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Today is the Last Day of the Rightroots Challenge


Update: John Hawkins at Right Wing News has the updated donations for each candidate. There are only 13 candidates with less than 100 contributions.

Help Rightroots meet its 15 day challenge by contributing a little money to each of these candidates:

1) Michele Bachmann

2) Chuck Blasdel
3) Max Burns
4) John Gard
5) Jeff Lamberti
6) David McSweeney
7) Ray Meier
8) Ralph Norman
9) Rick O'Donnell
10) Peter Roskam
11) Scott Tipton
12) Chris Wakim
13) Mike Whalen
14) Andrea Lane Zinga
15) Mike McGavick

The goal is for all the candidates to reach 100 contributions, but the folks listed above haven't reached their goal yet. Please take a little time and a little money to help Rightroots meet its challenge. I did and it didn't take much money at all. You can contribute any amount you want. Give a buck to each candidate if that's all you can swing right now. The goal is for each candidate to reach 100 contributions.

So click over to Rightroots now!

Hat tip: John Hawkins

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