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Compare and Contrast

Bill Clinton on accusations he didn't try to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden:

Bill Clinton on the accusations that he had improper sexual relations with a college-age intern.

Nope, I don't see any resemblance. None at all. for one: in the Bin Laden video, he uses his left hand to point and thump. In the Lewinski video, it's his right.

Hmm... any chance we could get him to say this under oath, too?


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Comments (36)

Bill's been into the botox ... (Below threshold)
Mrs. Peperium:

Bill's been into the botox again...

I know this is complicated ... (Below threshold)

I know this is complicated for you Jay but because Clinton lied about his personal affair doesn't make the first video a lie.

There are plenty of documents and authorities as well as the 9-11 Commission report that shows what Clinton did and also show how Bush did NOTHING for 8 months and 7 minutes. Those are the facts and your suggestions to the contrary make you as big a liar as Bill in the second video.



<a href="http://movies.croo... (Below threshold)
Something stronger than Bot... (Below threshold)

Something stronger than Botox. Actually BDS has prgressed from hate to insanity. It has happened to millions of democrats in the past few months and will soon be a burden on the mental health facilities. Just watch them grasping for straws and blowing gaskets. LMAO

He's so pissed off that the... (Below threshold)

He's so pissed off that the facts demonstrate that not only is he a lying SOB, he's a bad one. 8 months VS 8 years, what a maroon. He not only was offered Bin Laden by countries, he had several prime opportunities to kill him outright and failed to take action.
He's mad that history will judge him to be an inept philandering buffoon because of the events durring and after his presidency that caused harm to this country, and rightly so.

muirgeo: Ok hero, just exac... (Below threshold)

muirgeo: Ok hero, just exactly what did Slick Willie do? Fired a missile at a site that intel knew was vacant? Word was OBL laughed at Slick for killing an old abandoned camel. Fired a missile at an asprin factory, what would UBL be doing hanging around an asprin factory? Turned down custody of OBL several times, which is documented and admitted to by Slick Himself. He'd like to deny he admitted it (that he turned down custody) but it's on so many copies of tape he can't round them all up. The man's (and his wife, the Weasel's) entire life has been a series of lies and crimes. Like all democrats he's all show and no go. President Bush was still operating with holdover from Slick's administration because dumocrats in congress were holding up his appointments. Ex. the FBI director was finally approved a couple of days before 9-11 and the CIA director hung around for a couple of years. Was that part of the 'democrats plan' to let the attack happen. They were warned by 'Able Danger' and instead of doing anything to stop the attack, they destroyed all of the records of Able Danger ( months before President Bush took office) so the word wouldn't get out.

..he had several prime oppo... (Below threshold)

..he had several prime opportunities to kill him outright and failed to take action.

Posted by: Gmac

yap cus I saw this on an ABC docudrama and that makes it true..uh huh...yep uh huh..daahhh..which way did he go which way did he go......dope azz!!!

I just figured it out:... (Below threshold)

I just figured it out:

My or Your Ego?


muirgeo, you're such a simp... (Below threshold)

muirgeo, you're such a simple minded tool that established facts are just to powerfull for you to comprehend.




Just so you couldn't screech that I was getting the info from 'biased right wing sites' there's 3 fast links, one of which has the comprehensive list of opportunities the boy president *failed* to capitolize on.

"Ignorance is cureable but stupidity is forever.", and you fall into the latter category.

muirgeo, you are correct ab... (Below threshold)

muirgeo, you are correct about Bush not doing anything to get Bin Laden. Bush left all of Clinton's stupid policies regarding national security in effect. These policies led directly to the failures which might have prevented 9-11. I am sure Bush regrets not completely removing every policy Clinton thrust upon our nation, but it is hard to erase policies that took 8 yrs to put into place in just 8 months. So if Bush is guilty of anything it's allowing Clinton's policies to run this nations defense just 1 minute longer than he had to. Think about it.

Right, Mungo, what about "T... (Below threshold)

Right, Mungo, what about "The Wall" between intelligence and law enforcement that led to all these lapses?

That was Bubba's lasting legacy; his creation. Jamie Bootlick dreamed that liberal wet dream up.

Imagine, CIA talking to FBI! The horror!

Yes, Mungo is stupid forever. Pity.

From the FoxNews interview,... (Below threshold)

From the FoxNews interview, breathtaking:

"Now if you want to criticize me for one thing, you can criticize me for this: after the Cole, I had battle plans drawn to go into Afghanistan, overthrow the Taliban and launch a full-scale attack search for bin Laden. But we needed basing rights in Uzbekistan -- which we got after 9/11," Clinton said.

So he was all ready to move in there, but those dang Uzbekis foiled the plan. Yeah, right. What a creep.

Ok, so how much did the RNC... (Below threshold)

Ok, so how much did the RNC pay Clinton to go onto Fox and talk about his failure to get OBL...

...and more importantly, how much does the DNC have to pay the RNC to not do that again?

Lee: I have to be nice to ... (Below threshold)

Lee: I have to be nice to you after that post. Good one. Funny.


Actually epador, It's prono... (Below threshold)

Actually epador, It's pronounced murryeggo.

