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Update On Story Of Al Qaeda Plans For Nuclear Attack

Last week Kim posted the story of al Qaeda plans for a nuclear attack on U.S. soil during Ramadan with a reference to OBL's nuclear bomb guy, Adnan al-Shukrijumah. Read Kim's post here, then check out the updates from Beth at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit on what is being referred to as an "American Hiroshima."

Al Qaeda is warning Muslims to leave America.

Urgent news from Abu Dawood, the newly appointed commander of the al Qaeda forces in Afghanistan:

* Final preparations have been made for the American Hiroshima, a major attack on the U. S.

* Muslims living in the United States should leave the country without further warning.

* The attack will be commandeered by Adnan el Shukrijumah ("Jaffer Tayyer" or "Jafer the Pilot"), a naturalized American citizen, who was raised in Brooklyn and educated in southern Florida.

* The al Qaeda operatives who will launch this attack are awaiting final orders. They remain in place in cities throughout the country. Many are masquerading as Christians and have adopted Christian names.

Of utmost importance is that Adnan al Shukrijumah be found. The picture and information below was posted at Gateway Pundit. Additional pictures and information, including video, can be found there and at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy:

Aliases: Adnan G. El Shukri Jumah, Abu Arif, Ja'far Al-Tayar, Jaffar Al-Tayyar, Jafar Tayar, Jaafar Al-Tayyar

Date of Birth Used: August 4, 1975
Hair: Black
Place of Birth: Saudi Arabia
Eyes: Black
Height: 5′3″ to 5′6″
Sex: Male
Weight: 132 pounds
Complexion: Dark, Mediterranean
Build: Average
Remarks: El Shukrijumah occasionally wears a beard. He has a pronounced nose and is asthmatic. El Shukrijumah speaks English and carries a Guyanese passport, but may attempt to enter the United States with a Saudi, Canadian, or Trinidadian passport.


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Comments (38)

Sounds like BS from ... (Below threshold)

Sounds like BS from Al Qaeda. I can't think of another instance when the warned Muslims of an attack. Killing thousands of other Muslims seems to be ok to Al Qaeda if it means just one American death.

BS or no...this one concern... (Below threshold)

BS or no...this one concerns me...a lot!

True, alQueda doesn't mind slaughtering Muslims. But by issuing a "warning" they get to claim they weren't at fault for their deaths.

Whether or not alQueda could carry this out, they are certainly devoted to it!

If muslims think backlash i... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

If muslims think backlash is bad now, wait till this happens. Today's backlash will look like a party.

macofromoc,Soun... (Below threshold)


Sounds like BS from Al Qaeda.

No. it follows their M.O.. They have always issued "warnings" of upcoming attacks it is just that people like you have always called them "BS".

I can't think of another instance when the warned Muslims of an attack.

They are not pinpointing an attack against something like an embassy or military barracks. In the case of the WTC they knew there would be no radioactive fallout falling on the Moslem residential areas in Brooklyn/Queens and the few Moslems who died there in their minds would be martyrs so they would be "compensated" in paradise. No, this will be widespread enough and big enough that many Moslems would be endangered by it.

Killing thousands of other Muslims seems to be ok to Al Qaeda if it means just one American death.

AlQ with this statement has officially "washed their hands" of those deaths. They told them to get out of the way and if they do not well, that is not AlQ's problem.

Bob Jones,

I agree. And there will be no one who will be able to stop it, either.

The "collateral damage" will be the millions of illegals in the U.S., the illegal drug trafficers and Mexico. Just think of what will happen there if the 10+ million Mexicans in the U.S. illegally are essentailly shoved back across the border. Think of the economic and political chaos that will occur without the billions of dollars those people have been sending back home from here. The drug lords will suddenly find their souorce of revenue is cut by 90% and they will be desperate to find ways of regaining their market.

The Canadians will find themselves in a similar predicament. It will take on a different form but it will not be very pleasant.

In the end both countries will wish that they had been better neighbors

Read the whole interview. ... (Below threshold)

Read the whole interview. He specifies Washington and NY.

Wonder if the Blue Staters have figured out that they're next.

I would prefer to save these two cities, even if the inhabitants are largely unserious about the threat themselves.

What concerns me about this... (Below threshold)
Dave in W-S:

What concerns me about this story is the cycle of speeaches, videos, etc. in recent weeks calling us infidels to Islam. This is, as I understand it, required before executions commence. The Iranian s have done it, al-Qaida has done it, and I have taken it as a sign that something was in the works.

