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Thank You, Emilio Karim Dabul

Ever since 9/11 many in the blogosphere, including me, have asked in dismay, "Where are all the American Muslims? Why aren't they denouncing the 9/11 attacks?" You must read Emilio Karin Dabul's piece in the New York Post:

WELL, here it is, five years late, but here just the same: an apology from an Arab-American for 9/11. No, I didn't help organize the killers or contribute in any way to their terrible cause. However, I was one of millions of Arab-Americans who did the unspeakable on 9/11: nothing.

The only time I raised my voice in protest against these men who killed thousands of innocents in the name of Allah was behind closed doors, among the safety of friends and family. I did at one point write a very vitriolic essay condemning their actions, but fear of becoming another Salman Rushdie kept me from ever trying to publish it.

Well, I'm sick of saying the truth only in private - that Arabs around the world, including Arab-Americans like myself, need to start holding our own culture accountable for the insane, violent actions that our extremists have perpetrated on the world at large.

Every single 9/11 hijacker was Arab and a Muslim. The apologists (including President Bush) tried to reassure us that 9/11 had nothing to do with Islam, but was a twisting of a great and noble religion. With all due respect, read the Koran, Mr. President. There's enough there for someone of extreme tendencies to find their way to a global jihad.

There's also enough there for someone of a different mindset to find a path to enlightenment and peace. Still, Rushdie had it right back in 2001: This does have to do with Islam. A Christian who bombs an abortion clinic in the name of God is still a Christian, at least in his interpretation, and saying otherwise doesn't negate the fact that he has spent a goodly amount of time figuring out his version of the one true and right thing to do.

The men who killed 3,000 of our citizens on 9/11 in all likelihood died saying prayers to Allah, and that by itself is one of the most horrific things to me about that day.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin

Jay at Stop the ACLU is also covering Mr. Dabul's editorial.

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It's nice to read something... (Below threshold)

It's nice to read something like this, but he is just one voice in the wilderness.

He has probably also put himself in danger.

For that he has my respect.

Bravo. This is one of the f... (Below threshold)

Bravo. This is one of the first baby steps back to peace.

Didn't he play for the Lake... (Below threshold)

Didn't he play for the Lakers?

So Kim, you've spent the la... (Below threshold)

So Kim, you've spent the last five years wondering "Where are all the American Muslims? Why aren't they denouncing the 9/11 attacks?"


It took me 30 seconds to find that page. You couldn't have been looking very hard.

Cat:CAIR is am Isl... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:


CAIR is am Islamic terrorist front group disguising themselves as moderates. Some of their founders have been indicted or convicted of terrorist activities. They will make some condemnations of terrorism but then sue anyone who really condemns Islamic terrorists.

The current leader of CAIR has stated publically that he wants to bring sharia law to the US. Sharia law is not consistent with American values nor consistent with liberal Islam. They are a bunch of phonies.

Kim...it's nothing new. I b... (Below threshold)

Kim...it's nothing new. I blogged about this a week or two ago.... (although not based on his editorial)

God Bless Emilio for standi... (Below threshold)

God Bless Emilio for standing up to the Islamofacists. Stay safe.






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