also fond of the ones where she says (to herself, of course) "Deb G, I couldn't have said it better myself!" Deb G is a HUGE fan of Deb G!!

Hah! Sock puppet much, Debb... (Below threshold)

Hah! Sock puppet much, Debbie Diddums?

I only just got here and it took me a while to read through all of your different personas' and voices in your head, but it was pretty damn obvious that you were the same sick little puppy going through its socks like a Clinton through a high school cheerleading squad.

The funniest thing isn't that you're resorting to a trick that went out of fashion with 12-year-olds on alt.flame, however, it's that you honestly thought you'd get away with it, you sad little sack of shite.

Oh, and say hi to your imaginary uncle for me, and know that I am in awe of your legendary great-great-great-great...-great-aunt who used to darn George Washington's socks.

At least she didn't play with them.

Oh, I'm laughing, alright. But it ain't WITH you.

As to HappyCivilian: You're really obsessively angry with Jill, aren't you? Don't get me wrong, I have no use for cheating wives and/or husbands, so I understand that you're pissed off completely. But something tells me that you aren't quite as "over it" as you like to claim to be.

That's alright. Again, I understand, but don't try to make it look like anything other than what it is: You hate her guts (understandably so, if what you say is true), but the rest of us really don't give a damn and, furthermore, it has little if any bearing to the matter at hand.

Enjoy the fact that you got away from the cheating dog instead of trawling the web in search of whoever did you wrong. Just friendly advice. You'll thank me later.

Dorothy, I too, reread Deb'... (Below threshold)

Dorothy, I too, reread Deb's little convos with her multiple personalities with a new eye for comedy. My favorite exchanges she had with herself are:

"Deb G, keep up the rational, educated, thought provoking and thought forcing posts."


"I would like to say, I happen to know Deb G and was at her pinning ceremony at USASOC at Ft. Bragg to Major while her Uncle was being honored by General Jones as a Merrills Merrauder. She is an exemplary Army Officer and I have the utmost respect for her." HOOHOOHOOHOO

"Deb has accomplished more than most could have experienced in a lifetime and she stands modest in regards to it all." HAHAHAHAHAHA

"Tom and Kurt: I am not sure I know you two, however, thanks for the defense against someone I feel is noone. I am proud of my Uncle's history, as well as my entire family. Thank you for honoring his efforts..." HEEHEEHEEHEE

"You doubt Deb G's credibility, which I for one do not and which others on this board have vouched for - shame on you."

Sock puppets don't count when they "vouch for credibility", Deb.

Then this little exchange between Deb's multiple personalities is cute:

"Karen and Carry: I am assuming Redhead thinks we know each other! this is getting funny..."

But my all-time favorite quote from Deb is this one:

"Redhead I: youre a sick fuck lesbian, in love with Jill Metzgar! I don't know Deb g but I do know you have focused on her name, not even posts because MANY OTHERS have posted some pretty bad stuff about Metgar and you have said nothing. lmao rotflmao!! i guess you think i am an echo too! you have gotten the attention you have looked for.....clearly, you hate women - go get a cucumber"

Classy, eh? Conduct becoming an officer? I think not. I find it amusing that Deb accuses me of being a lesbian, but then I supposedly hate women? This schizophrenic little persona of Deb's almost gave me whiplash. No, Deb, I don't hate women - but I do get annoyed by gossip-mongers and particularly nasty little frauds like you.

And in closing:

"Good luck to you Deb G. and your Uncle is an honorable man. Ignore RI, she is nuts! I would hope anyone here sees her for what she really is...."

No, Deb, we've all now seen you for what YOU ARE. A poseur and a fraud. A petty, vindictive, and malicious person with an agenda to slander Major Metzger. I think it's reasonable to assume your snide allegations against Major Metzger are patently false, since everything else you've written here has been incontrovertibly proven false. You could not even argue the strength of your convictions without a platoon of false identities to hide behind.

Referencing my very first comment to you, Deb - your agenda has now been exposed for the filth that it is.


And THAT, folks is how a so... (Below threshold)

And THAT, folks is how a sock puppet gets washed, dried and put away.

<a href="http://www.allhead... (Below threshold)
FYIA U.S. Air Forc... (Below threshold)


A U.S. Air Force major who went missing for three days arrived at a U.S. military hospital in Germany on Sunday, and a senior Kyrgyz police official said that her departure "strongly complicates" the probe into her disappearance.


Analyst and Pica, Thanks fo... (Below threshold)

Analyst and Pica, Thanks for the links. This story keeps getting more weird. I wonder if we'll ever find out what truly happened.

I'm stilll waiting f... (Below threshold)
Red Shift (not RS, not Rehead Infidel):

I'm stilll waiting for an answer to my question, Deb G. You military types all talk about honor and integrity. Especially you officer types. But I know that 90 percent of you have graveyard-loads of skeletons in your closets, and the only "integrity" you have is in covering your ass and getting that next promotion. But true to form, you all start talking about pedigrees and are naturally related to the "greatest generation" who fought off the Nazi menace. Cue Band of Brothers theme music. Put that in your IP address and smoke it.

wow, come back to all kinds... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

wow, come back to all kinds of comments. Ok, here is the truth: nope, no multiple personalities here - military barbecue at house and a laptop on the kitchen table (as always is) so a few others jumped on board to reply to some ridiculous postings and have some fun to some stupid nonsense and yes, Redhead's incesant attacking of myself. Notice how I did not post anything about Metzger since yesterday and only came back today while others were at the house???Yes, did make up the two women responding (good eyes to catch on to that one, but I wasn't really being serious anyway), but NOT the others, they were, in fact, real OTHER people. Couldn't help but have some fun with the attacking.

Proves our point though - EVERYTHING IS NOT ALWAYS WHAT IT SEEMS TO BE so stop believing all you are hearing or reading.

Here is the truth, as it seems you have all been interested: Yes, I am a military officer, yes, my Uncle was a Merrill's Marauder honored at USASOC (don't go there with bashing him, take some time to look him up and honor his history), father was 28 years Army, 3 wars and extensive military history, born and raised on Army bases, did win a 5 year battle against the VA for my father's Agent Orange related death (if you chose to bash him too and dishonor his memory then you prove to be no real human being), and on and on...I do find it amazing that I was constantly brought up by Redhead nearly all day - wake up folks and realize you have someone on this board just looking for trouble - all I did was defend myself against a woman who means NOTHING to me. Had fun with all of this though......so, as I was telling others at our barbecue here, they jumped on and responded and thought the entire character of some was well, immature and humorous.

So, I will stop here and thank God Jill Metzger is alive and well and will be re-united with her family. I stand behind my feelings of a fishy story - sorry, can't change that - try changing the opinions of the rest of the folks on this board. Friends and I do, however, find it amazingly strange that I was mentioned nearly all day......

Good one - now go try and figure out WHAT HAPPENED TO JILL METZGER.....good luck....I'm off this board.....you have provided some great humor to all of us today!!!I will sign you all up for the CIA or FBI or something to that nature.....

LOL - the games people play, Redhead should be proud of herself - we will give you a gold star...perhaps you should focus on the constant character bashing she and others here do rather than focusing on someone's opinions of a media situation....

thanks for the fun day!

Oh, fuck me. Now we... (Below threshold)
Red Shift:

Oh, fuck me. Now we get the Band of Brothers bullshit once more, and to top it off...a barbecue. How much more All-American can you get? *cue Stars and Stripes Forever*

Here's my IP address... (Below threshold)
Red Shift:

Here's my IP address, by the way:

Have fun trying to get anything out of it, by the way, except what country I'm in.

Looks like you play games y... (Below threshold)

Looks like you play games yourself Deb, so why get angry with Redhead for calling you out on your game?

OK, Diddums, you got me the... (Below threshold)

OK, Diddums, you got me there.

I never, ever, not ONCE thought I'd run into a pathetic excuse for sock puppetry worse than Glenn Greenwald's, but there you are, proving that, with a bit of effort, even the most retarded of stories can be outdone.

The sheer enormity of your idiocy has me in complete awe.

Deb, you are beyond a doubt the monument to retardedness around the base of which lesser morons gather to worship.

Does the Deb G fun never en... (Below threshold)

Does the Deb G fun never end?! Military barbecue with the guests taking turns posting from her laptop...LOL! Do come back, Deb G, and try your luck at saving face once again. You could always say that your dog did it...that sounds more believable than anything you've posted on this board to date. You don't seem to have the first clue just how obvious and transparent you are. Duh.

"Kuba Kyrgyz is not telling... (Below threshold)
Kuba Kyrgyz:

"Kuba Kyrgyz is not telling the truth about bride-stealing. As I said earlier, I lived seven years in Naryn and knew of dozens of cases, several involving young women that I knew personally."

I did tell "Genuine bridenappings" do happen. Especially in Naryn - remote rural area with little population. Never heard of this happening in Bishkek.

I'll tell you what. Jill Metzger came up with fishy story about her being kidnapped, for whatever reason.

Security cameras picked up her taking taxi near TSUM shortly before her disappearing.
She made several calls from payphone, not from her cell. She had something to hide.

And most interesting part of whole story, that she turned up couple of days later near Kant.

For those, who do not know, what is that, I'll explain: That is the location of Russian military base. Russian airfighters and interceptors are stationed there.

If Jill had an affair with brave Russian pilot, that's fine for me. But she came up with bunch of lies about kidnapping. This is not a pretty thing.

<a href="http://ww... (Below threshold)
Kuba Kyrgyz:


A massive search involving Kyrgyz and U.S. investigators came up empty until late Friday, when police said Metzger knocked on the door of a house in ** Kant **, about 22 miles from the capital, and said she had been abducted.


Kyrgyzstan: Russian, U.S. Military Bases On Opposite Tracks

The future of the two foreign military bases in Kyrgyzstan became clearer this week. During a visit by a Russian delegation, a military official said the Russian base at ** Kant ** will be there "forever." Meanwhile, Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiev was quoted by a Russian newspaper on 15 February as saying the U.S.-led coalition can remain at the Manas base as long as there are still security problems in Afghanistan, and as long as the United States agrees to pay 100 times more than it has been asked to previously.

(Until recently, US have been paying 1 million dollar per year to rent Manas airport for military base. Actually, this a peanuts, as anyone understands.

Russian and Kazakhstani tourists bring to country much more money than that during the tourist season. Any stories about kidnapping of foreigner in Kyrgyzstan will ward off tourists from there.
And Jill metzger's false statements will seriously damage tourism business. Naturally, we do not want an undeserved terrorist state image and sour our relations with Russia and Kazakhstan and other neighboring states. Our economy depends on their oil, tourists.

<a href="http://www.rferl.o... (Below threshold)
Kuba Kyrgyz:


Taken To Kant?

The Kyrgyz information agency 24.kg is reporting that Metzger unexpectedly appeared at the home of Svetlana Ivashchenko, a resident of the town of Kant, some 40 kilometers from Bishkek, at around 11 p.m. on September 8. Ivashchenko, unable to understand what the English-speaking foreigner wanted, called police who arrived and quickly understood this was the missing U.S. servicewoman.

Police then informed the U.S. Embassy and the U.S. base at Manas Airport that the missing servicewoman was alive and well.

U.S. military spokeswoman Carpenter told RFE/RL's Kyrgyz Service that the U.S. military thanked all those involved in the search for Metzger.

"We are delighted to have Jill back with us," Carpenter said. "I want to praise the Kyrgyz government, Bishkek law enforcement officials, and the cooperation of the U.S. Embassy team for a rapid and thorough investigation resulting in the successful recovery of Major Metzger."

Questions Remain

Many questions still remain about Metzger's disappearance. 24.kg reports, citing sources in the Interior Ministry, that Metzger says she was shopping when two women approached her and asked, in English, for help.

According to 24.kg, Metzger left the shopping center with the two women and then was forced into a minivan and taken to a rural area some 50 kilometers away from Bishkek, near the town of Kant.

Kant is the location of a Russian-led CIS antiterrorism base. 24.kg reports Metzger told Interior Ministry investigators that she does not remember much of what happened after she left the Bishkek shopping center.

It is also unclear how she managed to escape.

(TSUM is a notories place f... (Below threshold)
Kuba Kyrgyz:

(TSUM is a notories place for GYPSIES scamming people)

Gypsy Hypnosis used against Jill Metzger?

Kemilbek Kiyazov, chief of the Chuysk regional police department, said, "Her first testimony was that when she split up with her group in the department store, someone put a hard object and a note saying it was an explosive in a back pocket of her jeans.

"In the note there were also detailed instructions about where to go and what to do. Metzger says it was as if she were in a trance and fulfilling someone else's wishes."

Kiyazov said the major reported that she was met by three men and a woman who put her into a vehicle, took her to a house and placed her in a dark room. He quoted her as saying she managed to escape after an abductor brought her food and she struck him.

Kiyazov, who said he personally talked with Metzger, told AP that her blondish hair had been dyed dark brown and her hands were stained with dye. He said it would be necessary to question her again to get more details, "but Metzger said she really wanted to get a good sleep."

Or was it an alien abductio... (Below threshold)
Kuba Kyrgyz:

Or was it an alien abduction?

The thing I cannot comprehend that Jill refused to cooperate local police to give details about her abductors. She took a taxi to Surgery Clinic, acorrdingly to taxi driver's testament. Security cameras picked her up taking a taxi, and deliberately separating her from ger group at TSUM. Her photo was placed on national television, and eyewitnesses told to police seeing at payphone making a call to someone.
She is claiming that she was in trance and cannot remember anything. Several days after, she's found near Russian military base with her hair changed color. She does not remember who kidnapped her. She is not willing cooperate local police.

Was it an alien abduction, gypsy kypnosis, psychiatric disorder?

The latter might be the case!

I remember a case of one guy, who was a latent schizophrenic. He had a top marks at university, was a brilliant student, accomplished guy, but one day, he disappeared. Police was searching him all over the places.

One day he was found, totally insane, in the woods. He tried ty bite policeman. Police asked one of my mates to calm him. But he was totally nuts. Police restrained him, and shipped him back home, to Armenia. And this case went totally confidential. No information leaked to local papers. Local journalists were informed that the guy just got lost in unfamiliar place.

Kuba Kyrgyz...Y ka... (Below threshold)
Been There:

Kuba Kyrgyz...

Y kak, haresho? Drasde,

You are doing a great job.. any information that can be gotten from the Surgical Clinic would be great.

I am sure that the police will be asking questions of the staff..


"Also, for all of you who f... (Below threshold)
Kuba Kyrgyz:

"Also, for all of you who felt the need to gratuitously 'illuminate' us with the 'other side' of Jill, you be your own judge. I'm convinced that most of us think Jill's private life is no one else business.
Posted by: Fukuro at September 8, 2006 10:10 PM "

This is not her private business anymore, Fukuro. She has greatly damaged the image of my country. We are being labelled as an terrorist state all over the world. Look at the CNN, BBC, NY Times, Reuters, etc. headlines.

Our economic situation is in miserable shape because of failed IMF and World Bank reforms.
All our plant and factories were destroyed by IMF reforms. Our economy needs a support.

This year, Kyrgyzstan had a first time success in attracting tourists. The Russian top officials from Moscow visited Issyk-Kul lake. Back home, they praised our lake, suggesting Russians to make a trip to Kyrgyzstan instead of Turkey, Spain and other tourist destinations.

This summer, for the first time since indepenendence from USSR, Kyrgyzstan was crowded with Russian and Kazakh touriststs spending their cash in Kyrgyzstan. That cash will be spent to sustain our country, to buy an oil, gas, machinery from Russia and Kazakhstan.

And right now, when things started slowly improving in Kyrgyzstan, it is all again shattered to splinters with western media picturing us a terrorist state.

Should this be happening just of some incoherent female, who is not accountable for her actions?

Based on the story she told... (Below threshold)

Based on the story she told officials, I believe she staged her own “abduction.”

Here’s the part that caused me to wonder:

She was last seen Tuesday at a department store in Kyrgyzstan’s capital. A government official says she’s told investigators she was kidnapped. The account says somebody put a purported bomb in her back pocket along with a note of instructions to go to a place where three men and a woman put her in a van and drove her to a residence. She says she escaped from a dark room by overpowering an abductor who brought her food.

By the way, for those who have been to Bishkek, the “department store” was the fixture know as the Tsum (or however it is Romanized). I have been there many times, myself.

Anyway, here is what I found not right about this account:

1) If, while she was in a very public place, someone put a “bomb” in her pocket with instructions to go somewhere and do something, why on earth would she obey? Why not just report it to security or something? Why leave the store, perhaps the safest place you could be in such a situation, and willingly go to meet some strangers? The Tsum is not in the middle of nowhere and as I recall, there were always lots of people inside, especially foreigners as it was the place to go to buy traditional handicrafts among the city’s ex-pat community. Surely she could have found someone there to help her with this.

Although separated, her Air Force colleagues were all in other parts of the department store from what I can gather so she certainly was not alone.

Also, as a U.S. Air Force officer, aren’t these people trained in regards to how to respond to weird things like this? Surely they must be and I would assume this training does not include willingly following such instructions.

2) Before she was found, she was apparently caught on Tsum video cameras. Surely the cameras must have caught this mysterious person placing a “bomb” in her jeans’ back pocket…

3) This report says that when Metzger was found, her blond hair had been dyed brown and she had dark dye stains on her hands. Now granted, I suppose there are ways for someone to be forced to dye their own hair or have their hair dyed against their will and when running their hands through the new ‘do come away with a darker skin tone, but isn’t that a long stretch?

It sounds to me that for whatever reason, Metzger did not want to be found or recognized (until she “escaped”).

Here are some other things about her that suggest she is a well-liked person who had lots of things going for her:

Before her disappearance, Metzger had been scheduled to head to Dayton, Ohio, for the annual United States Air Force Marathon. She has twice won the women’s division of the event.

A week later, she was to travel with her husband to Jamaica for a belated 10-day honeymoon.

She clearly has had her moments in the spotlight but what if, while in Kyrgyzstan, she felt she was not receiving the kind of attention she was used to enjoying? What if she was having second thoughts about her new marriage? What if she believed an “abduction” would either be a great way to escape whatever it was awaiting her back in the States or else bring more attention to herself even if it was not in the way she was used to receiving it?

Yes, I may be acting quite “insensitive” here but believe it or not, somthing just like this happened in Wisconsin last year when a university student staged her own abduction as a result of not enjoying the same spotlight celebrity status in college that she had in high school.

Don’t take this as a case of me being a fan of Wikipedia because I am learning not to trust it (despite previously over-relying on it in the past), and please don’t misinterpret me in that I’m trying to make this odd case racial because I’m not, but when looking for Audrey Seiler links to include in this post, I came across a description of “Missing white woman syndrome” and wondered if Officer Metzger is not, perhaps, a victim of this media disease. (And a woman who like Seiler, might have some issues with attention.)

While some may not consider her “pretty” compared to the valley girl of Seiler, she certainly sounds like a model person.

Maybe I’m wrong about this all but the details she gave certainly don’t present a strong case for her abduction. Her story failed to convince this reader at least, but I’ll add that I’m glad she has been found alive and well.

I certainly will be following this story to see what turns up…

There is something not righ... (Below threshold)
Deb C.:

There is something not right with Jill's story. Too much silence right now.

Bombs do not get placed in someone's jean pocket with instructions. Any normal human being would certainly have turned to push someone away from placing a bomb device in their own pocket. It is a normal human reaction.

I anxiously await the "truth" to this STORY....

Pls. check out this web sit... (Below threshold)
Kuba Kyrgyz:

Pls. check out this web site:

Police Cite 'Continuing Inconsistencies' With
Wis. Coed's Abduction Stories

Police in Madison said Friday that Audrey Seiler's story of being abducted doesn't add up and they don't believe there is an abductor at large. Seiler was found Wednesday -- two days after her strange disappearance at 2:30 a.m. Saturday -- in a marsh about 2 miles from where she lives. Wray said that during the investigation, inconsistencies arose between Seiler's account, witnesses' accounts and evidence obtained by police, who then confronted the UW sophomore. Wray listed several "inconsistencies." First, he said, two witnesses told investigators they saw Seiler walking freely during the time she told police she was confined by an abductor.

