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Profiles in derangement

Earlier this morning. Lorie Byrd put up a piece mentioning that a recently-unearthed and translated document from Saddam's government in Iraq stated that they had an agent working within the Associated Press. There was no editorializing, no opinionating, no politicizing, just a simple statement of known facts and a link to another site.

But that was apparently enough to set off one deranged psychopath.

One whackjob named "Trinary Suka" (perhaps the "trinary" refers to how many personalities inhabit that one body) saw a mention that an AP reporter might have been supplementing his or her income with some blood money from Saddam and thought immediately of the perfect response:

A laundry list of "Republican pedophilia."

As I'm reading through this list, I'm having several thoughts:

1) Who are these people?

2) How the hell am I going to keep my breakfast down?

3) Who are these people?

4) At least half of these have to be "arrested for" or "charged with" instead of "convicted of" or "pleaded guilty to."

5) Who are these people?

6) This asshat doesn't provide a single link or cite a single source for these explosive, potentially libelous allegations.

7) Who are these people?

8) Oh, there's a familiar name. Strom Thurmond. When he was 22, he fathered a child on his family's black 15-year-old maid. Thurmond didn't become a Republican for almost 40 years after that.

9) Why no mention of Congressmen Gerry Studds, who seduced a male underage page and was censured by the House for it? Oh, yeah, he was a Democrat.

10) Who are these people?


"Trinary" threatens to "use it against you" if we delete his comments. I still might, because as I said, he didn't offer the slightest evidence to back up his very potent accusations. Further, it's completely off-topic and irrelevant.

Instead, I'll just note that "Trinary Suka" has a rather extensive history of moonbattery AND his/her IP has been duly noted and logged for any future necessity.

And I might delete his little "laundry list" that he/she/it apparently cuts and pastes whenever he/she/it feels like it. I'm going to have to think about this for a little while. It's a matter of weighing its value as prima facie evidence of the obsessive insanity of some of the Left.

(Update: After some thought, I went back and deleted the listing. If anyone is really interested in the details, SilverSeaOtter apparently found where the idiot cut and pasted his laundry list from. It's just not going to be posted here on Wizbang.)

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Jay, fwiw, I say delete it:... (Below threshold)

Jay, fwiw, I say delete it: it's off-topic, way too long, unsupported with links, and potentially libelous.

And I don't like the threat, "If you delete this you support GOP pedophiles." Nonsense.

BLOOD FOR ODIN!!!=... (Below threshold)


=8^) first

Jay Tea,As you ind... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea,

As you indicate, it is indeed nauseating for you to have Republican immorality thrust before your eyes. Much easier for you to pretend it doesn't exist.

"HOW DARE ABC SHOW 'PATH TO... (Below threshold)


"Well, what about this list of alleged Republican pedophiles, with no basis in reality, factually inaccurate statements, and no evidence?"

"If you ignore that, you support pedophilia. You HAVE to keep it!!!"

Yeah, that's some good consistency.

Two schools of thought on t... (Below threshold)

Two schools of thought on this one. You've probably made that poster's day by creating a new entry since it seems that the guy is craving attention. However, sometimes it's instructive to see just how "out there" some people are, regardless of which side of the political divide they may inhabit.

The best approach may be to highlight the content of the comments without giving any credit, i.e., it was posted by a seemingly unhinged individual or at least someone who can't follow a topic.

It's your call, but highlighting the post has probably put him in the top 10 of the Troll rankings. I'm sure there's some site that tracks that sort of thing. It's not like he really cares what your opinion is of him or is interested in debate. IOW, don't feed the trolls.

Theres a whole book on Donk... (Below threshold)

Theres a whole book on Donk corruption. Called "Donkey Cons: Sex, Crime, and Corruption in the Democratic Party" by Karl Rove, I mean by Lynn Vincent and Robert Stacy McCain.

ISBN: 1595550240

Covers the Korrupt Klinton Kriminals pretty well.

Any idiot can go to <a href... (Below threshold)

Any idiot can go to this site and do a cut and paste. Not just a moonbat but a lazy moonbat.

A possible source for this ... (Below threshold)

A possible source for this list http://www.armchairsubversive.com/. Someone spent waaaay to much time investigating this type of thing. I wonder if there is a corresponding list for Democrats and other folks of that ilk?

