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Rush On CBS News

I watched Rush Limbaugh's CBS News segment at Newsbusters (they have the transcript, as well). It was great. Here is an excerpt:

My friends., it's time to face a hard cold fact: Militant Islam wants to kill us just because we're alive and don't believe as they do. And they have been killing us for decades. It is time to stop pretending these are mere episodic events and face the reality that our way of life is in grave danger. Now, this threat is not just go away because we choose to ignore it.
"But some Americans, sadly, are not interested in victory. And yet they want us to believe that their behavior is Patriotic.
"Patriotism is rallying behind the country, regardless of party affiliation, to defeat Islamo-Fascism. Patriotism is supporting our troops on the battlefield, not undermining the mission and morale. But let there be no doubt about this. America will prevail. We're the same country that survived a bloody Civil War, defeated the Nazis and the Soviets. Each generation has a responsibility to the next. Our generation will not disappoint."
As for that last line, I sure hope Rush is right.

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I don't think that everyone... (Below threshold)

I don't think that everyone has to agree with the war, but we should support our people that are over there. That is one form of patriotism that i think is important.

Don't support this war at y... (Below threshold)

Don't support this war at your own risk.When the islamist take over and force you into a Burka it will be too late.

It's not an optional war.</... (Below threshold)

It's not an optional war.

You may not want the war, but the war wants you, and it may find you one day, in the form of a terrorist attack.

It's already a war whether ... (Below threshold)
Brett Buck:

It's already a war whether you "support" it or not The terrorists are going to try to kill you or put you into submission regardless of your opinion.

The only question to be asked is whether you want to fight back, or surrender.


We've seen this before from... (Below threshold)

We've seen this before from liberals who can't see past the edge of their own towering intellect.

The beginning of the Civil War was referred to as "Mr. Lincoln's War" by opponents, which ultimately led to the New York Riots and at least one "Copperhead" midwest Congressman named Valladigham being banished to the Confederacy after his court-martial for Sedition. It was 1863 when the Democrats nominated the flamboyantly incompetant George McClellan for their presidential candidate. Copperhead, or Peace Democrats, had the support of a number of newspapers at the time, much like today. The similarity to recent events is striking, including the pathetic campaign by Weasley Clark during the last election. Google Copperheads for some interesting reading.

There are more recent examples. It was "Mr. Wilson's War" and "Mr. Roosevelt's War" (including the astounding public support of Hitler by Charles Lindburgh), and now it's "Mr. Bush's War".

Some folks always seem to arrive late to reality. Others never do. The recent shameful behavior of our liberal politicians, the media, and self-appointed career Demonstrators and their obvious longing for the Glory Days of the Vietnam Resistance reveal a lot about the Left. Five years after 9/11, they still don't get it.

It's pretty sorry stuff.

I'm not a huge Rush fan, bu... (Below threshold)

I'm not a huge Rush fan, but he is absolutely spot on. It's kill or be killed, fight or die, when it comes to militant Islam. Those of us not in uniform fighting the good fight must, at least, offer our unequivocal support to ensure our way of life and children's future is secured.

I can't think of anyone I k... (Below threshold)

I can't think of anyone I know that wants to lose the so-called "War on Terror".

The question is, what constitutes victory?
Can we any more win it that we won the "War on Drugs", "The War on Crime" or the "War on Poverty"?

What constitutes victory when you are under assault by randomly forming groups that need to have nothing more in common that the fact that they hate you enough to want to kill you?

What would it take for Homeland Security to move the threat level to green?

Bravo Rush!!Let's ... (Below threshold)

Bravo Rush!!

Let's stop protecting America's corporate interests until AFTER we protect America's citizens.

After all, Dem/ Rep, Left/ Right, it doesn't really matter?
Patriotism is what matters.
Let's not let the terrorists win.
Let's not fundamentally change our culture and allow us to lose our freedoms just because some jerks flew a plane into a building.

I just hope Rush is serious and not just playing one of his silly shell games.

<a href="http://www.faithfr... (Below threshold)


It isn't "militant Islam". It is ISLAM. Islam wants to kill us because we are not muslims, and we will not convert.

Before you start talking ab... (Below threshold)

Before you start talking about the war, I think you need to specify WHICH war. There's a war started against a secular dictatorship in Iraq. There's a war against the Taliban, in Afghanistan who aided the people who attacked us. There's the war against Al Queda and bin Laden. There's a war of ideology. There's a political war of Arab countries against foreign domination. There's a war to secure oil in the middle east for use in the west.

Of course, we now know (and some of us have known all along) that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9.11. He was one of very many bad dictators in the world. He had some degraded chemical weapons and weak delivery systems and no control over his airspace. He was clearly much less of a threat to the U.S. than Iran or North Korea. I have no sympathy whatsoever for Hussein, but we should be concentrating on the more dangerous enemies, shouldn't we?!

henry...it Friday night...s... (Below threshold)

henry...it Friday night...so grab your white hood..the true flag.."Stars and Bars" and "Party on dude"

saddam is part of this grou... (Below threshold)

saddam is part of this group of islamics and being related men of terrorist of war do sit at the same table to strategically move forward in their agender to take power of world to bring all men to bow down and convert to muslim faith, but first they need to destroy isreal and then the U.S.A because were the last stand of freedom on this earth. Yes saddam is a leader and is a control and murderer to this cause . Don't play the orstrige sindrum and put your head in a hole because leading your family to this, gives the tiger behide your babies will attack and kill them , so man up and stay alert .






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