Very similar story to Jill's.
Kuba Kyrgyz

Well, I like movies. Somet... (Below threshold)

Well, I like movies. Sometimes I like the really good ones, with lots of crazy plot twists that totally defy explanation and seem to implicate a deep conspiracy in the world. Those are fun.

What if Metzger was a provocateur, a US agent in on the scam, who was part of a staged kidnapping on the part of the US to embarass Kyrgyzstan? Earlier this year the Kyrgyz govt. renegotiated the Manas airbase lease for an undisclosed price, and then passed some laws preventing NGOs from working in the country. The subtext is that the US State Dept said most of the Manas rent would come in the form of NGO money, but NGOs in the FSU in the past 15 years have been running around setting up political parties that challenge the ruling elite.

So the motivations are such that: (1) The US will try to undermine the Kyrgyz politicians who asked for more money, and in doing so will stage a spectacular news event to introduce the concept of instability and even danger in Kyrgyzstan. (2) The Kyrgyz are following instructions from Russian secret services, historical allies and colleagues, who are fearful of a US military base so deep inside traditionally Soviet territory. And (3) Metzger and a deep cadre of authorized co-conspirators stage the whole thing and then use whatever SOFA agreement they have to get her out of the country before a local interview can take place.

I call this movie: "The WizBang Files"

Where is Jill?... (Below threshold)

Where is Jill?

I know it's not quite the b... (Below threshold)

I know it's not quite the blogger death swarm fever swamp way, but maybe, just maybe, we can wait for a little facts. Particularly us military types that do put our ass on the line for the whole innocent until guilty thing.

Now that Jill's been found,... (Below threshold)

Now that Jill's been found, we can think of more hilarious side of it!!!

(I have a gut feeling that this is the perfect plot for the new Hollywood movie with psychics, aliens involved, and Kyrgyz bride-napping included!!!

Jill Metzger could be starring herself. I can play the role of ruthless Kyrgyz bride-napper.

1. The ruthess Kyrgyz bride-napper hires a Gypsy psychic near a shopping mall to hypnotize the pretty blonde American girl in the shopping mall in the Bishkek.

[StarWar music starts playing in the background.With the following text scrolling through screen]

Ancient Himalayan Legends say, that one day, out of Himalayan Mountains, the Destiny Child would be born of mixed race. The Destiny Child would hold supernatural powers to shift geopolitical balance into the hand of Kyrgyz people.

2. Jill Metzger is put into trance; she walks out of shopping mall in somnambular state, whispering some bizarre Kyrgyz words.

3. Only blonde virgin in athletic form can give a birth to the Destiny Child. But the Blonde should be converted to brunette, as Legend’s Scriptures say. Her hair is immediately died dark brown to make her look more like Kyrgyz. But she has to be also a virgin.
Well, to his dismay, Kyrgyz guy finds out she's not. He has to release her in outskirts of Kant town in somnambular state.

4. She’s found by police, news reached the ears of her delighted friends and family.

5. But virgin blondes, shopping in Bishkek TSUM shopping mall, beware!!!


Jill Metzger made it to Wikipedia!!!


Major Jill Metzger is a United States Air Force officer and is assigned to the 376th Air Expeditionary Wing that has been deployed since 2001 to Manas Air Base in the former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan to support operations in Afghanistan.

On September 4, 2006, after shopping in a mall in Bishkek to buy souvenirs for her family, she failed to return to Manas Air Base and was listed as missing.

Four days later, a telephoned tip led police to discover Jill Metzger walking in a disoriented manner near a police station with her hair cut and dyed. It is unclear if she had been abducted or if she had been held against her will; however, Metzger claimed that she had been kidnapped by 3 men and a woman who had held her against her will for the past four days.

Now Jill's been found, we c... (Below threshold)

Now Jill's been found, we can party and read joyful websites:

Hilarious caricature (Central Asians do have sense of humor):


Episode I - Bush of the World

Atlantida, the end of 2000 B.B. (Before Bush), throne-room of Capitol Congress Palace, Newly erected King Geoshua the Busher II from Busher dynasty is proudly sitting on the throne, observing kneeled people from Administration of the Whitestone House

- Oh, greatest and thoughtful of the mortals, thunderbolt for unfaithful, defender of miserable, praise to you and to Floridian governors that weighted, weighted and calculated for you! For unaccountable shall be the holes voting for you! Long live for descendants of Busher dynasty!

- Let God praises all you too, my affiliates! Shall your daughters blossom and give birth to millions everlastingly, Green!

- We all are at your disposal, direct us! What should we do with fallen Albertuno Huronian and his lord Clintinimon Lewinsky? Styx them? Or send everlasting hemorrhoid with sodomizing effect?

- Let them live, my power is too great to crack peanuts with their thoughts’ heretical, wash his stains off, give him shepherd clothes and pastoral pipe and exile after all. Let him sing his Monikinean song. This will teach the profligate to admit truth in asceticism.

- Yet his wife in possession of power, wishes to take votes in supreme suburb, what should we do with her?

- Let her possess, rational and logical her deeds, tempers she heretical thoughts. As for that Monikinean hetera, give her to our public criers for exposure, order them to hunt her down forever…

- But sir, - whispered his privy council, Joshua Tennetean, - she is devoted messenger of ours, she done the blow job alright? We only offered her discount to live the rest of life in diamonds?

- You idiot, - silently Busher replied – for protocols I said indeed, give her a pension, medical insurance and order media to pump a Green!

- Yess, sir, but will it better to force her meet a realm of shadows?

- Idiot again, what plebs will think of it? Don’t bother, council, laugh will meet her words, no one would give a peace of shit for true. For if she spells our names in public, arrange a climax or send a death because of fatness…you know, you always get so many clues - Busher loudly appealed to audience:

- So, dear chosen ones, besides my brother Busher Floridian, we need to praise the deeds of father, Busher the First, many years to him and our country! Let Atlantida rules the World! A pillar of the humankind, colossus of the Earth and Themis across barbarians. We are to shudder the world in our pious intentions; bring our will to human kind; proclaim Thirteen Apostles’ Declaration to savage brothers of the World! For all time, Green!

- Green, green, green! In Green We Trust!

Episode II The Last Supper

Oval cabinet of the Whitestone Palace: Busher I and Busher II, Chief Vizier – Dick Cheneyan, Privy Council - Joshua Tennetean, Military Unit - Don Ramshteinfeld, IQ Advisor – Columbina Right

- My dear friends, we well performed “corps de ballet” – dully smiled Busher the Second, didn’t we my gorgeous father? – his face at words was outlined by savage cowboy smile at most

- Sonny, you looking far beyond your mind!

- Indeed my dear daddy, in contrary to you I’ll try to reach that sacred mines Saddam the worst creature owns

- Be careful sonny, I had that time all bets jack-potted, I knew all politicians by name, who is responsible for China, who is at throne in Hindu country, at least I even know my name in Aramaic (Note: BuSharon). Do you indeed feel so confidently about seeds you plan to sow?

- Don’t worry father, for what I need to know such data? I have my Columbina Right, here?

- Yess Sir! – replied Columbina

- Yassir? I thought he was somewhere in China from lessons taught some days ago?

- No sir, I am just at your disposal now…Dick also here to cover mind by facts & data, Don waiting for red button order, while Privy Council hides behind that secret door…that Billy used for relaxations…

- So, father, you see I’ve got all guns reloaded now, I also tend not complicate, we will divide the earth an axes: the evil, good, and “none to lose”, subdue the first ones till knockout, promise a money to the middles, and cock a snook to latter ones…it’s simple, father, like peace of cake to do…

- Oh! o dear! I am too old to play rodeo with foreign policy so much. Remember just one thing at last –whatever you do you must a nephrite supply give to us, provide the light, and green forever, for all time, Green! In Green We Trust!

- I do! I do! I do! Green Light for Deeds of Great Atlants!!! (chorus)

- So, what should we start from things to do?

- I have some cryptographic writings – replied Privy Council softly – it seems we came to last resort, achieved level of game over, civilization on the verge. To keep our culture from removal we need to seize a power over minds. Set rules and edicts, norms of justice, spread Altant values, faith across the world.

- Without nephrite it’s problematic – Busher the Second grunted loudly – I guess we need to be think-tankers to solve a problem from one short…

- Two shots – mysteriously whispered Joshua and added loudly – Thank God we now alone indeed. Our mighty enemy is lying down while remnants of the Red Empire still weak and suffer from the cleptocracy. But there is another danger, our beauty Europe’s rising. Though they are named friends of ours, we can’t relax, should closely watch them, unless they take all nephrite mines.

- By the way, another point is Celestial empire

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- Oh, God, shall we again hide in the bunkers from missiles at every Russian solder’s sneeze? Damn them, I see I hurried up with Clintinimon’s exile we should have finished him. He left us three biggest challenges so far…modest Europe, Celestial Empire pretending for a Human Universe and unsettled scores with oldest rival…

- Four, sir, - Joshua replied – we have another one. Europe as rich and glorious as Atlantida, though weaker because of lost ambitions to rule the Earth. Past bloody centuries were good enough. China just starts driving. The dead empire too weak to point it seriously. None of them is dangerous for us at current time. The fourth damn element are religious rivals that possess a horde of nephrite mines and trying overtake control.

- Suppress, destroy and capture!!!

- Don’t hurry up, my dear son, we have a League of Nation as a guide. War and Peace affairs ruler. The world’s last resort of notions. We can’t oppose those Coffee shoppers.

some commercial for a moment...

end of part one
to be continued

heybulldog entertainment project (c) 2004

uhh...you need to stay out ... (Below threshold)

uhh...you need to stay out of the Tup Valley my friend...too much kosyak...

Common, CGB. We all have be... (Below threshold)

Common, CGB. We all have been tense, following Jill's story, and now time to party!!! Fireworks, champagne and loads of Tup valley anasha!!!

Kuba:Thank you for e... (Below threshold)
Happy Civilian:

Thank you for explaining why Jill's personal life has now become public and is relevant in showing patterns of narcissistic behavior; her private life might have been the motivation for her current situation.
For those of you that think I used this opportunity as revenge - trust me, I could have gotten my revenge on Jill a LONG time ago, I had proof in the form of letters from Jill herself. That was not the point, and it still is not. My story was not to be interpreted as “poor me” – in fact, anyone who knows me would attest that I consider myself EXTREMELY lucky and much better off. I am sorry if my motivation was misinterpreted as anything other than another testimony of Jill’s character – albeit negative.
Anyway, no need to revamp as it seems people would have already drawn parallels between Jill, Seiler and the runaway bride without the need of my testimony of Jill’s past questionable psychosis for attention. I trust the military investigators will be as (or more)competent as the Wisconsin investigators whom caught Seiler in her facade. If Jill in fact lied about her “kidnapping”, I will trust our government to take the necessary steps to ameliorate any damage done to our relationship with Kyrgyzstan.
True, U.S. citizens are innocent until proven guilty, and we should let the investigation run its course. However, posting opinions is the point of a blog, and we are not hindering or influencing any investigation by posting here. Obviously, since this event took place in a foreign country and Jill has accused her disappearance on local abductors, anyone has to expect passionate responses from bloggers – especially those familiar with Kyrgyzstan.
Does anyone recall the story of Susan Smith in South Carolina? She accused an unidentified African American of kidnapping her children and stealing her car. I was living in Sumter, S.C. at the time (stationed at Shaw) and know first-hand what tension can arise from false accusations. To Kuba and Jodi, thank you for researching and educating – especially on the local area of Kyrgyzstan.
If, by any chance, Jill’s story is proven factual, I will apologize for assuming her guilty on this board. I will not, however, apologize for giving an example of her mental instability – just as I do not expect the posters whom vouched for her to apologize if her story is proven false.

Happy Civilian: I'm with y... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Happy Civilian: I'm with you all the way. Had some fun yesterday with friends trying to defend my opinion! At this point, there is nothing to defend, an opinion or thought is just that, an opinion or thought givne this blog was opened to share in "Where is Jill Metzger". I came on here in the first place out of curiosity as the story peaked my interest.....yes, someone's character and mental stability play a vital role in their actions. I agree, if any part of this story is true, she is one lucky girl for escaping, but the bomb in the pocket in a busy department store leaves me well, doubtful....

Kuba K: Cheers to you!... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Kuba K: Cheers to you!

Happy Civilian,If ... (Below threshold)

Happy Civilian,

If you feel Jill's personal past is so pertinent to this investigation then why are you posting about it on some random blog and not contacting the authorities?


DebG,I thought you... (Below threshold)


I thought you were done here?


HELLO PEOPLE....I ... (Below threshold)
Been There:


I will continue to come here from time to time to see how the battle is going.

Unfortunately, now that Madam Major is in the hands of the US Military, it is highly unlikely (Impossible) that we will ever know what happened during those few days in which Madam Major caught the attention of the world. She has been removed from the scene of the 'crime' and as a result, the Kyrgyz authorities will not be able to conduct their investigation. Still, I hope that they will continue without her so that we may come closer to understanding what happened.

Lucky for us, Kyrgyz laws don't have a "Privacy Act" and if they are able to secure any medical evidence of what may have transpired at the "Surgical Center", I am sure that we will know about it.

In the meantime, I want to personally thank Kuba Kyrgyz for all his input. I hope that he will be able to contribute more concerning what is developing in the news from the Kyrgyz Republic.

As for the rest... Take it easy.

Baffled,I'm baffled ... (Below threshold)

I'm baffled with your comments. Happy Civilian already said that she had given info to the authorities when her ex was going for a security clearance. I’m sure that from that info there is something on Jill’s file. I too think that somebody’s past info can give light on present actions. While that is not always the case, it could be a factor. Random blog? I don’t think so….its a blog about Jill, and anyone can post their opinion or give info on Jill (good and bad).
I still think this whole thing is fishy and thank all who have given information on Kysrgyzstan. As an American, and Airman I am worried of the repercussions this case could bring if in fact Jill staged her abduction. I really hope this is not the case for everyone’s sake.

RS,I guess since t... (Below threshold)


I guess since the alleged incident reported by Happy took place in 2002 and she felt is was so relevant four years later, then she would go ahead and report it now to be sure it was known and not having to be dug around for... By random blog, I just meant that a blog isn't really going to ensure "her story" gets into the appropriate hands. After all, it is just a blog. At no time did I write that Happy or anyone couldn't voice their opinion about Jill, so please don't get on the defensive. And, just my humble opinion, but I think it is best to air dirty laundry in a place such as this when the person is actually present to defend themselves. Happy could have reported the incident to the appropriate authorities...the need to know folks...and saved the blog report for when Jill can tell her side of the story.

Kyrgyz Police: Metzger's Te... (Below threshold)
Just A Girl:

Kyrgyz Police: Metzger's Testimony In Disappearance Confused

POSTED: 11:42 am EDT September 11, 2006

BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan -- A Kyrgyz police official said Monday that a servicewoman from North Carolina who reappeared in mysterious circumstances after going missing for three days gave confused accounts of her absence and refused further statements after consulting with the U.S. Embassy.

Air Force Maj. Jill Metzger, who had been stationed at the U.S. base outside the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek, disappeared last Tuesday while taking part in a military shopping excursion in the city. She resurfaced Friday night when she knocked on the door of a house in Kant, about 25 kilometers (15 miles) outside Bishkek, and claimed she had been kidnapped.

Metzger, who was raised in Henderson, N.C., was flown out of Kyrgyzstan within a few hours of her reappearance and on Sunday was admitted to a U.S. military hospital in Landstuhl, Germany. There was no immediate word on what she was being treated for or how long she would remain in hospital; officials had previously said she did not appear to have suffered serious injury during her disappearance.

Kyrgyz authorities have said her swift departure from the country could impede the investigation, because they wanted to question her further to clarify her account. According to investigators, Metzger said an object with a note saying it was a bomb was placed in her pocket in a Bishkek department store and that she was kidnapped after following the note's instructions on where to go.

"It seemed to me that her testimony was little believable; she was confused in her evidence," Batmirza Dzhailobayev, head of the Kant police department, told The Associated Press on Monday.

"After she spoke with somebody from the embassy, she categorically refused to give testimony. Then people from the U.S. Embassy took her away," he said.

Dzhailobayev noted that although Metzger had told police that her abductors had stolen her necklace, she was still wearing an expensive-appearing wedding ring.

Also Monday, a resident of the house where Metzger appeared said that the 33-year-old major was clearly in distress.

"Our first impression was that the woman was severely drunk ... (but) there was no smell of alcohol and we then understood that she was in shock," Svetlana Ivashenko told The AP. She said that Metzger was dressed in clothes that appeared to be several sizes too large for her.

Ivashenko said Metzger was speaking only in English, which neither she nor her husband understand, so they awoke their daughter to try to help understand.

"Who had seized her, why and where they had held her all this time, she couldn't clarify," Ivashenko said. "As she told all this, she didn't weep _ she just sobbed and held her head."

Ivashenko said there was blood on Metzger's feet and that she said she had walked a considerable distance. She also said the right side of Metzger's face appeared to be badly bruised, although Dzhailobayev said "it was my impression that there were no bruises on her face."

This is just as confusing a... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

This is just as confusing as the fun we had yesterday!!!


the games we play.....

Not sure why you folks give a hard time to happy civilian. She gave info. regarding a past situation - on a blog, she is allowed. Anyone can say or do just about anything on these blog sites....Why do you think the personal life of celebrities, politicians, presidents, military folks come out in the open??? Because it IS, in fact, relavant to ultimate actions. You don't think agencies or anyone just takes the good part of someone's past or life and uses that to build a case, puzzle or scenario do you?? Of course not, they dig into their MENTAL PROFILES and capabilities and past situations in order to piece together what someone might be made of and in search of reasons WHY THEY DO THINGS THEY DO WHICH SEEM IRRATIONAL AND WELL, NOT NORMAL....

When people go to blogs and... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

When people go to blogs and web sites and post commnets, thoughts and opinions, the people they post about are normally NOT AROUND. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and Brad Pitt are not in blogs and sites to defend themselves, nor is the President in those sites defending himself and so on and so on and so on....People talk and say things and do things - let them talk and give ideas, opinions, theories and scenarios....Come on folks, it's not really harming anyone on here nor is it harming Jill Metzger just typing words away on a site like this given the strong media attention this is getting and the complexity and strangeness of it all...it is just life that people jump on board with their own thoughts, let it go.....

I came back to the board to find any new theories or information, I really don't care what anyone posts back to me, it is easy to sit behind a computer and say things to posters about their thoughts and opinions, kind of like THE NEED TO HAVE CONTROL over someone's thoughts, let it go....

Again and again, I am just ... (Below threshold)

Again and again, I am just saying that since this info seems to be so relavant, in your opinion, then why not report it to people who can use this information in their investigation. Why just here on a blog?

Since all of the news report seem to conflict, it is hard to believe anything...some say a bomb, others say a she was approached by two women for help, her head was shave, her hair was cut, found on the road, found at a house. What can we really do other than just give the gal the benefit of the doubt right now? We can't possibly be getting a straight story at this point. Just seems the American kind of thing to do...innocent until proven guilty...kind of why we are over in these countires to begin with...?

Okay, I must admit I've bee... (Below threshold)

Okay, I must admit I've been a lurker and I must admit in the beginning I was inclined to give Deb G the benefit of the doubt with her theories (and still don't think we've heard the end of this)but may I suggest we change the name of this thread from where is Jill Metzger to Who is Deb G? Other than secret squrrel Army officer/triathlete/barbecue chef/patriotic all American. Please please please, for the love of God Deb, your hole is deep enough, stop digging.

I agree we need to give her... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

I agree we need to give her the benefit of the doubt and we should. The media can report some twisted versions of reality and the real truths. Also, the Kryg gov. might want to cover themselves as well. Depending on who is being asked, the story can get relayed differently. I just feel there is something more as nothing is really being said. Normally, information is given out rather quickly in regards to a happy and genuine homecoming, and yes, the story does sound beyond strange so it is normal for folks to make up "Abducted by Alien" stories.....Gosh, the folks here at work, on a military installation at Fort Bragg no less, have made up some amazing stories about this, humerous and so on and yes, they are fellow military officers here doing this...it just happens.....there are officers who would never bash another's character and there are officers out there right now who are going to make up some rather twisted and scarcastic theories and thoughts.....

