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The White Man's Burden: Introduction

One of the recurring phrases used by people in arguments is "they just don't get it." It expresses the belief that one's position is the only logical, reasonable, sensible one, and if the other side could simply hear that position spelled out clearly, they would embrace it.

It's rarely effective or useful, but I'm going to give it a whirl anyway. I'm going to spell out, in excruciating detail, just why I think the war in Iraq was right and necessary, and why I support it to this day.

You might want to get a beverage, or hit the facilities; this is going to be a long one. In fact, it's going to take all week to get it all out in a semi-coherent form.

The current plan is for one portion to be published each weekday, at 11:00 a.m. EST. Here's the outline:

Monday -- Part I: From "Feel The Power" to "Fear The Power"
Tuesday -- Part II: "Honor The Threat"
Wednesday -- Part III: You Go To War With The Geopolitical Reality You Have, Not The One You Want
Thursday -- Part IV: The Path To Victory
Friday -- Part V: Who's Next, or Where Do We Go From Here?

The titles might change before publication (the first draft is finished, at just over 6,500 words), as I'm probably going to be tweaking and editing it right up until each piece is published, but that's a pretty good representation.

As I said last week, this is by far the longest piece I've ever written, and the one that's taken the most work. I think it's worth it, and I hope you'll agree.


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Comments (20)

Friday spoiler: Iran, then... (Below threshold)

Friday spoiler: Iran, then Syria.

Bill Whittle would be proud... (Below threshold)

Bill Whittle would be proud.

When do you sleep?... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

When do you sleep?

Will it have pictures?... (Below threshold)

Will it have pictures?

Jay, I can shorten... (Below threshold)


I can shorten it down a little for you.

Because you support your party over your country. Because you have a sports fan mentality that tells you to support "your team" no matter what and you apply that to your politics.

Writing more and more and more words won't make you right. Disregard me for a liberal but the majority of Americans are now on my side and many old time and former Republicans are on my side as well. It's NOT me/us Jay its you.

But anyway tell me how we are safer now that we've kicked a hornets nest, now that we have no money for the homeland, now the the debt is $8 trillion, now that China owns a huge chunk of the US of A, now that all the real threats (Korea, Pakistan, Russian nuclear material, our ports and our nuke plants are being ignored), now that the Taliban is re-surging, now that OBL is still free and Osama is becoming a popular name for Muslim newborns, now that more then 10,000 soldiers have been seriously maimed or killed and now that we are growing and already ignoring a whole new generation of homeless war vets, now that our president is considered a war criminal, now that we have over 10,000 detainees to deal with many who had NOTHING to do with terrorism.

I'm listening because I listen to both sides but I'm very skeptical because sometimes I believe following a mis-guided President is not always the patriotic thing to do and that supporting war and bombing is not always supporting the troops.

I'm looking forward to read... (Below threshold)

I'm looking forward to reading it Jay.

Unfortunately it will bring out the trolls in force (who's comments I skip over anyway).

muirego,Why don't ... (Below threshold)


Why don't you read it before you criticize it? A novel idea, I know.

Disregard me for a... (Below threshold)
Disregard me for a liberal but the majority of Americans are now on my side and many old time and former Republicans are on my side as well.

Y'all keep saying that, but I don't see any proof. Which party controls the White House and both houses of congress?

And as for your "former Republicans [who] are on [your] side" you can have McCain and Graham.

I'll take Joe over McCain a... (Below threshold)

I'll take Joe over McCain and/or Graham in this climate....and I am from South Carolina.

Hey mun-go I believe you sh... (Below threshold)

Hey mun-go I believe you should change your name to "ball-less" ( you know you and old "pucker puss"-lee lee could pass for twins as you both quote the latest Democoward talking points word for word in every post.

muirego:You're rem... (Below threshold)


You're reminding me of Dr. Evil. Too bad for you, Jay isn't his son, Scott.

Like Heralder said, why don't you keep your trap shut until you read it? Then you and all of your troll friends can start spamming the comments section with all kinds of jibberish nobody reads.

muirgeo: excellent observat... (Below threshold)

muirgeo: excellent observations. Only two minor flaws:

1) I don't belong to any political party;'
2) I have no interest in sports.

Apart from those two flaws (which, the more I think of it, are pretty much fatal), good synopsis.


YOU CHEATED! Now I gotta go rewrite the ending. Um... Belgium and Belize?


Ok Jay then I guess you can... (Below threshold)

Ok Jay then I guess you can answer this honestly.

Which Presidents have you voted for?

I voted

Libertarian guy( forgot his name)

How about this, muirgeo? It... (Below threshold)

How about this, muirgeo? It's a bit more timely. November 2004, I voted Bush (R) president, Haddock (D) Senate, Bradley (R) House, and Lynch (D) governor. Bradley and Lynch will most likely get my votes again this November.

In 2004, I voted for Lieberman in the primary. In 2000, it was Bill Bradley, then Bush in the fall.

Also, kinda wondering how you voted for Gore AFTER you voted for Kerry... or did you pull a "I voted for Kerry after I voted against him" stunt?


OK good enough Jay I guess ... (Below threshold)

OK good enough Jay I guess you aren't to be pigeon-holed. Although I suspect that a significant majority of Bush supporters DO fall into the team/party mentality I suggested.

Certainly no one could accuse me of the same....so onto the merits of why life is so much better with a war in Iraq then with out...

Hmmm, wait a tick, muriego:... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Hmmm, wait a tick, muriego:

How did you vote for a "Libertarian guy( forgot his name)"—I assume you mean Ross Perot—while simeltaneously voting for Bush 1? Are you awkwardly admitting to voter fraud in 1992? ;-)

"muirgeo: excellent observa... (Below threshold)

"muirgeo: excellent observations. Only two minor flaws:

1) I don't belong to any political party;'
2) I have no interest in sports."

Jay, you keep saying that enough and even you will beleive it! GMAB! Honestly Jay, maybe it's time you join one. May I suggest the republican party? They could use a bright mind like yours, and you wouldn't have to change your thinking to fit in.

BTW, I know you are from Mass., but was growing up a Red Sox fan so bad that it turned you off from sports completely?

fn, them's fighting words!<... (Below threshold)

fn, them's fighting words!

I'm a proud New Hampshirite. Born here, lived here all my life. My postings about MA are largely inspired by the "thank god I don't live there."

TAKE THAT BACK IMMEDIATELY, or I'll ban your ass.


OK OK Uncle! ... (Below threshold)

OK OK Uncle!

My first Presidential vote ... (Below threshold)

My first Presidential vote was for Shirley Chisholm.

The only time I put my vote for a non-major party candidate.

Any like her in the HOR now?






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