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In politics, integrity means squat

Massachusetts' Christy Mihos is an interesting character. He started a convenience-store chain and served on the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority board, and was one of the first officials to blow the whistle on the overspending, fraud, and waste. For that, he was fired by the then-governor, Jane Swift.

Now Christy's running for governor as an independent, and like all candidates, set up his web site. Unfortunately, someone got to www.christymihos.com before he could, and turned it into an ad for Christy's Democratic rival.

Christy's shrugging it off, but it's an annoying problem for a lot of politicians. I'd like to see Deval Patrick, the guy gaining the benefit of this cybersquatter's filching, denounce it -- but I'm not holding my breath.

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The fax number of christym... (Below threshold)

The fax number of christymihos.com is 1.508.869.6158.

Im sure they'd love to see all of the extra junk mail, etc that you receive come across their fax.

Unless what I remember of t... (Below threshold)

Unless what I remember of the company history when I worked there is either wrong or misremembered, his FATHER started the convenience store chain that bore his name. That let him grow up to be the figurehead, if not actually part of the management I found so silly. I worked for them from 1982 to 1986, in 21 of their stores.

The candidate needs to cont... (Below threshold)
Allan Yackey:

The candidate needs to contact a lawyer quailfied in the proper area.

I noted a case awhile ago involving Hillary Clinton on the point. She was able to gain control of domain names that were obviously directly tied to her name.
As I recall the decision directly related to a politican's general ownership of their own identity.

Allan Yackey

The Massachusetts Turnpike ... (Below threshold)

The Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, it turns out, is $2 billion in debt.

Should we trust the rest of the state to someone who doesn't have the foresight to register his own name?


So we blame the fact that t... (Below threshold)

So we blame the fact that the Turnpike Authority is $2 billion in debt to somebody who worked blew the whistle on the fraud and wastefull spending?

Also, do you have your name registered? What if you decide to run for office, will you register before somebody else does? Horrors, maybe somebody else has already registered you name!How 'dumb' are some big businesses because they were beat to the punch and had to pay lots of money for their domain name.

Good evening and welcome to... (Below threshold)

Good evening and welcome to America, Mr. Tea.
Mr. Rove has been awaiting you.






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