Do I believe all of this nuke threat stuff? Who knows. But sometyhing is in the works.

Aagh! Typos...... (Below threshold)
Dave in W-S:

Aagh! Typos...

I sure hope my obnoxious Pa... (Below threshold)

I sure hope my obnoxious Palestinian neighbors get that message. Them and their 18 relatives that hang out outside my window every fucking day.

Backlash is right.... (Below threshold)

Backlash is right.

Al Qaida was stupid before and there isn't any reason to believe that they won't be stupid again.

The results won't be what they want because if they manage it we aren't going to nuke mecca in return, which is the only action that will get the result that they want. It will be Iran. And it won't matter that Al Qaida isn't Iran, it will only matter that Iran is trying to get nuclear weapons.

I do believe that we... (Below threshold)

I do believe that we have to follow up on every threat. I didn't mean to suggest that it should be disregarded. I was merely commenting that it sounded like an empty threat such as:

"we will avenge the deaths...."
the blood of the infidells will....


Still, turning mecca into a... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

Still, turning mecca into a glass bowl is something to ponder, after iran and syria.

If true, and I doubt that i... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

If true, and I doubt that it is, the bomb the Jihadists have is likely a crude version of a U235 atom bomb of maybe 5 to 10 KT yield. A ground detonation of such a device would be much less effective than an air burst, so they may try to charter a cargo plane and fly the bomb to the target. However, such a device is going to be big and heavy, so it would take a big plane to carry it, and there are few enough of those around that they are likely all under surveillance. My guess is they are trying to get it on top of a tall building or on a high hill or mountain overlooking a city. Unless, OBL is a liar, the target will be in a red state. There are other targets, like Washington D.C., but the risk of being discovered may be too high near such places.

Sooner or latter a showdown with Islam is going to come, so if it’s brought into the nuclear stage by Islamic Jihadists, then the U.S. will be fully justified in using the one weapon that’s capable of bringing total destruction to Islamic nations that are on the Bush short list. The U.S. is too civilized to engage in threats, so just let me say that if a nuclear device is detonated in the U.S. by Jihadists, I hearby warn all Muslims in Iran that they should flee, if they have time.

The 9/11 attack brought down several buildings and killed about 3,000, but it cost the Islamic world two nations, yet we came for the most part as liberators. Kill thousands of Americans with a nuclear device and this time we will likely come as destroyers as we did in WW2.

What AQ is likely to be pla... (Below threshold)

What AQ is likely to be planning is to boom 4 radiological bombs with 134Cs and/or 137Cs. It has a long half-life and it is a pain to clean it up. It may be easier obtainable than U isotopes as it is used in medical research and a right bribe in a right country may just be the way to get it despite a tight control.

(There has been a shipment of Cesium going from UK through Bulgaria to Iran MoD, and Bulgarian Customs halted it. But who knows how many shipments went through previously, or through different routes.)

The likely locations are at exit routes from 4 major cities, to disrupt the economy and create panic. The likely bomb setting would be a tractor trailer or similar, left at the proximity of the city exit route.

The candidate cities are LA, Seattle/Portland and on the East Coast New York and Washington, but instead of Washington, Chicago or Atlanta may be on the list.

This information has been gleaned by someone who frequents jihadi forums to collect intel. Unfortunately, no specificic date has been given, but based on the article, it may be within 6 months, if not several weeks.

Down in southern New Mexico... (Below threshold)

Down in southern New Mexico someone or other is/was trying to extort money from the local government by threatening to randomly shoot people.

What does this have to do with the topic?

What do you suppose is the most common reaction of the people in Las Cruces? Some of them will stay home and hope the threat goes away. Everyone else will be in one of two groups... those that are unarmed and keeping their eyes open to any suspicious activity and those who are armed, legally or not, and keeping their eyes open to any suspicious activity. Everyone I know in that neck of the woods is going to be armed. Trying to randomly shoot people when anyone who sees you may shoot back doesn't exactly sound like a winning plan.

The intellectual elite may scoff at the quaint mythology that combines nearly militant individualism with spontaneous community action, self-reliance with barn raising parties... but when people are pushed it's their mythology that they look to, and if we can say one thing that is very true... The Taliban doesn't have a clue what the American mythology is or what it means.

5 years and 6 days since 9/... (Below threshold)

5 years and 6 days since 9/11 and OBL is still free. Why?!

The President promised to capture and kill bin Laden and he had nearly 100% support to do so. Will it take a NUCLEAR attack to wake up the President?

