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Exercises in futility

On Tuesday, Massachusetts voters will go to the polls (well, some of them) and choose who will be on the ballot come November. One of the races that has received little attention has been the Republican duel for the United States Senate. Two candidates, Kevin Scott and Kevin Chase, are both vying for the chance to unseat the Commonwealth's senior senator.

That's right. They are actually fighting over who gets to be Senator Ted Kennedy's (D-Chivas) next speed bump as he careens towards another six years of thoroughly screwing the country over, not content to call it quits after 44 years, sending him off the bridge to re-election and straight into the tidal pond of retirement.

For some, challenging Ted Kennedy is a way of scoring points with Bay State Republicans. Mitt Romney took him on in 1994, and went on to be elected governor in 2002 and is now seriously considering a run for the presidency. On the other hand, Jack E. Robinson was the 2000 challenger, and he's largely considered a joke in Massachusetts.

I don't know a damned thing about Scott or Chase, and quite frankly don't care who gets to be this cycle's token sacrificial lamb. But I find myself hoping that whoever wins recalls Ted Kennedy's Boston Globe interview from last summer, when the bloviating, besotted behemoth said the following:

"This is a difficult and challenging profession. No one should come to it lightly. As it should be. People have to be held accountable, professionally, and the public is looking at it in terms of private lives, as well. Everything is fair game." (Emphasis added)

Let's face it. Teddy's gonna win with at least 65% of the vote. But wouldn't it be great political theatre if Mr. Scott or Mr. Chase decided to take a kamikaze approach and try to inflict as much damage on Teddy as they could on the way down? They could spend an hour just listing all the man's failings and flaws (alcoholism, negligent homicide, kicked out of college for cheating, alcoholism, rampant infidelities, greed, hypocricy, alcoholism, womanizing, and did I mention alcoholism?.

Hell, just bring up three recent incidents that highlight the Lion Of Liberalism's rampant hypocrisy on taxes. While he repeatedly backs people paying more to the federal government:

  • He had his mother declared a resident of Florida to avoid Massachusetts estate taxes, despite her not having left the Bay State in well over a decade.
  • He had to pay hefty back taxes after it was revealed he had declared his DC home his "primary residence" for tax purposes, essentially nullifying his Massachusetts residency -- and, consequently, disqualifying himself from representing the state in the Senate.
  • Massachusetts has a two-tiered income tax. The base rate is 5.3%, but those who feel they "owe" the state more can choose to file at the 5.8% level. Less than one one-hundredth of one percent of taxpayers choose to pay more -- and neither senator, Kennedy or John Forbes Kerry, choose to pay that higher rate.

Go for it, gentlemen. You know you're going to lose. Why not tear a hunk or two out of that overstuffed, unregenerate swine on the way down?

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<a href="http://www.massliv... (Below threshold)


Springfield Republican newspaper (One of the top 3 papers in MA)


Scott deserves the nod in GOP Senate primary

Saturday, September 16, 2006
When Massachusetts Republicans choose their candidate for U.S. senator, they are selecting the person who will be running against Ted Kennedy, one of the most formidable forces on the national political stage. The Republican candidate who emerges from Tuesday's primary will be facing more than an uphill struggle. He'll be looking at a likely loss.

That said, it matters who is on the ballot for the general election on Nov. 7, not just to the candidates themselves, but also to the state's Republican Party.

It is with that squarely in mind that we endorse Kevin Scott in the Republican primary for Senate on Tuesday.

Scott is a mainstream candidate whose views on such issues as taxation, immigration and abortion mesh with many moderate members of his party. While his primary opponent, Ken Chase, received the support of party regulars at the GOP convention, Chase's views are those of a candidate more on the fringes.

Scott, 43, is a lifelong resident of Wakefield, where he has been involved in community affairs for two decades. He has also been a successful entrepreneur, founding and operating an automotive reconditioning business before moving on to a high-tech jobs company.

Massachusetts has a history of fielding Republican candidates with solidly centrist views. Scott is in that mold. While no one would mistake him for a liberal, Scott does not kowtow to the far right ideologues in his party. His views on immigration are conservative, but remain realistic. And while he would seek to place limits on abortions, he does not, as do some on the far right, advocate a complete ban on the procedure. Scott's support of a flat income tax does not in any way jibe with our outlook on the matter, but his criticisms of the unduly complex federal tax code are right on the money.