I will pray for her regardless. If she was abducted the the girl needs some extra TLC and loving family and husband around her. If she was not, then she still needs the same TLC, loving family, friends and husband behind her to help her with any possible reasons she might have done this to herself.....who really knows right now except Jill herself......

JM: My friend. I am in no... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

JM: My friend. I am in no hole. Are you kidding? This is a blog area. I don't know you folks and I don't care what you say in return about my character. Just shows the character of those bashing myself and anyone on here. I have no ill will toward Jill at all. None. Hole? That is insanity - whose hole??? I have a good life and this blog is a curiosity to me and means nothing else. It does not change my life, my thoughts, my opinions, anything I do this minute or the next. I am on here as most people come to search for info. on a media story. Nothing else...I agree: Let's change this to WHO IS DEB G.??? Had some fun yesterday, has nothing to do with a hole or instability or multiple personality. Get real folks - your comments about me (not sure why it continues) have nothing to do with anything.........

Thanks DebG! It is all I a... (Below threshold)

Thanks DebG! It is all I am really asking of anyone on here...certainly feel free to post possible theories, thoughts, etc but in the end, hope for the very best for a fellow human being and American citizen who at the very least up until now has been serving our country for 10 or more years! And as someone already mentioned, is someone's daughter, wife, sister, friend, and colleague.

I doubt if Bill Robertson i... (Below threshold)
Brad G:

I doubt if Bill Robertson is still reading this blog - but please email Mrs P at school! I have been wondering where you disappeared to!


WHOA!!!I just woke... (Below threshold)
Escape Artist:


I just woke up!! I was out getting a BK Whopper Burger, when someone put this Whopper in my back pocket. I felt something warm back there, I went to check it and there was a note attached to it.

When I started reading the note, I fell into a trance. I walked out of BurgerKing, with the burger still in my pocket, got a taxi, and ended up in Kansas.

For the last 3 days, I've been held captive in a dark room. They took my wallet and money, but left my 2 carat ring on my hand. They also made me dye my hair.. it was black, now it's red.

Anyway, one of my kidnappers came in to feed me, in the dark room, I remembered that I still had the Whopper in my pocket, so I took it out and stabbed him with it.

I'm lucky to have escaped with only this note in my pocket...

"Take me to you leader" Make a right, then a left, then go straight, then make 3 rights, back up 2 steps, and pay the taxi.

Don't try anything funny, smart, or to escape.. your mind is under our control!!"

This thread is hysterical! ... (Below threshold)

This thread is hysterical!

I love the "I know jill" defense!

Drink a tall glass of cold water to calm down, sit quietly for two minutes and listen to the sad, desperate story she's making up, and you'll know it; It's all lies!

But I know Jill, and there'... (Below threshold)
wake up people:

But I know Jill, and there's no way she could do this. No way. Therefore, it must have been an abduction. Even if her sad, confusing, ill-constructed story doesn't make any sense. I'm covering my ears now. La-La-La-La-La I can't hear you La-La-La-La-La I know Jill she's an officer and therefore incapable of doing anything like this La-La-La-La-La she's serving our country and so we should automatically give her the benefit of the doubt La-La-La-La-La.

Come on, you guys are supposed to be smarter than that.

Wake up people,Are... (Below threshold)

Wake up people,

Are you from the United States? In this country people are actually given the benefit of the doubt...aka...innocent until proven guilty. We do this for all people...whether or not they are officers, whether or not they have committed a crime in their past, whether or not they slept with someone's boyfriend four years ago, and whether or not you give a shit.

Hey Baffled:Where ... (Below threshold)

Hey Baffled:

Where in the Constitution does it say "innocent until proven guilty."? I don't see it in the Costitution and I don't see it in the Bill of Rights. Instead of just parroting it, why don't you point out a law book where it says that.

Holding cells across the country are full of people who are being held without a trial, because they have been presumed to be guilty. That has gone on forever.

The Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution reads, in part, "No person shall be ... deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law ..." There's no such thing as "innocent until proven guilty."

No one's depriving Jill of the due process of the law. She can have her day in the court and be even found "not guilty." (Not "innocent" just "not guilty as charged.")

That doesn't keep us or anyone from calling her a liar. (Oh, that one is in the Bill of Rights and it's called the First Amendement.)


Baffled: Yes, I am an Amer... (Below threshold)
wake up people:

Baffled: Yes, I am an American. Yes, I am familiar with the tenet of "innocent until proven guilty." But guess what ... she's not on trial, and I'm not on the jury. I am a concerned citizen who can examine the (albeit limited) facts available and determine that most likely she is not telling the truth. And I have the freedom to do so, just as much as you have the freedom to ignore all the (albeit limited) evidence and state that she was most certainly abducted.

You can call Jill whatever ... (Below threshold)

You can call Jill whatever you like...I have never once told anyone not to do so...if you re-read my post, I wrote that in my opinion, given the very conflicting new reports given on an hourly basis, we don't really know the facts so why not give her the benefit of the doubt.

I also don't recall citing the constitution at any point in time either...please refresh my memory if I did so...

But since you brought it up...

The Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution reads, in part, "No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law ..."

In simple terms, it means that constitutionally you cannot be executed, imprisoned, or fined without the proper course of justice taking place.

A fair trial by a jury of one's peers requires that the jurors approach the case with the thought that the prosecution is required to prove the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Since the trial begins with the prosecution not having introduced a single piece of evidence, it follows that a defendant must be innocent, until proven guilty.

So, the meaning of "..innocent until proven guilty..", while not written in the constitution, is derived from the fifth ammendment.

You may want to go back to about 8th grade history...:)

Again, I'm just not sure why anyone would not want to give a person the benefit of the doubt given the gross difference in the news reports. Every story I read says something different. I'll continue to presume her innocence until the facts are clear. And by that, I mean actual facts...not some random alleged fling she had with some dude in Germany in 2002...

Where and when did I state ... (Below threshold)

Where and when did I state that "she was most certainly not abducted"??

Baffled: I love your reason... (Below threshold)

Baffled: I love your reasoning; You are totally contradicting yourself. You explain how the idea of "innocent until proven guilty"somehow "follows" out of the 5th Amendment into the court of law, and then ask us to give her the "benefit of the doubt" based on press reports, in a discussion that is going on in a public arena, having no impact whatsoever on her right to due process.

So is "benefit of the doubt" in a public arena a requirment, even if the concept "follows" out of the 5th amendment into the court of law? (Which it does not, in my opinion.)

Let me say this in case you don't get it:

**We are not in the court of law**

My calling her a liar is based on the her story which is utterly laughable. With each passing moment more and more details come out that make her to be a total liar on this event.

Say whatever you want, I give her another 48 hrs before her story totally falls apart.

Personally I couldn't care less whether she is an outstanding officer or a drunk or whatever else; None of that has anything to do with the fact that her story is hysterically stupid and this blog is full of people who are just eating it up.

Baffled, somehow this turne... (Below threshold)
wake up people:

Baffled, somehow this turned into a "you vs me" thing, and that was not my intention. You personally never said "she was most certainly not abducted." You merely said that she should be given the benefit of the doubt, which I initially did until the questions started piling up.

However, there were dozens of people who said things like "We know her. There is absolutely NO WAY that she would go AWOL. End of story!" My comments were directed toward these closed-minded people. I understand the basic human need to keep faith in our fellow humans; however, when doing so renders you incapable of objectively considering alternate possibilities, you cease to think critically.

Remember Craig Button? If not, google him. "There is no way he could do this," people said. Guess what? He did. And he was an Air Force officer. Just because you "know someone" or just because that someone is an Air Force officer doesn't mean that they will never do something odd or out-of-character. And once the questions start piling up, perhaps it's time to take a step back and at least consider that maybe that's exactly what happened.

Escape Artist: LOL - that ... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Escape Artist: LOL - that was pretty funny!!

Baffled...Allow me... (Below threshold)
WizBanger Poster:


Allow me to 'turn on the light' for you.

Number ONE.. she is not a 'citizen' as you may interpret it. She is a member of the US Armed Forces, and as such falls under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)

Number TWO.. She either commited, or was a victim of, a crime which took place on foreign soil.

Number THREE... When a member of the US Armed Forces commits, or is party to, a crime which takes place in a foreign country, that country has the right to prosecute the individual, if it is determined that he/she was a party to said crime.

Number FOUR.. If you... as a US Citizen, go to a foreign country, and there decide to commit a stupid criminal act, such as the one which "I BELIEVE" she committed, then you can holla' "innocent until proven guilty" - until your tonsils fall out... you will NOT be under the jurisdiction of the US legal system.. Talk to the people who are rotting away in some third world county prisions who haven't been afforded the "due process" and you will soon understand what I MEAN!

This little innocent idiot has implicated herself in a scheme which has all the makings of total stupidity.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to analyze the information which has been reported by the authorities of Bishkek, eyewitnesses, security cameras. and the MAJOR herself - and deduce, AT THE VERY LEAST - that this woman is mentally disadvantaged. But, even giving her that EXCUSE, does in no way vindicate her.

She has embarrassed the Government of the United States, the US Air Force, fellow citizens, co-workers, and 'whatever friends she may still have'. She has shed a VERY negative light upon the smallest of the former Soviet Union Republics with whom we have been cultivating a relationship.

I could go on with the economic impact this has had not only to the local government, citizens, but to the US Taxpayers. (Flying a friggin' plane from Bishkek, to some location, then from there to Landstuhl Germany is not a 10 minute taxi ride) It was flown to GET HER OUT OF THERE... before she could be interrogated by the police!!!

So, save it with this poor little Jill ... innocent until proven guilty... compassion and pity party of yours. I don't buy it!!!

My Grandson could have come up with a more plausible story than hers!!!!

Maybe she is a spy and the ... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Maybe she is a spy and the military took her away immediately for the "cover". Something went wrong during her visit, THEY (whoever they is) threatened her life if she spoke of them (whoever them is), died her hair to make it look like a bridenapping and then dumped her and made it clear they (whoever they is) would kill her and her family if she talked.....

Perhaps a Russian pilot from Kant......
Perhaps Aliens
Perhaps a jilted lover
Perhaps a Big Burger gone mad...

Perhaps she is telling the truth, eventually we MIGHT find out, but eventually, not everything is what it seems and they military and the media might come out TO TELL US OF THE TRUTH THAT HAPPENED, but in reality, it is NOT THE REAL TRUTH...again, things are not always what they seem to be.....mailmen are FBI agents, lawncare folks are CIA and the beat goes on.....

...........Deb G.............. (Below threshold)
Escape Artist:

...........Deb G...........

You ever get one of those 'lucid' moments???? I ended up spewing coffee on the monitor after I read it prior to posting....


Escape Artist ... aka Been There... aka WizBanger

Zubin,Have you act... (Below threshold)


Have you actually heard HER story?

I have not. I have read news clips...very conflicting news clips. Conflicting news clips with VERY few, "Major Metzger said...blah, blah."

Therefore, I'll wait until some real facts are presented.

I guess the "innocent until proven guilty" statement is open to interpretation. I do realize it is a "court of law" term. However, I personally extend it to out of court judgements myself.

Wake up people: thanks for the clarification.

Wisbanger Poster: I love i... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Wisbanger Poster: I love it - plausible deniability might be the MOST we will get out of this one....not accusing Jill of anything, just offering my opinion, but if someone put a bomb in my back pocket (if it fit in my jeans), I would certainly shove away any object or hand near me (especially given military combative training and/or JRTC training before deployment), following instructions to leave a mall WOULD BE THE LAST THING a normal military officer would do (or enlisted for that fact) or anyone...now, if she had a syringe stuck in her and was drugged to follow that note (I think I saw that in a Sci Fi movie once) then I might believe it more...

Escape Artist: You're pull... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Escape Artist: You're pulling my tricks now!

Deb G. aka Carrie aka Karen and on and on....
just shows what people will believe....

For the Record: not pulling that tonight, just interested in others thoughts....I don't have anyone here with me either.....

On a lighter note: I enjoy all the insight and actually look at the stories to see what folks come up with....I have to admit, this is interesting....

We should have a contest: ... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

We should have a contest: Whomever comes up with the RIGHT theory and staging of this story gets FREE SODA (can't really write beer because I could get in trouble for that one!!! this can include the fact that she is telling the truth.

I wish we could all just post thoughts and opinions without others bashing those who are doing that - this is a blog isn't it??? Good, bad or indifferent, let others post their feelings about this situation. Come on now, you have to admit, the facts are a bit STRANGE....

I'm not totally up on which... (Below threshold)
WizBanger Poster:

I'm not totally up on which, if any, agreements the two countries have with regard to crimes commited in the country. But, even if one soldier beats up another soldier in a drunken brawl in downtown Bishkek, the "MPs" surely aren't coming out to break it up.

It would be left to local authorities to clean up and possibly prosecute, if they so wished... However, if they willingly hand them over to the local Military or American Embassy personnel, they have essentially given up the right to prosecute.

But, you're correct ... re: your previous post.... WE WILL NEVER "KNOW"..

There is one caveat.... I lived there for a couple of years and noticed that the lack of confidentiality, specific to medical issues, are not what they are here. In the US, you're not getting anything that is in the medical record of another person, unless you are able to steal it. PERIOD. Even in the Military MTFs... even if you are a persons commander.. you don't get it!!

Nevertheless, I wish I were there now. I'm sure that a little 'financial incentive' would produce whatever medical information I would want to get on anyone. That's if I can believe Kuba's previous post on her going to a Surgical Clinic... Which is still within the realm of my theory for her going AWOL..

Wizbanger... aka Been There... aka The Escape Artist. (Stabbed him with my Whopper???)

Baffled:Except for... (Below threshold)


Except for some word choices, there are almost no "conflicting" news stories. So I don't know what you are talking about.

She's been quoted and detailed consistently throughout, from what I can tell. If there's confusion, she's causing it by refusing to speak to the police and skipping out of the country.

Wizbanger has it right; A kid could do a better job of lying.

Shame on her! She's giving America and our armed forces a really bad name.

I'll see you in 48 hrs when she is the laughingstock of the entire world. I am willing to bet that not one shred of evidence will be found to support her moronic explantion. And perhaps much discovered to descredit it.

My general theory goes like... (Below threshold)
WizBanger Poster:

My general theory goes like this:

A.. This is her second deployment to Ganci. (can't understand that one).. She is involved with someone there and one thing leads to another. She gets the big "P".

B. The only MTF there consists of a tent in the middle of the post.. anything serious would be medevac to some other MTF (probably Landstuhl) That can be done with little to no problem. However, the big "P" would be a problem, because to go there for that would have 'official' ramifications ie: medical chart, diagnosis, hospitalization, etc..). If she were stationed in Germany, she could take a week leave and go to the local German place and back to work with no one ever knowing anything.

C. She really can't come home with the big 'P', because the agenda is packed, and it would be difficult to 'explain' her absence to the fam.

D. She can do it for next to nothing in Bishkek... ONLY PROBLEM... Time.. They aren't authorized "leave"... they get R/R outings.. but that's it! SO... desperate times call for desparate measures..

Everthing else is too much on the spooky side, and her just be a Personnel Type, she would have lacked the training for any covert kinda stuff.

BUT ... that's just me.. and I'm just here.. Nevertheless, I have lived there, I know the people, I think that they have a real tough life there, but I never felt 'threatened'... so.. given my experience with the locals, I came up with the big "P".


Partially correct, WizBang ... (Below threshold)

Partially correct, WizBang Poster, on two items... First, the jurisdiction of a foreign gov't over a US military member is dictated by the status of forces agreement (SOFA) in effect with that particular country--not the same from country to country. Second, medical records within the military system are not as secure as what you think they may be. Given the right circumstances, military investigators can obtain medical with little difficulty. This info doesn't add much to the topic at hand--just an FYI.

Wizbanger: Excellent! and... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Wizbanger: Excellent! and stating she still wanted to run that marathon upon her return would be a logical statment to hide what she had just done to herself physically. She wanted to "get a good sleep" instead of questioning. People kidnapped or experiencing stressful situations usually DO NOT SLEEP OR CANNOT SLEEP following their experience - sometimes for days, sometimes for months and sometimes for the rest of their lives.......

Waiver: please keep in mind that Jill Metzger was not harmed in the making of this theory, it is just a theory.....an opinion, a freedom of speach type of thing....

Just adding some more insig... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Just adding some more insight: I had a tooth procedure done which put me at Womack Hospital with Kidney failure due to poisoning of my systemic system or sepsis. Guy in Germany died just two weeks earlier from similar situation. I lived and COULD NOT GET MY MEDICAL RECORDS for nothing!! and if I did get anything, it was always missing info.

-------MB-------------... (Below threshold)
WizBanger Poster:


In the words of Bartle and James.... We appreciate your support...

Abduction... takes planning... (Below threshold)
WizBanger Poster:

Abduction... takes planning and coordination. High profile abduction takes LOTS of planning and lots of coordination.

The problems with the Abduction Theory are as follows:

a... The "group" psychology was put there for a reason. ONE.. it would take a mob of people to attack a group of soldiers. THAT is not happening in Bishkek, unless there is some kind of provocation. However, that also isn't going to happen because the commanders there are tough on conduct when the soldiers/airmen go out. They can visit the prostitutes, but they can't go on drinking bouts.

b... Staying together makes everyone accountable. They are going to have to behave because everyone is watching everyone else.

c... GETTING Abuducted from a GROUP is close to impossible. People know this and that is why it's practiced. And this is what she should have known. But instead concocks this incredible story of trance induced cranial void... which is in the grand scope of things "CRAP"

The other thing... and if KubaKyrgyz is still out there he can perhaps verify this for me..

I have been out in the city of Bishkek after dark.. EVEN WITHIN the city it is close to impossible to find your way around, especially if you are not familiar with the surroundings. There are potholes big enough to swallow people (she should have used that one), the streets and residential areas have no lighting (except in high traffic areas)... I have literally had to carry a flashlight to go from one building to another.

Now, she would like for me to believe that she went to a house, IN A VILLAGE, and knocked on the door at midnight!! That my friend is taking your life into your own hands!!

So... no.. the abduction thing is just not there for me WHATSOEVER!

The "Had Friends and wanted... (Below threshold)
WizBanger Poster:

The "Had Friends and wanted to say Bye" theory..

Sorry, but that one bites the big one too.

If I am a career officer and I happen to have friends anywhere, I am not going to risk AWOL for them, unless I get a little too drunk and I end up keeping myself from getting back. Sentimenal stuff just doesn't enter into the picture. EVEN if they are romantic sentiments.

Furthermore, the 'friends' could have met me in town with the rest of the people and we could have spent the afternoon together. Policy doesn't prohibit 'friends' from joining the party... just prohibits me leaving the party.

The Covert... "Let's Get Ky... (Below threshold)
WizBanger Poster:

The Covert... "Let's Get Kyrgyzstan on the Terrorist Kidnapping List... by staging a Kidnapping" theory.

The story, more specifically, her story, throws that out right away.. The military may not have the greatest minds in the world working for them... but when it comes to this kinda stuff... I know Delta boys and SOCOM boys who can make you believe anything they set out to do... one way or another. No, they would have left no doubt in anyones mind that it was in fact a kidnapping.

Wizbanger: I can't help bu... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Wizbanger: I can't help but laugh reading your posts. Yes, CAG/Delta/JSOC/SOCOM/even USASOC folks CAN make you believe anything. It is elite reversal psych training and that, my friends, is why we will most likely here some story, any story within the next few days, perhaps tomorrow, but NOT the REAL STORY......

Video cameras in the store ... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Video cameras in the store would have certainly picked up someone stuffing a BOMB in her jeans pocket and then her walking in a trance.....I can see it now: but Ms. Metzger, we have you on video in plain view WALKING OUT OF THE STORE on your own free will, noone is with you. Oh yes sir, I had a note, a bomb, and fell into a trance and walked out of the store, but your cell phone traces you to a bus station and a call going out and two coming in -- oh yes sir, they called the kidnappers using my cell phone to tell them to pick me up now, I know I know sir, no kidnapper would use someone's cell phone because it can then be traced, but these folks were smart and figured YOU folks would think that was such crap that you would not believe it anyway and I would look foolish, like I am looking so sir, they used it and then they took me in a minibus or taxi or something, can't remember, I was in a trance and my cell phone rang a few times because they forgot to take it away from me knowing it could be traced so they just shut it off for me and complimented me on my nice expensive wedding ring....then, I was given food, but they did not have my hands tied, figuring I was a girl I would not know combat moves so I HIT HIM! Pow! now sir, I need some sleep?????