Did you just say we should ... (Below threshold)

Did you just say we should give up on Jaafar Al-Tayyar and get Bin Laden and the plot will fall apart?

No. Did you say we should l... (Below threshold)

No. Did you say we should let bin Laden go? Well, that's what our government did and continues to do.

It's complete bullshit so i... (Below threshold)

It's complete bullshit so it does not really matter.

Pray the the target is L.A.... (Below threshold)

Pray the the target is L.A., S.F., or Boston. Liberal city go boom. That would also be the easiest places to attack. They walk around with their eyes close to the facts. Most of the population of these three and several other blue cities actually help the terrorists (every day), not watch them to see if they are planning an attack.

Paul --What would ... (Below threshold)

Paul --

What would you have said if the President said on September 12...we were attacked by Osama bin Laden, who heads up an organization called Al Queda. They've declared war on us. They killed 3,000 Americans. You saw some of them jumping to their deaths.

I'm going to let him get away. After a few months, I'll lose interest in getting him. I'll TALK about bringing to justice...but that's just talk. Instead, I'll make a lot of noise about how effective I am when I get some of bin Laden's underlings. I'll say that bin Laden doesn't matter anymore. He's got bad health and he'll probably die of natural causes in a few years anyway.

Then, I'll move on to Iraq, and you won't hear me even mention bin Laden again until the 5th anniversary. I'm hoping you'll forget all about him like I will.

Would you have cheered that speech? Because, he didn't say those words; but those are his actions.

Why do I keep seeing refere... (Below threshold)

Why do I keep seeing references to red states being hit?
Where can I find this referenced?

Publicus, if he also said "... (Below threshold)

Publicus, if he also said "We'll have pretty well dismantled that organization to the point where they can't do much of anything" --- yeah, I'd have no problem with him saying it.

Oh for Christ's sake. Supp... (Below threshold)

Oh for Christ's sake. Suppose, by some amazing luck Al Qaida in Iraq managed to kill our military commander. Suppose one of them managed to kill Bush.

Would that actually be a reasonable strategic goal for them?

No general is irreplacible and the death of our president would incite rage and put Cheney in charge. We're Americans. We don't depend on personality politics or put our faith in people who can be killed so that if they are we crumble into a little fetal ball, unable to continue.

To put major resources toward those goals would be an unwise use of resources.

*If* there are men who can undertake a major attack on the US and who pose a threat that can be removed it wouldn't just be stupid to focus on a man who *can't*, it would be criminal.

Getting Bin Laden is *only* useful for the morale boost and PR coup. It wouldn't make a bit of material difference.

As someone mentioned... we never got Hitler. We didn't need to, no matter how nice it would have been.

Publicus,Have you ne... (Below threshold)

Have you never heard of a diversion? The red herring?
You would have the whole of the western world chasing after Bin Laden, while his merry band of murderers bomb every city they can sneak into...
I don't curse often here at Wizbang, but you are either a fucking moron or a god damned tool. Likely both.

publicus, let me ask you so... (Below threshold)

publicus, let me ask you something in response. If you had the choice between capturing Bin Ladin and
(a) killing and capturing thousands of Al Quada;
(b) decimating the Taliban enough to give a fledgling democracy a chance in Afghanistan
(c) taking down a heinous criminal responsible for funding terrorist acts against Israel and American targets AND responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths

are you honestly telling me you'd take that one man over these incredible results?

People like you, who simplify our enemy down to just one man, amaze me. Suppose we had killed (oops, I mean captured and given full human rights to) Bin Ladin in December 2001. I suppose you and your ilk would have said, "Well, all righty then. Let's prosecute him, but we need to find out *why* he hates us. Now there is no need to dismantle the Taliban or Al Quada, and even if everyone does fear that Saddamn might have WMD's, under no condition should our troops, under a Republican President, take any action."

Sheesh, must be nice to be so simple-minded and full of hate for our President that you don't have to actually think or take any responsibility for the next generation.

Have you never heard of ... (Below threshold)

Have you never heard of a diversion? The red herring?

Yep. The excuses for letting bin Laden go are a red herring. Telling people Saddam Hussein has WMD and painting pictures about mushroom clouds and getting him while letting the guy behind 9/11 go is a red herring.

Promising to kill or capture bin Laden and then saying he isn't important 6 months later is a red herring.

Now, we're hearing that BIN LADENs Al Queda may be getting or is plotting to get nuclear weapons...but somehow its okay to let bin Laden go.

And saying that we can't "focus" on bin Laden because we have other things to do—with half a trillion dollars to spend, we CAN'T do more than one things at a time? That's a red herring.