Republicans and independent voters who choose to participate in the GOP primary on Tuesday would do well to mark their ballots for Kevin Scott.

in addition to reminding th... (Below threshold)

in addition to reminding the Mass. electorate of the myriad flaws in the S.S. Kennedy's hull, how about bringing up the BIG DIG??

Kennedy stole BILLIONS of dollars from the U.S.Treasury and funneled it into that crumbling fiasco!! BILLIONS!! That got him constantly re-elected...cause he was bringing the money.

Well, now that even the most ardent BigDig/Kennedy apologist has to admit that the criminal behavior has gone beyond LARCENY all the way to MURDER, its time to hold (shudder) Kennedy ACCOUNTABLE!!

*sigh* Nice dream...nice dream

"He had his mother declared... (Below threshold)
Malibu Stacy:

"He had his mother declared a resident of Florida to avoid Massachusetts estate taxes, despite her not having left the Bay State in well over a decade."

I know you think you've got a big "Gotcha!" here, but anyone who owns property in multiple states has the legal option to declare any one of those states as his/her residence for probate purposes. It doesn't make an atom's worth of difference where the deceased lived his/her last moments, days, weeks, months or years.

And why do you indicate this "sneaky" decision was Teddy's and Teddy's alone? Any responsible financial consultant would have suggested this very option. Certainly Teddy is loathsome enough without you having to twist the truth in a further effort to discredit him. That's the kind of nonsense I'd expect from a moonbat, not a wingnut.

Malibu Stacy:I thi... (Below threshold)
MO Tim:

Malibu Stacy:

I think the point was not so much that it is a "sneaky" decision, but that the tax situation in Mass. is such that it does make it a sound decision to declare one's self a resident of another state. I believe that all of Jay's points were another example of the Democrat/Liberal view of "Do as I say, not as I do" type of mentality. The Republican party can only blame themselves for being in the position that they may lose the House and possibly the Senate due to the overall weakness of the Democratic party. If the Republicans were anywhere close to where they needed to be on immigration, spending, etc. it would be an absolute landslide in all the districts that are considered "close".

Kevin Scott is the real dea... (Below threshold)

Kevin Scott is the real deal. When we talk about a need for change in the Republican party, the only way to achieve real change is from within. Scott is a skeptical who will bring a breath of fresh air to the Republican Party if elected. Plus, Chase has said things that, even if they kindasorta make sense, would alienate him from the rest of the state. He said that Kennedy is in part responsible for the two gulf wars because of his dealings with energy policy. Massachusetts needs a real chance for a Republican, and frankly Chase is the worst candidate for that chance. Scott is reasonable, and was once a democrat, so he can reach across party lines to voters and explain why he switched (much like Reagan).

Jay and Justrand:M... (Below threshold)

Jay and Justrand:

My guess is that both of you are believers in BushDerangemenSyndrome (BDS)? Look in the mirror once and awhie. It appears you both suffer from KDS. Pathetic.

There just aren't enough ad... (Below threshold)

There just aren't enough adjectives for Kennedy, are there?

Hugh, I believe Kennedy's hypocrisy was the theme. It is clear and undeniable. It's something he has no shortage of. Please, tell me why you would consider Jay's beef to be comparable to BDS. Could you please point to the last protest you saw where Kennedy was depicted on a sign with his head cut off by right wingers. Or maybe one where GOPers ran around hold up signs saying Kennedy=Hitler. Or Kennedy was behind 9/11.

The Derangement Syndrome moniker is applied to those unreasonable haters who blame Bush for everything from hating blacks to nazism and accuse him of all manner of conspiracies, when there is no proof. It's just plain derangement.

Jay's post isn't even close.

Oyster;Simple. Her... (Below threshold)


Simple. Here's what Jay also said:

"...that overstuffed, unregenerate swine ..."

Thanks for not trying to defend Justrand. I appreciate your discernment.

Oyster:Oh and I mi... (Below threshold)


Oh and I missed these descriptions:

"(alcoholism, negligent homicide, kicked out of college for cheating, alcoholism, rampant infidelities, greed, hypocricy, alcoholism, womanizing, and did I mention alcoholism?."

That's a rant....that's a guy who sounds to me like he hates somone.

Hugh...just looked in the m... (Below threshold)

Hugh...just looked in the mirror and I am proud to announce I am KDS FREE!! Whew!

Actually, I knew I was in that I don't camp out in front of residence, join Code Pinko, or otherwise devote my life to denouncing the man.

