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So, what the hell has Jay Tea been up to lately?

My postings have been a bit on the skimpy side the last couple of days. There are two reasons for that.

The first is that things are a bit insane at the Day Job. As of today, I already have 22 hours on the clock -- and I still have three full days left to work in the week.

The other reason is that I'm working on a very, very big piece for Wizbang that might end up being my Magnum Opus. Currently, I'm breaking it into five parts. I've finished the first drafts of parts 1 and 2, mostly done with 3, and have outlines for 4 and 5 -- and I just broke 3,600 words in the whole thing. I'm tentatively scheduling it to publish next Monday through Friday, one installment a day, but the piece might have a few ideas of its own about that. So far, I've cited the Bible, Rudyard Kipling, Stan Lee, World War I, World War II, Thomas Harris, Tom Clancy, Lord Acton, and Christopher Hitchens -- and I'm only roughly halfway there.

I'll try to keep up my traditional 3 pieces a day, but this beast is sucking a LOT of my time and brainpower. And so far I think it's worth it.

Update: Joss Whedon and Tom Lehrer are also likely to make the cut.

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Well, no one can say you do... (Below threshold)

Well, no one can say you don't like Building 19.

I don't see how you can stretch it into a five parter, but I guess that's why I read Wizbang.

Something happened in Lawre... (Below threshold)

Something happened in Lawrence that was THAT interesting? Wow.

I am looking forward to thi... (Below threshold)

I am looking forward to this!

Aw, can't we have a Vogon p... (Below threshold)
Malibu Stacy:

Aw, can't we have a Vogon poetry reading instead?

Tom Lehrer rocks!'... (Below threshold)
SSG Pooh:

Tom Lehrer rocks!

'50s Tom Lehrer or '60s Tom Lehrer? I'm guessin' '60s, unless the post has something to do with poisoning pigeons. So Long Mom?

Sounds as if you good titl... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Sounds as if you good title it "I didn't have time to write a shorter piece."

Steve, it's funny you shoul... (Below threshold)

Steve, it's funny you should mention not having the time to write a shorter piece. I spent more time trying to get within a 500 word limit on a submission I did yesterday than I ever thought possible.

Remember when we were in high school, and it was miserable trying to come up with 300 words for an essay?

Remember when nap time was a BAD thing?

*sigh* I'm off to my last 3 hr teaching gig of the day, and apparently I'm feeling sorry for myself.

I think you need to find so... (Below threshold)

I think you need to find some other things in life to spend your time on besides the internet!






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