I hear that its TOO HARD to get bin Laden...so why did the president promise he wouldn't rest until he got him?!

So, to answer your question: yes, I heard of a red herring. Many, many times. Too many.

Publicus keeps saying the w... (Below threshold)
Patrick Chester:

Publicus keeps saying the words, but I do not think he knows what it really means.

Anything to justify his target fixation, I guess.

Anyone that is telling all ... (Below threshold)

Anyone that is telling all Muslims to leave America cant be all bad.

Lets hope they take the warning to heart.

If Al Queda is able to obta... (Below threshold)

If Al Queda is able to obtain nuclear weapons and detonate them in American cities, does that mean that we're not really winning the "War On Terror"?

I've said this on another t... (Below threshold)

I've said this on another thread earlier last week. Shocked some. Some on both sides didn't like it. To those who are offended I 'm sorry you're offended. But I say it again.
When and if this nuke goes off in this country the proverbial S**T will hit the fan. The biggest S**t ever. Whoever owned the Uranium will be catching it. I believe they can tell by its properties. Even after the explosion.
There will be rejoicing in every Muslim nation on planet earth.
UBL received a Fatwa allowing for up to 10 MILLION deaths. I don't think they can even guess at the fallout from this country if such an event, such as this, happens. I predict you will see the Left-worldwide- will still want to "talk" rather than act. The UN will not want us to retaliate-anywhere. That we must restrain ourselves. Other nations and some of our own citizens will say we had it coming to us. If it happens in Washington near the capitol and the President and most leaders of our country are dead, there will be national anarchy and turmoil on an unprecedented scale. Our economy could be near collapse if not total collapse.
An ultimatum needs to be given to the nations of Islam. Help us now or suffer the consequences. Islam has become a nasty religion out of control. They are not trying to help us or the west. I believe they wish that the Muslim push for world domination SUCCEEDS If they will not help us, I believe We must act. Silence Mecca Silence Mohammed. To do nothing leaves us at great peril.

Gee Willikers!I sh... (Below threshold)

Gee Willikers!

I shore hope somebody called W and let him know about this. Or you best buy UV69,000,000, and catch some rays.

Don't forget Al Queda's going to bomb the shopping malls for Halloween and the other nonsensical crap. It sucks when Republicans try to scare people into voting for them in elections, and it sucks when morons circulate crap like this for no reason.

I think this threat - and a... (Below threshold)

I think this threat - and all threats - should be taken seriously. It is arrogant to dismiss it out of hand. Much of what al Qaeda says is fantasy, but nonetheless they still do much harm. If, on the off chance, something like this did happen, I do believe the rules would change substantially for muslims in western countries. Average citizens would need to go on self-defence, war footing. This would mean placing a cordon sanitaire between us and muslims - no travel with them, no school with them, no work with them.

Why is Publicus more fixate... (Below threshold)

Why is Publicus more fixated on downing Bush than he is fixated on the reality of terrorism? What does Publicus have to say about Clinton? If he wasn't so busy getting his dick sucked by a fat ugly bitch, Bin Laden wouldn't be an issue today and 9/11 would not have happened. Bush got dealt a difficult deck of cards, a deck that asswipes like Publicus would never even stay at the table to play. Not unlike other Lib pussies, Publicus wants to point fingers, then stick his head in the sand about everything and hope it all just goes away. Hes the same type of jackass that protests to save dolphins becuase they're getting caught in the tuna nets and eats tuna for lunch everyday. Hypocrite douchebag. Let me guess .. Publicus doesn't suck it, he just holds it in his mouth.
Publicus, if you knew someone who died 9/11, you wouldn't be such a smarmy loser sitting on your pompous perch in your ass crack, make-believe wonderland.

Adnan El Shukrijumah is a s... (Below threshold)

Adnan El Shukrijumah is a serious threat and many threat warnings were provided by OBL prior to 9/11. The array of videos/audios from A-Q over the past year or so shows the severity of the threat. Look at the sequence. First OBL threat tapes, then OBL offers a truce (and we laughed), the on 9/11 another tape talking about converting to Islam. This is exactly the pattern required for a Muslim to provide his enemy prior to his distruction - warn, truce, conversion, attack.

For those that think that we are "safe" because we haven't been attack here in the US is ignorance. One thing a Muslim understandings is to be more patient then the patient man. The US is the big fish and A-Q is not going to waste its time on bombing a mall and killing just a few. 9/11 was a warning shot.

