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College Football at Its Best: OSU Buckeyes Vs. Texas Longhorns

The Buckeyes win 24 - 7!!

They were on fire tonight. I expected it to be a much higher scoring game, but the Bucks shut down the Longhorns' offense.

Sorry to President Bush, but the Buckeyes are simply the better team.


This is a huge game.

AUSTIN, Texas - Ohio State vs. Texas would be a big game any time, any year.

Plop it in early September, make it No. 1 vs. No. 2, and mix in that Texas beat the Buckeyes on the way to the national championship last season and you've got one big-time early fall blockbuster.

Oh, yeah. Don't forget the Heisman talk for OSU quarterback Troy Smith, new Texas quarterback Colt McCoy, the element of the rematch and prime time.

''Ohio State is a special game,'' Texas coach Mack Brown said. ''Our guys have been talking about it since we left the Horseshoe last year.''

Texas kick-started its run to the national championship with a 25-22 win in Columbus last year. The loss bumped the Buckeyes into the pack and created a season of frustration for a team that had title hopes of its own.

In an age of cupcake out-of-conference schedules, that's what makes this game so dangerous for both teams. The loser risks dropping out of the title chase just as the season's begun.

''It's a risk-reward game,'' Brown said. ''Last year we were rewarded for winning right at the end. It was tough for them because they had a good enough team maybe to win the national championship.''

For college football fans, it's a doozy.

Woo Hoo! Go Bucks!

Update: So who do Wizbang readers think will win the big game tonight? Click over to Blogical Conclusions, another great Buckeye blogger, and take Tom's poll.

Update II: Game time is almost here. Turn up the volume for The Ohio State fight song! And let's not forget Hang on Sloopy.

Comments (28)

Hook 'Em Horns!</... (Below threshold)

Hook 'Em Horns!

Go Get em Texas! Hook E... (Below threshold)

Go Get em Texas! Hook Em Horns!

O-H...!... (Below threshold)


I-O!... (Below threshold)


How can a nut be a mascot?<... (Below threshold)

How can a nut be a mascot?

Kim:Getting this e... (Below threshold)


Getting this error attempting to trackback:

Pinging http://wizbangblog.com/cgi-bin/trackit.cgi/15344...
Problem: Target doesn't appear to be a valid trackback URL

Any ideas?


JohnAnnArbor:We're... (Below threshold)


We're "nuts" about football in Ohio...now, how can a grouchy member of the weasel family be a mascot? ;-)

I'm not sure, Tom. I'll con... (Below threshold)

I'm not sure, Tom. I'll contact Kevin and see what he thinks.

And by the way, I even have... (Below threshold)

And by the way, I even have a buckeye tree in my backyard! I love it when the nuts begin to fall - it means it's time for Buckeye football!

OK, no problem...if ya want... (Below threshold)

OK, no problem...if ya want, you can take my poll! (:-D)

Cool! I've been trying to ... (Below threshold)

Cool! I've been trying to talk my wife into getting a buckeye tree, but we have two dogs that might try to eat them when they fall off...

Tom,I have two dog... (Below threshold)


I have two dogs too, a Golden Retriever and an Irish Setter, and neither one even notices the buckeyes on the ground. They must be wolverine fans. :)

See, this is the kind of st... (Below threshold)

See, this is the kind of stuff you should stick to Kim.

Any update to your "secret prisons are actually a sting!" theory?

jp2:Funny that you... (Below threshold)


Funny that your comment is number 13. MC, who's currently awaiting trial, would be proud.

Now what does your comment have to do with this thread, besides trying to be a jackass?

Did you actually *read* <a ... (Below threshold)

Did you actually *read* that post, jp2? If you did, then you would know that it wasn't my theory. Rather, I was writing about a theory put out by two other bloggers that I thought was interesting.

Kim:I noticed I ha... (Below threshold)


I noticed I had a problem with my poll...sorry. It's fixed.


There's another game today ... (Below threshold)

There's another game today after Penn State/Notre Dame?

The things you learn at Wizbang......

Hail! Hail! The gang's all ... (Below threshold)

Hail! Hail! The gang's all here!!

Kim, nice to see you're on the Buckeye bandwagon, too!

I love this place, more and more.

I'm so freakin' jazzed for this game I can't even see straight.

jaymaster:The Penn... (Below threshold)


The Penn State/Notre Dame "game" is effectively over already. You can get ready for the big one now!


Umm... No. Hook 'em, Boys. ... (Below threshold)

Umm... No. Hook 'em, Boys. Hook 'em. I've got my reserve drill this weekend here in Austin. It's not a question of "will I be at drill tomorrow." It's a question of "how painful will drill be tomorrow."

Austin's a town going nuts right now. I think half of that small state called Ohio is in town. It's gonna be a wild time downtown tonight.

And yeah, Texas will win... again. Sorry Kim. :-)

Kim - clearly you were push... (Below threshold)

Kim - clearly you were pushing the theory - but I don't need to tell anyone that. (You link it, you own it.) Just another episode in your long line of good comedy writing.

How about those Iranians and their stars?

Texas, going away... even i... (Below threshold)

Texas, going away... even if they've already spotted them 7.
Then again, I haven't seen either team play this year and have no idea what their strengths and weaknesses are.
I do SEC teams, 6 in the top 25 right now. :)
Your teams are all Gatorbait, all your footballs are belonging to us.

BLOOD FOR ODIN!!!... (Below threshold)


(for jp2, that is)

Well, missed that one :/ .... (Below threshold)

Well, missed that one :/ .

Went to my first OSU game i... (Below threshold)

Went to my first OSU game in the shoe in 1964, when I was a teenager and they still give me heart palpitations. Round on the ends and HI in the middle...O...HI...O! GO BUCKS!

Just got back from the big ... (Below threshold)

Just got back from the big party. The game went great for the Buckeye fan part of me, but the general College Football fan part of me was bored in the second half. It wasn't nearly as close as I thought it would be. Fun quotient was a 3 out of 5.

That being said, Go BUCKS!

Oh, and jp2, you're well beyond Jackass stage now. You could have at least said *something* about the game.

"Hang On Sloopy" was a hit ... (Below threshold)

"Hang On Sloopy" was a hit for The McCoys, fronted by their then-14-year-old guitar player, Rick Derringer. He joined Johnny Winter a few years later (along with bassist Randy Jo Hobbs) and penned "Rock 'n' Roll Hootchie Koo" for him, as well as a few others.

Congratulations to Ohio State on a convincing win.

Thanks for the link and the... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the link and the Trackback, Kim!






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