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Another example of America brutally repressing Muslim traditions and beliefs?

In Boston, a Saudi princess, Hana F. Al Jader, was accused of keeping her two Indonesian maids as de facto slaves. As her trial unfolded, she managed to work out a plea bargain with authorities. In exchange for her pleading guilty to visa fraud (she lied about how much she paid the two, saying they were making five times as much as they were), she'll get a year in jail, $40,000 in fines, and have to pay the two maids $98,000 in back pay. And once she's served her time behind bars, she faces deportation. (Forgot to include that last part in first publication -- thanks for calling it to my attention, Bob Jones.)

According to these accounts, Her Highness enjoyed the traditional popular support for her actions.


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Comments (12)

And why don't they deport h... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

And why don't they deport her too? Send her packing back to the sands. Sheeesh.

A crowd of supporters in co... (Below threshold)

A crowd of supporters in court? My God. That crap might fly in S.A., but she knew it was illegal here. How utterly devoid of humanity some of these people are. And what about the husband? Was he innocent and unaware?

Why is it a foriegn nationa... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

Why is it a foriegn national is living in this country, on what would appear to be a permanent basis, and conducting business in compitition with American citizens. We raise holy hell over the Mexicans sneaking into this country to find work, to support their families in Mexico, but let a piece of shit like her live here, no questions ask.

I hate to sound jaded - but... (Below threshold)

I hate to sound jaded - but I'm sure she spent a LOT of money at Neiman Marcus and the like, which is more than one could say for many illegals. I know I'm not helping out the economy much in that regard :)

Also - I come from hardy Mafia stock (seriously, was adopted, but found out that Dear ol' Dad was a soldier in the Boston mob). Do I get to run around shooting people, throwing them in my trunk and tying cinder blocks to their ankles? I think not! We must sometimes leave our favorite traditions behind, Princess, if they conflict with local law. SO sorry.

One might consider that if she had the good sense to lie to authorities about their salaries, she might possibly know that she was doing wrong, eh? Back to the desert with Princess Cheapo.

Totally off topic - am I the only one surprised that Paris Hilton knew how to drive a car?

She's a Saudi; why didn't B... (Below threshold)

She's a Saudi; why didn't Bush just put her on a plane and send her home, rather than suffering the indignity of a trial, like he did with all those Saudis he sent home after 9/11?

Will everyone please note t... (Below threshold)

Will everyone please note that astigafa has now officially come out in favor of racially profiling and collective punishment? Thanks for reaffirming your essential assholeness, asti old chum...


Well, she's got until Decem... (Below threshold)

Well, she's got until December 12 to escape. Shouldn't be hard for someone of her means.

Astigfa: You really think the executive branch has that much control over the judiciary? The Saudi's who left after 9/11 hadn't been charged in court with anything that I am aware of. You are comparing apples to horse sh*t just for a chance to vent a little BDS. [just leave out the D and it makes more sense]


astigafa:Foriegn n... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:


Foriegn nationals, in the United States, are here with the permission of the American people. President Bush is the elected leader of the American people. As far as I'm concerned, he can throw their asses out any time he wants to.

why didn't Bush just put... (Below threshold)

why didn't Bush just put her on a plane and send her home, rather than suffering the indignity of a trial, like he did with all those Saudis he sent home after 9/11?

Uh, maybe because they weren't actually guity of anything?

when you've got lots of oil... (Below threshold)

when you've got lots of oil, you can piss on America - how do you like that for an assessment? I got a crisp $50.00 says she will do no time and will voluntarily agree to leave the US and return to easy living in SA, and she will be thanked for saving us some paper work and jail space. One can only kiss so much ass before feces is swallowed.

Even if she doesn't do any ... (Below threshold)

Even if she doesn't do any prison time (she's looking at one year, maybe?) I think this is all a Very Good Thing. Along with the other fellow who got 20 to life for doing the same but with rape in the bargain, the fact these cases are in the news means it may reach the ears of servants in similar situations who really do need to know that there is help out there for them. This is America and the fact that your abuser is rich and powerful doesn't mean that the law will look the other way.

And these women will go back to Indonesia with $98,000 and their friends and family will ask them what was it like in America.

It's a good thing.

Maybe, the next time a 9-11... (Below threshold)

Maybe, the next time a 9-11 happens, America will question the moon god worshippers before allowing them to leave.

How can any of them be trusted? Just watch the news.






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