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Secret Blog Rocks Cardin Campaign


One of those folks might be the author of a secret blog from inside the Ben Cardin for Senate campaign, known as Persuasionatrix. Wizbang Politics has the whole story on the staffer's Oreo fixation, race politics, and being groped by Cardin donors. Don't miss it!

Update: The author of the blog, Cardin staffer Ursula Gruber, was terminated this afternoon after our call to the Cardin campaign headquarters for a comment on the story. Our requests for comment were ignored and the blog has now disappeared, but we were fully prepared for that kind of treatment. The complete Persuasionatrix site is available at Wizbang Politics.


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Comments (5)

Come on, Kevin. These "L... (Below threshold)

Come on, Kevin. These "Look How Desperate We Republicans Are!" stories are getting really old. Can't you guys find some bogus public opinion poll from Faux News to link to that lies about the Republican Party's chances in the next election anymore?

Why don't you guys just go back to using "Islamofascists" three times or more in a single blog posting -- (plus the headline, of course) hoping that Rush will link to it and give you ooodles of traffic?

Dude - this post is sad -- it's been a slow day in the mud, eh?

Missed the front page stori... (Below threshold)

Missed the front page stories about the word "macaca", have ya Lee in the MSM?

[Giberish comment remov... (Below threshold)
zaheer siddique:

[Giberish comment removed]

And the winner in the catag... (Below threshold)
Brian the Adequate:

And the winner in the catagory of the most stupid off topic cut and paste comment of the year goes to......

zaheer siddique

Blood for Odin!... (Below threshold)

Blood for Odin!






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