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FBI Raids US Muslim Charity

The Detroit Free Press is reporting:

Federal counterterrorism agents raided a Muslim charity in Southfield on Monday morning, according to the FBI.

Agents with the FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force executed search warrants at the headquarters for Life for Relief and Development, a Southfield-based charity that works in Arab and Muslim countries around the world.

The warrants were based on a criminal predicate, said William Kowalski, assistant special agent in charge for the Detroit office of the FBI. The affidavits in support of the warrants are sealed, he said.

At about 9 a.m., agents raided the Southfield office, hauling away documents, letters and ledgers, said Dawud Walid, head of the Michigan branch of the Council on American Islamic Relations. Agents told officials with the charity that the raid was related to some sort of criminal activity, Walid said.

The charity has worked in Iraq, Pakistan and the Palestinian territories, among other countries.

According to its Web site, the charity "has provided over $50 million in humanitarian assistance to more than 13 million beneficiaries worldwide."

It was founded in 1992 to help people in Iraq.

Debbie Schlussel says it's the largest Muslim charity in the US:

LIFE--the largest Islamic charity still open for business in America--openly admitted on its 1995-'97 taxes to be a major funder of HAMAS. Headquartered in the Orthodox Jewish suburban Detroit subdivision in which I grew up, it gave millions to Human Appeal International, which the FBI identified as HAMAS' Jordanian operation. It has done many vague "Katrina," "Lebanon Relief," and "Afghanistan Wheelchair" fundraisers and believed to have laundered the money to terrorists. Its founding resident agent is tied to Al-Qaeda, and one of its former employees Abdel-Jabbar Hamdan is also tied to terrorists. The government has been trying to deport him.

Hat tip: LGF

Comments (28)

Why are you quoting Debbie ... (Below threshold)

Why are you quoting Debbie Schlussel? She makes Ann Coulter look like Howard Zinn.

Amazing often terror elerts... (Below threshold)

Amazing often terror elerts are elevated and big busts are made close to election time isn't it? Oh what a cynic I am! Just a coincidence I'm sure.

“has provided over $50 mil... (Below threshold)

“has provided over $50 million in humanitarian assistance to more than 13 million beneficiaries worldwide.”
Wow, $3.85 each. bet it helped

They should have bought lot... (Below threshold)

They should have bought lottery tickets instead....

At least we are taking some... (Below threshold)

At least we are taking some action...I forget, how many convictions to we have in the FBI "war against terror..

I'm just surprised they did... (Below threshold)

I'm just surprised they didn't reprise John (There Shall Be No Naked Marble Breasts On My Watch) Ashcorft to make the announcement.Did they trot out Bush's lapdog Gonzales to do it?

I think it's too soon to ei... (Below threshold)

I think it's too soon to either celebrate or chastise. We don't know anything about this yet. If the FBI did a good investigation, and found these guys funding terrorists, that's great! If it turns out to be a paranoid or opportunitistic move against innocents based on faulty or lazy police work, then that's bad.

To both sides, left and right, I suggest: let's not be knee-jerk. Let's wait and get the facts.

Hugh,Sorry that Cl... (Below threshold)


Sorry that Clinton's lap-dancer Janet Reno was not available. She was busy fire-bombng Americans in Waco, and cornering Elian Gonzales in a closet at 4 am. No time for Osama, no sir. Have to have priorities right.

Seems to me she was enforci... (Below threshold)

Seems to me she was enforcing the "rule of law" you righties so worship. But then we knew you'd get Bill Clinton in here sooner or later...err I mean sooner. Yes, I know Bill Clinton is responsible for every single bad thing that has ever happened....even before he was born.

"Rule of law" to Bill Clint... (Below threshold)

"Rule of law" to Bill Clinton, just as to all you lefties/commies, is a suggestion to be followed as long as it is convenient to your dmented fantasies. (BTW, I was waiting to see how long it took for the traitors to bring up Ashcroft.)

To those of you to the cent... (Below threshold)

To those of you to the center of the right:

You have folks like Sam on your side and you call lefties unhinged? It was only me Sam, take my citizenship.

sam,Giving shit to R... (Below threshold)

Giving shit to Reno for cracking down on illegal immigration?

I need to get an updated scorecard. Can't tell the players and teams without one.

Hugh, you have nerve callin... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Hugh, you have nerve calling anyone unhinged. So Janet Reno was just enforcing law. Is that why all those kids died in a fire. Is that how you enforce gun laws? What about that killing in Idaho? You worship on your knees in front of a man who violated most ot the rules of decency, finding no fault with him, yet you blame all the ills of the world on G.W.Bush. If Clinton had done the job of President, Bush's job would have been much easier. I wonder how good you are at praying toward Mecca five times daily.

