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The White Man's Burden: Concluded

A reader had a sensible suggestion, and amazingly it was one that I usually consider a twit at best. He said I ought to put together links to my entire "The White Man's Burden" essay into one piece and publish it. So, without further ado (and a reluctant thanks to astigafa), here they are:


Part I: From "Feel The Power" to "Fear The Power"

Part II: "Honor The Threat"

Part III: You Go To War With The Geopolitical Reality You Have, Not The One You Want

Part IV: The Path To Victory

Part V: Who's Next, or Where Do We Go From Here?

A couple of notes and apologies:

Yes, there were more than my typical amount of typographical and grammatical errors. I've been working crazy hours at work this week (I haven't had a day off since last Saturday, and won't until Wednesday) and didn't have the time to give them the final scrutiny I wish I could have.

Another reader said they found the final part a bit dissatisfying, a bit of a "whimper." That was a deliberate choice on my part. First, it made the entire piece fit the "dramatic structure" scheme I had drilled into me in junior high: exposition --> rising action --> climax --> falling action -- > denouement. Secondly, the notion of simply having the final piece, about how history tends not to have any clear-cut starting or ending points but is one long tapestry, simply trail off and not really cleanly "end" appealed to me.

I hoped, when I first started thinking about this work, that it would at least provoke some good arguments and thoughts. It did that and more, in spades.

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