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Perverts in the news

Ho hum... another day, another story about would-be child molesters getting fooled by cops and arrested... although this time the police nailed seven sickos, including a professor of engineering from the University of New Hampshire.

Fortunately, this rather dull news is balanced out by this story in the Boston Herald. An assistant coach for the Detroit Lions was arrested for drunk driving a week ago. The week prior, he was also arrested for drunk driving -- with the added bonus of driving naked to boot. Joe Cullen, who had been the captain of the University of Massachusetts - Amherst in the late 1980's and hails from Quincy.

I gotta hand it to Massachusetts this time. We had them beat in sheer quantity of perverts this time, and in severity, but with Cullen they took major points for style.

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He got his PhD at the U. of... (Below threshold)

He got his PhD at the U. of Michigan, according to his university web page.

I'll bet all these guys claim, when caught, that it was their first attempt, and I'll also bet that 95% of them are lying when they claim that.

U of Michigan, eh? As an a... (Below threshold)

U of Michigan, eh? As an alum of OSU, all I can say is "Go Bucks" but not buck-naked!






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