Being threatened by that nu... (Below threshold)

Being threatened by that nutjob (who apparently posts on such far-far-left loony bins as Think Progress and Mother Jones) is like being threatened by any other nutjob. It's laughable. He/She/It thinks it can take down Wizbang (and anyone else) with this silly list. Let him/her/it think that. It's more amusing for us. Just go right ahead and delete his/her/its post and watch hilarity ensue.

Great headline.I s... (Below threshold)

Great headline.

I say let it run, unless the frequency increases, causing more trouble than it currently does.

Stuff like this cannot fail to be counter-productive.

Wow, how the leftists saliv... (Below threshold)

Wow, how the leftists salivate over a Republican committing a crime because we all know every Republican is a Bible-thumping Christian, and it's the apparent failure of their Christianity that truley motivates this glee.
In their own eyes, the Left's multitude of sins are a non-issue (see Clinton/Lewinski), as they celebrate their denial of God (or at the very least Christ), and are held to no moral standard.

Herman and Trinary, we know... (Below threshold)

Herman and Trinary, we know where you live, and we will kidnap your cat and cut off its head if you continue in this manner.

We still have Lee. You can't imagine what we are doing to him!

Hee, hee.

millco88,I believe... (Below threshold)


I believe the extra attention is so that in the future, this person has been given more than ample warning and also due consideration has been given. Any action needed against them is based on a totality of behavior and not any specific post.

To add to Mitchell's statem... (Below threshold)

To add to Mitchell's statement:

If you lack or cannot afford a cat, one will be provided to you at no charge.


Hmmmm. So that why we don't... (Below threshold)

Hmmmm. So that why we don't see much of old "pucker puss" (lee lee ) any more.

Correct me if I am wrong, b... (Below threshold)

Correct me if I am wrong, but if I remember my Russian correctly, "suka" means "bitch." Bitch in a prison sense, not a female dog sense. And trinary, wasn't that the langauge of hte dolphins in the "Uplift War" by David Brin? What an odd combination of words to choose for a name.

Even though the poster make... (Below threshold)

Even though the poster makes an idiot of him/her self leave the post up as evidence that BDS has led to insanity in more that the democratic politicians. Put a header explaining who/what it is from, and an ending pointing out their stupidity. Leave it up as evidence they have fallen off the edge of reality.

I'd wager that if a dingbat... (Below threshold)

I'd wager that if a dingbat Republican wanted to waste his life he could compile a similar list of Democrat pedophiles.

For example, Democrat Congressman Mel Reynolds was sentenced to five years in jail for have sex with an underage girl. Democrat Michael Kennedy, son of Robert Kennedy, admitted having sex with his 14 year old baby sitter. (A quick Google search produced those results)

But it's pointless. Trinary Suka (and Herman) is obviously so demented as to be beyond reason. Paying attention to his inane babble is a waste of everybody's time. He's the digital equivalent of a lunatic writing endlessly in crayon on old shopping bags. There are thousands like him in county institutions.

JT: Snif, Snif...B... (Below threshold)

JT: Snif, Snif...

But don't threaten poor innocent kitties...

...however I have one I'd be willing to donate to the cause!

Hmmmm. So that wh... (Below threshold)
Hmmmm. So that why we don't see much of old "pucker puss" (lee lee ) any more.

His new medications are keeping his dementia in check much better. Also, due to overcrowding, the mental asylum at which he resides has reduced the amount of time each patient can stay on the computer. Or so I hear...

He's a "troll," Jay. His s... (Below threshold)

He's a "troll," Jay. His sole object is to get everybody riled up over something completely off-topic in order to divert attention from the topic he doesn't want discussed.

It doesn't help that our natural reaction is to refute his off-topic rants, because that only plays into his hands, pushing the discussion further away from the post.

Jay:Trinary's real... (Below threshold)


Trinary's real name is "Phil". Phil's in a love/hate relationship with himself as he ponders his multiple life in mental jail.

You see, Phil misses and loves Phoebe (his other self) so much that he refuses to use a 'phile' to help break out of his imprisonment of self-hate. Instead, Phil will only use an 'e' (as in Phoebe) in his file.

Thus, Phil fell.






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