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Gunmen Open Fire In Montreal College

Fox News reports:

Two gunman opened fire Wednesday on the campus of a Montreal college, wounding at least 10 people, witnesses and police said.

Scores of students at Dawson College near downtown fled into the surrounding streets after the shooting broke out in the school of about 10,000 students. Some of them had bloody clothes. Live TV coverage from the scene showed police surrounding the campus and training their weapons on people exiting the buildings with their hands in the air.

Canadian TV stations reported that two gunmen were involved in the shooting and that both had died on the scene -- one was shot by police, the other appeared to take his own life.

Witnesses said one shooter was wearing a black trench coat and was firing at students and teachers at random in one of the school's cafeterias. Other witnesses said a gunman was dressed in camouflage fatigues.

Some background from CNN:
The college has 7,000 day students and 3,000 night students, according to the Dawson Web site.

In Canada, students as young as 16 can attend colleges, which generally serve as bridges between high schools and universities.

This is not the first shooting at a Montreal college. About 17 years ago, Marc Lepine opened fire at Ecole Polytechnique. Fourteen female students were killed in the December 1989 shooting before Lepine killed himself.

Lepine left behind a three-page letter blaming feminists for his not being able to get into the school.


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Comments (19)

pretty crazy, wonder if the... (Below threshold)

pretty crazy, wonder if they know who did it and why.

In other breaking news, Plame is suing Armitage.


But... but... Canada doesn'... (Below threshold)

But... but... Canada doesn't have gun violence! It's illegal there!

Marc Lapline was the son of... (Below threshold)

Marc Lapline was the son of a Muslim Immigrant, surprise. He's protrayed as having an unbalanced hatred towards women, but ironicially, many Islamic cultures also hold women in low regard, so idk.

I wonder what these two men's heritage is?

BTW, in the part of Canada I grew up in, College may have served a transitional role between high School and University by allowing someone to grab a few credits missed in High School. But primarily Colleges are vocational schools. Unless they've been restructured since I left.

"He's a Muslim" is the "He ... (Below threshold)

"He's a Muslim" is the "He listens to Marilyn Manson music" of the 21st century.

But... but... Canada doe... (Below threshold)

But... but... Canada doesn't have gun violence! It's illegal there!

Posted by: Aaron B. Hockley at September 13, 2006 05:23 PM

great point! i've always heard no one gets shot in canada due to their excellent gun laws!

Uhm, Robert? You do know th... (Below threshold)

Uhm, Robert? You do know that the Columbine murderers were NOT Marylin Manson fans right?

But your belief that violence-glorifying religion, music or media can't possibly contribute to youth violence is doubleplusgood comrade.

Hmmm...isn't Canada a gun-c... (Below threshold)

Hmmm...isn't Canada a gun-controlled utopia?

Hmm... Isn't Texas a crime-... (Below threshold)

Hmm... Isn't Texas a crime-free, strict death-penalty utopia? Same false argument. No law is 100% effective. Canada's firearm death rate is something like one fifth that of US... While Texas has a higher homicide rate than many non-DP states. Question is, what would Texas be like without DP? Or Canada without gun control?

Bill --The death p... (Below threshold)

Bill --

The death penalty is a punishment. The deterent aspect, if any, is a by product. Nonetheless, it is not effective as a deterent in our country due to the lengthy appeal process. If someone took another's life in the morning, apprehended and dispatched in the afternoon, as a deterent, it would be more effective.

Regarding Canada; Their government is opposed to a free state, hence, gun contol exists. Note also the actions of the students and the teachers today. No private citizen (Canadian) had a gun to "neutralize" the thug or even defend themselves.

Also, I would suggest reviewing statistics from states where conceal and carry laws have been passed. Crime rates drop. Bad guys think differently when their actions may have to be defended with their life. Florida is a prime example. Likewise, note the crime spree in Washinton DC since the gun bans took effect 20+ years ago.

89,No. I didn't k... (Below threshold)


No. I didn't know that.
I just remember that the kind of music a murderer listens to is really important. Except for the times it doesn't fit with people's preconceived notions, then it's not so much.

Nowadays, the religion of a murderer is really important. Except for the times it doesn't fit with people's preconceived notions, then it's not so much.

And you must be right about... (Below threshold)

And you must be right about media violence.

The wild, wild, west was actually really peaceful until they started making violent movies about it.

(h/t to Dave Cross)

Ric fails to understand tha... (Below threshold)
Thomas King:

Ric fails to understand that most criminals do not commit crimes expecting to be caught. Most murders are crimes of passion or opportunity in that they are not planned in advance. As such, consequences are seldom a factor in the mind of the criminal. This is why deterence is generally unreliable as a tool to lower homicide rates. In addition, to reduce the interval between the crime and the punishment to a single day is guaranteed to result in innocent people being put to death. Putting someone to death is supposed to be hard to do.

Oy vey. Dawson College is a... (Below threshold)

Oy vey. Dawson College is a CEGEP, college of general and professional studies. It's a Quebec-only phenomenon; high school in Quebec ends after 11 grades and you must do 1 or 2 years in CEGEP prior to going to university. (You can also go straight into some professions directly from a CEGEP).

In the rest of Canada, colleges are either constituent bodies of a university (ie, Huron College at Western, Trinity College at UofT) or colleges of applied arts and technology. Most do not offer courses leading to a degree.

Another nail in Michael Moo... (Below threshold)

Another nail in Michael Moore's logic's coffin. Not that any of his fans care.

Robert: And the world was r... (Below threshold)

Robert: And the world was really peaceful and quiet before the invention of gunpowder. Not.

It would turn out that at least one of the killers wasn't a fan of Mohammed or Marilyn Manson, but.... The Columbine Killers; and Hitler; and video games. And he really f***ing hated the Republicans.

Uhm, if he was looking for ... (Below threshold)

Uhm, if he was looking for Christian Republicans, why did he go looing in a Canadian school of all places?

i hate krystal she loves ra... (Below threshold)

i hate krystal she loves raff

yesenia loves u.v loveeeeee... (Below threshold)

yesenia loves u.v loveeeeeeeee

kadija loves keyshawn... (Below threshold)

kadija loves keyshawn






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