The Runaway Bride + oops, I... (Below threshold)

The Runaway Bride + oops, I did it again Theory
I am not going for the pregnant theory. Has anyone seen pictures of Jill? She has the body of a 12 year old boy the side effects of too much testosterone, in addition to an eating disorder doesn't exactly make her Fertile Myrtle.
One thing that caught my attention early in this case was Hubby's comment about their phone conversation prior to the shopping trip. He said they "discussed family matters" - hmmmm, did something upset her? "talked about what they were going to do when she got home" - is this when it hit her she had to GO home? And what if she had another STD and was worried about bringing it home to hubby - doesn't exactly make for a great honeymoon, and I am sure it wouldn't exactly enhance her performance during the marathon.
No I do not think it was a pregnancy, but something was going on that she made a dash for the clinic. If she had been treated for an STD on base she would have HAD to report her sexual partner - and that was not an option for our "outstanding officer". I think she assumed that she would be back on base in time and nobody would notice. One report stated the group "thought Major Metzger must have gone back to base without them" - she probably thought she had enough time to make the dash and get back...by the time she was done at the clinic, she was "kidnapped" all over the news. Instant panic! Hide out a bit, die hair - oops, that looks bad...better shave it.
All theories posted here are strictly fictional and are in no way meant to do any harm to Jill, her co-workers, her family, her dogs, her neighbors, the mailman, the taxi driver...

Happy: LOL! Another good ... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Happy: LOL! Another good one! STD, wouldn't that stay with her though, whether or not she went to a clinic or went home? Who knows, might be on to something....I do like the died hair, looks bad, shave it theory!!! Runaway Bridge did go through such drastic measure to CUT her hair and leave it in a place to be found...that is thinking - her friends thought she would NEVER do anything like that either....
Now, this is much more fun that others bashing and/or degrading for differences of opinions...

Ya know, this is what they do in police stations and forensic meetings, heck, even law firms and so on,,,,sit together and discuss several theories and opinions, thoughts, heck, all kinds of character traits and so on.....heck I was told by someone yesterday they wished I would get abducted, tortured, raped and murdered for giving a theory and some opinions......geesh, I hope that never happens....I'll have to pull my Whopper out and HOPE IT WORKS....

My sources on the ground su... (Below threshold)
local knowledge:

My sources on the ground support tha abortion theory. She did have a local boyfriend. Although it hasn't really seen much press, there is a clear video of her voluntarily getting into a taxi cab (alone) after the supposed abduction. The "Surgery Clinic" is a well-known local abortion clinic. Those are the three main facts that lead to really only one inescapable conclusion.

The abortion theory sounds ... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

The abortion theory sounds like a good one. She might have gone that day and something went wrong as sometimes abortions do and she had to stay with local boyfriend until she felt better and/or stopped bleeding....dying her hair was a no brainer for making others believe she was bridenapped....stating she needed a good sleep instead of being questioned is a key behaviorial action which the military, investigators and so on are going to notice, monitor and dig into....

I would hope if the local b... (Below threshold)

I would hope if the local boyfriend isn't "loco" boyfriend then he would come forward and save the govts of both sides some embarassment. It's getting wack in here.

-----HAPPY -------------</p... (Below threshold)
Wizbanger Poster:

-----HAPPY -------------

I should have caught this earlier... But, in order to appreciate the advantages of looking like Emaciated Emma, as opposed to Fertile Myrtle, you would have to go there...

Women are not at all like Western Women.. They are thin - very few full bosom babes in that part of the world!!! Trust me - I know.. I keep a keen eye out for that.

But her actually that kind of figure would, in this instance, be a positive trait, rather than a negative one. There is no plague of phatness in that country.

Just thought you would like to know....

If she did have a local boy... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

If she did have a local boyfriend, or local russian pilot, wouldn't he be killed if his own knew he had an American girl pregnant?? I truly don't know the answer to that one....regardless, her honor, reputation and CAREER would be destroyed if she was pregnant and came back to the states like that......try explaining that to hubby 5 months from now while giving birth, but honey, you were not even here 4 months ago, I don't think it is mine, really I don't, wait I have a note in my pocket and small bomb like device telling me to follow instructions - be back in about 3-4 days for a good nights sleep...

Alien Abduction? I have se... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Alien Abduction? I have seen it on TV before....
The recent move of the mountain labs out West for the military where they did do UFO research must have made the alien folks confused, thus, landing in Beshkek and well, the rest is history....

Small correction to the int... (Below threshold)

Small correction to the interesting discussions above, from a military physician. Your military medical record is ABSOLUTELY accessible to your Commander. I have forked over many a medical chart to Commanders who come in and simply say, "I have a need to know some information about SGT XYZ." (e.g. "Does he have Herpes? Was he admitted for a head injury resulting from drunkenness?", "Is she on Prozac?" etc) Privacy concerns in the civilian world are not quite the same in the military world, which makes sense if you think about it. The Commander has to be able to ensure the safety of all of her troops. The only folks in the military to whom you can speak with guaranteed privacy are the chaplains and your lawyer. And even then, you have to be careful. Medical discussions/exams/treatments are NOT private. "Your" medical record does not belong to you, it is an official document that belongs to the Medical Group. You can bet that whatever is in Jill Metzger's medical record is now well-known to her superiors, though there probably isn't too much of interest in it. And forget her "privacy" with the psychiatrist who does her "debriefing". She and her mental instability are the property of the USAF and not her own.

What the USAF decides to share with the public will be limited, but usually so many people are privy to the outcome that it usually leaks out somehow. But I don't think this will actually turn out to be mental illness, although her story is so pathetically inept that it makes you wonder. I'm GUESSING that she and local boyfriend (Russian pilot) planned out an escape, he backed out and went back to his base, she panicked and concocted this ridiculous lie, not realizing it would attract international attention. When the lie becomes clear in a few days, we'll have to suffer through the weepy excuse that she was under so much stress from a "hardship" deployment...

If I were an investigator, ... (Below threshold)
Still Intrigued:

If I were an investigator, I'd be monitoring sites like this for little nuggets of intel to assist my investigation... that was the first thing I thought of when I read Deb G's posts. I was so disappointed by the BBQ game, but then I realized I was disappointed in myself for reading (and posting) to a blog. Oh my...

Sorry I could stay away.

Local Knowledge: How do you know she had a local boyfriend?

If she did, I don't think it is a local national or a Russion pilot. I don't know Jill or if Jill cheats on her husband, but girls like Jill I think tend to date men who can appreciate her for everything that she "is"... all that she "is" might be lost on a foreign pilot she can barely speak to in public...if she can speak to him at all. (I know many, many foreign officers who speak excellent English.)

There are plenty of Americans who are in town... stated earlier...expats, embassy personnel and families, contractors like KBR, and other military we don't talk about... the last group frequents the gym and might appreciate a physically fit two-time marathon champ...that last group also lives out and about and are attractive to girls like Jill... not knowing who Jill likes, just speaking from past observations...

STD - maybe. I think she would go to the clinic.

Pregnancy - maybe, but she wouldn't abort in a foreign clinic...she could come up with something...unless she was just really worried about her marathon...

I'm still holding to the theory that she intended to slip away unnoticed for a while and didn't make it back in time.

The video had her enter the store with another servicewoman... a pair. More than likely her friend knew or had a good idea in advance that they would separated... a little pressure and she certainly wouldn't keep Jill's secret at the risk of her own career.

Thanks for letting me play.

One more comment...<p... (Below threshold)
Still Intrigued:

One more comment...

I can't believe she was ever, ever planning on running away. Forget the honeymoom, she had a marathon to run when she came home.

You know, if something bad (like abduction even) happened to her when she was doing something wrong (like leaving the group to ???) she would still be in trouble for leaving the group. Her "AWOL" probably wasn't her idea.

This could be whole truth (doubt it), partial truth, or no truth...

They can't force her to take a polygraph, but from my own personal experience, a polygrapher can make an innocent person feel SO NERVOUS, SCARED, GUILTY. I can't imagine what it would be like to be taking one and actually trying to hide something.

Wow...what a witch hunt thi... (Below threshold)

Wow...what a witch hunt this has turned into... This blog should really be titled, "The Jill Metzger Witch Hunt".

I really hope if any of you are ever in a situation where the FACTS are still unknown, some fellow human beings give you all just a little more courtesy and respect.

I am signing off here for good. And unlike DebG, I acutally mean it...


Baffled will go through lif... (Below threshold)

Baffled will go through life in that state if he/she continues to look at blogs for "facts".

wow, jump on here to see th... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

wow, jump on here to see the frustration continues. BBQ game? Although we did play some games on Sunday, it was harmless and shows exactly what intel does to folks - makes you believe things that don't really happen, and the military excels at it. Sorry, but I have no control over anyone who wants to post back to someone on here.

Baffled: I never said I was leaving for good, I said I was out on Sunday, that day, not for good. I come back on here to read posts, perhaps not even post back and I keep seeing my name mentioned - good grief.....

Not sure why people on here get frustrated or put down others on the board rather than stick to theories and thoughts and RESPECT THAT OTHERS have opinions and brains of their own, which is what a blog normally is for.....completely harmless, all of it.....some sensitive folks on here for sure....I guess when the media writes articles about her disappearance and the lack of facts or others write about her - does that make it a witch hunt? Of course not, the facts are facts and they don't make sense right now - period and the whole world is noticing, not just this site.

Blogs are many times more f... (Below threshold)

Blogs are many times more factual than the main stream media. Our local Colorado Springs paper has 6 blogs associated with it and the below linked private Colorado Springs blog gets more visits per day than all the paper's blogs combined in a week. Tell me blogs don't demand respect and a look-see.
The local TV stations were even pissed that he went out to photograph Jill's husband when two of the three major networks weren't allowed an interview. Media has to follow certain bogus rules to be PC. Blogs are free to do much more.


I agree. Blogs can contain... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

I agree. Blogs can contain massive amounts of information and maybe, just maybe, you can locate that ONE individual who knows a wealth of knowledge regarding an important situation at hand. Also, a huge percentage of folks on blogs are extremely educated and knowledeable folks searching for facts and information and research tools.....

Don't know the Lady, but do... (Below threshold)

Don't know the Lady, but do know the scenario...I was Married to an Army gal for 10 years who happened to cheat numerous times, at least 3 different guys, 2 of them officers, and have heard some "wild" stories and excuses...From "I am being set up" to "volunteered for a particular duty because of patriotic duty and values" to " the insurgents have knocked out all communications and I won't be able to contact you or the kids for a few weeks"..

In all the cases it turned out she was with another man (Army Officer) and it was just made up BS... The insurgent story, she was then and is now back in Iraq, was particularly funny because she was back in the states at that time with the new boyfriend and I received her award miles statemant in the mail from the airlines detailing her travel...The insurgents knocked out commo, put you on a plane to Amsterdam, and made you spend 2 weeks in Georgia sleeping with a married man?????

Point is, that being an officer or being in the military doesn't automatically make you smarter, honest, trustworthy or infuse you with character or integrity...

Her colleagues and friends at the time were very supportive and said that ##### would never, ever, do anything to bring shame or disgrace to the uniform or family, etc... while they were actually involved, knew what was going on, and even loaned rooms and credit cards for the assignations....

Maybe she was kidnapped by 'short bus' terrorist or brideknappers, but the truth is usually more mundane, dirty, and understandable once the 'media' moves on.

Whatever happened, I am glad her family has gotten her back....

YaThink: I am with you on ... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

YaThink: I am with you on the Officer thing does not give you honor and integrity "just because" or by association. I would normally NEVER write this or relay to many, but my ex husband, who is a LTC was on a dating service meeting women while on TDY trips, his friend was kicked out of the Army for asking 50 different women to marry him even though he was married with children. Yes, some of you might know his story, it made national attention. Well, I NEVER went to IG or anyone regarding my ex, just divorced him. He is a Westpoint grad, special forces, and so forth, however, his PERSONAL life, even though he has medals, honors, etc...has a VERY dark and mentally disturbing side witnessed by many who know him and ONLY those close to him.....so, being an Office DOES NOT give you the right to be pegged with honor, accomplishments, etc....automatically. There are good people and there are bad people and then there are good people who are portrayed good but who are actually not that good in the long run....

In Jill's defense, if she d... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

In Jill's defense, if she did make this up, I don't think it was done to intentionally harm anyone, however, given her Officer status, she is a symbol of the USAF and would be disgracing that.

Again, let's wait and see what the real facts are. Of course, in MY opinion, we will NEVER see the real facts, even if the media is saying the facts are the real ones.....covert stuff if it plays any part here, can and WILL be covered....

Wizbanger Poster:I d... (Below threshold)
Happy Civilian:

Wizbanger Poster:
I didn't mean that because she was skinny therefore she coudn't get pregnant - you can be skinny and still have enough body fat to get pregnant. However, atheletes can at times have too little body fat and their body goes into Amenorrhea (missed periods from too much exercise). This causes excess testosterone which Jill shows signs of (increased facial hair, sunken cheeks, limp/thinning hair). However, she could use the birth control pill to control amenorrhea...and if she had recently started taking any anti-depressants or even certain supplements (St. Johns Wart), they make the pill ineffective. VERY easy to accidently get pregnant this way. I think I just sold myself on the pregnancy theory. I feel sorry for the poor guy that got her pregnant - I think it is someone deployed with her. She wouldn't go for a Russian pilot - she likes to be better than the people she pursues. Anyway, I am thinking she hooked up with someone that not only would get her in trouble for adultry, but probably fraternization as well(officer/enlisted) - a double whammy to really instill fear in her and require cover-up to take such dramatic actions. The truth will come out soon enough - I already saw anchors poking fun about it on the news this morning while I was working out - I think Fox and Friends. They even mentioned the gossip on the blogs - so BM and Deb make a great point above. BTW...all statements in this post are strictly theories based upon recent news articles and interviews, medical studies (amennorhea/birth contol/St. Johns Wart) and lastly (sorry baffled this will hurt...) my own personal experiece and the knowledge that this girl has been and will always be an attention seeker - not to mention, CRAZY.

And the questions start com... (Below threshold)
wake up people:
Happy Civilian: On Sunday,... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Happy Civilian: On Sunday, a few folks thought that you and I, were, well, the same person posting here. Are we sisters? Regardless, I have heard all of what you wrote regarding pregnancy before so it could very well be the case. I cannot recall the woman who posted in regards to Jill having an affair with her husband or fiancee, but I will say, that the INVESTIGATORS which the media keep pointing out, would, IN FACT, LOVE TO TALK TO HER about her experience. It would all be a piece of the puzzle and indeed pertinent to piecing together her mental capabilities and actions. I know some slammed her for posting such personal info., however, it would be much wanted at this point by authorities investigating.....At this point, if you get a few women together who can claim and prove that Jill messed around with or purused an affair with their husband's/boyfriends/fiancees then that would prove valuable to this case right now.....I am not saying that is what she has done or does, but finding these facts would be important......

Happy Civilian: That was Y... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Happy Civilian: That was YOU!!! I just realized it was YOU who relayed that story. Wow, be on the alert for a phone call from investigators who may be reading this blog to question your experience!

I've been hanging out and r... (Below threshold)

I've been hanging out and reading this stuff, now I finally want to say something. YES, the whole "bomb in the pocket" story is, to say the least, pretty fantastic. A small package is stuffed into the back pocket of her jeans (hard to do)? With DETAILED instructions written in ENGLISH? And she FOLLOWS them without seeking the other AF personnel in the shopping center to say something like "I'm having a bomb scare and need to go. Tell the commanding officer."

But please keep in mind that this is what the local police and media CLAIM she said, and we don't really know how reliable they may be. Yes, there have been a lot of rumors generated about Maj. Metzger, but you can't accuse someone based on rumors. There are now so many conflicting stories the truth simply becomes muddier by the minutes. The only thing certain is that Maj. Metzger disappeared and then reappeared under circumstances that were, to say the least, strange. But "innocent until proven guilty." Bottom line: We don't know what's going on here, not really.

Why not just take a deep breath, get back to our lives, and wait to see what happens?

The interview with Jill's p... (Below threshold)

The interview with Jill's parents deserves another look. It's long but fascinating:


This interview was done BEFORE it was officially known that she was safe. Some things strike me:
1. Her parents CLEARLY know in this video that she is not in danger. They are extremely relaxed. Look at her Dad's body position. When the reporter asks "What kind of a person is Jill?", her Dad LAUGHS. I don't think for a second ANYONE's Dad would laugh when asked for personal information about a kidnapped daughter.
2. This video was clearly (to me) created FOR JILL, to convince her to come back home. They KNEW she was no hostage. They KNEW she had walked away on her own and wasn't likely in danger. They emphasize over and over how much the family loves her, how much fun she has back in the states, all of her hobbies, her DOGS (close up on her dog's face at the end), the extensive prayer circuit with "thousands of people reaching out to her".
3. Dad talks very calmly about "terrorists and fatalities" as part of her military risks. Again, I just can't imagine a Dad talking calmly and laughing about that if he believed his daughter was truly in the hands of an enemy.
4. Jill's Mom has an interesting slip of the tongue when she's discussing a wedding song sung to Jill's new husband. She slips and calls the song "Why'd you do it, Jill?" instead of "Why'd you do it, Josh?" Interesting. And then she very quickly corrects herself.
5. They mention that Jill tends to think "I can do it myself", but urge her to "realize that there is a lot of help out there".

And I see from the recent link to the abc news story that her husband's plea, again BEFORE he supposedly knew she was safe, was "Just be strong. Don't worry about whatever's happened to you, just come on home, all right. We're here for you. Be strong, sweetie." Weird statement to make if he truly believed she had been snatched by hostiles.

Clearly the family knew right from the get-go that she was not kidnapped and that she was probably safe but afraid to come home because of some transgression.

Her parents seem like the nicest people in the world. I feel guilty for doubting her, they're so nice, but doubt I do.

There's the point: You jus... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

There's the point: You just never know what you are hearing on the media is true. Jill deserves some benefit yes, however, coming up with theories is normal for everyone to do. I too don't believe all I am hearing, just know that it all sounds strange.

VR: I saw that interview and felt the same. I am sure "investigators" are clearly watching that frame by frame - it spoke volumes....

I do feel badly for her even though she is responsibel for any actions she might have taken. If, indeed, she did get kidnapped (come on folks, she was seen walking out of the mall on video camera - ALONE), then bless her for surviving and being in safe hands....

Has anyone noticed that alo... (Below threshold)

Has anyone noticed that alot of the information and opinions that the media is getting is from the Kyrgyz Police and other officials? Has it occurred to anyone that they can spin the information any way they want in order to cover their own behinds? Besides that, the media doesn't always have all the facts. And their job is not to report news but to make money.

To anyone who came on this board to write negative things about Jill Metzger and to air any dirty laundry, as yourself if you have never made a mistake. As angry as it may make you to see other people sympathizing with someone you don't care for, ask yourself - if you were in a confusing situation and people were allowed to speculate about YOU, would no one be able to come up with something from YOUR past to use against you? Be careful about throwing stones.

Please don't attack me but ... (Below threshold)
another thought:

Please don't attack me but just ANOTHER thought. As we know, things are not always what they seem. After watching video of parents,I'd like to throw out a question. Is it possible for a 33 year old to want to get away from a VERY CONTROLLING MOTHER? One that tells her every move to make in her personal life and never gives her breathing space - even when she is overseas, and has NEVER let her grow up?

Just a question from someone with some knowledge.

A video is a video which sh... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

A video is a video which shows evidence she left on her own free will. A military spokesperson has verified Jill left the mall on her own after finding a note - she told military investigators this......

Actually, I have made mistakes, plenty, but have NO dirty secrets or laundry in my past - sorry. Not throwing stones either, just theorizing on a media story and situation - I don't even see a Jill Metzger in front of me when I think of this, I see a situation where many folks are trying to put together facts and pieces of this puzzle....If I did, however, do something to harm the integrity of the military, I would most certainly understand the need to dig into my past and/or private life - it is a given....

