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Muslim Leaders Call Pope's Comments Medievil Yet Refuse to Denounce Beheadings and Forced Conversions

Muslims leaders, by refusing to denounce beheadings and forced conversions, are proving 14th century Byzantine emperor the Pope quoted right. Now they are demanding that the Pope apologize:

Pope Benedict XVI was last night facing angry demands from Muslims that he apologise for a speech in which he appeared to say the concept of jihad was "unreasonable" and quoted a medieval ruler who said Muhammad's innovations were "evil and inhuman".

Protests swept across the Islamic world and the furore threatened a scheduled visit by the Pope to Turkey.

The Vatican spokesman, Federico Lombardi, told Vatican Radio: "It was certainly not the intention of the Holy Father to undertake a comprehensive study of the jihad and of Muslim ideas on the subject, still less to offend the sensibilities of the Muslim faithful."

Father Miguel Ayuso Guixot, head of the Vatican's Pontifical Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies, told the Guardian he feared the Pope's words had been "misinterpreted". He added: "The Pope has worked tirelessly for inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue and for tolerance."

In Turkey, however, where the Pope is due to visit in November, the deputy leader of the ruling party said Benedict had "a dark mentality that comes from the darkness of the middle ages". Salih Kapusuz added: "He is going down in history in the same category as leaders such as Hitler and Mussolini."

Representatives of the two million Turks in Germany, where the comments were made, also expressed deep annoyance. The head of the Turkish community, Kenan Kolat, said they were "very dangerous" and liable to misunderstanding.

In Beirut, Sayyed Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah, one of the world's top Shia Muslim clerics, said: "We demand that [the Pope] apologises personally, and not through [Vatican] sources, to all Muslims for such a wrong interpretation." An influential Iranian cleric branded his remarks "absurd". Ahmad Khatami told worshippers at Tehran University: "The Pope has insulted Islam."

And we know what radical Muslims want done to those who insult Islam:


So, I ask: who's really medieval here?

See also Michelle Malkins's post: I support the Pope.

Lorie adds: The Anchoress has an excellent post, as would be expected, and some great links. Glenn Reynolds has a great roundup. Robin at Chickenhawk Express says to those demanding the Pope apologize, "you go first."


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Comments (44)

The jihadists may certiain... (Below threshold)
St6eve Crickmore:

The jihadists may certiainly be medieval, but the Pope nicknamed God's Rottweiler, in his sweeping condemnation of Islam, by erasing the age-old distinctions between fundamentalist and moderate/secular Muslins, has given Muslins in the Middle East a further cause for uniting or ignitingagainst the West.

Organized religion has kill... (Below threshold)

Organized religion has killed and tortured as many people in history as totalitarianism. So I can't particularly favor the head of one organized religion over another. Less than 100 years ago the Catholic Church did less than it could have to prevent the Holocaust.

[The term Islamofascist may roll sweetly off the lips, but islamo-totalitarians is a more descriptive term.]

That the now "peaceloving" Catholic Church head is deigning to sling mud at Islam in the manner he did shows it has not entirely shaken off its violent past.

I don't see much of a disti... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

I don't see much of a distinction Crickmore. Poor muslims are upset that the Pope quoted and old emperor that called Islam violent. They are so upset that if he does not apologize, they'll become violent.

I don't see any moderates condeming conversion by the sword, beheadings, or publicly stating that it is NOT their goal to make America an islamic state under sharia. Perhaps they are too afraid to speak up? Perhaps inside they cheer their radical brothers who blow up buildings, hijack planes, and kill infidels without pause.

The Pope called a Spade a Spade and muslims don't like it, so they'll riot, kill a few of each other, maybe some innocent infidels too and the Pope's comments will only be further reinforced.

Another laughable statement... (Below threshold)

Another laughable statement by epador.

Oh, yeah, "Organized religion has killed and tortured as many people in history as totalitarianism." That means religion killed tens of millions of people? More than Stalin, Hitler, Mao?

The lack of historical perspective, and outright hysterical statements, are the reason so few take the liberals seriously.

clay... (Below threshold)


given Muslins in the Mid... (Below threshold)

given Muslins in the Middle East a further cause for uniting or igniting against the West.

Well, no. For gosh sakes, we don't want to ignite the Militant Muslims(tm).

Wait, yeah, actually I would. Anybody got a match?

