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Bubba Meets The Bloggers

Bill Clinton decided he wanted to meet some bloggers, so he invited some up for some chicken and photo opportunities. Ann Althouse has an amusing post in which she wonders how random the placement of the bloggers in the picture below was.


Hmmm...I don't see Bill Clinton's hands.


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Comments (6)

"Hmmm...I don't see Bil... (Below threshold)

"Hmmm...I don't see Bill Clinton's hands."

Neither did Monica over that rotund belly she carried around.

That Willy Sure is Slick.</... (Below threshold)

That Willy Sure is Slick.

Notice the sick look on the... (Below threshold)

Notice the sick look on the face of the two women in the front. Something is happening in Slickville, maybe something reputed to be crooked is pooking them? LMAO That man is such a loser.

OK, I can't stand Clinton, ... (Below threshold)

OK, I can't stand Clinton, but...

No one noticed that these people are kind of grouped by hight - not brea...OH never mind - pizza girl was centered for two main reasons. Duh!

Is it just Me or do William... (Below threshold)

Is it just Me or do William Rodham's eye's appear to be transfixed on the silo's in front of Him?

Wow, such a diverse group. ... (Below threshold)

Wow, such a diverse group.

As I've said for a long while, you can't get more lilly-white than the liberal blogosphere.






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