Another thought: NOONE sho... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Another thought: NOONE should be attacking you or anyone for that matter. I just don't get why people come on here and attack and or put down the opininos of others. They are just opinions of people, meaning no harm to the person bashing following a comment or Jill Metzger for that matter.....just opinions.....just opinions.....just opinions.....if the story did not have loopholes, I doubt the whole world would not be trying to figure out what really happened....Just human nature to start piecing together the parts.......I am swamped at work and find this all interesting enough to keep checking back.....and, frankly, in hopes of learning what could be another theory or possibility....just curiosity really.....

VRI share your dou... (Below threshold)


I share your doubts regarding "the story" as currently relayed by media. However, I fail to see the interview in the same light as you. In my opinion, all I saw was two people trying to remain optimistic in the face of fear. The mother's sadness was palpable and the father's laughter merely (perhaps) a stress mechanism.

When my daughter was a little girl she nearly died of complications related to surgery. I never cried, remained positive, and took very deliberative actions to insure she recovered (which she did). I WISH I had been able to cry, but it simply isn't in my nature to respond that way during stress. We are all alike - but we are all different as well.

Jill's father's reaction may have been merely a reflection of his personal response to overwhelming stress. Neither implying or inferring anything of consequence.

The reason this case is so ... (Below threshold)

The reason this case is so fascinating and so important and so INFURIATING to me is because as a female military officer I hate to see a fellow female military officer act in a way that reflects badly on "us". Women in the military are constantly battling the perception that we don't belong in the war zone, in the fighter jet, on the front lines, in the dangerous situations because we are not strong enough, not fit enough, not mentally tough enough. It has been a slow, difficult battle to convince the world otherwise, and stunts like THIS do not help.

The military is still run by old guys like Jill's Dad (and listen to him detail her athletic accomplishments on the video referenced above: she has many, she won the AF marathon twice, but he HAS to throw in the comment that her accomplishments are awesome "for a woman". You can almost imagine little Jill desperately seeking new "manly" accomplishments to impress her Dad -- I can snowboard and skateboard! I can be the first girl to get a German killing license! I can skin a deer! I can run faster than you! I can be an AF officer!-- yet they never quite manage to convince him.) Those old colonels and generals and a large segment of the US public believe that women don't belong in war-time situations where they might be captured, tortured, raped (never mind that men can be in the same situation, somehow in their minds it's worse for us women).

For Jill to throw out a "victim" story to cover for her own misconduct (and I'm making an assumption here that she did something she shouldn't have, and was covering up for it with the cockamamie story) is appalling and infuriating if true. It created an international incident. It embarrassed the host country. It embarrassed the USAF. And it casts another unneeded shadow over the women serving proudly and competently in the military. We know what the risks are and we accept them when we put on the uniform. We want to be there (COL Rhonda Cornum, the doctor captured during the first Gulf War, speaks eloquently about her experiences and her thoughts on women in combat) and have earned the right to be there. If we are captured, we expect the US government to expend every effort to rescue us, just as they would for any captured airman or soldier. If we go AWOL for whatever dumbass reason, invoking the "victim" claim as a bid for sympathy, we'd better expect damn harsh judgment.

Ironically, from what I've read about Jill, she probably understood the difficulties of being a woman in a "man's world" all too well.

I am really amazed that mos... (Below threshold)

I am really amazed that most of you have this much time. Some of you claim to be in the military, hopefully not waisting military resources. You remind me of the kids at school who never get to play on the team, but are so critical of the game being played and those that play it.
Give it a rest! You live in a world of conjecture. I have learned a great deal about the media circus and you are the pink ponies performing the tricks! Many of you are right. Nobody will know the truth. But examine, if you will, where you are getting your information. What can you verify? Isn't there some value in emperical knowledge?

Deb G, I find some of the t... (Below threshold)

Deb G, I find some of the things have been said to you completely horrible and innapropriate.

I do have to say that you've been inconsistent throughout this entire blog. You say "I don't even see a Jill Metzger in front of me when I think of this" but you obviously do. If this is just your curiousity about a missing woman, you wouldn't have found it necessary to post personal information. (Which by the way it, from how things were worded, it doesn't seem like there was any proof that Jill was involved in an affair - just "anonymous" emails). You say in one posting that you will pray for her but indicate in others that you couldn't care less and in fact convey malice.

I'm going to do what it seems like many of the other sensible people have done and get the heck off this blog. It's amazing that people have such a desire to use so much of their time and energy for the sort of negativity that has been demonstrated here.

DM: re:(Which by the way i... (Below threshold)
happy civilian:

DM: re:(Which by the way it, from how things were worded, it doesn't seem like there was any proof that Jill was involved in an affair - just "anonymous" emails)
Sorry, that wasn't Deb's post - it was mine, and there is/was proof. She contacted me 6 months after the affair from an anonymous account. I then contacted her directly. My post was not about the affair as those happen all the time - my post was about my interaction with her during that time and her behavior displayed to me during that time. It was simply a post to give an example of her negative personality traits as others had posted about her positive. In my opinion from my experience with her...is that she is CRAZY.

I have to agree with DM! I... (Below threshold)

I have to agree with DM! It is amazing the number people claiming to be military officers and successful civilians who have the time and desire to speculate and to blog about Jill Metzger's sex life, STD's, abortions, affairs, alcohol consumption, underwear, etc.

Get a life!

Happy Civilian and DebG...Get a life and a support group for bitter ex-wives! In fact, that is really what this blog has become anyway...


-------------FLYTRAP-------... (Below threshold)
Wizbanger Poster:


I have a question for you!!

Have you ever seen a pidgeon?? I presume you have. You can probably even describe one to me, can't you?

Have you ever seen a baby pidgeon?? Discribe it! In all probability you haven't seen one, have you?

You see, in YOUR world, you 'say' that you have to have emperical (sic) knowledge. So, emperical (sic) me this... Baby pidgeons don't exist!! Why? Because you haven't seen one. Nobody has seen them.. Adult pidgeons just happen, they drop out of the sky, for no particular reason at all.. they are there just to eat the scraps that people throw on the ground. Therefore, the concept of 'needing' baby pidgeons is not valid.

In MY world, because I don't have access to absolute truth, I have to make judgements on the 'facts' as I gather them, and I am able to reassemble those 'facts' as I need to. In order to prevent my cranium from becoming nothing more than a hollow cavern.. With my experience, knowledge, and reasoning ability, I conclude that:

Jack and Jill went up the hill
to fetch a pail of water, or something
Jack fell down, and broke his whatever
And Jill, well she fell into a trance
and out of the TSUM did dance
And.. well she took a bus or was it a cab
with instructions to pay the tab
and... gee, I lost my place
And Jill, well she's fallen from grace

Baby pidgeons don't exist.. do they Flytrap!!??

Came back on to once again,... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Came back on to once again, more garbage about the actual people blogging, fun! strange, but fun!

Wizbang, you make me LAUGH!! I was nearly spewing on the screen! I love your posts. Now that you make me think of it, I have never seen a baby pigeon! What the.......why not? oh oh, new post Where are the baby pigeons???? You can be my wingman anyday....reality will keep you alive...

MH: well, laugh my darn butt off, bitter ex wife hahahahahahahahahahah I am so far from bitter. Better maybe, not bitter. Do you claim to remotely think you know me because if you do perhaps you can tell us what happened to JILL....Life is good is my motto. I am blessed with a very good life, will spare the details so I really don't have to get a life - I have one! You are on here too, does that mean you don't have a life? I am secure enough with myself....Ya know, I don't like posting back wiht stupid posts like this and very off the topic, but this is well, stupid.

DM: I posted facts, not really personal info becuase none of it bothers me in the least - just pointing out a perfect situation of Officer gone bad.

I do find it amazing that the folks who come here bashing and are hypocrits because they will stand by a woman named Jill who they do not even know, but will bash those of us here giving opinions on a blog - how funny is that???

As far as not seeing Jill in front of me. Simply meaning, I am not targeting Jill for her character, if anyone were in her situation, it would be that person we are giving theories about. I see a situation in front of me, not the person, a situation and puzzle and some pretty darn strange facts....

Ok, for those posters posting to us about our character due to giving theories, perhaps you should contact all the news stations, newspapers and everyone in the world right now making up some pretty darn rudge THEORIES about Jill - the whole world is doing it, this site is just a small place included...

One thing in life is consta... (Below threshold)
Stephen Y:

One thing in life is constant: desperate people will do anything. It should be so obvious to anyone with some common sense and knowledge of what motivates people that the story this woman, who wears a uniform of our respected military btw, fabricated is false.

She is embarrassing our country and every citizen who pays her salary. How dare you go to another country and claim that you were kidnapped to cover up your own personal problems?

She is better suited for a career as a writer or a sidekick to Tom Clancy than being a commissioned officer in the AF.

And those of you who trash other posts, particularly the ones by Happy Civilian for pointing out a different side to someone’s character, should wake up and realize that the person you are defending needs psychological help. If you care about her so much get to know the true person like others have experienced. I have read enough to know and make a reasonable judgment about the ‘type’ of person this is. All I can say is trash.

Yes character does matter in a situation like this. Someone who can run a marathon doesn’t make them a good person. Mike Tyson is a gifted athlete but it does not take away the fact that he is a thug. Ted Bundy was charming, but still a murderer. People who make generalized statements about her being such a great person are being misled. Great people are not involved in adulterer behavior, send disturbing emails, or lie to America. A person who is willing to commit the above acts certainly has the capacity to do anything for their own personal gain.

We being the public and tax paying Americans are being deceived. I’m sure we will find out soon enough the complete story. When we do, it would be in our best interest to petition and write our U.S. representatives and Senators telling them to assist in the removal of this fraud from our military and to be punished to the fullest.

She needs help and as sure as sh*t, I don’t want to pay for it. Get this loon out!!!!!!

Okay, let me try t... (Below threshold)

Okay, let me try this again. I am neither a Jill Metzger apologist nor basher, and I DO think the whole "bomb in the pocket" story is fishy if not downright smelly. But whatever Maj. Metzger may or may not have done in the past or present, we are only hearing what the Kyrgrst official CLAIM that she said and CLAIM that they saw.

Yes, she left her group, which was against procedure, and yes, she did disappear and then reappear under very strange circumstances. But can we please take a breath and wait a moment before convicting someone via electronic media? Everyone has a right to their opinion, but I think what we are doing here is starting to go beyond that. What IF it does turn out she actually DIDN'T do anything wrong (which IS possible, by the way) but then all suspicions have already been raised that linger and follow her around?

If she faked her abduction, I want her to pay some consequences for it. But what if this is just foreign officials spinning an incident to cover a criminal act in their own country? And yes, that IS possible.

I don't know Jill Metzger nor anyone associated with her, but I have been victimized by false claims myself and hate to seen someone tried in a public forum while unable to defend themselves.

Somehow, I doubt this entry will find much favor with anyone.

-----Cambrose-------------<... (Below threshold)


Let's do a poll...

all those who believe that Jill has done something wrong.. Raise you hand....

See... I win..

Now... go sit down!!!

A rather childish reply, Wi... (Below threshold)

A rather childish reply, Wiz.

For clarification, I DO believe she did something wrong by leaving her group, and I STRONGLY suspect she may have erred in more than that. But where is the proof? Is there anything here thus far that would convict her in a court of law or a military court-martial? The supposed security camera tapes and interviewed witnesses are in a foreign country with official who may or may not be putting a spin on this to keep themselves covered. Has anyone stateside seen the tapes or read the transcripts? If she's guilty of wrongdoing, so be it, let her pay the price for her actions. I'm just saying wait for conclusive proof. Have YOU ever been accussed of something serious you didn't do? I have, so maybe I'm a little more cautious about making accusations than others.

And why IS this polarizing everyone so much anyway? Chill out, people. I somehow doubt this will have a lasting effect on most of your lives.

Man, I just got pretty sanc... (Below threshold)

Man, I just got pretty sanctimonious, and for that I apologize to everyone. There was just something about Wiz's "Nyah Nyah" tone and multiple exclamation points that set me off, I guess. Shouldn't have reacted that way. Still, I don't apologize for what I said, just how I said it.

Cambrose:If you have... (Below threshold)

If you have been accused of something you did not do then YOU should be all the MORE angry with Jill Metzger who is by all reasonable doubt pointing the finger at citizens of a foreign country of abducting her just to get out of her own personal problems. We are speaking up on this blog before it is made public based upon the facts that are strongly leaning towards her false statements. Per your posting where "all this is based on foreign investigations", have we really become so arrogant in America to assume that foreign countries do not do proper investigations? Or that they are all out to get big, bad America? It is that mentality that made Maj Metzger think she was untouchable. As a tax payer I will not stay silent when all the evidence is against JM and she is trying to blame people of a crime. You of all people should be angry for that. This girl has obviously been hiding her secret lifestyle for a long time. Too bad it takes this for people to finally come forward and get this manly-girl removed. I don't know this officer but I can tell you if I did I wouldnt be posting about what a kind person she is or how fast she runs.
Here is my theory: In the closet lesbian, can't take the stress anymore. Glad I stumbled on this blog, seems JM has been leaving a trail of scandal behind her for some time and this is the grand finale.

--------------Cambrose-----... (Below threshold)
Wizbanger Poster:


I'm sorry...

You aren't in the military, are you? Have you ever been in the military?

Let me clue you in to a couple things about the military. One of the things I have learned is that the person next to you, could someday be responsible for saving, or giving your life.

I knew a guy, Louis Rocco.. He died not too long ago. I was stationed with him in Germany. He was a Medic at that time.. Eventually, he went on to become a PA (Physician Asst).

He ended up going to Viet Nam. While there he was assigned to a MedEvac unit. There was a call one day for a MedEvac and he happened to be one of the Medics who went out to get some guys. The Chopper was shot down.. there were crew and casualties in the chopper. Rocco was wounded and injured. He crawled, back and forth between the chopper and a place where he was able to get some people to safety. He did this numerous times. You can read the story here:


Now go read his story - don't just skim through it ,digest it.. .When you think that you understand what all that means, then come back here and perhaps we can continue this discussion. But, until that concept is embedded into your very soul, you will never be able to understand what all this is about.

So, my sincere apologies for the flippant response in my previous post. But, to be quite frank with you, and everyone else on this forum, I have two sons who are out there “protecting your right to be here”, by putting their lives on the line. THAT... is why this is so important to me. SHE happens to represent that entire system!!

Oh yes, wonderful, we have ... (Below threshold)

Oh yes, wonderful, we have finally gotten to the "closet lesbo" theory. Let's recap the theories thus far:
--affair with co-worker
--affair with local
--affair with off-base American
--affair with Russian pilot
--went to get an abortion
--mental illness, "needs help"
--in-the-closet lesbo who cracks (STS) under the pressure
--ran away to escape sweet but controlling mother
--went AWOL to say goodbye to friends in the area
--masterminded the whole thing just to get attention, a la "stolen white woman syndrome"
--actually WAS kidnapped from department store
a. brideknapped
b. regular kidnapped, but escaped heroically before ransom could be issued
--went AWOL for unknown reason and THEN was kidnapped
--secret operative for the US government to tarnish the reputation of Krzgystan
--alien abduction
--fell in pothole and couldn't get out

Have we missed any other possibilities?
Shall we place bets?

To VR WEL... (Below threshold)



--------------VR-----------... (Below threshold)
WizBanger Poster:

It's sad that we will never "know" what took place on that sunny afternoon in the city of Bishkek in Central Asia. I suppose that my only regret is that she will come away as a 'hero', if her abduction story sticks.

There's a flight out to Andrews from Ramstein tomorrow... My bet is she'll be on it.

Well, don't know about the bets... But the rest of the people at Ganci will be rotating back pretty soon.. they're normally there for similar lengths of time as the Illustrious Maj Jill.

Knowing people in the Personnel Pie in the Sky over at Randolph might come in handy

Wiz,I read the sto... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:


I read the story on Rocco - that is bravery, courage and heroism to the tee. I will also pray for your two sons. My father was in Vietnam and died of Agent Orange related illnesses in 1996. Although never wanting to talk about it, one night, he relayed some heroic stories of men he was with - amazing stuff.

VR: I was actually snickering here at work reading some of those theories. How about she just wanted to take a practice run around the area for her upcoming marathon (which she is, in fact running) and did not make it back in time?

I have to say: Normally, as when those soldiers were found mutilated and people beheaded, kidnapped, etc...the news flashes a significant amount of information on the location of the incidents, even pictures, sometimes graphic and so on - WE HAVE HEARD NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING on this - that alone, in my opinion, speaks volumes for the situation not being "right". Same with the runaway bride. Remember when they were looking for her, found her in TX (I believe TX) and then complete SILENCE for a few days and the real truth finally came out?????

Hi there. Yesterday some in... (Below threshold)
Kuba Kyrgyz:

Hi there. Yesterday some interesting news was broadcasted on Kyrgyz National Television about Jill Metzger being pregnant and undergoing an abortion surgery, as cited one of our papers:

"Вчера передали по телевидению что данная гражданка была беременна и ей сделали аборт.Военнослужащим армии США (женщинам) запрещено рожать и иметь детей во время несения службы,поэтому сделали столь таинственное исчезновение.Врач Ысык Атинской районной больницы подтвердил что Джил Метцгер действительно обратилась и ей сделали данную операцию."

English Translation from Russian original:

Yesterday, there was a news on Kyrgyz television, that Ms. Jill Metzger has indeed been pregnant.
US militaries are not allowed to be pregnant during the service (I think this one is long stretched, what the TV wanted really to say, probably, was "Watch out Jill, hubby is going to find out!!!" But some truth gets twisted, to look more politically correct.)

She underwent an abortion surgery in Issyk Ata district clinic (Kant, where Jill was found, Kant belongs to Issyk Ata district or county, whatever you like), and the doctor from clinic, who performed surgery, confirmed the information on television.


I undersootd, from testaments of taxidriver, that Jill did a stopover near Special Surgical Clinic in Bishkek on the junction of Togolok-Moldo and Kievskaya streets. They have, by the way, English speaking medical staff, and medical facilities are relatively reasonable.

But why on the earth she went to Kant to make an abortion, to that below-any-standards rural clinic? How she could explain that she needed an abortion? No one speeaks English probably there. Or did she hire a translator? Why she was so desperate?

Why she did not do that in Special Surgical Clinic in Bishkek? The only reasonable explanation pops up in mind: that particular place is packed with foreigners, ex-pats, so on. Maybe she was afraid to get recognized.

Why she ruined her life and career in such a silly way? I dunno.

My guess is that Jill's true story will be kept quiet in the Western media from now on. It affects sensitive political and military matters.

Kuba Kyrgyz

Epilogue:If kidnap... (Below threshold)
Kuba Kyrgyz:


If kidnapping of Jill Metzger in Kyrgyzstan happened for real, US State Dept would demand an thorough investigation from Kyrgyz Govt people, would demand explanations from Kyrgyz ambassador in Washington, exchange official notes, as usually happens. Nothing of this kind has happened this time.

That alone speaks volumes. Mouths will be sealed.
Media will give plebs "politically correct" version of what happened.

Actually, personally I feel sorry for Jill. Her marriage has, probably, already been ruined. I do not think that her husband is that gullible.

Her military career ended. She will certainly sign non-disclosure kind of papers. And will retire from military.

Just 10 days before deployi... (Below threshold)
Kuba Kyrgyz:

Just 10 days before deploying to Kyrgyzstan in April, Metzger married Air Force Capt. Josh Mayo. They had already bought tickets for a honeymoon in Jamaica later this month, he said.

"We were going to take Jet Skis out, have a couple of romantic dinners. It is very disappointing," said Mayo

Trying to read between the lines. I'd guess that Air Force Capt. Josh Mayo is no fool. And giving here subliminal message.

Kuba-I'm convinced that if ... (Below threshold)

Kuba-I'm convinced that if this is true, (that she invented all this to have an abortion) it will come out in the open in the press. With all the stories in the last couple of years of women pretending to be kidnapped, THIS one tops 'em all. With so many places in the world being on the brink of and in war, Metzger would be so brazen as to add Kyrgyzstan into the mix, is beyond anyone's imagination. What a criminal act!! The military should give a harsh and swift punishment. Sorry to anyone out there who is offended, but this really could have (and still might) had horrible consequences on the diplomatic front and that is not pardonable.