Oh yeah. And...GO ... (Below threshold)

Oh yeah. And...


Look around the globe epado... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

Look around the globe epador and name some conflicts where the fighting is caused by Christians.

Now do the same where the fighting is caused by muslims. I think you'll find that Islam is incompatible with any other religion. With islam, it submit, die, or pay tax as a 2nd class citizen.

Like it or not, the fact of... (Below threshold)
Jack Burton:

Like it or not, the fact of the matter is that if you wiped out every muslim in the world, the total number of terrorist attacks would drop by more than 90%. I'd say 100 but I'm sure the apologists could find someone else out there.

I have a feeling that tomor... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I have a feeling that tomorrow's Mass at my rather liberal Church will be very interesting...

the Pope [...] has given... (Below threshold)

the Pope [...] has given Muslins in the Middle East a further cause for uniting or ignitingagainst the West.


Po' li'l Muslims; everybody, everywhere is always causing them to be so full of *rage*.


"Can't we all just get alon... (Below threshold)
Thompson W.:

"Can't we all just get along?" - Rodney King

I'm still having giggle fit... (Below threshold)

I'm still having giggle fits over Jonny's post and then Clay's subsequent post.

I have to wonder how many people read the Pope's entire speech. Few I'd guess. It was simply a theological discussion about the nature of God stating that violence was not the way to enlightenment. He even said in his speech that the dialog between the Emperor and the learned Persian occurred while Constantinople was under siege by the Ottomans.

It's a shame that reasoned discourse and honesty is so derided by apologists and/because it provokes such rage in Muslims as burning effigies and throwing fire bombs and shouting death slogans. My God.

The jihadists may certia... (Below threshold)

The jihadists may certiainly be medieval, but the Pope nicknamed God's Rottweiler, in his sweeping condemnation of Islam, by erasing the age-old distinctions between fundamentalist and moderate/secular Muslins, has given Muslins in the Middle East a further cause for uniting or ignitingagainst the West.

You don't see Christians or Jews losing their mind when the Muslim world makes some unbelievbly comments about them.

The Muslims are making the point for the world by their reaction to ANYTHING they view as being a moderate slight.

Less than 100 years ago the Catholic Church did less than it could have to prevent the Holocaust.

In case you're unaware, the Vatican was smack dab in the middle of one of Hitler's most fervent allies. There wasn't a ton that they could do.

That the now "peaceloving" Catholic Church head is deigning to sling mud at Islam in the manner he did shows it has not entirely shaken off its violent past.

You didn't the Pope calling for the freak-out that the leaders of the Cult of Death are calling for with this latest "insult".

What part of holy war is di... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

What part of holy war is difficult to understand. This fight didn't start with any pope, it started with the birth of Mohammed. The crusades were the reaction to constant invasions by Moslems into christian countries. No matter what pease they profess, it is all a lie. When Mohammed cleansed Madina of jews, people of the book, he violated the will of God, but since he determined he knew the will of God, He excused himself. The only thing these madmen understand is destruction. About a 20 Megaton device, dipped in pig lard and detonated about a mile above Mecca should do it. Better yet, make it a surface detonation. That way, there would be no place to bow to. Coat all of our bullets with pig grease, and spray pig blood over all islamic nations. They would all then be unclean and would never see paradise.

Bob and Mitchell:Y... (Below threshold)

Bob and Mitchell:

Yes, I am too lazy to tally the direct ethnic cleansing such as all the slaughters in the Americas in the name of the Church and State, or the purges in Europe of which the Inquisition is only the most famous, nor the incomplete tolerance of the Holocaust from some quarters, and that's just the "modern" Catholic Church. Organized religions in general often have been direct instigators or indirect supporters of human slaughter, slavery and misery. From earliest history to today. Christian, Hebrew, Islamic and Eastern religion as well. I take no arguement that today Islam is the main actor, but they have simply picked up the torch passed on by many before. The Holier the Thou approach of the Catholic Church towards many issues today, without acknowledgement of past transgressions, is the source of my lack of respect for the Pope.

So while I may agree with the gist of his recent bitch slap of the followers of The Prophet, I don't support him.

The Holier the Thou appr... (Below threshold)

The Holier the Thou approach of the Catholic Church towards many issues today, without acknowledgement of past transgressions, is the source of my lack of respect

I, uh, feel your pain. It's kinda one of my issues with Clinton (you pick which one).

