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Report: Al Qaeda Planning Nuke Attack for Ramadan

Most likely Ramadan (September 24 - October 23) will come and go without incident, but Hot Air has a post that I thought Wizbang readers would want to know about.

Allah is skeptical of the report, via The Jawa Report, too, but he offers a few points to keep in mind.

Hamid Mir, the reporter who originally reported this information, has great AQ connections: he's the only one to ever interview OBL after 9/11. Allah also notes this about Hamid Mir:

He's been consistent, too: I wrote a post in late May about an interview Mir had given in which he identified Al Qaeda's nuclear ambitions and even the operative they've entrusted to mastermind the attack -- Adnan al-Shukrijumah, who inspired a special national terror APB by the FBI back in 2002. Mir's story is the same today as it was four months ago. The only difference is that now he's got a target date for the attack. Ramadan, 2006.

Also, according to Mir, the bomb is already in the states, having been smuggled in through Mexico.

Allah also reminds us of this YouTube of CNN on 9/11. About 30 seconds in to the video, Aaron Brown reads an AP report out of London which says that about three weeks prior to 9/11, followers of OBL warned about an unprecedented, spectacular attack on US interests.

Allah also notes that The Blotter, which has good connections with the US intelligence community, has run two articles about OBL's nuclear bomb guy, Adnan al-Shukrijumah, in the past five days. Coincidence? Probably, but, as Allah writes, consider that The Blotter ran a story about the UK Terror plot mastermind the day before any arrests were made in the UK, which means he may have been tipped off.

As I said in the beginning of the post, Ramadan will most likely be uneventful; nonetheless, I thought Wizbang readers would be interested in this information from Hot Air.


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Comments (15)

For those of us who haven't... (Below threshold)

For those of us who haven't accepted our dhimmitude, care to let us know when Ramadan is in 2006?

I’d say it’s highly unlikel... (Below threshold)
John S:

I’d say it’s highly unlikely. But since I live downwind of NYC, I’ll start stockpiling canned goods, fresh water and pull together the materials I need to quickly build a fallout shelter in the basement. Although if it’s a “dirty” conventional bomb, not a proper nuke, the danger from radioactive fallout from would be measured in city blocks, not thousands of miles.

Why did they bother to smug... (Below threshold)

Why did they bother to smuggle a nuclear bomb in? If there is one available on the blackmarket the democrats will buy it and donate it to AQ. Are the democrats using AQ talking points or is AQ using democratic talking points? Someone is coordinating their news releases.

As Humphrey Bogart could ha... (Below threshold)

As Humphrey Bogart could have said in Casablanca, "There are certain parts of New York that I would advise you not to nuke."

Dear Lord, but I agree with... (Below threshold)

Dear Lord, but I agree with astigafa.
A nuke on US soil sounds like the first line in a recipe for turning Mecca and anywhere the Islamist hold sacred into so much glass.
That is not to say as B follows A, mind you, but it would change the American idea of appropriate response in a way that is not favorable at all for UBL and anyone that agrees with even his choice in burkas.

A comment on Jawa said they... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

A comment on Jawa said they might as well set off a device in the heart of Mecca, it would be much quicker.

"We will all go together, when we go...
All so infused with an incandescent glow.
Just sing out a 'Te Deum'
When you see that ICBM.
Yes, we'll all go together when we go."

I say We head off the attac... (Below threshold)

I say We head off the attack beforehand! The dirty cowards want to murder, so give them a million degree heat and be done wtf threat already..

The sad fact is that when a... (Below threshold)

The sad fact is that when another attack comes, it will likely originate via the Mexican border. If NY is nuked, will the Dems FINALLY agree to profiling? How about to building a border fence? Will Human Rights Watch scream about AQ violating the Geneva Convention? Will they do so if we retaliate with nukes to Mecca, etc? Will they finally accept that this is our war, not W's war?

Our fate lies in the answers to these questions...

Conspiracy theory stating B... (Below threshold)
Proud kaffir:

Conspiracy theory stating Bush is planning to nuke an American city in 3...2...1.

James:Its nice to ... (Below threshold)


Its nice to see at least one other person remembers Tom Lerher lyrics and how to update them. I'd love to see an updated version of National Brotherhood Week, with "Kos and Malkin dancing cheek to cheek..."

But I digress,

A single bomb to Mecca would simply enrage the few remaining non-militant Muslims to radical levels. Perhaps the idea behind an attack on the US. Nuclear deterrance worked with the Soviets (and US) because they knew exactly what to expect.

We need to let the world know exactly what to expect in response to a nuclear attack on US interests here or abroad (perhaps something like this):

A suspension of all US foreign aid for 100 years or more to every country in the world. (motivate some less than supportive countries who receive our aid to be allitle more interested in supporting our war on terror)

Complete annihliation of any country found to have participated in the construction and delivery of the bomb, or who has threatened such. (Iran, N Korea and Pakistan for starters, S Arabia if one penny of money came from there to fund it). I am sure we could find the people and factories to manufacture a few hundred fuel bombs to incinerate these places to avoid having to resort to a nuclear response for all but the deep underground facilities we would need to destroy.

Close our borders and expell any illegal visitors unwilling to swear allegiance and accept immediate responsiblity to help rebuild/respond to the local disaster. (well, really we should do that now, but maybe Congress would be motivated to this after a city or two are fried)

I just haven't figured out a way to keep the Chinese from profiting from all this without us having to burn them to the ground as well.

Well, I hope that Ramadan p... (Below threshold)

Well, I hope that Ramadan passes without incident, but I have to laugh at what some of you think our response to a nuclear attack would be. I'll tell you exactly what it will be.


Bush has been paralyzed by the treasonous opposition in this country to the relatively bloodless Iraq war - do you honestly think he has the stones to up the carnage? I don't.

And even if he did, the Democrats would never let him do it. If there is an attack, they won't even bother pretending to care. They'll question the timing. They'll blame Bush. They'll call for an immediate impeachment. They'll beg the UN to be an intermediary. They'll call for immediate abandonment of Israel. And Bush will do nothing.

I guarantee it.

cmd hit it on the head. Wi... (Below threshold)

cmd hit it on the head. Within fifteen minutes there would be democratic leaders on TV saying it was all because of Bush's war in Iraq and the jihadists would leave us alone if we just left them alone.

Didn't realize you'd alread... (Below threshold)

Didn't realize you'd already posted this excellent article on the news. Thanks.

cmdYou are of cour... (Below threshold)


You are of course right in Your conclusions about how the Dimmicrats would treat any terrorist attack.. However I do not think that Bush would do nothing in response to an attack.

Hi, I recently came ... (Below threshold)
John Clements:

I recently came accross an article by an obscure website called Crusade Media www.crusade-media.com - this article outlines the story of how Al Qaeda/Bin Laden have sought and obtained Nuclear and other weapons of Mass Destruction.







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