I agree with Pica, the stor... (Below threshold)

I agree with Pica, the story will come out because it is so sensational. And if the doc in the abortion clinic over there is talking, our reporters will be there sucking it all in. Interesting news from our Man on the Scene that there isn't the confidentiality for medical procedures in Kyrgzystan that we have here in the US. You wouldn't catch a doctor confirming an abortion on TV here. Lawyers would ensue.

Medically, it is very easy to establish that a woman has had a recent abortion or at least a miscarriage. Her pregnancy tests would still show as positive for a week or so after the abortion, and a gynecologic exam would strongly suggest it. I'm wondering if it went through her head that someone might question her vaginal bleeding when she returned to the base, so she thought she could cover it by saying she'd been sexually assaulted, which, of course, let's see, would have occurred if she'd been, um... kidnapped, and, yeah, that's the ticket! Kidnapped! When I was in the store! (But Jill,you're see on camera walking out on your own and getting into a cab!! -- Well, it was strange, someone slipped a credit-card-sized bomb in my pocket and it was like I was in a trance...)

Again, viewing the interview with her parents, I think they KNEW this information about the pregnancy. Yes, her Mom looks terribly SAD, but not the kind of frantic sad you'd expect of a Mom who thinks her daughter is in danger, the kind of sick-disappointed-sad. Her Dad just wants her to know that she should just come home to all of her favorite things.

If the abortion thing is true, and it sounds to me like it might be, then it is a very sad situation for Jill and her family, particularly her duped new husband. But it DOES NOT excuse her conduct. She should be punished to the fullest extent, certainly should lose her AF career and all benefits. She won't be able to "retire", not enough years in, and she'll get a Dishonorable Discharge. I think she also deserves some time in the slammer.

She could have hidden the whole abortion and just received an LOR for being AWOL if she had just come up with a more reasonable story. "Well, I went sightseeing and I got lost". "I went to visit my friends, got drunk, and the next thing I knew 3 days had gone by." But to concoct this monster of a story--- unfathomable. Throw the book at her.

...and I think she went to ... (Below threshold)

...and I think she went to Kant for the abortion because that's where her Russian pilot is stationed, he knows a doctor in town, and she figured she could do it more quietly there.

I think it is interesting t... (Below threshold)

I think it is interesting that none of the official Air Force news on Jill Metzger (www.af.mil) mention anything about an abduction, only the claim of abduction. If the military believed there was an abduction, it would be of intense focus with so many military personnel in the area. Instead, they focus on the fact that she has been found and is safe...but NO mention of a search for abductors or hightened military stance in the area. Military public affairs can't write what is not true, and I believe they know the major was not abducted but left on her own volition. People do strange things under pressure and I believe she was under some sort of personal pressure. Unfortunately, her career is over.

I have known Jill for 9 yea... (Below threshold)
JP Fiske:

I have known Jill for 9 years. She an I had been communicating while she was deployed to Manas AB.

This "abortion story" is absolutely ludicrous! The Kyrgyzstan press is worse than the U.S.' National Inquirier!

God Bless Jill and her family.


Well, I think we'll see whe... (Below threshold)

Well, I think we'll see whether the abortion story is ludicrous. It sure makes a lot more sense than the ludicrous kidnapping-trance-bomb-shaved head story.

JP -Others on this b... (Below threshold)
Borat is the father:

JP -
Others on this blog have posted their knowledge of Jill and from their stories an abortion seems right within her character! Their posts were regarded as "irrelevant", so why should we listen to your post? What would you think she would write to you that would confirm the story, anyway? "Hiya John, Things are okay over here. I can't wait to get back to my loving husband! I keep daydreaming about jet-skis and romantic dinners! There is just one thing I have to do before the reunion. I got myself a little problem and I need to get an abortion. I plan to go shopping and then sneak out to go to a clinic in Kant. I have everything planned. Anyhoo...hope your family is doing well. Cheers, Jill"
Sorry but it seems you have been duped by your long time friend. You are just another person on her list of appologies.
Save your blessings for people that need them.

---------VR---------------<... (Below threshold)
WizBang Poster:


Is that you??? I should have taken bets.. If this holds, my theory would have been a winner!!!


I checked Stars and Stripes Europe site this morning and it stated that she was abducted.

She should be landing soon ... (Below threshold)
Borat is the father:

She should be landing soon at Andrews if she hasn't already. My bet is the AF will charge her soon so that she doesn't run the marathon or go on her honeymoon. They won't want to take the risk of embarrassment if she runs the marathon and THEN the story is leaked, not to mention the risk of her fleeing in Jamaica. Who thinks the honeymoon is off?
Another note - yesterday the af.mil site had her story all over the page. Today nothing. You have to dig to get her story to come up, and when it does it is an article from two days ago.

Department of Absolute Trut... (Below threshold)
WizBang Poster:

Department of Absolute Truth
666 Demons Road
Suite 666
Washington, DC, 10001-666

Mr. John "JP" Fiske
000 Gullible Way
Anytown, USA

Dear Mr. Fiske:

Your post regarding Major Jill Metzger has been read and acknowledged by the purveyor of Absolute Truth, and has been found to be a true example of compliance with the principles of our great Republic.

Unfortunately, as in all matters of national security, there will be a limited number of non-compliant citizens involved in dissent. Do not let that sway you and your fervent adherance to the Prime Principle - "Truth is What We Say It Is".

Major Jill Metzger, is coming home a hero. Her long and glorious career will remain unblemished. Unfortunately, due to "family pressure" and some long awaited and needed rest, Major Jill Metzger will be retiring to be able to spend more time with her newly established family. We will miss her and all the contributions she could have provided to the 'Cause".

In the words of the famous Bartles & James: "We Thank You for Your Support"

Your "Guardian of Truth" Award is in the mail and should arrive shortly. If displayed on your winshield it will entitle you to a free order of fries at any participating McDonalds or BurgerKing..


I. B. King
CEO, Dept of Absolute Truth

ps... Ignore any further announcements in the media regarding DNA Testing on the fetus. We all know that third world countries can't be trusted anyway.

Deb G and your multiple per... (Below threshold)

Deb G and your multiple personalities. Give it up. Stop slandering this person. You claim to have prayed for this girl. But I see no evidence of God in any of what has gone on here. But I bet that the Ladies Prayer Group or Optimist Club that you B-B-que with have lots of gossip. Maybe they are like most christians that I have known and revel in other people's misfortune. But perhaps you have a motive: "Hell has no fury like a woman scorned." Why spend so much time on this blog. People like myself came here looking for information about Jill Metzger that might help. But what I found was a bunch of resentful people, or perhaps only one with a case of clinical schizophrenia. You and yours claim she is crazy, but what about your efforts and the motive behind your blogging. You have clearly corrupted this site and transformed it into one in which he who says it the most and loudest wins. That does not sound like a free exchange of ideas to me. Or perhaps we should look at your own life, since you find that of Major Metzger so fascinating. But I will refrain from doing so. We all know that when skeletons come out of the closet, that there is often a scarecrow lurking there as well. Woman Scorned!
So I ask you again, consider what you do know.
I have seen a baby pigeon. I had one in a hanging basket outside my house earlier this month. Your metaphor is clearly a fallacy. You must deduce logically the premises in order to come to a valid conclusion. Here you have no premises. You know nothing for certain. All you have is a conclusion that you, for some reason or another, are bent on preaching to the world. This is a "begging the question" fallacy. Your methods are corrupt, unethical, and faulty. Perhaps you are right. But when you start attacking the person and their family, you error on the side of wrong. All we can do is wait. Wait and let Jill Metzger defend herself. In the meantime, go and study a pigeon. Learn about the birth of that pigeon, its trials and tribulations, and its journey to adult hood. Then you can tell me that you know pigeon. Woman scorned, if you still insist on taking this route, we can handle it the old way. Let's step outside.



Here's what Jill probably had to go through to get an abortion, if that is in fact what she did, and it may explain why she made a pitstop at the bigger clinic near her base before making her way to the small abortion clinic near the Russian base. I can't speak definitively for medical procedures over there, of course, but I doubt they're much different from here.
1. She probably did a home pregnancy test which was positive. You can buy those at the BX on her base.
2. She would have had to get a confirmatory ultrasound to verify dates of the fetus. Abortions are much more dangerous the longer you wait, and they probably have some kind of cut-off fetal age there just as we do. This may be what she did at the bigger hospital.
3. The abortion took place. She probably figured she'd be in and out the same afternoon and back at her base by nightfall.

Now there are potential complications. If the story is right as we're piecing it together, she may have had a problem that kept her at the clinic for longer than she'd planned.
1. The most common complication is infection, but these don't set in for a few days so wouldn't be a reason for her to have to stay at the clinic.
2. The next most common complication is bleeding. Sometimes after the products of conception are scraped out the uterus bleeds like crazy. Sometimes it bleeds because not all of the products were removed, and they have to go in and scrape again. The blood loss can be SCARY bad and would definitely be a reason they'd keep someone after the procedure.
3. Sometimes the uterus is perforated accidentally during the procedure. The uterine wall can be quite thin in places and the scraping utensils just poke right through. This puts the woman at great risk for infection and bleeding, and if the doctor realizes this has happened he/she will keep the patient for observation and antibiotics.

So perhaps we'll hear that in her anguished and stressed-out state, those mean doctors in Kant forced her to stay against her will, and it FELT like an abduction, but she wasn't thinking clearly so she should be forgiven, and that hair thing, well, you see there were these three men and a woman in a minivan, and....

---------FlytrapUn... (Below threshold)
Wizbang Poster:


Unless you are 'raising' pigeons, you have fallen into your own namesake.

Pigeons don't leave the nest until fully feathered. The parents build the nest where no one can get to them. Hence, no one (normally) has seen a 'baby' pigeon.

My point is this: Just because there is evidence lacking which would remove ALL doubt regarding the existence of something/someone, does not qualify a statement to be false. In this case - Baby pigeons.. since they aren't a part of everyday life - they don't exist. Which is, of course, a false statement. But - PROVE THAT - to someone who has to SEE TO BELIEVE, and you are out of luck.

You, like John "JB" Fiske, fail to realize that other possibilities exist. My arguement from the beginning has been that the story, as portrayed initially by the "official" US sources, and later by Major Jill Metzger herself, is just not CREDIBLE. It's just to far-fetched to make any sense to a rational person. Like the arguement about the baby pidgeon... They HAVE TO exist. Anyone contending that they don't has got to be playing with an incomplete deck.

So, Mr/Ms Flytrap, I can arrange for you to receive a letter from the Purveyor of Absolute Truth, if that, in fact is what you are looking for. Because it seems that despite the LOGICAL evidence you continue to make an arguement that just doesn't hold water.

So, ONE letter coming up!!

Would you like fries with that? Or do you prefer a free pass to the Looney Tunes?

Let me ask you a question:

What comes to your mind when I mention the name "Albert Einstein".. Genius, Jewish, Peace Activist, Physics, Relativity, Atom Bomb, Womanizer, and a person who practiced Incest. Right?...... Right!!!

You see, most people don't know that good ol' Einstein was a womanizer, that he divorced his wife because he couldn't put up with her 'depression', and that he married his cousin.

So, Jill Metzger, may have some good qualities, but in this particular situation, she has been proclaimed innocent.... because no one has come forward with damning 'evidence'. Well, I'm beginning to believe that you, and others like yourself and ol' John 'JB' Fiske above, would not believe her culpability - even if she proclaimed it herself. It would force you to accept something that your mind is not ready to accept... and you know what happens to people like that?? They go insane FlyTrap.. insane.

So... ta, ta.. Your letter is in the mail.

Flytrap: LMAO! I laughed s... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Flytrap: LMAO! I laughed so hard reading your post. Have been off all day, because yes, I do have a life besides coming onto this blog. Did not think I would be reading another blog to me - so be it, I'm popular! Thank You! Woman scorned? hahahahahahah I have been divorced for some time now. Only married 12 months is hardly a marriage. Let's see, I was smart enough to find out soon enough. Long over, great life, beautiful home, own a few racehorses, great family, blah blah blah,,,,,,,and oh yes, I truly don't have skeletons - wait, I stole a jelly bean in a grocery store once, I thought I was trying the flavor, but my mother was pretty upset at me for taking the jelly bean! and ya better re-read my posts because I am certain I never put down her family, or her for that matter. Just posting like the rest here. Multiple personality? hahahahah having fun on a blog - sorry dear, most of my cohorts at my house that day (bbq) were military personnel honoring a fallen friend from Iraq, yes, we were having some fun on this site from stupid posts - such as yours.
Baby pigeon? hmmmmm, Wiz brought that one up and I find him very funny and intelligent and smart - unlike yourself who keeps slamming someone named Deb G. for opinions posted like everyone else does - you are not bothering me, making me laugh actually - I feel badly that you are so angry and this site rattles your chain.....and yes, I have seen a baby pigeon - helped one fly in a barn behind my house when I was about 10 yo. Don't know why I have never seen one since....

Sorry Flytrap, but I will keep praying for Jill and her family because that is what she needs, especially given the fact she most likely made up her abduction, she needs mental help and oh yes, I do, in fact, find her stories pathetic and inconsistent, like the rest of the world does.....Multiple personality? hahahahah do you know the highest military officials and intel and FBI and CIA and DIA and so on use multiple personality techniques to gather information to save your ass from terrorism????? Go send emails to them and posts about it.....and when they dig into a personal life, including past affairs and so on to protect your very freedom, try telling them to go to, wait, what was it you said? oh yes,,,,a ladies prayer grup or optimist club or whatever.....you're pathetic - and who is scorned?????

Flytrap: Oh yes, you said ... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Flytrap: Oh yes, you said step outside? I think that might have been some sort of threat - pray (there is that word you don't like again) you have had some combative training, or knife training or know how to handle a pistol or better yet MP5 or better yet the discipline to know you don't threat a fellow human being and you never use combative unless you truly feel threatened - grow up......

oh, and try some plausible deniability in your life - it might save you one day.....

------------VR------------<... (Below threshold)
Wizbang Poster:


Can I call you 'doc'?

What Kuba Kyrgyz certainly has one thing right... and I quote:

"But why on the earth she went to Kant to make an abortion, to that below-any-standards rural clinic? How she could explain that she needed an abortion? No one speeaks English probably there. Or did she hire a translator? Why she was so desperate?"

I've been to some of these clinics for personal treatment. Talk about back country practices!!! Had blood drawn by a lady using like a 10gauge needle.. No precautions (gloves etc).. I had to buy my own syringe... whoa!! scary stuff... That took place in the city at a hospital.. Outlying clinics.. Watch Out!!! I was not at all impressed with the standards. However, there are some pretty upscale clinics there.

Your professional assessment is good to have with respect to the protocol on this abortion theory. Certainly helps me understand more about it and also helps me put it together in rational terms.

In my opinion, that would b... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

In my opinion, that would be exactly where she would go, if, in fact, this abortion theory is true. She would want to go to a hole in the wall clinic so not to be recognized or known. Her very career is at stake if she were pregnant, nevermind married and pregnant.

DebG:.... Ahhhh...... (Below threshold)
Wizbang Poster:


Ahhhh... you shouldn't ah'.... thanks for the kind words.

Wizbang Poster, I ... (Below threshold)

Wizbang Poster,
I was refering to actual military public affairs writers such as on www.af.mil. Stars and Stripes is a commercial press outlet and does not have knowledge of what AF commanders already know and have shared with the public affairs officers. Isn't it interesting that the article you refer to is titled "Major who went missing..." Did she go missing or was she kidnapped? You have to look deeper into what the media is saying by looking at the words they choose and what they are not saying.

Wizbang: LOL. I want you ... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Wizbang: LOL. I want you as my wingman, in my foxhole, and a co-pilot! I knew that would hit the very core of your inner sensitivity....

I'm a scorned woman so BEWARE....(shrug and shake) I get a kick out of that one. I nearly forgot I was ever married, divorced a man who DID NOT want a divorce so how does that make one scorned? Ok, new blog "Where are all the scorned women" Frankly, nowadays, I don't think many scorned woman exist any longer, they have too many other options, excellent careers of their own and TOO MUCH FUN!

The abortion theory sounds ... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

The abortion theory sounds excellent. I agree with the above post about abortions. Normally, women go in and in a few hours are free to leave with little or no medication. However, complications can occur which can be life threatening and given Jill's small athletic frame, she might have been bleeding heavily and perforated, thus, she had to stay. A high temp can set in as well within hours....someone over there knows where she was....I doubt she slept in the street for those days she was missing....and someone brought her dye for her hair....

good grief, when will this end???? We shall find out soon enough....

----------Deb G------------... (Below threshold)
Wizbang Poster:

----------Deb G-----------------

"Wizbang: LOL. I want you as my wingman, in my foxhole, and a co-pilot! I knew that would hit the very core of your inner sensitivity...."

Well, sweetness... if you insist on laughing your way through any situation.. I"m the man.. Cuz when you're laughing, there's no time for crying, fearing, or cut and run.. Just kick butt, and keep going..

By the way... you're going down the runway, thrust is picking up... what happens if you don't pull that stick back???

Flytrap,In response ... (Below threshold)
Borat is the father:

In response to your invitation to Deb G to“step outside” I conclude you share similar virtues (or lack thereof) as your friend Jill. Perhaps you should try practicing the virtue of humility to avoid falling victim to the opposing virtue, pride. We would not be “begging the question” on this blog had your friend Jill exercised the virtue of chastity a bit more, but she did not. She did not know how to exercise her virtue of chastity because she had never in her life used it. She married two weeks prior to deploying and found herself struggling in the marathon of cardinal virtues and she LOST to lust.
“Fascinated” with Major Metzger’s life; for my part it is more like not willing to look the other way when atrocious claims of abduction and bombs are used to cover ones own selfish mistakes. Personally, I am astounded that she has not learned from her past and is continuing to sacrifice the livelihood of anyone who might get in the way of her goals. Was her goal in this case an abortion? I do not know and I do not care, I could not possibly fathom Jill’s mentality, nor do I want to try. The cause of her transgression is not my concern; it is the consequences of her actions which concern me. The hypocrisy of Major Metzger administering disciplinary action to troops under her command for offenses which she herself is guilty astounds me. The conditions in which Major Metzger has left for the next rotation of Air Force troops to Kyrgyzstan and troops deployed all over the world is what angers people like Wizbang Poster who has children serving. I could go on and on about why this epic which Major Metzger has created fascinates us and drives us to this blog, but resentment is not on the list.

Wizbang: If I don't pull t... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Wizbang: If I don't pull that stick back - we are going to go very fast, very straight and laugh like silly as we crash into whatever stops us first! Might hit some baby pigeons along the way! Hope they laugh too! However, we are going to kick butt along the way until we can't kick anymore!

Laughing? I have been accused of ALWAYS maintaining a great sense of humor in any given situation - it is what keeps us sane and straight and even focused. To dwell on a terrible situation without finding humor, will leave you, well, most likely dead or in a straight jacket. As the doc said: Humor is the best medicine....

Borat is the father: I'm with you, and thanks for the "back up". I find it informative to come onto this post for many reasons, not just out of curiosity of Jill Metzger's disappearance, but also, to learn of how another country might be handling this, how the military is handling this, how others feel about these posts, curiosity, learning experience. I also enjoy the military comradiere at any time in my life.

I am sure Wiz is both proud of his two sons serving our country yet a part remains cautious on a daily basis of the what ifs. He has reasons to be here beyond our comprehension - finding any information regarding a foreign country possibly kidnapping one of our military, which could have been his own sons is on the list, if a military officer falsely claims of an abduction, it effects any family member, spouse, friend ANYONE with someone deployed with the thoughts that kidnappings might be next on the list for military personnel. It would NOT be something to claim falsely for significant reasons.....

If this were not a false claim, I feel strongly that the media, someone would be talking of THE TRUE STORY by now.....as usual if the story is true.....