F off and die muslim terror... (Below threshold)
914 jesus is LORD:

F off and die muslim terrorists.

"The Holier the Thou approa... (Below threshold)

"The Holier the Thou approach of the Catholic Church towards many issues today, without acknowledgement of past transgressions, is the source of my lack of respect for the Pope."

The whole argument of either "You are a saint or shutup" makes not sense. True the Catholic church doesn't have the best past but does that mean that because they did some bad things hundreds of years ago they should not condemn a direct assault on human freedom and respect of difference in religion? If we are all to be perfect before we can denounce evil when we see it, then evil will persist until someone finally takes a stand.

epador,Does every Po... (Below threshold)

Does every Pope need to address every transgression of the Church, real or imagined?
Does Benedict 16 need to tread the same ground of his predecessors?
While were at it, does that mean that every head of state needs to take his or her 1st month in office to list and be contrite everything their nation may have done in the past?

Some of your blind, deaf an... (Below threshold)

Some of your blind, deaf and dumb are amazing.

You can sit on your little pointed behinds all you want and try to make the worlds ills fall at Christianity and you are STILL going to fail! Yes you MISS the point!

What the heck is it going to take to have you guys wake up and realize they will KILL YOU TOO unless you submit to them body and soul whether you agree or not???

How many more bombs to marine barricks , innocent tourist in wheelchairs, brave marines beaten on tarmacks or planes into buildings is it going to take before you take your ruddy blinders off and look at their signs, and their screaming and yelling PROVING that this Pope is totally ON TARGET and frighteningly correct in his assessments.

I swear..it is nimrods like Crickmore or Epador that just has me worried we are not going to get until it is too late and we are all dead

Crickmore: WHEN is someone like you going to realize that people CHOOSE evil and so far there hasn't been too much moderate Islam out there dnouncing what they should be? Is clueless unto death truly going to be yours?

I am saying what Michelle Malkin does: I WILL NOT SUBMIT!

The Pope's comments are liv... (Below threshold)
Jmal Allah Mohamed:

The Pope's comments are living proof of the fact that just because he has been elevated to a position of notoriety doesn't necessarily mean that he is vested with any special knowledge or insight. He is just a man and based upon his comment, I would say he is an ignorant man! His comment threatens to ignite a Holy War! Now thats ignorance! Followers of Islam have every right to be incensed!

Why should the pope apologi... (Below threshold)
Muhammed Jadeen Mustaffa:

Why should the pope apologise? He has nothing to apologise for. It is time that muslims grew up and faced the facts. The Koran was written by a demonically inspired, dead false prophet. Allah is a false god, behind which is a vile blood thirsty demonic power. The reaction of the Islamic world to the Pope's quotation proves the argument of a 14th century Christian emperor!

Why should the pope apologi... (Below threshold)
Muhammed Jadeen Mustaffa:

Why should the pope apologise? He has nothing to apologise for. It is time that muslims grew up and faced the facts. The Koran was written by a demonically inspired, dead false prophet. Allah is a false god, behind which is a vile blood thirsty demonic power. The reaction of the Islamic world to the Pope's quotation proves the argument of a 14th century Christian emperor!

Jmal - so are you actually ... (Below threshold)

Jmal - so are you actually saying the pope is wrong? tell me one good thing that has come from the islamic world. oh and and also tell me, if your 'islamic nations' are so fucking good, then why do you all come to britain and america in your thousands and DARE to question our way of life? if your islamic nations were so perfect wouldnt you rather be living there? no, why not? because they are so fucking wartorn and poverty stricken thats why.
The pope is SO wrong that muslim extremists are bombing churches and killing nuns in retalliation for him accusing your 'religion of peace' violent. and if you actually paid attention, you RAGHEAD DUMBFUCKS! he didnt even say that himself - he was just quoting from a book...

Muslims are always angry and outraged about something! they are the most NEGATIVE force on this planet.


oh by the way, i think the pope is a fool as well, as is catholicism a complete hypocritical sham so I am in no way supporting him.

When will muslims realise t... (Below threshold)

When will muslims realise that freedom of speech, and religion extends beyond them and that sometimes people do not need to be politically correct? The fight we face in the west is a religion whose un-hidden goal is to see the west bow before Islam.