Willie did not have sex with "that" woman! she never asked Him to pull out. Three of these allegations are false.
Now Im gonna go back to the work the American people never hired Me for.Banging ,bonging and smoking My stoagie's.

Wow.muirgeo... (Below threshold)


muirgeo has been commenting like a spanked rabbit on these two Clinton finger-wagging posts.

Now, little muirgeo, somehow I think Clinton is enough of a big boy to defend himself without your help. He's got more lawyers on his payroll than you have links to sycophant websites. So calm down already.

On the last post, you even got field-negro whipped up into a lather.

There, there.

Hillary will be elected President in two years from now, and you guys can have your day on how your neutered Party plans to handle things.

Clinton had from 1993 - giving him the benefit of the doubt before the WTC bombing - to deal with terrorism. All he did was pop off a few cruise missiles when his legal troubles flared up, and in the meantime he used the armed forces like some hapless worldwide humanitarian police force. That is, when he wasn't escaping the White House every other night to go party in a local DC hotel, driving the Secret Service folks nuts.

So I hope you get your wish. Let Hillary be President, and let the Democrats show us their vaunted "plan". Let Kerry stand for us the way he did in 'Nam ("did I tell you that I served in Vietnam?") for four whole months. Hell, I even hope that Ahmadinejad gets his nukes. What's a little Madhi amongst friends?

Funny how Chirac hinted at a nuclear response to terrorism on French soil a few months back, though.

If you had a clue, muirgeo, you'd understand that most of us here who stand on the right side of the political aisle do not "worship" GWB. Hardly. What we do, at least, is stand with our elected President in a time of war, and remain vigilant that our actions do not undercut the war effort.

Someone publish Slick Willi... (Below threshold)

Someone publish Slick Willie's address. He's in bad need of some cheese to go with his whine. A few hundred pounds may do it but there's a lot of whine.
I've got several pounds in the fridge and will be glad to send him a pound or so.

I...did...not...have...sexu... (Below threshold)

I...did...not...have...sexual...relations...with...that woman...Miss Lewinsky...Now I have to go back to work for the American people.

You didn't work for us. You got your dick sucked on our dime, bitch. And that's all you'll be remembered for.

BTW, it's not muirgeo</i... (Below threshold)

BTW, it's not muirgeo. It's "muerto - from the neck up".

Hey, Wizbangers, over at <a... (Below threshold)

Hey, Wizbangers, over at my place, I just called you all "mongers of cock."

Let's fight.

I never understood the 10 y... (Below threshold)

I never understood the 10 year-olds on here who think they're being clever or are taken more seriously by making fun of other peoples' names. What a bunch of babies you are!

Ok, Rob the Cock. Make lik... (Below threshold)

Ok, Rob the Cock. Make like a prick that you are and shoot, ok?

Hee, hee, couldn't resist playin' with the little liberal fella.

They don't have a sense of humor, so we try to do what we can to help you idiots out.

Check out DU, Atrios, Kos and get back to me on the name-calling, Dr. Braniac.

Rude:Then I call y... (Below threshold)


Then I call you "shit of chicken." You don't allow comments on your blog.

You proclaim your slogan as "proudly lowering the level of political discourse." Look up the word "discourse," moron. It's a DISCUSSION, and requires more than one individual. Otherwise, it's a monologue.

I think I'll add "head of shit" to the list of terms for you, along with "significantly less intelligent than shit."


The liberals knew that they... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

The liberals knew that they have stood on the wrong side of history in the cold war and now in the GWOT. They stood with the murderous communist dictators at the expense of millions people killed, maimed, tortured by these regimes and more than a billion were brutally oppressed. Now they sided with the left-over communist dictators like Castro, Chavez and their Islamic fascist ally like Adm of Iran. They have sold out the poor and oppressed people all over the world for their socialist ideology. That 's why they could support with a straightface the corrupt UN that has totally discredit itself with the oil-for-food corruption, the Congo sexual abuse of refugess etc... They knew that their hero Clinton is a phony liar. But that 's all they have. So all they can do is to smear America and Bush. That 's typical of people who have no solution and real accomplishments to show. So they have to spin and create a virtual reality for themselvs. The fact that they can still enjoy the safety and freedom in the US to spout their anti-Bush and anti-American rhetoric is a positive proof that Bush has done his job, at least in terms of national security.

It made me sick during the ... (Below threshold)

It made me sick during the '04 campaign, to have seen the pictures of Kerry, Dodd, et al of the internationalist wing of the Democrap(tm) Party, making over Ortega in the mid-80's.

This is emblematice of the whole lot of them. They have this delusion that some one will, despite about 200 years of trying, develop a socialist system that works, does not abuse its citizens, and provides a working economy.

The definition of insanity is attempting the same thing over and over, without effect, yet wishing for a different result. Looks like we have a clear example of insanity.

A picture of John Kerry should be shown in the dictionary at the word "insanity." To remind us how far the human spirit and intellect can fall. And how many can be taken in by charlatans and demogogues.

