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Rightroots 15 Day Challenge -- Day 3 Update

John Hawkins features two more Rightroots candidates at Right Wing News today.

Today, the candidates profiled will be Scott Tipton and Max Burns.

Candidate #1: Scott Tipton

District: (CO-3)
Seat Currently Held By: John Salazar (D)
Candidate + cash on hand: Scott Tipton ($307,568)
Opponent + cash on hand: John Salazar ($1,173,988)
Kerry vs. Bush in 2004: 44%% vs. 55%
Latest polling: Survey USA In Mid-August: Salazar 53% vs. Tipton 42%
Webpage: here

Other: -- Tipton has been endorsed by Tom Tancredo

Tipton can definitely beat Salazar, but the district is huge and he's going to have to close that fund raising gap with Salazar in order to be competitive.

Candidate #2: Max Burns

District: (GA-12)
Seat Currently Held By: John Barrow (D)
Candidate + cash on hand: Max Burns ($733,393)
Opponent + cash on hand: John Barrow ($1,338,950)
Kerry vs. Bush in 2004: 49.6% vs. 50.4%
Latest polling: Public Opinion Strategies in July: Barrow 44% vs. Burns 43%
Webpage: here

Barrow beat Burns 52% vs. 48% in 2004, but the district has been redrawn since then in a way that makes it more favorable to Burns.

To meet the 15 day challenge, we need 100 donations for each of the 21 candidates at Rightroots. Please visit today to contribute to candidates Tipton and Burns and the other fine candidates at Rightroots.

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