I see this happening a lot in my country. Immigrants move in and form in small communities at which point they set about to tell the country, to which they were graciously allowed to move to, what there rights and priveleges are. Then you have liberals jumping on the band wagon. What does this do to the country in which these people move? It makes those who are native born regret their Christian heritage and most of all lose a sense of positive identity, becuase they are made feel guilty. I see this being the case in the UK where many muslims are already calling the first western islamic state.

I say that if muslims want free and unfettered freedom of thought and belief then they should be willing to accept that a number of Christians will not have views pleasing to them. I also note in countries like indonesia, the most populace muslim nation on earth, where villages of Christians get slaughtered by muslims and yet who is in an uproar over that? The problem with islam unlike catholicism is that the pope is a single target, whereas with muslims you "cant" target a single head, which makes a denouncment difficult.

So what am i trying to say? Well Christians should be able to express their views unashamedly and without being told what they should and shouldnt do. In comment to the violence islam threatens to bring to the west i will note kashmir, chechnya, bosnia, thailand as all places where muslims have moved and declared open defiance to their host countries. Islam is a threat and shourld be treated as such.

I know many will criticize this, but to you i say God Bless!

Islam condemns the west's w... (Below threshold)
James Stewart:

Islam condemns the west's way of life, but secretly wants the same and enjoys it!. Islam professes to be peaceful and safe but tells everyone it is the extremist few that are violent. Islam claims to only live and obey its peacful borders but secretly supplies weapons and money to extremist groups to unsettle land and people.
Jesus, even if you don't believe, lived, preached, taught love and peace and died showing us.
That is all.

I think it is Hilarious tha... (Below threshold)

I think it is Hilarious that these Muslims have to pick at such stupid garbage. The only thing wrong with what the Pope said is that noone has said it sooner, Let them take it out of context, Let them whine and cry like you do the spoiled baby that wants a bottle, Grow up Islam, grow up and learn to adapt, Learn to roll with the punches of being in an extremest religon. Oh and by the way, Stop burning flags, Beheading and blowing up innocent people, You think your cool or something???? The Bottom line is nomatter how much you try, there are way more people in the world then you can convince killing little boys and girls is right, and that yours is the way. I cant wait until you Muslims get to heaven, only to find that God is a jew.... That will be my day to laugh....

Until we stop believing in ... (Below threshold)

Until we stop believing in invisible people that live in the sky, we will continue to live with this crud. I have no problems with people lving their lives by some moral code as long as that code is comensurate with the basic ideals that all humans understand and value (don't kill me, don't steal from me, yada yada). Lopping off people's heads because they don't buy into your warped point of view is simply stupid and I think these morons deserve nothing in the form of an apology. At the same time, the Pope should keep his trap shut and focus on weeding out the pederasts camped out in his church.

I believe it is the right t... (Below threshold)

I believe it is the right time for the Pope to authorize the return of the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, also known as the Knights Templar. That should put the fear of God back into the issue.

And what is it that you bel... (Below threshold)

And what is it that you believe Jason? Im sure there are also pedarists who subscribe to your world view, therefore maybe you should devote your life to weeding them out.

Also has anyone actually read the speech in its entirety? I just finished it, and it is not based on the difference between Christianity and Islam at all. I was surprised given the furor it has caused. I recommend muslims take a look at it in context, or is this something foreign to them?

So let me get this straight... (Below threshold)

So let me get this straight, the pope declares some of Muslims are violent, and they say, "you are wrong and if you dont apoligize we will cut your head off". Sounds to me he is right on the money - Go Pope, dont apoligize to them, you have nothing to apoligize for !

As usual, Muslims are in an... (Below threshold)
Joe Smith:

As usual, Muslims are in an uproar without merit. Once again playing the 'race card' which is common practice for them. Lets speak about their inadequacies? Lets speak about the Muslims who kill innocent people, the amount of destruction they've caused, the hate they involve themselves with. Equality is a two-way street and throughout the history of Islam, they have shown no respect to anyone. And do we see anything to look forward to from Islam other than more violence in the future? The answer is no. This is where I will not support any Muslim person, business, or country and recommend that anyone who gives a shit about the future of Christianity, the western world, or their family to do the same. Negotiations have come and gone and we have gotten nowhere but the receiving end of more violence. Anybody defending Islam for its outrage at quoted text at the Pope should not only be ashamed for making an excuse, but should be outcasted along with the Muslims. There is a difference between being compassionate and ignorant. To project Islam as some sort of positive phenomenon in this day and age is absolutely ignorant because for every example you can show something positive with Islam, I can show you 100 negative examples!

