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White House Reaction to Chavez' Speech

Mario Loyola at The Corner believes the White House is making a mistake by not responding to Hugo Chavez' insults:

The White House responded only to say that the comments were not worth responding to. I do not agree. A latter-day Mussolini just referred to the President of the United States as "the devil" -- to general applause, laughter, and merriment in the General Assembly of the United Nations -- an organization we created to make the defeat of fascism permanent in our world. By insisting on the universality of the Organization, and not insisting on any standards for membership, President Harry Truman bequeathed a pulpit of "unique legitimacy" to our worst enemies, to mock us and incite the world against us, from right in the middle of our greatest city.

Pretending like this is not worth responding to smacks of submissiveness. In Latin America, being dignified and soft-spoken only makes you look like a pushover. Chavez is a devious charlatan and a talented idiot, a danger to himself and his country more than to us, and the President should say so.

I have to say I agree.


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Comments (14)

Ignoring trolls, even when ... (Below threshold)

Ignoring trolls, even when they are heads of state, is always the best policy.

Lee...Who the hell... (Below threshold)


Who the hell are you? & What have you done with Lee?

Naw, lee's sarcasm-bot is d... (Below threshold)

Naw, lee's sarcasm-bot is definitely on full power. The real problem is that someone always feeds the trolls.

Lee just doesn't want any o... (Below threshold)

Lee just doesn't want any other trolls to be fed. More for him.

I think Bush is doing the r... (Below threshold)

I think Bush is doing the right thing. He's above responding to this drivel. Right wing pundits are doing an adequate job of defending him.

From the National Review... (Below threshold)

From the National Review article-

In Latin America, being dignified and soft-spoken only makes you look like a pushover.

Well guess what? This isn't Latin America and The President isn't going to respond by engaging Chavez according to Chavez's supposed machismo rules.

{But he can buy Joseph Kennedy Democrat Representative from Massachussetts.Special.}

I don't agree.Chav... (Below threshold)

I don't agree.

Chavez should be ignored for the yapping dog he is.

I think Bolton struck the r... (Below threshold)

I think Bolton struck the right tone. Chavez was free to say what he wanted, and he could even do that speech in a crowd at Central Park, but wished that Venezuelans could enjoy that right as well (hint: they can't because Chavez's thugs take care of 'em).

I remember when the left go... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

I remember when the left got so worked up over "Evil Empire" and "Axis of Evil". Maybe I've missed it, but I haven't heard any influential voices on the left denouncing Chavez. I would love to see any links, if possible. I think that responding to Chavez would only elevate him more. Let the despots and idiots clap and cheer. They could be next on our list for regime change.

Having just returned from w... (Below threshold)

Having just returned from working in Venezuela, I believe the White House did the right thing in not responding to the comments. This is just more propaganda to be used to maintain his power base in Venezuela. The country has truly gone down the toilet in the years that Chavez has been Dictater (Elected President). He has the very poor backing him and convinced that he is the only ruler strong enough to stand up to the big bad wolf (USA). With probably 75% of the population dirt poor he gives them just enough to get reelected. Gee, kind of reminds me of one of the political parties in the US. Before Chavez was elected the President had a shorter term and could not be reelected. That's all been changed. Its good to be king. I don't know which country Cindy Sheehan visited and loved so much, it wasn't the Venezuela I was in! And for all you bleeding heart fruitcake Libs that hate America so much, I'd suggest a month or so in Venezuela to brighten up your attitudes. In fact if Bush is so bad, Chavez is looking for a few good blind idiots for his lovely country. And you can take Cindy with you as a tour guide, PLEASE. :-)


I hope we have the video of... (Below threshold)

I hope we have the video of Chavez' anti-American remarks, and the general approval of the UN delegates.

Which party is it that wishes to seek the UN's approval on every American international initiative?

I believe the White Hous... (Below threshold)

I believe the White House did the right thing in not responding to the comments.

Respond to Chavez? Shit, the Bush Administration should pay for Chavez to travel the country in a bus giving this speech at every Democratic candidate's rally from now until November. If they could get Ahmajamahdingdong to open for him, so much the better.


With people like Chavez the... (Below threshold)

With people like Chavez there is the public facade which he demonstrated at the UN and in his home country. In reality behind the scenes the US is dealing with him. Recently the Customs officials in Venezuela opened and seized a shipment that was enroute to the US consulate in Venezuela. This act alone was in total violation of protocal with regards to any diplomatic material. They also detained the three transport trucks from the embassy that were picking up the shipment. Within the crates were food and other non-sensitive material. There were also aircraft parts - as in for US made fighter aircraft. I only found out about it because I was in Venezuela when it happened. Chavez was out of the country when it happened. I'll wager a few heads rolled in his customs group upon his return home.

Rangel just came out and bl... (Below threshold)
jack oneil:

Rangel just came out and blasted Chavez, glad to see while he is very liberal, he is still very much an American.






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