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Did An AP Reporter Spy For Saddam?

That is certainly what a newly translated document suggests. Actually, it pretty much says it outright. Clarice Feldman at The American Thinker has the text of the document.

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You know the left isn't goi... (Below threshold)

You know the left isn't going to care.

Tell the truth now, Is ther... (Below threshold)

Tell the truth now, Is there anyone in the democratic party or on the left that has not (and still do) spied for, or leaked National Security information to the enemy. Name one. 'Crickets chirping'.

You conservofascists worshi... (Below threshold)

You conservofascists worship the words of our terrorist enemies when you think it might do you a pinch of good in your fight against your next door neighbors.

You are a sick, sick people. No wonder the world has turned against you.

Long, long list of unsub... (Below threshold)
Trinary Suka:

Long, long list of unsubstantiated allegations against a bunch of people nobody's ever heard of deleted by editor)
yeh the 'left' cares apparently the perverted right doesn't. They care about sex and hide behind the bible and you idiots can't see thru it. Morons you have elected the neo-liberals..why do you think limbaugh is a druggie addict? Why do you think he hates the 'left' because he knows the left is the new right and we, the new right, and not the crap you fool have swallowed, are gonna nail these perverts ass. Are you with me or again me?

I am sovereign a you Lord and Gof and I will fight these mendastic idiots and perverts. Turn off the TV and think for yourself. Sapere Aude!!!

oh yeah I saved a copy of this web page, if you delete this post I will use it against you. Because if you dlete it you show approval of such GOP perversion and pedophelia.

Stop GOP pedophelia!!

they are sick and they cloa... (Below threshold)
Trinary Suka:

they are sick and they cloak themselves in the bible to fool these 'conservatives' they are racists they are creepy and they are sick. DO NOT ALLOW THESE FOLKS TO RUIN CHRISTIANTY!! THAT IS WHAT THEY DO!!

Darn, that Trinary Suka is ... (Below threshold)

Darn, that Trinary Suka is crafty!

I tried to post the list of Democratic felons in answer, but the server doesn't have the bandwidth available.

Another pathetic troll attempting to hijack a thread because they want to divert attention from the topic. While we may suffer their nonsense and fantasies, let us be grateful for the capitalist miracle of the internet, which spares us from having to smell them, too.

It's even funnier when you ... (Below threshold)

It's even funnier when you see that some of the events listed by TS go back a quarter-century or more, or never actually happened (I can see at least one that, while touted by some on the left, only happened in the minds of Indymedia readers)...

The list also includes "activists" who were college students or local politicians as the bulk of the accusations, while a similar list for Democrats could easily just use national politicians.

Oh, yeah... and Lee, of cou... (Below threshold)

Oh, yeah... and Lee, of course, complains about "conservatofascists" (while not being really concerned about Saddam's real fascists) who "worship the words" of our enemies.

This is hilarious. The left has taken Saddam's propaganda at face value for a couple of decades now (while often taking his bribes, too), and is now getting really upset when we start digging out what was actually going on behind the scenes.

Lee doesn't want the truth: he only wants the words that make him feel better about supporting fascism in general.

Trinary Suka,Yes, ... (Below threshold)

Trinary Suka,

Yes, we know that Republicans have problems with morality (e.g., Bush, Cheney, governors of Kentucky, Ohio, etc.), but the question is raised: what point are you trying to make pertaining to the allegations regarding the AP?

Undoubtedly, you must feel that the allegation of an AP reporter spying for Saddam pales in significance to the wickedness and selfishness of the conservatives. And, of course, you're right.

Hey, Trinary. In the immor... (Below threshold)

Hey, Trinary. In the immortal words of VP Cheney, go "[bleep] yourself."

Trinary doesn't have the in... (Below threshold)
Retired Spy:

Trinary doesn't have the intellectual capacity to engage in reasoned debate on the subject of an association between Saddam and an Associated Press 'journalist.' Instead, he is so bold as to copy and paste something totally irrelevant.

I'm happy to know that this weasel's IP address has shown folks his true location and identity. Maybe that information should be shared with all those he slandered.

Kill all the swine and let God sort it out.

Hell of a post there, Suka.... (Below threshold)

Hell of a post there, Suka.

Suka on this, dipshit.

And how does TS's comments ... (Below threshold)

And how does TS's comments deal with the topic on the thread?

Typical of the Kossacks. Try to divert attention.

I think I found Trinary's s... (Below threshold)

I think I found Trinary's source for the list at http://drinkingliberally.org/blogs/oakland/archives/2006/08/republicansand_the.html.

Trinary left off one. How about:

* Republican Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld authorized the rape of children in Iraqi prisons in order to humiliate their parents into providing information about the anti-American insurgency.

Maybe Trinity thought that one might not be quite true.

Geez, Suka, that some cloat... (Below threshold)

Geez, Suka, that some cloat of ostensible self-righteousness you wrapped yourself in to attempt to make partisan political points by exploiting children.

Pedophilia and ephebophilia are not related to politics. And that's not even addressing that issue that the press is less likely to drop the political affiliation of any particular perp when they are a Democrat.

Your moral compass is broken, if you ever had one to begin with.

Ewwww.. I need a shower after even posting in response to you.

JWYEven Howard Dea... (Below threshold)


Even Howard Dean tried to convey the impression that Brian Doyle was a "Republican appointee".

Politics is a religion to Lee, Suka and Dean, and the infidels across the aisle are to be defeated by any means necessary.

ANY means.

Re: Darleen's last comment... (Below threshold)

Re: Darleen's last comment

For some, if they have officially shunned religion itself, something fills that void and risk of blind zealotry is just a great or greater.






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