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The Blogatorium Is Open

Hugh Hewitt announced the "opening of the Blogatorium" at Townhall.com. It is the place to find all the blogs that have been started at Townhall (over 1,000) since the feature was offered 10 weeks ago. What I found really fun was clicking on some of the blogs in my state, North Carolina. There are currently 46. The one bearing my favorite name is Barbeque, Sweet Tea and Politics. The blogger is from Wilson, where I grew up, but I could have guessed that from the name alone. If there is one thing in abundance in Wilson, it is barbeque and sweet tea. ( I guess that is actually two things.) Take a look at the blogs in your state. You might find someone you know -- or someone you would like to know.

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When I first saw "Blogatori... (Below threshold)

When I first saw "Blogatorium", I read "Vomitorium".
They are pretty much the same thing, I bet.


You know that the best barb... (Below threshold)

You know that the best barbeque comes from B's out in Greenville, right Lorie? I mean, everyone knows that!

We consider barbeque and sw... (Below threshold)

We consider barbeque and sweet tea to be staples here in South Carolina, too. Why, I even had a bowl of yellow grits for breakfast this morning . . . no, you heathens, NOT instant.

Kudos to Townhall and Hugh and Mary Katharine Ham for making these bloggers easier to find and read!



I hate to say it but Blogit... (Below threshold)

I hate to say it but Blogitorium made me think of the word Vomitorium too.

Good news... probably there aren't many people who know what that is.






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