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Wizbang Podcast #39 is up

The 31st edition of the Wizbang Podcast is up for your listening pleasure. Here's what I thought you'd like to hear about today:

  1. Ahmadinejad at the UN - Hastening the end of the world
  2. Waterboarding - We have ways to make them talk
  3. Islamic Violence and the Pope - It does seem rather easy to provoke them these days

Hear clips from Rush Limbaugh and Senator Voinovich on Ahmadinejad, Brian Ross and Bill O'Reilly on aggressive interrogation techniques that work, The Red Hot Chili Peppers play their hit song Good Time Boys, Monty Python with some unusual torture methods, and a dialog between two scholars, a Catholic and a Muslim, on words and violence. Go and listen! It's all good.

Note: Even if you don't use iTunes, a podcatcher, or any other fancy tech gizmo's, if you have speakers on your computer you can listen to a streaming version of the show via the Audioblog control at the top of the story.

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