Well said Joe! <a ... (Below threshold) Islam against oppression an... (Below threshold)
Mohamed Kotb:

Islam against oppression and violence at all its shapes and levels,
you are only has the right to get violent when you are defending yourself against attacks.
The teaching of Islam are tolerant that is why it's compatible with the different eras that because it's easy going religion against extremism (quote the prophet Mohamed "The religion is ease not hardness"),
At the Islamic conquerors the last thing that the Prophet Mohamed said to the troops is "Don't harm any child, women, old men, Don't cut down a tree, Don't pollute any water, Church is not to be harmed",
He always though that people should be Muslims when they are convinced, not of fear (quote the Qur'an {the holy Islamic text} "There is no compulsion in religion".).

the Islam salute is "Peace on you" because that is the Islamic religion,
it's all about peace, it starts with the inner peace to the global peace.

In Qur'an, It is mentioned 300 times in many occasions that we should think and use our mind and wisdom is the true quality of real Muslims.
Example : this is a translation of line in Qur'an

"He has made for you the Night and the Day; the Sun and the Moon; and the Stars are in subjection by His Command: verily in this are Signs for men who can think"
"Do ye enjoin right conduct on the people, and forget (to practise it) yourselves. And yet ye study the Scripture? Will ye not understand?"
"God send the holy book with guidance, can't you think?"
"Do they not consider the Qur'an (with care)? Had it been from other than Allah, they would surely have found therein much discrepancy."
the last one encourage us to think carefully in what the qur'an says and make sense of it

All of this and the Pope says "But for Muslim teaching, God is absolutely transcendent. His will is not bound up with any of our categories, even that of rationality."

the Pope made his remarks on what ??
it's clear that he has no idea what he is taking about (I'm assuming good intentions).
the problem is that these words came from the Pope, not a regular ignorant person. He is the Pope for God sake, He should know better than that.
frankly, his word (even they are wrong ideas about Islam) has great impact on the Christian community,
It's like "Islam is evil and go kill all Muslims to have world peace", that is the reason for the anger,
his words meant (even if he really didn't mean this) that "Islam and Muslims are our enemy".

Pope Benedict probably should self-criticise Christianity's violent past before commenting on the other faith
For many eras, a lot of blood war crimes were committed under the cross flag or by Christians, Muslims didn't say the Christianity or the Christ is this or that because we know that the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Qur'an are all from God contain no harm and no violence.

some people can't contain their anger.
I'm personally against violence.

The Arabic word jiha... (Below threshold)
Mohamed Kotb:

The Arabic word jihad has been narrowly interpreted in the non-Muslim west as "holy war," reducing it to the sole dimension of physical violence.

In fact jihad also means effort, or struggle, along the path toward God, and Muslims have many and varied ways of interpreting it.
it means the self conflict to do good in life, it's when you keep yourself away from sins no matter the temptation, when you go seeking knowledge and learning, that is the true meaning of the Jihad and you get rewarded for that.
you don't get rewarded for killing innocent people, in fact you get maximum punishment (hell for eternity) no matter the victim religious beliefs.
it's said in Qur'an "who kills any innocent soul is as killing all the humans"

Mohamed, The criti... (Below threshold)


The critical issue here is its one thing to say all that stuff that you quoted from the qur'an but its a very different how muslim people act out.

In fact Muslims criticise Jesus all the time, in fact is it not taught in Islam that Jesus was only a man or a prophet? Well in saying that muslims deny a key truth about Christ, that he is the son of God whom humankind denied and let die on the cross. But when an imam says this do i burn an image of him? No.

If the muslim faith is so peaceful why are they not conducting peaceful protests right now? Its simple. This is a lie.

Why should the pop apologis... (Below threshold)

Why should the pop apologise i am a buddhist but even i can see that the pope is correct in stating this. Muslims use violence and war into getting their way. How did they react as soon as they heard the comments? they went and bombed several churches. The only reason they are pissed off is because its true.

