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OK, I think I have this right...

With the recent furor over Pope Benedict XVI's statements about Islam, coupled with the reactions to President Bush's use of the term "Islamic Fascists" and the hysteria over the Danish newspaper's Mohammed cartoons, just to cite three examples, I think I have the fundamental message of Islam figured out:

"Islam is a peaceful, accepting, tolerant, loving religion, and we will kill anyone who says differently."

That about sum it up?


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Comments (21)

Simply undecomposable! ... (Below threshold)

Simply undecomposable!


adjective: representing the furthest possible extent of analysis or division into parts

The best part about this wh... (Below threshold)

The best part about this whole furor over the Pope's remarks is the hypocrisy of the media. Again.

The same elitist asshats who were surprised that calling American Christians "poor, uneducated, and easy to command" was offensive, have no problem whatsover reporting favorably on the actual poor, uneducated and easy to command Islamist mobs who report as ordered to whatever protest their imam tells them to.

I believe, Jay, that you ar... (Below threshold)

I believe, Jay, that you are correct!

Nail, meet hammer. Well sai... (Below threshold)

Nail, meet hammer. Well said.

Perfect!... (Below threshold)


I'll take 2 t-shirts please... (Below threshold)

I'll take 2 t-shirts please ... nailed it you did!

The muslim reaction to thes... (Below threshold)

The muslim reaction to these things and every other incident in a similar vein leaves me scratching my head, nay, POUNDING my head against a wall. Do they not understand they prove the statements this way? Are they ALL too out of touch (must...not...say...stupi...) to see this? Or do they ALL think that the rest of us are that stupid?

Jay, I think you need to pu... (Below threshold)

Jay, I think you need to put up that Olaf/Centanni video... but you may need to post the other video re: statement of them converting at gunpoint... looped to show just that verse "There is no compulsion in religion" while they're telling about the gun.

Now i've done it, self imposed fatwa t-shirt number 2.

We don't have to get nasty and show the beheadings, hangings, stonings, mass graves or anything... yet.

My favorite actual protest ... (Below threshold)

My favorite actual protest sign: "Behead those who say Islam is violent!"

BorgQueen, they're smart enough to realize that they can influence the womenfolk of both sexes in the media, still living off the rush of Walter Cronkite's Declaration of Unconditional Surrender in the 1970's. (Excuse me while I go shine my Pulitzers.)

And I'm sorry to say they're pulling it off. All we hear from the media is failure, dead servicemen, lack of planning, leaked secret documents, court martials, demands for resignations, glum reports about IED's, civil war, and Where's Waldo?

When was the last time you heard or read any positive story about Afghanistan or Iraq from the media? OK, then, how about a simple story of heroism? What might be different about this reporting if a Democrat was in the White House?

I'm afraid a lot of Americans are going to have to die before them media are finally forced to deal with the reality that we're already at war and actually trying to help us win it instead of working so hard to make us lose it.

Is that anything like the C... (Below threshold)

Is that anything like the Crusades, which was Catholics killing Muslims, Jews, and non-Catholic Christians?

Oh, and as for fascism, it is "a system of goverment that exercises a dictatorship of the extreme right, typically through the merger of state and business leadership, together with belligerent nationalism" (1983 American Heritage Dictionary -- before corporations bought out the dictionary and changed the definition to a more corporate-friendly definition).

Mussolini said "fascisim should more rightly be called corporatism, because it is the merger of state and business power." Mussolini should know. He created and named fascism and he said it is "corporatism," not "terrorism."

Terrorists are religious fanatics and theocrats.

Unless they are government officials, they can't be fascists because fascism is a "system of government."

Unless they are businessmen, they can't be fascists, because fascists have to either be in government or in business, or supportive of the merger of the two.

Tell me. Why doesn't Wizbang go somewhere and get a clue?

They wouldn't have been so ... (Below threshold)

They wouldn't have been so upset if the Pope would have quoted Sura 9:5 in the Qur'an.

"Fight and slay the Unbelievers wherever ye find them. Seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem of war."

And at the present rate, the world will someday be very acquainted with the verse, either as a faithful Muslim or a second class citizen. God forbid it, please. Do what you will, but I'll be looking for a headshot as I pray.

Pope Benedict = False Proph... (Below threshold)

Pope Benedict = False Prophet mentioned in the book of Revelation

Why doesn't Wizbang go s... (Below threshold)

Why doesn't Wizbang go somewhere and get a clue?

Because...We're just here to mess with you. After all, it is all about you.

Pope Benedict = False Pr... (Below threshold)

Pope Benedict = False Prophet mentioned in the book of Revelation

Oh, God. You're not one of those are you?

Some hit ST with a cluebat.... (Below threshold)

Some hit ST with a cluebat.

ST, I think you need to do ... (Below threshold)

ST, I think you need to do better exigetical study of the book of Revelations if what you have to bring to a decidedly secular audiance is "Pope Benedict = False Prophet mentioned in the book of Revelation."

If you are a Christian your faith demands the exercise of better reasoning skills than are displayed in what is quoted above. If you are not a Christian you really ought to expand a bit more effort to understand what you seek to critisize.

And since you seem to have missed the point of this post it was to point out the rather telling violent response by significant parts of the muslim world to the suggestion that they are indeed violent.

Well, thank goodness... (Below threshold)

Well, thank goodness ST is here to enlighten and educate us - we, the ignorant masses.

Tell me, ST, since you don't like using the term fascist with regard to the barbarians now seeking to kill everything Western, what term would you want us to use?

I do like "barbarian" by the way. Nice contrast to the fact that, if they win, Civilization loses.

Sadly, though, I get the idea that ST is one of those who believes that capitalism and everything else Western is more dangerous than the barbarians.

As for the Pope, I'm a protestant, still and ever seeking Truth, but convinced rationally and experientially that the Truth is based on Christ. I imagine the Pope and I would have some interesting theological discussions. I'd disagree on some issues, but I also know I could learn a lot from him.

I know this - I'll take one Pope Benedict over 100,000 dhimmis anyday. Only a really arrogant bigot would condemn Benedict simply because he's a pope.

I suggest you read C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity, unless, of course, you also consider Lewis some sort of heathen.

"Is that anything like t... (Below threshold)
D. Doré:

"Is that anything like the Crusades, which was Catholics killing Muslims, Jews, and non-Catholic Christians?" - ST

See one of the biggest difference's in this situation is that Christ didn't tell his disciples to go and kill those that don't believe in Him, where Mohammed did. Not only did he tell them to do so, he spilt blood himself.

Whereas the blood Jesus spilt was His own, to cover the iniquities of all.

The crusades were carried out by faulty man, but not at the behest of Jesus... The modern day Jihad against all that say anything slightly non-complimentary against Islam... that's simply taken from the words of the "prophet" himself (in context).

"Unless they are government... (Below threshold)

"Unless they are government officials, they can't be fascists because fascism is a "system of government.""

Posted by ST earlier.

"The Taliban in Afganistan", "The Ayatollah Regimes in Iran", "The Hussein Regime in Iraq", and last, but not least "Hamas in Palastine".

You want to talk about ignorance of people here at Wizbang? Perhaps you should take a good long look in the mirror before you make statements like that. Because there are a few government examples of Islamofascism...

Created a bumper sticker us... (Below threshold)

Created a bumper sticker using Jay Tea's excellent words on the Saudi flag.

check it out here

St Wendeler
Another Rovian Conspiracy

You know that Jesus, Muhamm... (Below threshold)

You know that Jesus, Muhammad, are standing next to each other looking down saying..

"Were did we BOTH go wrong????"






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