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Thwack! Will Democrats Never Learn?

In my column at Townhall today, I take a look at the behavior of Democrats over the past five years in the debate over national security and the war in Iraq.

Following September 11 there was an outpouring of unity from those in government. Even the most partisan of politicians realized we faced an enemy that required them to work with their political opponents to mount an effective fight. Many congressional Democrats, and other leaders in the Democratic party, have not only abandoned that commitment to unity, but have chosen to put short term political gain ahead of the long term goal of national security. Americans should be outraged by this.
While I am outraged, I am also finding the Democrats' strategy a bit amusing as many of the positions they have invested so much in have blown up in their faces.
• It was Joe Wilson's claim that Bush lied about the "16 words" that started the "Bush lied" mantra in the debate over Iraq. Democrats invested a lot in Wilson's story of an administration so consumed by a desire for vengeance that they would sacrifice national security by outing a covert agent. Those in the media ran with Wilson's version of the story.

Thwack! Over the summer Robert Novak broke his silence about the matter revealing the information he had given the independent counsel which contradicted Wilson's story. Later it was reported that Richard Armitage was the original leaker, not someone in the White House or a supporter of the war in Iraq. Democrats who had invested so much in the story were left looking like dupes.

That is only the first of four examples I list. Please read them all. I am not saying the strategy of attacking the commander-in-chief in a time of war did not win the Demcrats political points. They have succeeded in hiding their lack of a plan by attacking everything the President supports. I am saying that the truth is catching up to them. It might not be fast enough to catch up by November, but certainly by 2008 voters will know who took a principled stand on the issue of national security and who was just playing politics.

[By the way, the "thwack" represents the sound of Democrats being knocked upside the head with the truth.]


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Comments (16)

It"s only a Thwack if the t... (Below threshold)

It"s only a Thwack if the truth is on your side...it's not....Bush lied about Yellow Cake, he lied about Aluminum tubes, mobile weapons labs ect....and the proof is fond in various Intelligence documents that contradict yours and Bush's boloney.

Here's a time line about all the false intel and references to back them up.

Show me an official document that confirms Saddam attempted t get yellowcake for AFRICA....BOOOOOO!! ! BE AFRAID!


CIA Report that Niger Information False Not Given to Top Officials


Now, there are some Democra... (Below threshold)

Now, there are some Democrats who want to bail on Iraq straight away, Barney Frank did so today on FOX, for example.

But there are others who see the threat and are going with the Kerry line that boils down to: "We'll do the same thing as Bush, but we will do it better".

It is this second group that will win out in the end.

And we should not forget that it was FDR who saw the Hitler threat for what it was, a good two years before the general public and congress (which was very isolationist and anti-war).

Heavy lies the head that wears the crown. This changes folks and even Clinton went into Bosnia and Kosovo. If the Dem's win the House or Senate it may be a good thing - they might have to stop popping off with the current nonsense and start with some responsibility.

FDR judged it necessary to violate the 1934 Communications act, the Neutrality act, the Constitution, and any number of other laws, with only thinly veiled "justifications".

He knew that he was breaking the law, but he judged the threat of Hitler to be greater. Members of his closest circle wrote later that FDR considered often the possibility of his own empeachment.

They also report that FDR considered his oath - both to obey and to defend the Constitution - as his justification. The defence of the Republic and Constitution taking priority, even if it meant some illegal actions, and Lincoln did the same.

Power changes things and so does the lack of it. Democrats can now afford to stand on the sidelines and throw rocks, Republicans have learned to like pork and spending.

This will change.

And your point is muirgeo? ... (Below threshold)

And your point is muirgeo? Are you defending Saddam or ragging on Bush? Let me see, are you saying that Saddam didn't go for it, so his actions on killing the Kurds and his opponents fits in with your ideology. The point of the post is true as far as I can see. Liberals and dems have invested so much in attacking the leadership that they are now cheering against our country. It is a matter of time before they are squashed in the arena of public opinion. The political philosophy which helps our enemy more than it helps our country will not survive. Good luck on your hateful message ...watch ABC Sunday and find out how Ms. Albright looked before she could bench press 400lbs with her legs!!! LOL LOL She says she intimidates men...no she doesn't...she frightens them with make up!

Great column, Lorie! It's ... (Below threshold)

Great column, Lorie! It's gonna leave a deep mark . . . as you can see by the frothing-at-the-mouth already.

I must disagree strongly with your choice of sound effects, though. "Thwack!" is the sound of a solid bludgeon hitting a solid object. We are talking about Democrats, so "Thwock!" is more appropriate. You need to convey the effect of hitting something hollow.

As to muirgeo's raving, the evidence of Saddam's approach to Niger was in Joe Wilson's report, as determined by the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Wilson was the liar - he misrepresented what his own report said. muirgeo was the buffoon for believing his lies, and is the idiot for not having bothered to educate herself on the matter.

