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Sandy Berger

Betsy Newmark has the same opinion of Sandy Berger that I do, but she goes into much more detail explaining her reasons why than I have. Be sure to read her post before watching The Path to 9/11.

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I went to the link and read... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

I went to the link and read the post. I wonder at what point democrats stop supporting a proven liar. Clinton is a proven liar and cheat. Berger is a proven theif. Why do democrats find what they say credible? What is it about being a democrat that allows believing liars, cheats and thieves? I am not talking about speculation concerning lying, I am talking proven liar here.

Some of it could be your ba... (Below threshold)
ken hupp:

Some of it could be your basic circling of the wagons, where your natural tendency is to put up your gaurd and defend your side. In the Democrats case, Clinton was their first President since FDR to actually serve out two full terms, unless you count Truman's one full term and tme serving out Roosevelt's last. As such, they probably want to do everything possible to put their only two term President in recent times in the best possible light. Doesn't mean its right or wrong, but they probably feel if the only memory most people have of Democrat Presidents is Carter's failed administration and Clinton in the manner in which we view him, then the odds of the voters electing another in the foreseable future are pretty steep. At the same time, don't forget that this lying received a lot of positive re-inforcement from the MSM. They actually marveled at how good Clinton was at lying and fooling them, instead of bring outraged about it. The MSM even ran stories about how lying might be a good thing. Given all that, it really doesn't surprise me at all.


Zelsdorf, and don't forget ... (Below threshold)

Zelsdorf, and don't forget proven liar Joe Wilson.

Jo, I in no way tried to pr... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Jo, I in no way tried to present a complete list of democratic liars. Jay Rockafeller, who is surely a charter member of the liars club of the DNP seems to have forgotten what he said a few years ago concerning Saddam. The left has never put much store in the truth.

Amazing isn't it? This i... (Below threshold)

Amazing isn't it? This is the same fool that warned Syria and others of the invasion ahead of time. No the Media isn't Biased. All day long on CSPAN they ran Carl Levin reinterpretation of the latest report , cherry piicked all to hell with out a rebuttle. What cry babies.

We now know that in additio... (Below threshold)

We now know that in addition to the hundreds of businesses, the U.N. and hundreds of politicians worldwide, CNN and the AP were on Saddam's payroll. Why are we not looking at the democrats that are still supporting the terrorists? This should be a dead give away to where they're loyalty lies. Not only are they not patroitic, they are out and out trairors. I'll bet their bank accounts (hidden somewhere) got really fat off of Saddam and Osama. Something stinks in the democratic party (they cover for every criminal like Berger too much) and it isn't dead fish. They are in a total panic that the truth will come out some day.
No need to watch the ABC special tonight and tomorrow. They have caved and cut it until it now means nothing.

No, you're wrong, Scrapiron... (Below threshold)

No, you're wrong, Scrapiron. I hope you do get the chance to watch it. As far as I could tell, they didn't cut anything--at least, of the scenes we've all been hearing about. I saw the link to Redstate where they showed 6 pieces of the movie, and they were all in there.

There certainly were cuts -... (Below threshold)

There certainly were cuts - HotAir has one of the prime altered scenes, where the Berger denial of authority to attempt to grab bin Laden was related in full detail. I haven't looked at the others.

Overall, I don't think Clinton escaped unscathed. Probably Bush won't escape unscathed from Part II, either. But that's not something extraordinary, as Presidents Carter, Reagan, and Bush the Elder also failed to recognize and address the growing threat of Islamofacism during their terms, as well.

There was a pre-9/11 world, and a different world after it, as the tribute sequence to be posted here today will show clearly.

The problem we have isn't whether or not Clinton gets enough blame or credit. It isn't about him. Our problem is too many people trying to revert to pre-9/11 thinking. Maybe they want to forget that day, and I could not blame them for that. But the consequences of forgetting it will be repeating it, and I do blame them for that.

Hoe come Sandy Burglarpants... (Below threshold)

Hoe come Sandy Burglarpants never has to answer what it was He stole and destroyed?

Very irritating.






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