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The Evil We Face -- II

In July, Rusty Shackleford posted video of the desecration of the bodies of American soldiers Thomas Tucker and Kristian Menchaca and it moved me to write this column. Now Shackleford has found additional horrific video which he has posted at The Jawa Report to remind us again the evil we face. Here is a quote from the column I linked here at Wizbang when the first video was made public.

It drained me emotionally to read the brief description of what was depicted on the video, but I almost felt a responsibility to read it. I chose not to view the video because I did not think I could bear to have that image in my mind for eternity.

I didn't need to see the video to know the terrorist threat we face is real. The description alone was enough to remind me that we face a bloodthirsty evil that almost defies comprehension. Even without viewing the horrific images, I honor the threat that cannot be appeased, but only destroyed.

There are many, however, who do not take the threat of Islamic terrorism seriously. It has been almost five years since we experienced a terrorist attack at home. Americans have been shielded from many of the images of Sept. 11 that reminded us of the reality, and the brutality, of the threat.

As horrible as the image of the recent video must be, I couldn't help but think that maybe some of those who have forgotten, or who never fully recognized the extent of evil we face, should see it.

Those are still my thoughts today.

For those, like me, who choose not to view the video, still go read the post at The Jawa Report. It contains information about those we are at war with that everyone should know, including how they are using the video for propaganda purposes.

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Unspeakable horror. And ye... (Below threshold)

Unspeakable horror. And yet, there are those among us who contend if we only withdrew from the Middle East, and abandoned Israel, the radical Islamists would spare us.

People of such naive mindsets should definitely not be in control of our national security.

This death cult is a fast-growing faction of Islam, and has most of the truly peaceful and moderate Muslims scared to death. Take Pakistan. They are a country virtually 100% Muslim, yet they elected a female Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto, in 1988, and reelected her as recently as 1993. She was deposed due to corruption allegations. In 1998, radical Islamist parties held just 10% of the seats in the Pakistani Parliment. Today they are just short of a majority.

These are not people to be reasoned with or appeased. They can only be killed, or driven into the wilderness, to be killed whenever they resurface.

And yet no one seems to rem... (Below threshold)

And yet no one seems to remember why these soldiers died. They were killed in retaliation for the brutal rape and murder of a 14 year old child by US forces. And, of course, the murder of the rest of her family, including an infant.

And yet Chris seems to forg... (Below threshold)

And yet Chris seems to forget that these two were murdered before the alleged rape and murder occurred. There are talking points, and there is research. Chris, learn the difference and stop sounding like a retarded parrot.

lol... follow the timeline.... (Below threshold)

lol... follow the timeline.

Murder of girl occurred.

One month passed during which the U.S 'invesitigation' concluded that killing was one of sectarian violence.

Two US soldiers are murdered, and their bodies burnder.

US soldier reports to his superiors that the girl was murdered by US troops.. and an investigation is commenced.

Do I really need to find the original articles?

My point is this. I do not condone EITHER of the murders - either that of the girl and her family,or that of the soldiers.

But where is the outrage over the first?

Here is a must read for all... (Below threshold)

Here is a must read for all. Peter Lance, author of Triple Cross..bin Laden's top spy in the USA, has commented on the National Geographic's aborted try at documenting the truth. It's a real eye-opener on Patrick Fitzgerald (of Plame Fame). The link to the press release is especially informative.


My initial post is under 'r... (Below threshold)

My initial post is under 'review' because I included a url.
Search timesonline for "Four soldiers charged over rape murders."

Relevant info below.

"But according to a ten-page federal affidavit filed last week, Mr Green and other soldiers from the 502nd Infantry Regiment allegedly carried out the attacks on March 12..."

"Their mutilated bodies were found on June 19, but military officials do not believe those murders were revenge for the alleged rape-killing..."

That's what the official's believed. The soldier who turned in Green and the others believed something different... I guess having the two soldiers burned was too much of a coincidence for his conscience.

I'll give bonus points to ANYONE who can find an article that demonstrates the death of the soldiers occurred before the rape and murder of Al-Janabi.

It's a good thing we have G... (Below threshold)

It's a good thing we have Geneva Article III to keep anything bad from happening to our soldiers.

Yeah, yeah, we know that yo... (Below threshold)

Yeah, yeah, we know that you conservatives can be most concerned about things that don't breathe (e.g., human embryos), and so the desecration of dead bodies naturally would upset you. What I don't get is why people like Lorie don't express outrage when her own government's military tortures a living, breathing human being
to death.






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