Yep, Lorie, you've got the moonbats with their heads about to explode, and that's always a good sign - although we should advise readers, as a precaution, to don rain gear or plastic sheeting like they were in the front row of a Gallegher performance. They wouldn't want to get any on them . . .

Save your outrage. Anybody ... (Below threshold)

Save your outrage. Anybody who has been paying attention knows that it has been the Bush policies that have divided the country.

Instead of beating up on Democrats and gazingly adoringly upon our president, Conservatives shouild be thanking him for single handedly ending the "Contract with America" with his divisive tenure and driving moderates into the arms of the Democrats. 14 years of republican legislative dominance is likely to end thanks to your heroic commander and chief.

If Conservatives were smart, they would stop spending so many words defending Bush, trashing democrats and vilifying the MSM, but do like the :"Kos Kids" and spend every ounce of energy you have on the upcoming elections.

"...driving moderates in... (Below threshold)

"...driving moderates into the arms of the Democrats."

Actually, that went both ways. Many "moderates" (even those left of center) decisively voted for Bush in the last election simply because they didn't trust a Democrat on National Security. And still don't. And for good reason.

Oyster,Keep deludi... (Below threshold)


Keep deluding yourself if you like. This November should be what we're concerned with and if you've been paying attention, the opinions of the mainstream have changed in 2 years even on republican "mortal lock" issues like national security. That has less to do with Democratic competence (unproven) than with Republican incompetence (proven)

I'm one of those moderates ... (Below threshold)

I'm one of those moderates who voted for Clinton, Gore and then after 9/11, Bush and Bush.

I don't trust the democrats.

If they were worth their salt on security, Joe Leiberman would be their front man.

Look what the DNC tribe has done to poor Joe.


I must echo Robert's sentim... (Below threshold)

I must echo Robert's sentiments. The politcal pendulum seems to be ready to swing in the Democrats' favor. It would be foolish to think this would not happen at some point. I have no problem with folks criticizing the details of Bush's approach to Iraq and the war on terror whether you consider them related or not. But there is no doubt the Democrats have not offered any substantive solutions as a counterpoint. My concern is that a majority in Congress will not change them one bit. I think they are prepared just to sit on their heels and obstruct the President. But I think if they choose that behavior it will prove to be a PR problem for them in 2008. If they control Congress, I am expecting some fresh ideas.

"I'm one of those moderates... (Below threshold)
USMC Pilot:

"I'm one of those moderates who voted for Clinton, Gore and then after 9/11, Bush and Bush."

Something weird about that time line!

Prediction: Scariest costu... (Below threshold)

Prediction: Scariest costume for Halloween this year = a nancy pelosi mask.

Muirego said "Show me an of... (Below threshold)

Muirego said "Show me an official document that confirms Saddam attempted t get yellowcake for AFRICA....BOOOOOO!! ! BE AFRAID!"

Thwack! http://www.factcheck.org/article222.html

Mobile Weapons Labs? Thwack! How about this from the CIA which still stands by the report

Aluminum Tubes. Read the Duelfer Report. It discusses the Aluminum Tubes. It concluded that the Aluminum Tubes in the end were not for Nuclear Centrifuges but were probably for 81MM rockets instead. However, the report also concluded

"ISG investigated key indicators that suggested a possible centrifuge end use for the tubes—questioning that revealed plausible explanations for use of the tubes in 81-mm rockets, notably:
Purported high-level interest in aluminum tubes by Saddam and Iraq’s Deputy Prime Minister—a potential indicator of a program of national importance, such as a centrifuge program.

Possible association of Iraqi nuclear entities with the tubes it sought to procure—reporting suggestive of a nuclear end-user.

Tube characteristics and shipping requirements—reporting that showed the tubes were subject to nuclear controls and seemed to be over specified for conventional rockets.

Iraqi effort to indigenously manufacture tubes for an 81 mm-rocket program and its continued effort to acquire tubes with higher specifications.

Alleged Iraqi interest in 84-mm tubes—a size that would have been inconsistent with the 81-mm rocket program.

In the course of this investigation, ISG did not uncover evidence of a program to design or develop an 81-mm aluminum rotor centrifuge. Other sections of ISG nuclear report describe findings concerning equipment and materials that could have supported a renewed centrifuge effort. "

The point being that their was circumstantial evidence that the tubes were to be used as nuclear centrifuges but it took the final investigation to clear it up.

Lorie, I linked to your ... (Below threshold)

Lorie, I linked to your Townhall column over at Lifelike Pundits and Dodo World.

By the way, you might enjoy a recent political cartoon pertaining to Democrats. I posted the cartoon along with the Townhall link.

CenterRight is a sock puppe... (Below threshold)

CenterRight is a sock puppet.

CenterRight is a Dingy Harr... (Below threshold)

CenterRight is a Dingy Harry sockpuppet.

Lorie the demdonks continua... (Below threshold)

Lorie the demdonks continualy foment conspirasies and lying scenarios,but truth always seems to sneak up on them,Almost always before they know what hit them.Truth will always win out over untruth,always,some just take longer than others.






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