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A Special Note To RSS Subscribers

For those subscribed to Wizbang RSS feeds under our old feed URL's (index.xml, atom.xml, index.rdf, fullfeed.xml, feedtalk.xml, or index.atom) this is the last post you will see in your feed reader. For the last year (or so) those feed URL's have been automatically redirecting to the new feed addresses:


[Note: All of those, and more, are available on our Wizbang Feeds page.]

It turns out Technorati's spider has been unable to index Wizbang for at least the last year and those redirects may be part of the problem so they're being removed. The actual number of people affected should be exceedingly low as the original URL's have not been published as our RSS and Atom feed addresses since 2005.

If you don't seen another post in your feed reader within the next 12 hours you may be affected. If you are affected all you need to do is change the properties of your existing feed (to reflect the correct source) or resubscribe to the feed or your choice.

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Could a bad feed be the rea... (Below threshold)

Could a bad feed be the reason my weblog hasn't been indexed by Technorati in over a year? I'd ask the company but they didn't think I was important enough to reply to my inquiry.






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