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No one discusses the donkey in the room

This morning's Boston Globe features a column by Joan Venocchi, and once again she provides an excellent example of the best the Boring Broadsheet has to offer -- and just why that paper's revenues and circulation are tanking.

She discusses the three major candidates for the Democratic nomination for governor of Massachusetts, and how each of them would follow up on Mitt Romney's four-year tenure. She describes the past few years of Bay State history as such:

Major corporations are leaving Massachusetts. New jobs are generated beyond Bay State borders. Population here is declining. Property taxes are rising. And it all happened under the watch of Mitt Romney, a businessman-turned-governor who promised to lead Massachusetts to the entrepreneurial promised land.

All true. All indisputable facts. All accurate.

And woefully incomplete.

Yes, Mitt Romney is a Republican. yes, he has been governor since 2002.

And at no point in his term did he ever have enough Republicans in either house of the legislature to sustain his vetos.

The current Massachusetts Senate is 34 Democrats, 6 Republicans. In the House, it's even worse -- 138 Democrats, 22 Republicans. That's 85% and 86.5% respectively. One out of five Democrats can stay home on any given day, and the remaining 80% of them will STILL have more than enough votes to override Romney's vetos and pass whatever legislation they wish.

Romney has managed a few triumphs, and suffered quite a few defeats. He took on an impossible task -- to single-handedly bring sanity and responsibility to a state government that (rightly) sees such concepts as mortal threats, and reacts accordingly.

But to mention the complete dominance of the Democrats in Massachusetts would be to recognize the donkey in the room that everyone can see and no one wants to discuss. The main reason why businesses are leaving and taxes are rising (although one can give a healthy dose of credit for the former to the latter) is, by and large, the Democratic legislature. They are the ones who keep raising the taxes, refusing cutbacks, and finding new and innovative ways to take and spend the people's money.

Just don't anyone tell Ms. Venocchi. It'll shatter her carefully-crafted illusory world where there HAS to be a Republican somewhere to blame for all the world's ills, and the bad Democrats can be safely ignored.

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Well you can't say no one w... (Below threshold)
Big Al:

Well you can't say no one warned them. Remember the fable about the goose and the golden egg. Well looks like this is it. And Mass voters have only themselves to blame.

I grew up in Massachusetts.... (Below threshold)

I grew up in Massachusetts. Fortunately, I got away when I turned twenty one and never went back except to visit family. I was amused last summer when I went back to see dad on the Cape. We were driving down the highway when cars started passing me on the right. Not a big deal except that I was in the right lane.
They are using the emergency lanes to handle traffic. When you get near an exit there is a sign that you are supposed to move leftward to avoid someone who may be trying to leave this circus and hasn't figured out what's happening.
Obviously, they felt this would solve any problem that might occur.
Why didn't they just fix the road? Probably someone could write a book about that. Maybe they were too busy exploring the depths of Boston Harbor.

Kind of reminds Me of The B... (Below threshold)

Kind of reminds Me of The Big Easy for some reason? Wonder why?

I passed through Boston on ... (Below threshold)

I passed through Boston on my way to Acadia N.P. this summer. Glad I didn't stay. The architecture: cold, willfully antihistorical antiseptiscrapers creeped me out. Almost as if they willfully severed their ties to their own history. Chickens coming home to roost?

Quotes from Governor Mitt G... (Below threshold)

Quotes from Governor Mitt Governor Mitt Romneyon "Taxes"