How can any religion which actively disrepects women be considered good. The world would be a better place if there were no islamics. I am not saying kill the arabs etc.. just if the islam faith never existed the world would be a more peaceful place.

This just in:> </p... (Below threshold)

This just in:


Also, Too Much Religion Makes You Go Blind.

Also, All Religions are Fundamentally Identical, and are the Opiate of the People.

Also, The Moon Landings Never Happened, Wikipedia is The Finest Research Tool Ever, and Monkeys are Flying out of My Butt.

Sheesh. Isn't there a "fact-checking" filter I can buy?

Ignorance!! how can you tal... (Below threshold)

Ignorance!! how can you talk of muslims being ignorant, you blind motherfuckers! the real terrorists are the bush administration. America is the superpower because athiest people who care only about sex and alcohol (not all of course) are quite happy to let him have that power. you morons if there is one force or army that can match the the power of the west its the muslim population. its the fastest growing religion, it has more converts than any other religion, white, black, chinese, indian!! people are following the word of the very same prophet that you disrespect. whilst there is islam on the world there will be no doninant force, and america will never have true power over the worlds economy and political decisions. So be thankful that they are there to protect you, cos you guys are brain dead. Also the other reason why islam is such a threat to bush, is cos there is no way of destroying it, its just gets stronger, day by day by day!! muslims are not lead by a leader, there is no figure or person that influences these people. Its the words of allah (Swt) as told to the prophet mohammed (pbuh). muslims are guided by truth in the koran. and it can not be weakened and it can not be destroyed, as much as the west would love to.

I am neither Muslim nor Cat... (Below threshold)

I am neither Muslim nor Catholic. I don't even follow a particular religion. Wars have been started in the name of religion with countless people dying over centuries. I do not believe that the pope should apologize for any statement made by him or the catholic church.

Muslim leaders repeatedly call non-muslim people the enemy, devils and countless other negative names. But, don't let anyone else say anything about muslims without churches being burned or bombed, innocent people being killed and muslims calling decapitating others.

HIPOCROSY ! Pure and simple Hipocrosy.

Pope Benedict used more of ... (Below threshold)

Pope Benedict used more of Manuel's words than what has appeared in the press. After the offending quote, the Pope said:

"The emperor, after having expressed himself so forcefully, goes on to explain in detail the reasons why spreading the faith through violence is something unreasonable. Violence is incompatible with the nature of God and the nature of the soul. 'God,' he says, 'is not pleased by blood - and not acting reasonably is contrary to God's nature. Faith is born of the soul, not the body. Whoever would lead someone to faith needs the ability to speak well and to reason properly, without violence and threats... To convince a reasonable soul, one does not need a strong arm, or weapons of any kind, or any other means of threatening a person with death....'"

So no matter what the Muslim world says violence does not get done. It's not that you are willing to die for your cause, fools do that all the time. It is how you are willing to die for your cause. Blowing yourself up with innocent civilians is not martyrdom.

Tariq provides an adequate ... (Below threshold)

Tariq provides an adequate example of the people the emperor and Benedict was talking about. Playing the victim, a mentaility stemming from the prophet, abusing those with different views (also from the prophet) and having one desire: evil world domination. What he wants is what he despises bush for wanting. As can be seen from the comments of Tariq there is limited room for reason in the islamic faith. All they can see is us and them. They have something better than us, wealth and power etc. Therefore we must fly planes into buildings, kill nuns, burn churches, and decapitate infrustructure workers in their beloved land of the two rivers.

It might be a fast growing religion, but how does it spread? "by the sword" and is "evil and inhuman" That is an awesome quote!

You can be sure that the th... (Below threshold)

You can be sure that the three major religions Islam, Christianity, and Jew; have been responsible for crimes against humanity and human culture. What the pope said about Islam was putting it mildly; but it also applies to Jew and Christian.
When Mohammad and is army of animal Arabs attacked Iran they forced people to convert by sword. They rapped, stole and killed. This is fact of history.
All you have to do to realize the evil nature of theses religions is read some of the original text in books like Koran and the Bible; to anyone with some intelligence it is clear that these books spread fear to humanity and are covered with words about punishment and hate. They attempt to take-over and control humanity for the purpose of gaining power and money. Without any doubt these religions are a threat to humanity and the multi-cultured individualistic society; we must isolate and minimize the existence of these religions as they will attempt to convert us and take our freedom.






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