While on this board and saying similar things to everyone posting here, I have been wished I were raped, abducted, tortured, even murdered, accused of being scorned (funny one), multiple personalities, etc....and those who are saying these things claim to do this because Jill is innocent until proven guilty, etc...yet you folks who try to maintain someone's character are intent on trying to put someone's elses down and wishing harm done, how twisted is that???? Perhaps you folks are the ones who need to re-evaluate your own characters, skeletons, flaws and mental capabilities and realize this is a blog to express theories on what really happened to Jill....and baby pigeons and yes, stuff like that...

Wiz: I hope you don't mind... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Wiz: I hope you don't mind my soapbox style of mentioning your name.....

I have MANY dear friends deployed right now, many of them women. Four of my best friends are in Iraq right now. I maintain contact with them via email and even some phone calls. When this story hit, yes, I was concerned that military kidnappings might be next on a terrorist list somewhere of "hmmmm, what shall we do next for un against Americans"......If Jill's story is indeed false, a strict punishment should follow....

Borat,"I do not kn... (Below threshold)


"I do not know and I do not care, I could not possibly fathom Jill’s mentality, nor do I want to try."

You seem to be trying QUITE hard. Otherwise you wouldn't be on this board. If you cannot fathom Jill's mentality then perhaps you should avoid away from speculating about what happened in Kyrgyzstan. Because all of these theories are speculation. You have no evidence that the story is untrue. All you have are the incessant rantings of Deb G and other sick minds who would prefer to think of Jill as a deviant, assuming that she couldn't possibly have been kidnapped, crucifying her now in her time of suffering for things allegedly done four years ago.

The amount of mental illness on this board is astounding. I urge you Borat, Deb G, and all of the other sick theorists out there, to seek counseling as soon as possible. The world must be a very ugly place to you. It didn't take long for you to start judging Jill Metzger and turning her into the worst person possible. Not long to believe in the words of foreign police instead of having faith in one who serves her country in the military. Even if the story that Jill has told is not true, and you have NO hard evidence that it's not, do you really think that anyone is benefiting from your negativity? Isn't the world bad enough without you adding to it? I can only imagine that if you are this way on a blog, you are this way in life.

I guess she is not back in ... (Below threshold)

I guess she is not back in the states yet.


She says that she ios trying to heal herself mentally......GO FIGURE :)

“Right now I’m trying to focus on healing myself mentally and physically,” said Metzger in a U.S. Air Forces in Europe news release. “I’m healthy and recovering, and looking very forward to heading back to the states to see my family. I appreciate everyone’s understanding in respecting my privacy while I rest and try to get through this.”

DM: There is medication fo... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

DM: There is medication for your anger, try to find some. Calling all of us sick minds for attempting to seek answers to a possible military falsity is something that the military is trying to do, the FBI is trying to do, the CIA is trying to do, the DIA is trying to do, Kryg is trying to do, the United States is trying to do, you are obviously trying to do because you are on here....ah geesh, the list goes on - DOES THAT MAKE ALL OF US AND ALL OF THEM MENTALLY ILL? You are a small mind in a small blog who has no idea what you are remotely talking about....I have to say, where is YOUR morality for defending a human being who is obviously most likely, quite possibly, heck literally most likely possibly and perhaps LYING to everyone....yet you defending this possibly lack of moral character is well, alarming - go find a baby pigeon.....strange how people come on here to voice opinions and then get preached to about those opinions. Everyone is this world has opinions DM so go yack at them all and I'll send you a postcard to the mental hospital you are in.....lighten up and see this board for what it was set up for - Where is Jill Metzger? Exactly, for folks to wonder, assume, predict, think about, offer opinions to and so on regarding this very topic.....

DM: I ask a question of you?? What do YOU think happened to Jill Metzger?? Answer that.....

RS: LOL! How much do you ... (Below threshold)
Borat is the father:

RS: LOL! How much do you want to bet our favorite officer will be claiming post traumatic stress disorder as an excuse to her whopper in the pocket?

Borat: yup, I bet she will ... (Below threshold)

Borat: yup, I bet she will eventually have to 'fess up to the concocted story, but she'll blame it on "stress" and a "botched medical procedure"(unspecified, please respect my privacy) and weird Kryzg drugs. She's already angling for our sympathy with her statement, and she'll likely get it from a number of people who can't bear to think that a little cute blonde-haired, blue-eyed AF Major could do anything wrong.

VR: Well said.... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

VR: Well said.

OK.. --------I'm back, anyt... (Below threshold)
WizBang Poster:

OK.. --------I'm back, anything exciting happen???

Oh... No polls??? I'll do one right now...

Everybody who thinks she (Major Jill Metzger) is guilty say ... Aye!


Just as I thought... Aye's have it!

Everyone else.. please sit down.. (don't want to offend anyone)

Wiz: I love that humor! D... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Wiz: I love that humor! Don't stop......

Borat: Is this true? a Ka... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Borat: Is this true? a Kazakh man gets a wife by buying a woman from her father for fifteen gallons of insecticide??? Perhaps Borat is the father of Jill's presumed pregnancy...hmmmmmmmmmmm to ponder....he did, after all, have multiple wives, girlfriends and mistresses, and well, a sister....

Earlier I was so sure the a... (Below threshold)

Earlier I was so sure the abortion theory was impossible... Being a female officer and having been deployed, I can't imagine sneaking off to a clinic for an abortion while on a MWR trip. Assuming this is legit because there has no official press release, she must have been desperate to do this. Fear and desperation...

Maybe she was far enough along that her husband would have noticed...she is so fit. But dealing with your husband is one thing...going AWOL in a foreign country intentionally is insane... the bomb report always sounded to me like it was formulated by her to fit what the authorities already knew...what was being reported during her absence.

Do you really think this AWOL was premeditated?

Could she really have thought she'd get back in time?

It just defies logic.

Wonder who was the ex Soviet farm outside Bishkek... boyfriend? Who else could it be?

Intrigued: it DOES defy log... (Below threshold)

Intrigued: it DOES defy logic and it does seem incredible that she would leave her group the way she did for WHATEVER business she had planned. It had to be something very desperate and something she felt she had to do before she left for the States in 3 days. The distance between the department store and where it is claimed she had an abortion is not that great, something like 30 miles? Isn't that what Kuba Kyrgyz told us? If she had an appointment at, say 1pm, she probably figured she'd be done by 3 or 4 and back at the base by 5. But something happened to throw a wrench in her plans: a medical complication? a ride that never showed?

I hope the investigators are leaning hard on the people with whom she went to the department store. I would expect that she told one of them to "cover" for her when she didn't return and to convince the group to go back to the base. Why else would they have left without her?

Looks really like, that Jil... (Below threshold)
Kuba Kyrgyz:

Looks really like, that Jill's had botched up abortion.


"Our first impression was that the woman was severely drunk ...(but) there was no smell of alcohol and we then understood that she was in shock," Svetlana Ivashenko told The AP.

** The effect of pain-killer drug?

Who had seized her, why and were they had held her all this time, she couldn't clarify," Ivashenko said. "As she told all this, she didn't weep - she just sobbed and held her head." Ivashenko said there was blood on Metzger's feet and that she said she had walked a considerable distance.

"there was blood on Metzger's feet" - as a result of post-surgery bleeding? Looks like she's had her fair share of suffering at the hands of mean doctors and clearly was in a state of mental and physical anguish. She probably showed them bunch of greenbucks, and those mean, ignorant back country botchers just jumped at opportunity to earn some money.

As a person, knowing local situation in Kyrgyzstan, I'd say that I would never, ever go to any of rural clinics in Kyrgyzstan to have even minor surgery. I'd grab a bunch of cash, dine out and court some reputable doctors in Bishkek and, after verifiyng their credentials (some background checks), would offer them some "financial incentive" just to feel confident that doctor is pleased and will do his/her job alright.

Why she did not make an appointment with doctor from clinic in Togolok-Moldo Kievskaja? I'm sure that she would've been treated alright there.

I see here some systemic failure. Something went wrong. Someone, who was supposed to to help Jill out, did not turn up at the place. Someone, who knows local situation, was supposed to help her. Her boyfriend? Ex-pat? English speaking local?

Plan A failed. Plan B turned sour.

She was quickly whisked away afterwards to Landstuhl hospital in Germany on military transport. I'd guess here, that she was urgently treated in that hospital from the results of surgery gone wrong.

I'm not a Sherlock Holms precisely, and my deductions might be wrong. But all the clues point out about surgery gone wrong.

Kuba: Bingo! Best theory ... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Kuba: Bingo! Best theory I have heard yet. When her husband was on TV and he sadly stated "they were SUPPOSED to have romantic dinners and so on and then said he was DISAPPOINTED".....before even knowing where she was...Well, how did he know he was NOT going to have romantic dinners, that she would not be home in time for that vacation and if she were, in fact, kidnapped, he would never had said DISAPPOINTED....that word is not appropriate for a kidnapped wife. Angry, upset, frustrated, yes, but not disappointed.....it is clear her husband already KNEW what truly happened and was obviously calling that vacation off.....

Kuba:Is there no way... (Below threshold)

Is there no way to get onto the web the video of the doctor who was on your TV the other day claiming an abortion occurred? I wouldn't understand the language, but plenty of others will. Does the TV station have a website?

Kuba, your theory is all ve... (Below threshold)
Gogi from KG:

Kuba, your theory is all very nice, of course. Except for one thing. There is no clinic on Togolok Moldo - Kievskaya. The clinic for party bosses that you are reffering to is on a different intersection. Hope that helps with future deductions. :-)


Deb G. My post was not wri... (Below threshold)

Deb G. My post was not written in anger but concern. There was frustration, but if you read anger, you must be projecting your own into it. You call my defending Jill alarming - are you always so critical of all people who try to see goodness before evil? That is why I am concerned about you, if you take such a negative slant on everything in your life. What do I think happened to Jill? I don't know. She may have been kidnapped. She may have snapped and be ill. She may have found herself in crisis and done something dishonest. I'll wait to see what statement the military makes. But I prefer to have faith in people, especially to have faith and respect for people in the military who serve every day to protect my freedom, until proof is presented that I am wrong. I prefer not to spend my day weaving dirty little stories about people.

Now I have a question for you because I really don't understand where you're coming from -
How do you benefit from saying what you've said on this board?

DM: You don't know me, and... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

DM: You don't know me, and never will. I am never angry nor bitter, it is not part of my character or fiber. Negative slant on everything? You're kidding right? MANY people are taking a negative slant on the Jill Metzger theory and possibilites - this has nothing to do with MY life, it is what she has done to HER life. Let's see: You just took a negative slant on her too saying "She may have snapped and be ill, she may have found herself in crisis and done something dishonest" - does this mean YOUR life is negative too for taking that negative slant toward Jill's situation?????????
I have a lot of faith in people, born and raised on military basis and yes, in the military myself. I have, however, witnessed acts of less than conduct becoming and DO NOT stand by those military folks who have done this, sorry, my moral fiber, oaths and character do not support conduct unbecoming - if that is what it truly is. Do you know Jill??? If not, then how can you make something positive out of what is being perceived (not just by me, but by many on this board, the media, military, etc...) to be a very negative situation.

Benefit from saying what I said? Let's see: This is a blog - right??? so people come on here to post theories, opinions, comments - right??? well, I am ONE of MANY people here doing that. Just like you - isn't that funny!

By the way: Why are you not posting back to the folks who wished I was raped, tortured, beaten and MURDERED - that sounds PRETTY negative to me and the others who post negative theories and thoughts??????? You are a hypocrit and a real well, piece of work and need some serious help.....when you OPEN YOUR EYES and realize that MANY othes are posting thoughts here, just like me - mostly negative too, only theories DM, don't worry - I am sure NONE of us really KNOW what happened, but it is normal for folks to try to add opinions.....I am doing NO harm to you, nor to Jill - so what is up with your constant badgering and bickering??? and why do you not post back to the folks who have just written the theories, I am just agreeing with them??? You are one sorry individual......

So, how do YOU benefit from saying what you post on this board???????????

Two newer articles...... (Below threshold)

Two newer articles...

Metzger says she was kidnapped from a Kyrgyzstan shopping mall September 5 and managed to escape three days later.
But as Metzger recovers at a hospital in Germany, investigators reportedly are looking at inconsistencies in her story. Her father, retired Lt. Col. John Metzger tells Eyewitness News that his newlywed daughter definitely was kidnapped.

"This was no runaway bride scenario," he said.

Metzger adds his daughter was found with two black eyes and a number of bruises. There is no word on when she will return to the United States.

Stars and Stripes
European edition, Thursday, September 14, 2006

KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany — Air Force Maj. Jill Metzger issued a public statement Wednesday, marking the first time she has been directly quoted since reportedly being kidnapped and escaping her captors last week in Kyrgyzstan.

“Right now I’m trying to focus on healing myself mentally and physically,” said Metzger in a U.S. Air Forces in Europe news release. “I’m healthy and recovering, and looking very forward to heading back to the states to see my family. I appreciate everyone’s understanding in respecting my privacy while I rest and try to get through this.”

Metzger is still undergoing the debriefing process at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center where she is listed in “good” condition, according to the release.

“We will continue to care for Maj. Metzger for as long as the debriefing process takes,” said Col. John Collins, Landstuhl chief of staff, in the news release. “She has been through a lot, and we hope she will be able to fly back to the states in the next day or so.”

I think all the Jill bashers out there may soon be quite suprised...and probably quite disappointed that their Jerry Springer fantasies may be just that...

DM: WHY are you concerned ... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

DM: WHY are you concerned about me???? Aweful nice of you to take concern over someone you don't know LOL I think you should then be concerned about EVRERYONE making negative slants toward Jill then - bless your soul, that is a heavy burden to carry....when you are ready for the REAL world - it might open up for you....

Question... I have been wo... (Below threshold)

Question... I have been wondering why it is so unbelieveable that someone would be kidnapped in a public place. Doesn't that happen ALL the time here in the United States? People seem to vanish into thin air...in busy public areas...malls, amusement parks, parking lots, seemingly safe public areas??

Deb, please calm down. Als... (Below threshold)

Deb, please calm down. Also, please refer to my original posting to you stating that I thought that what people were saying to you about you deserving harm were HORRIBLE and INAPPROPRIATE. To wish you harm for speaking your mind is twisted and I hope never to run into those people when they've had a bad day.

It's funny that you should accuse me of "constant badgering and bickering" when the number of your posts greatly outweighs mine.

You may not think that you are doing any harm to Jill, but you ARE by encouraging people to turn against her. I AM concerned about all of the people on this board who have taken so much of their time and energy to post such terrible things about this girl. What do I get out of posting on this board? I feel that someone should offer a counterargument. Also she deserves to be defended as I see no actual evidence that she is lying.

Deb, you ridicule me and laugh at me for wanting to care about people and choose compassion. You sarcastically call it a "heavy burden". I don't find it difficult to care - do you?

doors:It's not unbel... (Below threshold)

It's not unbelievable that someone would be kidnapped in a public place. I think everyone's first reaction when we heard an AF Major had been abducted was that it was probably true. But here are the unbelievable elements of Jill's story:
--a bomb was placed in her back pocket
--she was given a note in English telling her to go to a certain location
--she decided to go to the location on the note and followed its orders "as if in a trance"
--she did not alert her friends in the store that anything was wrong
--she was seen on store video leaving by herself and climbing into a taxi
--she paid the taxi driver when she got to her location
--she used a public phone at her location even though she was carrying her cellphone
--no group ever claimed responsibility for the kidnapping or made demands, even though she was supposedly held for 2 or 3 days
--she claims she was put in a dark room and was able to escape by whacking one of the captors who brought her food. She's 5'1" tall, and she hit a male captor hard enough to allow for an escape?and we are to assume she was kidnapped but left unrestrained?)
--the local police made a statement that based on their investigation she had not been kidnapped and found her story unbelievable
--a doctor in Kant has made a statement on TV that he performed an abortion on her

It requires a huge, mighty stretch of imagination to assume she's telling the truth.

And please don't call her a GIRL. She's 33 years old, for God's sake, an Air Force officer and fully responsible for her actions. If she has lied to cover up her own personal transgressions, and lied in a way that hurt the US and hurt the AF and hurt the reputation of officers and hurt the host country, then the truth NEEDS to come out and she NEEDS to be punished. My fear is that she'll be granted sympathy instead of punishment because, after all, she's just a girl. BULL.

What I get out of posting to this blog is the hope that if interest in this story can be maintained, the truth will eventually come out. A lot of people read this stuff, and tell their friends, and interest is maintained. I want to know the truth about what happened. I would be THRILLED beyond belief to find out she was telling the truth all along. Shocked! But thrilled. However, I'm not naive and I'm not willing to give her the benefit of the doubt when her story doesn't add up and the consequences of her actions could have been so severe.

Kuba and Gogi,Can yo... (Below threshold)

Kuba and Gogi,
Can you get the telephone # for the Kyrgyz TV station that ran the spot on the doctor who claimed to have done an abortion on Jill Metzger? Perhaps it's National-Enquireresque, as has been suggested, but perhaps it needs to be part of the story being told here. This phone # might be helpful for US TV stations that would want to run the spot. Pardon my ignorance, but what language would the people at the TV station be speaking? Would they be likely to speak English?

To doors:>why it is ... (Below threshold)
Gogi from KG:

To doors:
>why it is so unbelieveable that someone would be kidnapped in a public place. Doesn't that happen ALL the time here in the United States

Because of the circumstances. The mall she disappeared from is always busy, and there are lots of cops there both in plain clothes and in uniform. Not only the mall is busy itself, but its neighbourhood is extremely busy. As I've mentioned before, I've never ever heard of a single kidnapping from TsUM (I've lived in Bishkek for 25 years).
Besides, Major Metzger looks so obviously foreign. a) Kyrgyz are quite friendly people, especially to foreigners and b) any sane criminal knows that our cops will be very ruthless when investigating crimes against foreigners. I am not saying that we don't have any crimes against foreigners - you can be mugged or robbed - but I've not heard of any major crimes. In other words, we are not Chechnya when it comes to kidnappings. Not even close.

I've been hearing so many confusing and contradicting reports on this. I've heard our police people saying that Major Metzger was not beaten. However, today I've heard people saying that they've seen pictures of Major Metzger with bruises and injuries. Go figure.

Are there really pictures o... (Below threshold)

Are there really pictures out there? I haven't heard/seen anything about it.

2 VR>Can you get the... (Below threshold)
Gogi from KG:

2 VR
>Can you get the telephone # for the Kyrgyz TV station that ran the spot on the doctor who claimed to have done an abortion on Jill Metzger
There are several problems here:
a. Kuba is referring to a newspaper article that refers to a TV spot. A is saying that B said something about C saying yada-yada. You catch my drift, right?
b. Kuba does not mention the name of the newspaper. I am unable to find any such article in local media (bear in mind that I am searching their web-sites, the TV spot might've referred to a newspaper that does not have a website).
c. Kuba's English translation of the article is not quite consistent. For some reason his English translation has a reference to a spot done by Kyrgyz State TV station, whereas his Russian source does not mention any TV station at all (there is a reference to unspecified TV boradcast, but nothing more specific than that).
d. If it was the Kyrgyz State TV that showed the news, I'd be very reluctant to take the news at face value. Our State TV is not known for objective and unbiased reporting - they broadcast only what our government wants.
e. Contact detail for our Kyrgyz State TV (assuming that they did the TV spot that the newspaper refers to) is this:
Ph.: + 996 (312) 655 570
This is contacts for their advertising branch. I could not find contacts of their News Section. Our TV folks speak Kyrgyz and Russian. I'd say 95% of our population speaks Russian.
f. Contact details for Issyk Ata District Clinic
This is what I was able to find on the web. I can't verify that this information is 100% accurate.
Telephones: +996 (3132) 21311, +996 (3132) 23482;
Where +996 is country code for Kyrgyzstan and +3132 is area code for Issyk Ata.

Another thing that I don't ... (Below threshold)
Gogi from KG:

Another thing that I don't quite understand is this:
I can't find references to the TV spot in any of our major media. Had this TV spot actually been on the air, I am sure all other news sources would've noticed that. But I see no references to this TV spot in our major media. None. Zero. Nada.