I will have to agree with H... (Below threshold)

I will have to agree with Hugh that former-President Clinton did a much better job of enforcing immigration law than President Bush. Damned strange, that. And my major source of contention.

I bet Clinton's got Bush beat in the blowjob department, too. At least from women not his wife. Of course, I'll never forgive his treatment of a perfectly fine cigar...Well, okay, maybe if she was better looking. Or not as fat. Or without that stupid beret.

Dang. I'd have perjured myself rather than face the truth, too. I'd swear to God that I didn't touch her. Who can blame him? I sure don't. Not for that.

By the way, I was talking a... (Below threshold)

By the way, I was talking about the cigar.

Hopefully we get more infor... (Below threshold)

Hopefully we get more information about this bust.

I know I shouldn't but I do wonder if Hugh could give us a time frame when he'd find arrests related to terrorism acceptable?

Synova:Good questi... (Below threshold)


Good question. I'd say six months before and I wouldn't be the cynic I can't help being. But then Mr Bush et al would have no political interest in arrests like these or terror warnings would they?

Just so interesing how the famous Bush Fear Factor card is now coming into play once again. Aw gee, how could I think such a thing.

So terror related arrests s... (Below threshold)

So terror related arrests should be halted for six months before elections?

Every two years?

Synova:That'a a si... (Below threshold)


That'a a silly question and you know it. I said I would not be as cynical about them. Or the terror alerst that just so happen to be frequently tied to things not going so well for the Boy Emperor.

Synova:That'a a si... (Below threshold)


That'a a silly question and you know it. I said I would not be as cynical about them. Or the terror alerst that just so happen to be frequently tied to things not going so well for the Boy Emperor.

That's the problem with sli... (Below threshold)

That's the problem with slipping away into conspiracy, Hugh. You believe that the Bush administration would *manufacture* terror related arrests, so unless something can't *possibly* be counted to their favor, you're skeptical.

Good for Republicans or Bush = must be a lie.

Bad for Republicans or Bush or something that can not possibly be seen as vindication of their policies = true.

So what other than "timing" do you use to judge if a report is true or not?

Strange way of determining truth you've got.

Hey hugie guess who your PR... (Below threshold)

Hey hugie guess who your PRESIDENT is for 2 more years. Poor little whiney assholes like you just can't stand the thought that Bush kicked your whimpy ass not once but TWICE. Oh I know he "stole" both of them (tsk tsk)but look who he won over--the biggest tree hugger on the planet (in size and scope both) and the biggest "war hero" of the Vietnam war(the one that tooks his R&R at Xmas in Cambodia. Could you tell us again how your present President stole them both? It will do everyone good to hear this so we can do it again in 2008. Thanks.

While the FBI is arresting ... (Below threshold)

While the FBI is arresting terrorists why don't they arrest the terrorists leader from Iran? He's going to be available real soon. I'm sure some of the folks that spent 444 days in the hell hole of Iran will be more than happy to file criminal charges against him.

Synova:Look up the... (Below threshold)


Look up the definition of cyncism will ya. I don't doubt the truth of the arrests....I doubt the timing. That being said, we do have a rather shaky history of the reality of the crimesI.e. those bad boys in Chicago who didn't even have enough bus fare to go to wherever they were going to commit their "terrorist" acts.

Same with the alerts,,,the timing.

Remember, cynicism. It's not the truth, it's the timing. Neither you nor I nor any member of the public knows the "truth."

As for you Scrapiron, don't forget your angry pills.

Cynical and whiny, that's o... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Cynical and whiny, that's our Hughie.

He'd be cynical if the terrorism arrests occur within 6 months of an election; but he'd be whining that we aren't doing enough if there were NO arrests in the 6 months leading up to an election.

I guess some people will slam Bush no matter what he does. How childish. How unsuprising.

Les:When i read so... (Below threshold)


When i read something like you just wrote a picture, or rather a movie, comes to mind. I see you in that movie, say an 18th century piece. You wear a whig, have a pasty face and are a member of the royal court. You wave a hanky under your nose so you don't have to smell the unwashed masses. It appalls you to even be near them.

If you took the effort to read what folks post on this site you'd see that I always talk about being distrustful of the government. I distrusted the Clinton government as I do the Bush government and as I will the next government. I think the founders intended it to be that way and I agree with them.

Next time try not dissuasively waving your hankie and try to learn where people stand on issues.

Maybe you should try to inspire yourself to learn. That wouldn't be childish would it?

I wear a Whig? I wear Danie... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

I wear a Whig? I wear Daniel Webster?

What kind of movies do you watch?

Hugh, how long has the FBI been watching this group?

There's a difference between healthy distrust of the gov't and conspiracy theory madness.

Les:I completely a... (Below threshold)


I completely agree with your last sentence.


P.S. I think you kinda liked the idea of your character didn't ya?






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