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Ned Lamont's Self-Imposed "Dirt"

Well, it seems as if Connecticut senatorial candidate Ned Lamont, the crusading hero of countless "netroots" folk, has some egg on his face. Take a gander at this story, which, interestingly enough, appeared in the September 9 number of The New York Times:

NEW HAVEN, Sept. 8--Ned Lamont, who this week chastised Senator Joseph I. Lieberman for his public rebuke of President Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, wrote Mr. Lieberman at the time praising the eloquence of his speech on the Senate floor.

"I supported your statement because Clinton's behavior was outrageous: a Democrat had to stand up and state as much, and I hoped that your statement was the beginning of the end," Mr. Lamont, then a cable television executive, wrote in an e-mail message to the senator's office on Sept. 16, 1998, two weeks after Lieberman's speech.

Hysterical, is it not? Good ole' "Red" Ned has gotten himself into a bit of a pickle. Perhaps the "netroots" nutters' feverish contempt for Senator Lieberman has even infected the judgment of their candidate of choice?

As humorous as this situation is, it pales in comparison with the feeble way Lamont's handlers attempted to spin this obvious blunder. The Times tells us:

His [Lamont's] campaign manager, Tom Swan, did not address the content of the e-mail message, but said: "It is clear that Senator Lieberman would prefer to try to cloud Ned's statements from eight years ago, instead of talking about the important issues of national security, the war in Iraq, and health care. It is shocking to see his Senate staff, at taxpayer expense, is spending their time trying to make up dirt on Ned Lamont."

For its sheer chutzpah, we're tempted to conclude that this is one of the most brazenly inept rebuttals in recent political history. Could even the most diehard Lamont booster read Swan's statement without inadvertently chuckling?

We mean, come on: To paraphrase Mary McCarthy (the deceased author, not the disgraced CIA leaker), every word Mr. Swan said is a lie, including "and" and "the."

First off, how in the good Lord's name could presenting reporters with Lamont's own e-mail amount to "cloud[ing] Ned's statements from eight years ago"? Perhaps Mr. Swan should look up the word "cloud."

Further, it's a bit of a tough sell to suggest that Senator Lieberman refuses to discuss important issues like the liberation of Iraq. Isn't Mr. Lieberman's defense of the Iraq War what compelled good ole' Ned to challenge him in the first place? And, of course, there's the fact that Neddy, not Senator Lieberman, brought up this whole issue by criticizing the senator's Monica Lewinsky speech.

But surely the "taxpayer expense" line is the greatest howler. "Red" Ned, who never met a government program that wasn't worth our hard-earned cash, cares about saving the taxpayers' money? That's news to us.

And, gee: How long would it take Senator Lieberman's staff to dig up that e-mail? One minute? Two? That's some savings.

Gee, if the Lieberman folks only listened to Lamont's staffers, perhaps we'd save enough money for all of us to become self-important, dunderheaded cable television tycoons.

(Note: The crack young staff normally "weblog" over at "The Hatemonger's Quarterly," where they are currently coaching Lamont campaign manager Tom Swan on how to say "No comment.")


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Comments (10)

Lamont was for the rebuke b... (Below threshold)

Lamont was for the rebuke before he was against it.

Dang!I posted the ... (Below threshold)


I posted the story at Wizbang! Politics, but nearly two hours later.

You have to be quick to beat the cracked young staff of Hatemongers' Quarterly, I suppose . . . which reminds me of a favorite Benny Hill poem:

You can kiss a young girl,
If you're witty and slick,
You can kiss a duck's tail,
But you have to be quick!

If I cared what Lamont thin... (Below threshold)

If I cared what Lamont thinks I'd pay for his opinion like everyone else has. It's pretty obvious he holds no true convictions of his own and will just spew whatever verbiage he person with their hand up his backside wants him to say. Just like a ventriloquist--someone else talks and his lips move.

Guys, guys, guys. Don't wor... (Below threshold)

Guys, guys, guys. Don't worry about Lamont. He can not win. Our Con leaders will see to that.

Republicans want Lieberman to win the election in November, then resign to take the position of Secretary of Defense. Afterwards the republican Connecticut governor would appoint a republican to replace Lieberman in the senate.

Lieberman has been calling for Rumsfeld’s resignation and campaigning with republican candidates. What a better way for Lieberman to stick it to Democrats for defeating him!

Isn't being named "Ned" abo... (Below threshold)

Isn't being named "Ned" about the same as being called "Pantywaist" or "Milqtoast?"

I mean, come on. "Ned" is going to lead us in the War on Terror? It just doesn't get it.

Ned "pantywaist" Lament is ... (Below threshold)

Ned "pantywaist" Lament is going to lament being so peewee hermanish.

Guys the most important par... (Below threshold)

Guys the most important part of this whole thing is that they can no longer say one thing today and the opposit tomorrow.For many years these lying liars have been getting away with it.Now thanks to the new media they get their words thrown right back in their face.

Actually, if you read the w... (Below threshold)

Actually, if you read the whole email, it is critical of Joe. It basically says that grandstanding like that on the Senate Floor can lead to no good, and Joe should have spoken with Clinton privately. Ned didn't want the nation focusing on oral sex, and didn't want his children to hear politicos constantly bringin up BJs on TV.

Wow..and I'm so impressed w... (Below threshold)

Wow..and I'm so impressed with "Mitchell"'s in depth analysis - this gang sounds like they're former Lieberman blog posters now extinct because baby whiner Joe can't take it any more.

Glad I ran into this blog so I can be sure not to waste my time on it again.

Go, Ned! You're gonna nail that phony warmonger to his self-erected cross!

Shortly after Mr. Lieberman... (Below threshold)

Shortly after Mr. Lieberman made his public comments about Bill Clinton's dalliance with Monica, he was contacted by citizens who asked if he would receive and present petitions for impeachment of Clinton, which he agreed to do. Many thousands of signatures were collected nationwide, and sent to Mr. Lieberman. What happened to those petitions? You'll have to ask Mr. Lieberman. They were never heard of again--dropped down a black hole by the Senator from Connecticut.






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