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Steel Magnolias

Jim at bRight and Early asked me and a few other "Southern ladies" if it is true that war turns Southern women away from the GOP. He asked if this statement is right:

A recent Associated Press-Ipsos poll found that three out of five Southern women surveyed said they planned to vote for a Democrat in the midterm elections.

You will find the answers from Sister Toldjah, Beth and Debbie at bRight and Early.

My answer is pretty much in line wth all three, especially Sister Toldjah's, "Hell no!" I guess I could elaborate and explain how in my area there are many military bases and that most Southern women, in my opinion, understand the cost of freedom. I could also point out how many women in the south voted Democrat when there was no issue of war to consider, and how other issues, and the personality of the candidates, come into play. But "hell no" is sufficient.

(I look forward to spending some time with Sister Toldjah, and other NC bloggers (both women and men) at Carolina Freedomnet 2006 on October 7 in Greensboro, NC. There is still time to register to attend. I hope to see some Wizbang readers there.)

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I dunno. Maybe New orlenas ... (Below threshold)

I dunno. Maybe New orlenas is a bad example. We've never been part of the "traditional south" and even moreso since Katrina...

But having said that, Bush has lost many females around here. -- And not because of his Katrina related double speak.

When I read the headline I was not surprised.

Bush lost both my mother and my mother in law and when you lose my mother in law you've pretty well screwed up. -- She's a stuanch Republican but she's better than any pollster. If she says a candidate is in trouble, I've learned over the last 20 years that the candidate is in trouble.

I think the story has some legs...


The story may have some leg... (Below threshold)

The story may have some legs, but they aren't attached to a Southern Belle. The author comes with an agenda, see her short bio at:


What agenda is that epador?... (Below threshold)

What agenda is that epador?

Is it because she covered Senator Clinton? Maybe that has something to do with the fact that she's from New York and covered New York politics for four years. Besides reporters don't pick their beats, they are assigned them. Why don't you try reading the article and come up with a substantive criticism instead of your weak-ass ad hominem?

It is my experience that th... (Below threshold)

It is my experience that those southern belles around these parts who've gone "wobbly" have done so due to the constant drum-beat of negativism from the left Press, which includes the local news paper, and the rest.

It's almost become fashionable to turn away from Mr. Bush. But it is done more out of emotion, than principle or analysis. War does that to people.

Mantis:Its not wha... (Below threshold)


Its not what she covered, its what she wrote and who she's chosen to work for. The article has been taken apart elsewhere [I read earlier today], I see no point in repeating ad libatum. Read her other stuff. Its all painted the same way.

Check out Yippee-Kay Yay and see what McGehee had to say. There are others, but I like his mini-analysis the best.

My attempt at witty metaphor doesn't fit my definition of ad h. But it sure makes you sound good to say it, huh?

Its not what she covered... (Below threshold)

Its not what she covered, its what she wrote and who she's chosen to work for.

Well I looked at her last couple of articles and didn't see much to crow about, and excuse me for assuming that the page you linked to was supposed to support your contention. Silly me. And who has she chosen to work for that is objectionable?

Check out Yippee-Kay Yay and see what McGehee had to say. There are others, but I like his mini-analysis the best.

Yeah, he had a good point about Bush supporting Republican challengers to Democratic incumbents not being an indicator that Republican incumbents are in trouble. Other than that it was weak, he didn't like the quote in the lead and assumed, without investigating for himself, whom the poll surveyed.

My attempt at witty metaphor doesn't fit my definition of ad h. But it sure makes you sound good to say it, huh?

It wasn't you're witty metaphor, it was your "she has an agenda" (because? no reason specified) that was ad hominem. We can discount the article, and apparently, the poll, because you believe the writer has an agenda. That's the definition of ad hominem.

he didn't like the quote... (Below threshold)

he didn't like the quote in the lead

Reading comprehension not your strong suit? What I didn't like about the quote in the lede is that it didn't support the thrust of the article.

he ... assumed, without investigating for himself, whom the poll surveyed.

I didn't say anything about who this poll surveyed.

So, who's assuming?

I'm from Mississippi origin... (Below threshold)

I'm from Mississippi originally and travel there many times during the year. My perspective/views as a now "outsider" are as follows:

1) It hasn't really been that long since all the South was Democrat---many people in areas of the South (i.e.,MS Delta/parts of LA) "think" conservative/Republican on most issues, but still vote Democrat, because their daddies did. Many counties in MS do not even have Republican primaries for local & state offices, but will vote Republican for national elections.

2) The South still being very rural does not have access in many counties to talk radio---thus no Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, etc. to get a different perspective (I've driven 300 miles in TN, AL, to MS & not been able to pick up AM talk radio anywhere.) Most only get there news off networks, CNN & the like.

3) The newspapers I've read in the South, both small & large, feature almost entirely liberal columnists--which was a great surprise to me.

4) Women in the South who keep up with politics per many sources including the internet, tend to be more supportive of conservative ideas, in my experience.

5) Southern women who have been "Republican" for years and are totally against the war, would seem highly unlikely to vote for liberal Democrats on that one issue--they may not vote, but I can't see them voting for persons who support abortion, homosexual marriage, against school vouchers, etc.

This article is just anothe... (Below threshold)

This article is just another demorat plant to try and remove the south from Republican control,it wont work No matter how many lies are told by the lying left.You know they lie so much we should change the name of their party to the lying liars party.

"Sweet Home Alabama..."... (Below threshold)

"Sweet Home Alabama..."

And I hope Ms. McCaffery will remember, southern women don't need her around anyhow.

Mitchell nails it IMO. Espe... (Below threshold)

Mitchell nails it IMO. Especailly the first graph.

BTW epador, she can have an... (Below threshold)

BTW epador, she can have an agenda AND the story can have legs.

Everyone on Wizbang has an agenda. We (they) do they're best to get things right either way.






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