Brillant comparison-Thanks<... (Below threshold)

Brillant comparison-Thanks

Oh, man, Jay Tea,Shi... (Below threshold)

Oh, man, Jay Tea,
Shit of chicken? That's pretty good.

Fucker of mothers or wad of fuck or bag of douche may be better, but, still, and all, a nice jab.

Love ya, bubby. See ya tonight.

Bill Clinton wipes the floo... (Below threshold)

Bill Clinton wipes the floor with Chris Wallace and rips him a few new assholes.

All of you lemmings - continue to keep your head in the sand and the hatred in your hearts for a President who obviously has millions more on the ball than the dimwit who currently holds office.

Say what you want. Every nasty word you say, every ignorant rant here will fade away decades from now. What we'll be left with is the impression of a successful President who lied bout an infidelity and a failure of a President after him who ruined an economy, put the world in unecessary turmoil, and made us considerably weaker in history.

Your nasty responses don't matter and never will - and Bush apologists will all be laughed at years from now.

Any facts for your empty op... (Below threshold)

Any facts for your empty opinions, Fordrill?

You can't manage to actually say something informative, or new?

Come on, if we need fatuous opinions, we know where to find them, i.e. kos, du, mydd. So, go away, pesky wittle wabbit.

Fordrill,The nativ... (Below threshold)


The natives on this site are a little touchy because they know that their guy lacks the courage, intelligence and command of the language to pull off what Clinton did facing down the smarmy little weasel, Wallace, who pulled a bait and switch with the content of the interview. That Clinton has the balls to do it is something that even the righties will agree with, as they seem to be obsessed with his genitalia.

Bush gives "interviews" to his select little group of sycophant journalists. This would never be allowed to happen to him. I'd like to see him sit down for a chat with someone not from the propaganda wing of the Republican party and try and field a few tough ones. Never happen. He'd end up looking nervously around for Dick or Rummy or pull out a copy of My Pet Goat and pretend to read it. No, (just a little disrespectful attempt at humor there, how cheap of me!) really we'd just hear about how his job is "hard work" and how he gets to decide, you know, real in depth conversation.

One of the favorite attempts at putting down diverse opinion here is to label someone with Bush Derangement Syndrome. It's ironic that most of those quick to use that little dismissive are themselves so rabidly anti-Clinton that I often have so wipe the spittle off my screen (using universal precautions, of course). You must respect Bush because of his office but Bill Clinton? No slur or disrespectful hate mongering is too low for our kindly Wizbangers. I'm sure that when Clinton was attempting to retaliate against the increasing terrorist activity during his term all of his current detractors were solidly in support of this and were more than willing to focus on this real threat and not get sidetracked by some personal petty misadventure. Yeah, right. Wait a minute, was that a pig I just saw fly my window? Nah, didn't think so.

What will be glossed over in the analysis of this interview is Clinton's admission that he failed in his attempt to get OBL and that he regrets it. This kind of straight talk, an actual admission of fallability, is refreshing these days and just highlights how far down a dark road we have gone.

There are many nasty responses heard here, which is to be expected when reality interferes with your biased political partisan delusions. BTW, have you seen the govenment (ours) report that the Iraq debacle has made the terrorist situation worse? Again, why are we there? I thought the goal was to combat terrorism, not foment it.

groucho,I could no... (Below threshold)


I could not have put it better myself.

Sadly, people like us will have to wait a little while - after the investigations, after the historical perspective, after the cleanup - until these same Bush groupies, somewhere down the road, deny that they ever were so supportive of him.

Cowardice and delusion go hand in hand.

There is a maxim in broadca... (Below threshold)

There is a maxim in broadcasting:

If somebody wants to make an ass of themselves, you sit back and let them.

Clinton "smacked" around Wallace the same way Cruise "smacked" around Lauer and Oprah.

Have fun with your crap legacy.

It's ironic that mo... (Below threshold)

It's ironic that most of those quick to use that little dismissive are themselves so rabidly anti-Clinton that I often have to wipe the spittle off my screen (using universal precautions, of course).

groucho, I'm the one with spittle on my screen.

It's a different type of spittle because you turn me on.
Be my main man, groucho. You know I can satisfy you.

I'm a bottom - and I'm really, really, really stupid, so stick a tomato in my mouth and go crazy.
Love, Mike

And another troll, rather t... (Below threshold)

And another troll, rather than making a point, decides to mimic somebody else. Truly classy.

But the usual homophobic slurs are present. God you lefties are laden with hate.
...Mimicking others should be grounds for immediate banishment...

"...so rabidly anti-Clinton... (Below threshold)

"...so rabidly anti-Clinton that I often have so wipe the spittle off my screen (using universal precautions, of course)."

Speaking of spittle, a noticeable amount collected in the corners of "slick willy's" mouth during his rant; this type of frothing is generally followed by one being secured in restraints and placed in "rubber rooms". The segment ended in time for "Clinton Keepers" to make a speedy exit stage left.

Chris Wallace was great!! ... (Below threshold)

Chris Wallace was great!! Let the fool hang himself with all of those dopey "read dickhead's book" comments. What a jackass!! Chris shoulda told bubba to "go home and get your shine box!!"






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