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Never Forget the Horror: Tower Two Collapse

Kevin Cosgrove was on the phone with a 9-1-1 dispatcher begging for help when the tower collapsed. It was all captured on audio.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin


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Comments (20)

Utterly chilling. :(... (Below threshold)

Utterly chilling. :(

I need to add to my comment... (Below threshold)

I need to add to my comment. I am glad that you posted this, but I wish I hadn't watched it. This affected me more that watching the beheading videos. I can't imagine the horror Kevin felt when the collapse started. And that poor 911 operator having to placate him and try to give him some sense of hope, knowing there was no hope for most of the people who were above the impact zones...

I am angry and sad and happy were are facing the enemy. I just hope we don't back down.

I remember that night peopl... (Below threshold)

I remember that night people on TV kept suggesting that we not watch the video over and over.

Five years later, I think we need to watch and listen to all of it over and over, again and again. Less we forget!

An important video to watch... (Below threshold)

An important video to watch, and a heartbreaking phone call that we all must remember.


Don't go back to sleep.

I remember listening to a p... (Below threshold)

I remember listening to a portion of Kevin Cosgrove's 911 recording when the tapes were first released. It moved me so much that I had to go search for his 9-11 Memorial Page, which is listed as part of Aon's tribute to it's employees who died at the WTC. I left a brief message to his family saying that I was sorry they had to relive their husband's, father's, brother's, son's last moments, I was realized that their Dad was a great man, and that I was committed to seeing that no one's Dad had to go through that ever again.

What I remember most about the tribute page is that it included a touching comment made by his daughter. Asked what she missed most about her Dad? To paraphrase, she said, "I miss my Daddy's hugs. They were the best hugs." That did me in. I was literally crying at my desk.

...probably the most devast... (Below threshold)

...probably the most devastating thing I have ever heard. I keep hearing his last words.

The last thought on my mind tonight will be a prayer for his soul.

Like Kelly, I'm glad you po... (Below threshold)

Like Kelly, I'm glad you posted this video. But I truly wish I hadn't watched it.

I'm still shaking from the terror in Kevin's voice when he knew he was going to die. It felt like you were right there with him. The worst part was the eery silence after hearing his last scream. It was VERY disturbing. But, necessary for me to hear.

We've got to KILL the bastards who did this. I'm only interested in capturing them long enough to get the information we need. Then they have to DIE.

We WILL win this war. My resolve (always strong) has been renewed. Thank you for this post.

Kevin is one reason amoung ... (Below threshold)

Kevin is one reason amoung many, that I will never pull the lever for a cut and run Democrat of any kind ever again.


I totally regret the earlier votes.
Christ I wish I hadn't listend to that call

I understand, vero. As much... (Below threshold)

I understand, vero. As much as I'd like to go to bed now, I can't let that be the last thing I hear before I sleep.

Listening and watching that... (Below threshold)

Listening and watching that reminds me.

It reminds me of my love for George W. Bush. It is whey I can forgive him for no child left behind. It is why I can overlook his stance on illegal immigration. It's why I can disagree with him on several of his political positions and still feel a deep and profound love for the man. Not only do I not want that to happen to any American ever again, but I don't want my daughter to be known for missing my hugs, or her mothers hugs, or any of the hugs her three brothers have to give over the years.

God bless George W. Bush.

"We're not ready to die" A... (Below threshold)

"We're not ready to die" And then the building collapses and we hear him scream. God, how I pray it was quick, but it wasn't, was it? I mean he was on the phone fully aware he was dying for how long? And then he died. May we never, ever go through something like this again. I'm going to be sick.

BILL CL... (Below threshold)


I don't know what to say. ... (Below threshold)

I don't know what to say.

This should be made a must ... (Below threshold)

This should be made a must see for all those liberals who would tie the President's hands by obstructing the use of the Patriot Act, the NSA wiretapping and who keep harping on the "abuse" of prisoners. Also, reliance on the UN is useless.
God Bless America and President.

Gingerguy:BILL ... (Below threshold)



Bullshit. Nobody handled terrorism right before 9/11, nobody's handling it now.

For the record, I think that McCain is the only guy walking the earth who could do the cause justice -- but the Wizbangers don't like people who aren't true believers, so maybe he won't make it.

But laying all this shit at Clinton's door is just stupid, grossly inacurrate and vile.

What are you guys nuts? We... (Below threshold)
John S:

What are you guys nuts? We have the most incompetent president in the White House ever who was warned a month in advance of 9/11 and never did anything. He dismantled the team looking for the guy who orchestrated this and ignored the terrorism task force created previously by both Republicans and Dems. Anyone who voted for this guy needs to do some reading. We are less safe now than before. Get Osama bin Laden -remember that Bush said last year that he didn't know where bin Laden was, didn't follow it and wasn't concerned about it. It's on video at a press conference. What incompetence.

"What are you guys nuts<... (Below threshold)

"What are you guys nuts"

No but apparently You are to keep on believing the Dummycrat playbook.

Devastating audio.... (Below threshold)

Devastating audio.

Too bad John S. wasn't there instead of Cosgrove.

Amen astigafa and ... (Below threshold)

Amen astigafa and

Gingerguy and John S are hereby matriculated from the Shcool of Teh Interweb with an advanced degree in moronics.

I generally agree with Buckeye's statement, and I agree that you should not rely on the UN alone, but it does help to solve conflicts; just not all of them.

Awful. It's bad because you... (Below threshold)

Awful. It's bad because you know what is going to happen, and then to hear that, "Oh God! Ohhh...." is still somewhat of a shock. And chilling.






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