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My God, Man, Get A Grip!

Kos is a rageoholic. He doesn't know how to not be pissed off. Now he's going after Sara Evans on Dancing with the Stars because she's a friend of Tom DeLay.

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He can't live without ragea... (Below threshold)
the wolf:

He can't live without rageahol.

How those Tiggers doing, Kim?

And they say us on the righ... (Below threshold)

And they say us on the right are too single minded? Someone get this guy a script for valium

I suggest old KOS stay hidd... (Below threshold)

I suggest old KOS stay hidden in his hole (maybe Saddam will share his hole with him) because if he ever visits any place where a lot of people are fans of Sara his head and a** won't carry all the whippings he'll get. Baseball bats are the weapon of choice for idiots like him.

"Ms. Evans, are you now or ... (Below threshold)
Robin Goodfellow:

"Ms. Evans, are you now or have you ever been..."

See, they just don't get how wrong their actions are, because, ironically, for them the ends justify the means.

You don't understand -- ... (Below threshold)

You don't understand -- kos wants to dance with Tom DeLay.

I think she is married to a... (Below threshold)

I think she is married to a Republican Congressman, and she sang at the RNC convention. Clearly, she should be hounded from the airwaves.
Kos is really pathetic.

And she proved she can't da... (Below threshold)

And she proved she can't dance.

You know, it really chaps m... (Below threshold)

You know, it really chaps my hide to have to do this but... I have to defend Kos slightly. If you follow the link to the Hugh Hewitt story about this, you will notice that the second link is to a note from Tom DeLay, exhorting his "friends" to vote for Sara. That alone might be no big deal, but he went on to say we should do it to "send a message to Hollywood", etc. etc. So it really wasn't Kos who injected politics into this dancing competition.

I feel dirty now. :-(

I feel dirty everytime I se... (Below threshold)

I feel dirty everytime I see a pic of Sara Evans... ;)

Tom DeLay wrote a three-par... (Below threshold)

Tom DeLay wrote a three-paragraph letter urging votes for Evans because she's a "supporter of the Republican party", she's up against "ultra-liberal" Jerry Springer, and it will "send a message to Hollywood". This is the "politicization" that Hewitt's site observes; none of this is based on her skill as a dancer.

Kos wrote a 29-word bullet point (shorter than even your post here) in response, urging the opposite. And this is what elicits a "my God!" response from you?

I think you either need to do a little background research before copying third-hand items from other blogs, or try to learn "how to not be pissed off" yourself.

Think about how you would respond if Pelosi sent a similar letter urging support for Springer because "liberals have to stick together and show those Republicans!" That should reveal how much intellectual honesty you have.

I feel dirty now.</p... (Below threshold)

I feel dirty now.

I think that's a real problem. Honesty makes too many people feel dirty.

This stuff makes me so darn... (Below threshold)

This stuff makes me so darn angry and Tom Delay is just as much at fault as Kos.

If you want to vote for Sara Evans, vote for her because...

...she's a good dancer.
...she's not a good dancer, but she tries hard.
...she's charming in the interview segments.
...she catches your eye.

Don't vote for her because she's a "strong supporter of the Republican Party" and "to send a message to Hollywood".

It's a dumb dancing contest, not an election to the House Commerce Subcommittee on Telecommunication or an appointment to the FCC.

This retarded "red/blue" non-stop cultural war stuff has to stop. Kos is an idiot and I expect this kind of garbage from him but Tom Delay is a Congressman. Grow up.

Not everything is an election, not everything is a message. Thankfully this stuff hasn't permeated professional sports too much but I'm sure some jerks claimed the Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl win was victory for union liberalism and the Carolina Hurricanes Stanley Cup represented the strong moral values of the New South.

It's this simple -

"Sara Evans is a great friend and a real classy lady. She's lent her support to my campaigns and I hope you'll please support her."

That's what you write...not an attack on the "ultra-liberal Jerry Springer"

Both Delay and Kos are jerks.

Brian:"Think about h... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"Think about how you would respond if Pelosi sent a similar letter urging support for Springer because "liberals have to stick together and show those Republicans!" That should reveal how much intellectual honesty you have."

So, how did you respond when sitting members of the Congressional Dem leadership implicitly threatened ABC's broadcast license if they didn't alter their docudrama to fit the Dem agenda?

FWIW, private citizen Delay can send whatever letters he wants, even if he did have a stupid suggestion. Whoever gets those letters are free to ignore them; and they should.

Jeez, Les, can't you eve... (Below threshold)

Jeez, Les, can't you ever stay on issue? But don't forget that the current FCC is the one that raised fines against networks 10x to fit the Repub agenda. But I guess explicit punitive action is more acceptable to you than implicit punitive action.

Plus, don't tell me that DeLay can say anything he wants (and, by extension, Kos can respond anyway he wants). I'm not the one who brought the issue up to begin with.

I think that's a real pr... (Below threshold)

I think that's a real problem. Honesty makes too many people feel dirty.

Oh, can it. I don't feel dirty because I was being honest. I do because doing so meant I actually had to defend a slimy human being. The real problem would be if I didn't feel dirty. Kind of like how a public defender might feel doing his civic duty to help a wife beater get a fair trial.






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