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Tigers Secure Playoff Berth

For the first time since 1987, the Detroit Tigers clinched a spot in the playoffs.

From the AP:

Detroit, which had the day off Monday, has wrapped up at least a wild- card spot. The Tigers also began the final week of the regular season with a 1 1/2-game lead over Minnesota in the AL Central. And they were a half-game ahead of the New York Yankees and Mets for baseball's best record.

The Tigers (94-62) seem to have a good shot at maintaining their position during their upcoming homestand.

They begin a three-game series Tuesday night with Toronto before closing with a three-game set against the Royals, who own baseball's worst record. Detroit is 2-1 against Toronto this season and 14-1 against Kansas City.

Reporters from around the country might make their way to Comerica Park this week, just as they did three years ago for a much different story.

Detroit won five of its last six games in 2003 _ their best six-game stretch of that embarrassing season _ to avoid the 1962 New York Mets' modern-day record for losses. The Tigers still were saddled with an AL-record 119 losses and finished 47 games out of first place.

"It's unbelievable that we've gone from being the worst team to get to where we are right now in just three years," said third baseman Brandon Inge, one of 10 players still around from the infamous 2003 team.

Seconds after Inge marveled at the turnaround, he echoed Leyland's comments.

"We're very happy and excited about making the playoffs, but come Tuesday, it's time to get to business because we're not satisfied," Inge said. "We want to win the division and we want to keep winning in the playoffs."

Go get 'em Tigers!

Comments (8)

Thank God for the Royals! <... (Below threshold)

Thank God for the Royals!

And will the Twins ever lose another game?


Congrats to Detroit! Excep... (Below threshold)

Congrats to Detroit! Except Maglio Ordonez, that is. Can't stand the guy. An aquaintence of mine manages the practice for the White Sox orthopaedic surgeons. I asked her one time, who's the nicest guy, and who's the guy you couldn't stand? The nicest was Paul Konerko, the Sox 1st Baseman. The jerk? Mag-liooooo. When I asked her why, she said that ...

"No matter the weather, Maglio would wear the tightest shirt he owned. And I swear, he iced his nipples!"
Maybe that worked for the Venezuelan girls, Maglio. The real world says "Gross!"

Obviously, I am a White Sox fan: enjoy it while it's hot, as we'll be back and better than ever next year. A few changes, a little tinkering (good bye Scott Podsednik!) and we'll be more competitive next year.

The Twins clinched! Yes... (Below threshold)

The Twins clinched! Yes

Told ya so. :-)Way... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Told ya so. :-)

Way to go Tiggers and Twinkies! Beat dem Yankees...

After stealing our center a... (Below threshold)

After stealing our center and beating the crap out of the Lions, Chicago fan now finds it necessary to take a cheap shot at Maggs.

Who, by the way, just came off a three year rehab after Chicago gave up on him.

Real class Chicago.

It's a good feeling. Not ... (Below threshold)

It's a good feeling. Not quite like 84 but i'll take it. Now if the Lions could.....HAHAHAHAHAHA, nevermind.

Wecome to the show, Tigers.... (Below threshold)

Wecome to the show, Tigers..

Atleast we'll have a decent... (Below threshold)

Atleast we'll have a decent transition into Pistons basketball. I love the Lions, but cmon!
Let's Go Tigers!






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