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Terrorism Fighting Fish

Maybe terrorism "detecting" fish would be more accurate, but detection is part of the fight against terrorism. I wonder what PETA thinks of this.

A type of fish so common that practically every American kid who ever dropped a fishing line and a bobber into a pond has probably caught one is being enlisted in the fight against terrorism.

San Francisco, New York, Washington and other big cities are using bluegills - also known as sunfish or bream - as a sort of canary in a coal mine to safeguard their drinking water.

Small numbers of the fish are kept in tanks constantly replenished with water from the municipal supply, and sensors in each tank work around the clock to register changes in the breathing, heartbeat and swimming patterns of the bluegills that occur in the presence of toxins.

"Nature's given us pretty much the most powerful and reliable early warning center out there," said Bill Lawler, co-founder of Intelligent Automation Corporation, a Southern California company that makes and sells the bluegill monitoring system. "There's no known manmade sensor that can do the same job as the bluegill."

Read the article. It is actually pretty interesting how the system came about and how it is implemented.

Comments (5)

Huh. So that's what bream ... (Below threshold)

Huh. So that's what bream are.

Great. Now all they have to... (Below threshold)

Great. Now all they have to do is find something that kills us but spares bluegills. Great. Next thing you know, we will have to use trout as the test fish.

Everything kills trout. If France were a fish, it would be a trout. We are all gonna die.

I thought terrorism-fightin... (Below threshold)

I thought terrorism-fighting fish were called SEALS.


I guess seals aren't fish are they? darn.

Not only can they fight ter... (Below threshold)

Not only can they fight terrorism, they are darned tasty too!

"If France were a fish, it ... (Below threshold)

"If France were a fish, it would be a trout."


Actually, though, I think France is more of a yellow-bellied sunfish.






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