"And a special thank you to the citizens of Massachusetts: You are paying all the taxes, creating all the jobs, raising all the children. This government is yours. Thank you for letting me serve you. I love this job." Mitt Romney
“The easy way to fix any problem is to go to the people and say you have to pay more money, but that's not what the job of management is. The job of management is to find ways to permanently and structurally change the costs of our structure such that we can have a balanced budget without always raising taxes every time people think there's a need." –Source: Boston Herald, March 22, 2002
America’s tax code is a labyrinth that imposes an enormous and unnecessary burden on our citizens and employers. Keeping taxes low and simplifying the code will grow the economy and enhance our ccompetitiveness.
“You don’t create economic prosperity by raising taxes.” – Source: National Review (June 2005)
“We enacted property tax relief for our senior citizens and instead of levying a retroactive capital gains tax hike, we acted to refund $250 million to Massachusetts taxpayers.” –Source: 2006 State of the State Address (January 2006)
“I don’t like taxes. I think we need less government, not more government.” –Source: Interview with Mort Kondracke (March 2006)
"Let me come back to something more parochial, which is how our state fits into all of that and how you who are entrepreneurs and investors, financiers, faculty members and others who are associated with the process of innovation fit into, if you will, "our state." I am convinced that this is an extraordinarily attractive place to grow and develop ideas and technology. That this state has many of the features which are unique in our nation and perhaps in our world - the clusters of technology and capability that have assembled here -- means that enterprises that begin here begin with a natural advantage. We have also thought to keep the attractiveness of the, if you will, 'the Petri dish" here for technology innovation very robust and vital. There are some who would suggest we could solve our problems best by, for instance, raising our tax rates and business payroll taxes and so forth. I am afraid of going down the path California is going down. I am afraid that going to an 11% income tax will scare away innovation and scare away jobs. California is a beautiful place. We don't have their weather to compete with, so we have to compete on other bases. For us it's a place where that tax burden is not overwhelming with a 5.3% tax rate - they're going up to an 11% tax rate, with over 9% today. We have to make sure this is a place as attractive for people to come and grow their enterprise - our regulatory structure."
If you want someone who voted for tax hikes 98 times, send in John Kerry. If you think trial lawyers need more money, our economy needs more law suits, and malpractice costs should go even higher, then send in John Edwards with him. - Mitt Romney
Governor Mitt Romneyreinforced his pledge not to raise taxes, saying it hurts people "when we tax away their ability to invest in themselves and to make their own life choices." To pull the state out of it perpetual budget problems, Governor Mitt Romneysaid, "the only permanent solution is to change state government." - Governor Mitt Romney 01-02-2003 Press Release


Press Releases from the Governor Mitt Romney Administration about Taxes


03-05-2003; Consumers warned to stay away from high cost tax refund anticipation loans; fast, low-cost options available
04-01-2003; Governor Mitt Romney warns taxpayers of consequences of tax hike
04-15-2003, As they rush to file returns, taxpayers hear from Governor Mitt Romney
04-22-2003, Governor Mitt Romney], small business owners agree: don't raise taxes
04-28-2003, Governor Mitt Romney to legislature: resist urge to raise taxes
06-25-2003, Governor Mitt Romney announces extension of investment tax credit
06-30-2003, Governor Mitt Romney signs no new tax budget in time for new fiscal year


06-25-2004; governor Mitt Romney signs $22.402b fiscal year 2005 'no new tax' budget
08-11-2004a; governor Mitt Romney promotes tax-free shopping day on saturday


03-30-2005, Governor Mitt Romney proposes C.H.O.I.C.E. tax relief program for seniors
06-10-2005; Governor Mitt Romney files legislation to "fix" capital gains error; citizens will get refunds, not retroactive tax bills
07-22-2005, Governor Mitt Romney approves tax-free shopping holiday
08-11-2005, Governor Mitt Romney, Dimasi, Hart promote Tax-free shopping weekend
10-03-2005, Governor Mitt Romney calls for tax cut as revenues come flooding in
11-18-2005, Governor Mitt Romney proposes tax fix to prevent retroactive taxation
11-20-2005, Governor Mitt Romney signs bill to give seniors tax relief
12-08-2005, Governor Mitt Romney signs bill abolishing retroactive tax


01-24-2006; Governor Mitt Romney urges tax payers to file for new tax breaks
02-24-2006; Governor Mitt Romney urges taxpayers to deduct home heating expenses
05-02-2006; Amid record revenues, Governor Mitt Romney and Healey renew call for tax cut
08-14-2006; Governor Mitt Romney expands tax benefits for disabled veterans






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