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Presidential Mourning

This Washington Post story posted at MSNBC has some obvious biases, but is an interesting look at the way the President grieves the losses of those fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Seeing the Clinton interviews at Fox News and Meet The Press this weekend I couldn't help but compare the two men when I read the article. When I think of Bill Clinton mourning all I can think of is that video of him faking tears at Ron Brown's funeral. The contrast between the two men is striking.


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At the heart of Clinton's u... (Below threshold)

At the heart of Clinton's unhinged response on the Fox interview is his own sure knowledge, at this late date, of just how devastating the Lewinski affair was to his (already paltry..."I loathe the military") credibility as commander in chief. Had it not beeen for his "fling" with Monica, there would have been NO "wag the dog." Somewhere in Clinton's grinchy little conscience and 20/20 hindsight, he now fully knows why we saw his bombings, etc., as only a ruse, a distraction. He blames his inaction on us, our the wag the dog response...well. Typical of Clinton to obfuscate, lash out, and cast blame anywhere but where it belongs. I say: No Lewinsky, no dog to wag.

Yep, Blue dress or no blue ... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

Yep, Blue dress or no blue dress, it was all a party for Slick Willy. A great time while it lasted, right?

Slick's legacy is plain for all to see and it won't change for the better. It's the ME, ME, ME legacy of a slick hillbilly from Arkansas who lied and people died. A big fraud, just like his marriage.

Go ahead Willy, bite that lower lip and cry some crocodile tears. You may still be able to get some liberal women wet in the panties.






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