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Ann Richards Dead at 73

I just saw on Fox News that former Texas governor Ann Richards died tonight following a long battle with cancer.


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Comments (11)

My thoughts and prayers go ... (Below threshold)

My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends.

She was truly a Texan-American woman, of the unique sort who could only be found there. Ann Richards was on the other side of the political fence, but she was a true character, one of those who give life to our national narrative.

"following a long battle wi... (Below threshold)

"following a long battle with cancer"......she had esophageal cancer diagnosed in March, 2006. Six months is a short battle with cancer.

Esophageal cancer is a terrible way to die; I hope she died in peace.

She was definately a Texas character. Ma Richards.

Cancer? A terrible way to ... (Below threshold)

Cancer? A terrible way to go. Pity it couldn't have been a peaceful death.

But good riddance to bad rubbish. "True character?" She was a mean bitch who never got over the fact that silver spoon, all-hat-and-no-cattle, dimwit Dubyah pounded her into the ground like a stump-broke mule.

You want to see grace? I guarantee you Bush will say something like you have, Jim, and call her a "national treasure," or a "good and brave woman." Imagine Richards' glee if the positions had been reversed.

cmd: This is not the time ... (Below threshold)

cmd: This is not the time for criticism. I did not like her either, but I will not make negative statements about Ann Richards until at least a respectful time of mourning is observed. I intend to demonstrate to the DUmmie crowd how to observe the death of a politician one doesn't like, and crass insults before the funeral is definitely not the way to go.

I agree with CMD 100%. She ... (Below threshold)
j clark:

I agree with CMD 100%. She was a vindictive bitch. If the same had happened to a Republican she'd be throwing a party. Respectful time of mourning? A republicans body wouldnt even be cold before Jimmy Carter would be tearing into the guy or Clinton would hit on the widow.

Come on, now.If yo... (Below threshold)
Good Lt:

Come on, now.

If you were appalled by the bad things said about Reagan before and right after he died, you should also respect Ann's right to be dignified in death. She was an American, the end. Give her the respect she is entitled to as an American - a period of mourning and respite. There will be plenty of time later for the politics.

Don't become what you hate about the left.

Prayers for the Richards' family.

My family has been in Texas... (Below threshold)
Scott in CA:

My family has been in Texas for seven generations. Every time I saw or heard Ann Richards speak, she reminded me of all my aunts and great-aunts. There's just something about Texas women!

Jim, Good Lt, Random -... (Below threshold)
the gadfly:

Jim, Good Lt, Random -

Your comments here show real class and character. Well said.

Good riddance to the old ba... (Below threshold)
ed moore:

Good riddance to the old bag.

She was a spiteful old battleaxe who never held a real job in her life.She was a no talent ass clown who simply had a big mouth.

Maybe Ted Kennedy can take a hint and follow shortly.

pensacola, FL

Ed, that is sick.I... (Below threshold)

Ed, that is sick.

I don't LIKE Kennedy, but I'd rather him live a nice long life well outside of the public realm.

Ann died of a rather unpleasant and a rather miserable disease --- a fate I wouldn't wish on much of anybody.

For cmd, ed, j clark,... (Below threshold)

For cmd, ed, j clark,
Your comments regarding Ann Richards are thoughtless, graceless, and ignorant and project nothing but a clear commentary on your
complete lack of class. Freedom of speech is not the freedom
to be jackasses during a time of mourning for anyone. Anyone.
Life is short. Get one.
Brian Davis






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