Gogi:Interesting. T... (Below threshold)

Interesting. Thanks for the info. I cut and pasted the info to our local TV "hotlines", maybe they have a Russian-speaking employee who can look into it further. Sounds like it's a rumor.

It appears that the REHEAD ... (Below threshold)

It appears that the REHEAD INFIDEL has a little agenda of her own... you can read her little exchange
Hey read it here:

Sunliner, I hope you don't think I was referring to you when I railed against the conspiracy theorists. I had written that post before I found this discussion here. Actually, I read the conspiracy comments at a news wesbite that allowed commenting on articles (can't remember which now)and a few at FR. That's what ratcheted up my annoyance factor.

I am also irked at the obvious reluctance of milbloggers to pick up this story - it's like they have a "wait-and-see" attitude.

Now go and take a look at t... (Below threshold)
Done Right:

Now go and take a look at the site that The Redhead Infidel is associated with:


Sounds like an affair gone ... (Below threshold)

Sounds like an affair gone bad to me.....
Her most recent statments to the AP was that "she needs physical and MENTAL rest". I Think she is trying to end a love affair .....I wish her the best either way the truth will eventually surface.

Ive banged her......... (Below threshold)

Ive banged her......

Wouldn't a kidnapping victi... (Below threshold)

Wouldn't a kidnapping victim also be in need of mental healing and rest?

naaa naaaa jokin... (Below threshold)

naaa naaaa jokin

I am an Air Force Major, an... (Below threshold)
Maj F.:

I am an Air Force Major, and when I first heard the story, I was very concerned for a fellow officer. I imagined what it would be like in the same circumstance since I have been shopping at many shops and souqs while deployed, just like her. I was very glad when she was found, but then my attitude changed after I heard her reported story and other circumstances of her "abduction" and "escape." What ticks me off is this is someone I related to and cared for, and then she talks about a bomb, a trance, and other nonsense. Sorry, the story does not make sense and I feel she betrayed my care/concern for a fellow officer. I'll be surprised if her story is true, but if it is, she didn't react like an officer or any other trained military person would have. If it is not true, well, she should be discharged for false statements.

Up to this point, all we ha... (Below threshold)

Up to this point, all we have heard are other people's accounts of what Jill Metzger said. If each word of the accounts is going to be dissected, keep in mind that the people relaying these accounts may not speak English well or at all.

Maj. F. - Not being military myself, I wonder if you would elaborate on how an officer should react if an explosive is forced upon them? What is an officer trained to do in such a situation as Jill was in?

What an officer (or any rea... (Below threshold)

What an officer (or any reasonable person) would have done if a bomb had been placed in her back pocket:
1. Let's be realistic here. What would YOU do if you suddenly felt a strange hand on your butt? You'd yell, whip around, and strike out before they were able to stick something in your pocket. And if they DID put it in there you'd have it whipped out before you could take the time to read about how it's a BOMB on a note. Someone in that busy store surely would have noticed a struggle. She's suggesting that someone put something in her butt pocket, she stood still, then read a note, then calmly and without attracting any attention walked briskly out of the store into a cab.
2. Failing the ability to make a fuss when someone put something into your own pants, take the jeans the hell off and run.
3. Failing that, alert someone in the store that you are in trouble. Friends who were with you. Security guards. Scream. Write a note. Stay put. What kind of fool would have left the store "in a trance", following instructions on a piece of paper? She got into a cab by herself.
4. Her cellphone was on for quite a while after the alleged "abduction". Call the base. Call home if you can't recall the base number. Call your pal. Call your husband who's an OSI agent. Call 60 Minutes.
5. She went to a payphone after the cab ride and placed a call. Again, go through the list of people she could have called and said, "Hey, here's a weirdness, here I am in Bishkek with a bomb in my pocket!"

I think anyone with a particle of common sense would not have left the relative safety of a public place without a fuss.

Seems like the initial information was that she said "two women" asked her for help, and when she went outside to help them she was abducted. But then it must have been pointed out to her that her image was seen on video climbing, by herself, into a cab. So her story changed to accommodate that.

<a href="http://www.denverp... (Below threshold)


Today's offering from the Denver Post. Not much more info, but a few pearls of conversation from MAJ Jill. Sounds like her husband is trying to distance himself from the situation:"I'm in the dark".

An Air Force Officer, or an... (Below threshold)
Borat is Baby Daddy:

An Air Force Officer, or anyone in the armed forces are trained to do ANYTHING within their control to avoid being a POW (or kidnapped). Officers are trained to never give in to demands or threats at a risk of being used as bargaining. You know that little thing about dying for our country? They mean it.
Further, being a Field Grade Officer upon her escape, Major Metzger should have taken every step possible in identifying her abductors to reduce any threat to her the troops under her command.
At the very LEAST, an Officer should be poised enough to thank the host country as well as the U.S. Embassy in the effort to find her. However, she did not. In her only statement she did not even say that she was thankful to be alive and FREE. She told us to respect her privacy.

Well this doesn't give us m... (Below threshold)

Well this doesn't give us much of an update but now we know that she is on her way home and that the media is still saying that her story is suspicious. The article is from Europe Stars and Stripes.

Metzger on her way back to States

Stars and Stripes
European edition, Friday, September 15, 2006

Air Force Maj. Jill Metzger, who went missing for three days in Kyrgyzstan after reportedly being kidnapped, is on her way home after spending four days in Germany receiving medical tests and evaluations.

The Air Force took Metzger from Landstuhl Regional Medical Center to Ramstein Air Base, where she boarded a U.S.-bound military cargo plane on Thursday afternoon, said Maj. Krista Carlos, a spokeswoman for U.S. Air Forces in Europe. Her final destination is her home station at Moody Air Force Base, Ga., where she will meet her husband.

She has not talked to the media since she reported being kidnapped while on a shopping trip to the capital of Bishkek.

“While she was at [Landstuhl Regional Medical Center], her focus was to heal and recover and [she] really asked that everybody let her do that,” Carlos said on Thursday.

She reportedly told investigators that someone stuffed an object in her jeans and told her it was a bomb before she was kidnapped on Sept. 5. Police in Kyrgyzstan have told reporters in recent media reports that Metzger’s quick departure from the country hampered their investigation. They also reportedly said Metzger gave confusing accounts of her ordeal, leading to speculation over what happened.

Did not know a doctor made ... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Did not know a doctor made a statement regarding an abortion.

When I first saw this story break, I felt badly for her, I had fears of friends deployed possibly being set up for a kidnapping spree amongst our military - of women being kidnapped. Yes, it invoked fear and concern for my comrades. However, the bomb in the pocket following a note theory and calls made from her cell phone - DON'T buy it. Kidnappers DO NOT make phone calls from a cell phone of the kidnappee - doesn't happen....

Regardless, point blank: you would certainly have to be gullible and naive to believe this story.

If the kidnapping were, in fact, true, we would have heard details of the location of where she was (like the news started to report in map detail of where she was found), details of her injuries, who had her (according to her words, etc...) and so on.....We have heard NOTHING, which means quite simply - THERE IS NOTHING.....

Funny about Redhead Infidel - she was all over me on this site days ago.....Talk about Agenda...

DM: I am calm, always. I also do not find the need to defend someone I am not sure did not do anything wrong, nor am I sure she did not do something right. I am speculating, assuming (from the completely bogus stories thus far) and theorizing, which people do in order to protect lives, solve terrorist plots, plans and possibilities, etc….How do you KNOW she deserves to be defended? How do you KNOW she is NOT lying?? No, you don’t know and guilty until proven innocent has passed right about now given what she has stated. Her statements came from a military avenue……open your eyes to the story for what it is……and, my posts are not badgering or bickering at anyone, I am participating in theories, speculations and thoughts, like most on here, you, on the other hand, are trying to protect someone you know nothing about……
p.s. Bin Laden needs some mental healing and rest too....

DM: I am starting to think... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

DM: I am starting to think that perhaps YOU are Jill Metzger!! You have to be kidding me? Do you REALLY believe someone placed an explosive device in her pocket? She was SEEN on VIDEO walking out alone and so on, ON VIDEO,,,,yes, the Kryg gov. has reviewed it, U.S. military officials have reviewed it....

If you BELIEVE for one minute that a bomb was, in fact, put into her back pocket then I give you the award of the year for being naive and gullible and frankly, believing something only because YOU want to, because by the sounds of it, Jill does NOT even believe her own story...

Borat: Exactly. NO milita... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Borat: Exactly. NO military officer or anyone would walk out of a public area with a bomb in her pocket (cough) and follow instructions in a letter. There is training for situations like this....none of which include walking to your captors taxi, or house or clinic, whatever...

Here is a quick question. ... (Below threshold)
Borat is Baby Daddy.:

Here is a quick question. Hubby was visiting Germany and from Jill's fathers account they were "happy to be together". Now that Jill is heading back for Georgia, where is hubby? Why hasn't he made public statements? He was superstar all over the news while she was missing. You would think with all the speculation he would make a statement after visiting with her.

Lets have a fun wager - may... (Below threshold)
Borat is Baby Daddy.:

Lets have a fun wager - maybe lighten DM up a bit to enjoy some friendly banter with us as fellow interested bloggers and not as enemy hypnotists.
Who thinks Jill dyed her hair back to blonde? It was dishwater blonde before, do you think she went for a cute Meg Ryan shaggy platinum blonde? Or do you think she prefers the Alien abduction pixie with Britney Spears Black? Or perhaps she is feeling a little "wild" from her experience and got some red and purple streaks in the black?

Platinum blonde...I think s... (Below threshold)

Platinum blonde...I think she wants to feels like she is the shit, though she is just shit...lol

Please don't attack me, just my opinion, and remember I do know her a bit, so I would know. And if you don't agree, I don't really care.

Oops, I'm being mean...soorrryyy!

Deb G. and others who "know... (Below threshold)

Deb G. and others who "know what they would do" if in the same situation...

As I said in a post, way way up in the chain, there are the things we'd like to think we would do in a stressful situation, and there are the things that we actually do. I've seen people who were trained to do something in a particular situation, practiced that training, and knew what to do, yet... When confronted with the real thing, or close to it, they freaked and went back to primal instinct. Unless someone practices something over and over and over to where it becomes instinctual, when faced with a seemingly threatening situation (remember, fear is based on a persons perception), logic is hijacked and all your best intentions can all go out the window. So, be careful when you say things like, "NO military officer or anyone would walk out of a public area with a bomb in her pocket (cough) and follow instructions in a letter...", because you really don't know.

Also, how do you know DM doesn't know Jill?
"DM ...you, on the other hand, are trying to protect someone you know nothing about... Deb G."

Just from the AF website...... (Below threshold)

Just from the AF website....she is home and there is a picture of her. They don't say anything about an investigation. I hope the AF is not saying anything because they want to keep it private, and not because they are done investigating. I also hope that her husband, being an OSI agent didn't coach her to lie in interviews, realizing that her story was wacko. Anyway, here's the link to the article.

Borat--She still has black hair and a very ugly hair do....she must it have it cut...Im sure her "abductors" wouldn't have given her a "style".


mb: there we go with the D... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

mb: there we go with the DEB G. start again. Never claimed to "know what I would do in that situation". However, I have (without getting into details) been deployed, been in situations where I have had to make a life or death decision/reaction, and NO, I myself would NEVER follow instructions on a note with a bomb in my pocket - EVER. That is mute though, she was on VIDEO walking out alone, into a taxi, etc...
and I do know that I would never claim to have a bomb in my pocket....I have no idea if DM knows Jill, but who knows, she might be Jill judging from her posts....
Again, I make theories, opinions and thoughts blah blah blah and I am the one who gets posted to....ligten up folks, simmer down, this is a blog area......smile, laugh, do whatever you want to do.....you defend Jill, lash out at me though and boil over in the process.....this blog has no effect on my life, it has no bearing. I multi task and carry on and stop here to see if there is any new news on this situation and all I see is....Deb G. Deb G. Deb G......getting a bit old......I don't know Jill from Jack but I do know a false abduction story when I hear one and worse yet, SEE IT BY VIDEO....

LMAO! I don't see any blac... (Below threshold)
borat is the Daddy:

LMAO! I don't see any black eyes?
Nice touch with the Air Force clothing. Now she really does look like a little boy - not just the body but the hair too.

Her husband is NOT touching... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Her husband is NOT touching her nor walking with her, that speaks volumes. The article does not state ANYWHERE that she was kidnapped or abducted - not once. I guess they are all bad too because obviously the media does NOT believe her story.....

Her husband is NOT smiling,... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Her husband is NOT smiling, strange given that ths should be a dream come true as his beloved wife just returned ALIVE from being abducted, having a bomb in her pocket, etc....the ONLY people who look happy are her parents - as normally would be...

Now, I have to point out: ... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Now, I have to point out: Her hair, is, in fact, dyed brown/black like the media said, like THEY said they found her. Do you folks who stand by the abduction/bomb theory and feel Jill did no wrong believe that THEY might be right on when they say her story is inconsistent and provide other details??? THEY said her hair was dyed, it is, perhaps THEY are right on the other facts, like the taxi, the video (which have been viewed), the witnesses, etc....

"...NO, I myself would NEVE... (Below threshold)

"...NO, I myself would NEVER follow instructions on a note with a bomb in my pocket - EVER."--Deb G

Thanks for helping to make my point.

Hey all...been enjoying the... (Below threshold)

Hey all...been enjoying the banter this week. Probably should've been focusing on my primary job a little more but for a lot of reasons I won't bore you with, this one really caught my attention.

I must admit, I too find this situation highly unusual. The abduction scenario is highly unlikely. I would also argue, however, that while the speculation is intriguing, there isn't nearly enough "evidence" to positively state what exactly happened. Further, it isn't very kind to suggest someone may have cheated on her husband, had an abortion, etc. without having more substantative information. I would strenuously argue that the "high road" would be to go as far as stating something isn't right, but wait for the evidence to come in before determining "guilt" or "innocence." That said, I've been around long enough to understand that the OPS (Officer Protection Society) certainly exists so if this story stops at "Major Metzger wants her privacy" without any explanation what-so-ever, then its time to start raising a stink. If what she said is true (e.g. she was abducted and freed herself) than you can bet that will be talked about, she'll be doing interviews, writing a book, hitting the media circuit, etc. If that doesn't happen, then Maj Metzger misrepresented at least some of the facts. If that's the case, as a field grade officer in the USAF, she has some things to answer for and she should pay the same price any other service member (regardless of rank) would pay.

I will say this...given her current Wing Commander (her ultimate boss at Moody for those not familiar with the position), the right thing will happen. That guy is STEEPED in integrity.

SR6, Can you tell me who is... (Below threshold)

SR6, Can you tell me who is the current Wing King at Moody? THanks!

mb: there is NO point, the... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

mb: there is NO point, there was NO bomb....that is the point, no bomb, no follow instructions. Pretty simple. If you think there WAS a bomb, you need help....

Silence does NOT happen fol... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Silence does NOT happen following an abduction, bomb in pocket story. The miliary would be sharing details and even most likely have a briefing utilizing media outlets, details would be out.....there is no "she needs privacy".....the military would be all over sharing details of a kidnapping, WARNING others in the area of possible future kidnappings, etc...where the area was it happened, etc...there is NOTHING because there is NOTHING.....

RS...it's Colonel Callahan.... (Below threshold)

RS...it's Colonel Callahan.

Completely agree with SR6. ... (Below threshold)
Maj F:

Completely agree with SR6. I was asked what I would do if someone tried to shove something in my back pocket in a foreign market...I would quickly turn, grab the hand and object, and depending on the action of the person, snap their wrist and shove their disabled fist in their mouth or simply shove the person and expedite the area. My initial assumption would be I'm being pick-pocketed which I am always warry of in a foreign place AND everyone gets a threat briefing concerning before deployment.

Thanks SR6, I don't know hi... (Below threshold)

Thanks SR6, I don't know him though, however based on what you said I hope he will handle the situation in a professional manner, and will hopefully get to the truth.

Maj F, I agree, plus if you are told that you have a bom, you should reported immediatly..I'm sure there were some cops there...you just don't follow the instructions, especially when the person abducting you is not even with you (waiting outside).

Her husband is OSI and her ... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

Her husband is OSI and her father is a retired LTC - do you think the AF will cover for her? and never report the truth?

"Her husband is NOT touchin... (Below threshold)

"Her husband is NOT touching her nor walking with her, that speaks volumes." -- Deb G.

It may, or it may not, speak volumes. Instead of always jumping on the negative, let's look at a possible positive scenario (of course, all speculation). The husband has been with her for the last few days. They've had their time together, so the initial emotions of being overjoyed at her return have subsided (plus, he's probably jet lagged and tired). They walk down the stairs, holding hands, to greet her parents. Having been reunited with her parents after quite some time, parents and their child are glad to see each other. Husband steps back to allow his wife and her parents to embrace, and he hangs with his dad. It's quite possible this all just happened, because the picture shows that Jill is just now reaching for the flowers her mom is offering. On and on and on...

I'm not necessarily defending Jill, because I don't know what happened, other than she disappeared and then reappeared. Yes, the story is full of holes, but none of us knows why; however, many have heard the "evidence" (gossip, speculation, etc) and are ready to convict and sentence. Let's not be so vindictive...

Here is a screenshot from T... (Below threshold)
Gogi from KG:

Here is a screenshot from TsUM surveillance video (reproduced in Delo Nomer local newspaper).
Major Metzger is leaving the mall alone, with no visible coercion.

No, I don't really think th... (Below threshold)

No, I don't really think there was a bomb, but you've been acting as though there was one. "If I had a bomb put in MY pocket...; I'm an officer...; I've had training... (AAAARRRRRMMMMYYY training sir!--Stripes), blah blah blah..." You've been so judgemental of folks on here... this is really getting to you, huh?! Sheesh! Let it go...

RS...No sweat! At first, I... (Below threshold)

RS...No sweat! At first, I was a little hesitant to put his name on a blog (I'm new at this and don't totally undersatnd the rules), but I checked the Moody website and his picture and bio are listed so what the heck, right? :-)

Okay, I do have real work to do, but some more interesting things...first...Maj Metzger flew directly back to Moody. That is unusual. Not sure it means anything, but it's unusual. In three trips to SWA, I only flew directly back to Moody when I was traveling with my entire squadron, not as a singleton. Again, not sure if that means anything, but it might. At this point, here's what I'd surmize...Maj Metzger's story isn't totally accurate, the leadership knows it and they will deal with it, but first and foremost, they want to make sure she's okay. Once they've determined the time is right, they'll handle whatever truly happened in the appropriate fashion. What that means to this blog is that things will most likely be quite for a little while on the news front. Just my guess.

mb: Are you a lesbian? Ca... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

mb: Are you a lesbian? Can't help but wonder why you keep quoting me but not others on this board. I find you fascinated with me and it is concerning. There is no vindictive here. Seems a lot of folks are trying to figure out what the truth is, as they are entitled to. Does that make all of us vindictive. Reading body language is a huge part of investigative procedures - just in case you were not aware of that.

So, perhaps you have something better to do than defending someone who refused to provide any explanation for what has happened when she most certainly owes that to her country at this point - now YOU defending her and bashing everyone else posting theories leaves me to question YOUR CHARACTER for standing by the bomb in pocket theory??? Did you believe those two planes that flew into our twin towers? If so, why? You never witnessed it, even though videos show it, why say terrorists flew our planes into those buildings?? Why assume Bin Laden was involved, we have no REAL evidence.....I guess you believe that did not happen either....

Okay...one more post (smile... (Below threshold)

Okay...one more post (smile)...Deb G, There may be some in the USAF who would try and cover this situation (unfortunately, I must admit I've seen it at least attempted). In this case, however, OSI Agent or not, Lt Col(ret) or not, the fact remains, the Wing leadership at Moody is all about doing the right thing. Justice will be served. I would bet my life on them. In fact, in a way, in the past, I have.

That is a large bag she is ... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

That is a large bag she is carrying. Enough room to pack some hair dye, change of clothes, even some food....she was prepared...how would anyone put a bomb in her back pocket when that bag covers her back pockets....

SR6: Thanks for the info. ... (Below threshold)
Deb G.:

SR6: Thanks for the info. In time, the facts will come out....I have seen a few cover-ups at USASOC at Bragg....hope it does not happen here...