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"I thought you were watching the explosives!"

At Logan Airport, they were training some new dogs on detecting explosives. As part of their practices, they attached half a pound of Semtex to the bumper of a maintenance truck. All well and good.

But someone didn't tell all the concerned parties about the exercise. A maintenance worker came along, hopped in the truck, and drove off without being observed -- and with the explosives still stuck to the bumper.

Good news: no one has been hurt.

Bad news: the explosives apparently fell off the truck somewhere.

Good news: Semtex is very stable, and needs a blasting cap to detonate -- and none was with it.

Bad news: officials STILL haven't found it.

Your tax dollars at work, folks. I'm SO glad that when I travel, I fly out of Manchester airport.

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Jay- Do you ever... (Below threshold)


Do you ever fly out of Bangor or Portland ? I stay away from Logan at all costs......

Someone needs to get their ... (Below threshold)

Someone needs to get their ass fired! But, given the TSA, they'll spend their time covering their asses.

Oh, now you're just trying ... (Below threshold)
Malibu Stacy:

Oh, now you're just trying to annoy me with the linkage lackage.

Does this link with the occ... (Below threshold)

Does this link with the occasion where they put explosives in a piece of luggage as a test of the inspectors and lost the luggage? Safe you ain't, if you fly. Just remember that airport security is provided by the lowest bidder and the aircraft you will be flying on was built by the lowest bidder, probably 25-30 years ago. Have a nice day.

Providence is good.... (Below threshold)

Providence is good.

"Officers Larry, Moe and Cu... (Below threshold)

"Officers Larry, Moe and Curly reporting for duty, sir!"

A good friend's husband man... (Below threshold)

A good friend's husband managed the Logan Airport ground crews for one of the major airlines. He's happy to have moved on since then, as operations at Logan are a complete joke. It's not even funny. Certain ethnic groups can not be scheduled to work at the same time as people of other ethnic groups as they will just seethe at each other all day and nothing will get done. You spend so much time making sure a reenactment of the fight scene from "West Side Story" that you've hardly any time to do other, far more important stuff!

This is the norm for these ... (Below threshold)

This is the norm for these guys. They are Troop F of the MA State police and are referred to as "F Troop", named after the TV, for a reason. The majority of the unit is individuals who are near retirement and their give a crap factor is 0.

We deal with them every day. You never see them on patrol, unless it is on the way to get a coffee and donut.

They should can everyone of them!

Let's hope that doesn't fal... (Below threshold)

Let's hope that doesn't fall into the wrong hands... Anyway, like I read in The Terrorist's Nightmare (http://www.TechnonLLC.com/blog)
, I think they should be concentrating in searching for the BOMBER and not only searching for the BOMB.

Hey, Maine Conservative! Wh... (Below threshold)

Hey, Maine Conservative! Where are you from? WOW - I seriously thought my husband and I were the only two conservatives in Maine. This is great! :)

And one of my students worked with the ground crew at Portland. I have to bum you out a bit by telling you that he confided that they were oftentimes overworked and exhausted, and sometimes REALLY close calls happened. I'm sure it probably happens all over.

Half a pound? For a dog-tra... (Below threshold)

Half a pound? For a dog-training excercise?

What idiot thought they needed a half-pound of Semtex? A half an ounce would be more than enough.

Two things: 1. You need ... (Below threshold)

Two things: 1. You need at least 1/2 lb to any training with EDD's (Explosive detection dogs) and mojo you sound like an idiot b/c you have no idea what you are talking about. 2. The guy who lost it just got promoted and is now making $240 grand a year...






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