But when his name comes up though, it reminds me that a young woman's life ended as a result of him. Reminds me that he has been the soul of hypocrisy for years, and at the heart of more scandals than ANYONE should ever be. Funneled BILLIONS of dollars to a "Public" Works project that is clearly the most mis-managed in American history. And has intervened personnaly in sweeping the scandlas of OTHER Kennedys under one rug or another.

But him being a total and complete freaking CRUMB has not caused any tell-tale signs of KDS in me.

thanks for caring!!

Justrand:Th... (Below threshold)


This is your accusation which I notice you forgeot to mention in your second post.


You suffer from KDS, denial is common place with diseases of the mind.

Hugh, I have carefully cons... (Below threshold)

Hugh, I have carefully considered your suggestion that I suffer from KDS, and have rejected it.

You see, the key element in that phrase is "derangement." I can cite chapter and verse for each and every one of those flaws of Kennedy's.

Truth is an absolute defense. I have more pity than hatred for the man, but the main feeling I have for him is contempt. He has no business in any position of power, let alone the lofty position his family name has secured for him. And to point out that the emperor has no clothes is not a sign of mental illness.


Jay:Thanks for you... (Below threshold)


Thanks for you response and reasoned defense. I have to admit that my diagnosis of you is a close call. What made it for me was the rant in parens, particularly the obsession with alcoholism and the need to all him an unrepentant pig.

You know, for example, that Betty Ford is an acknowledged alcoholic. I don't imagine you view her as "swine." There are millions of alcoholics in this country who do not deserve to be called "swine." The reason I can't accept your explanation is that you made that reference 4 times. That was the clincher for me.

You "political" perspective is reasoned, and though I don't agree with it, I respect it. The personal stuff is symptomatic of KDS. Sorry I have to deliver the diagnosis. There is a cure. Forgive him for being human.

Democrats remind us that "h... (Below threshold)

Democrats remind us that "hate is not a family value" and yet have raised Bush hatred to an art form, then they want to lecture us on KDS! Only derangement explains such behavior

Mary K:You include... (Below threshold)

Mary K:

You include me in a sweeping statement with no reference to anything I have said about Bush.

I don't hate him. I just disagree with him and I think he's a lousy president..I after all did not refer to his cocaine use or acknowledged problem with alcohol. You miss the point entirely.

Hugh: Sir, you have demons... (Below threshold)

Hugh: Sir, you have demonstrated the same sort of derangement, or at least an obsession, with others here. You have described people here that you don't agree with (and regularly I might add) as dispicable, proud dope, laughable, drunks in denial, wingnut crazies, told them they should call themselves "racists", (there's more) - all the while describing others' "outrage" as "laughable".


Oystre...sir (back) I have ... (Below threshold)

Oystre...sir (back) I have indeed said things of that nature on this very website. But I have not called the president or any republican politician, a murderer, or a drunk or a drug addict (not withstanding evidence of same).

And that is the point I am talking about here.The right hollers about BDS. I am simply saying look in the mirror, those of you with KDS.

Ted is a good example of wh... (Below threshold)

Ted is a good example of what you get when there is no opposition. Voting in Massachusetts is like voting in the Soviet Union. It wasn't always so. Fifty years ago the Republicans had a decent position here, now they are a joke. The national party has forsaken Massachusetts Republicans. It is too bad, I think (a totally gut feeling) that the Republicans could take this place. (Dream sequence begins.) A strong and smart effort begun in Western Mass. drives the liberals into their last redoubt in and around Boston, where they tax themselves into oblivion. (Dream sequence ends.)

.. <a href="http://www.ushm... (Below threshold)
You forgot cocaine addictio... (Below threshold)

You forgot cocaine addiction.

Even those voters stupid en... (Below threshold)

Even those voters stupid enough to cast their vote for The Swine don't deserve such poor representation as that.

Hey I got HDS--hugie derang... (Below threshold)

Hey I got HDS--hugie derang. syd.--the worst kind know to man.

Hugh, Betty Ford took her a... (Below threshold)

Hugh, Betty Ford took her addiction, found a path to help herself, and then set about helping others.
Teddy has done what to help others with problems with alcohol or other addictions?
That would be the sound of crickets.
And that is why people don't attack Betty Ford for her drinking problems, but do criticize Teddy for his.
Oh, and the fact that she never killed anyone






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