For those that think that we are beating them. Look at the stats. Before 9/11 there were less then 20 major attacks associated to A-Q. After 9/11 there have been probably over 100 across the globe - not counting anything in Iraq. The latest figures put out by the gov is that 5000 terrorists have been killed. Gee that's great. Let me do the counting 3000 (9/11) + 3000 (Iraq) = 6000. Looks like their up by a few by just counting two 9/11 and Iraq much less all the other people killed by these nuts. OBL and Omar are still on the loose. Most of the Taliban is still out there. If this is a win then Isreal won the August War - which they didn't.

So, believe it. OBL and A-Q are going to strike again and have left the big one for the US homeland. They are smart. They know that small attacks will not hurt the US, only big attacks will. And the next one, with us so psyced at this point, that anything bigger than a mouse trap going off is going to put us into martial law.

God save us all - from OBL and Bush.

it sounds like a key elemen... (Below threshold)

it sounds like a key element of all this is the claim that osama bin laden will make his "final" statement to the american people. if that happens within the approximate 2 week time frame then i would be concerned. but even if it doesn't then alot of prudence on the part of americans should be used.

We need to prepare for the ... (Below threshold)
eric star:

We need to prepare for the attack such as power backups,back up communications, and back up governmental command procedures.The President and Vice president need to leave dc and avoid New York. Is it technicslly possible to detect radioactive signatures over a wide area from a satellite or plane so we detect a bomb being produced.If a nuke goes off in the U.S. then our nation should annilate the Jihadists. Nuke Iran,Syria,Southern Lebanon,Mecca,Ramallah,Carpet bomb Gaza,Pakistan,have all troops leave Iraq, nuke Ramadi,Ramallah, and carpet bomb all hot beds of insurgent regions. then Move all our troops into Saudi Arabia, and take over the oil, or they will be eliminated.Then Make sure the Pakistan/Afghanistan Border region is unhabitable for generations. If a nuke goes off in America, take all the gloves off. North Korea will also have be exterminated for good measure.America needs to destroy its enemies because they are out to kill millions of Americans.We need to send a message to the world mess with us and you will be annilated. We dropped the first two atomic bombs so we will use them again. Also, all illegals and Islamics will need to removed, and the Mexican Border sealed permanently,via a security perimeter with shoot to kill orders if you cross it illegslly, and the let the Mexican citizens know our new policies. This border procedure will occur until the threat is over by 2060 or 2070. Also, The survivors in the Middle East need to be sent a message never again or whats left of the middle East will be turned into a permanent radioactive desert. I believe these actions will end the Jihadists ability or even their existence. Islam needs to straighten up or face annilation by real terror weapons, real nukes in our arsenal.Then South Korea can take over the remains of North Korea, and reunite it's nation, We have control of the Middle East Oil supply as a final retribution of their Jihad. Our troops will be used only to deliver Oil to the market and eliminate any threats to that goal.The Middle East can get their oil back in 10 years after we use it's proceeds to rebuild our cities that were destroyed, and we can switch to plug in hybrids e85 compatible vehicles, and make their oil cheap as dirt to compete. Pax Americana again, just like right after WWII. I do not believe in this massive use of force unless we are atacked by a nuclear weapon or weapons. but if we are attacked by a wmd then all gloves are off, and show no mercy on an enemy that incinerated babies,husbands,wives,grandmas,grandpas,and our national institutions, and started this war in the first place. We helped Bin Laden at one time, and he starts this war just because our troops our on Saudi Soil to defend them against Iraqi agression.

Well said eric star. I agre... (Below threshold)
Bob Macdonald:

Well said eric star. I agree with the whole strategy of response. I don't think if such a situation arose, we in the west can afford to be soft. It would mean taking it up to the WWII notch: and that means full scale ariel bombing, nukes, total victory. It would mean incarcerating all enemy alliens and those suspected of offering them help. We would need to be in full survival mode and that means not weeping about how many muslims we kill to get peace restord. Not a day goes by that I shed a tear for all the dead Germans and Japanese, and I wouldn't shed a tear for people who started this thing and then let it get this bad.

More on Al Qaeda's nuclear ... (Below threshold)

More on Al Qaeda's nuclear weapons programme


Consider the religious fatwa titled "A Treatise on the Legal Status of Using Weapons of Mass Destruction Against Infidels" that Osama bin Laden secured from Shaykh Nasir bin Hamd al-Fahd, a young and prominent Saudi cleric justifying the use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) against Americans, in May 2003 - Why would Bin Ladan look for such a fatwa?






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