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Karl Rove is my hero

I am so very, very glad to see that that bete noir of the left, the Great Satan, the originator all those great conspiracies and plots and manipulations, is using his vast powers for good...

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Rove goes after a spammer, ... (Below threshold)

Rove goes after a spammer, and to get unsubscribed from the DNC mailing list, you need to get a code, from them ..., which they won't supply to you.


Isn't it funny that the dem... (Below threshold)

Isn't it funny that the democrats hate President Bush and Rove, except when they can make money using either one of their names. Proves they are by and large, all criminals.
Commit a crime and scream, Rove has no right to get me arrested. Typical moonbat that has lost his tin foil hat.

Gee. Karl got involved in s... (Below threshold)

Gee. Karl got involved in supressing spammers. That ought to be worth at least a point on the predient's approval. And sure enough, the RCP average hits 40.

Lefties are sooo entertaini... (Below threshold)

Lefties are sooo entertaining.

Hugh Hewitt's site has a piece up, something to the effect: "Washington Post reveals Republicans will campaign!" It seems tha WAPO feels that campaigning using what Dems have said or done constitutes personal attacks, and begins the meme that any attack upon a Dem is a personal attack.

Out of whack and out of whacko.






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